Chapter 2 : meeting each other again

" reborn-sama, luce-sama, we've arrived. " the attendat said to them and guide them to the limo outside.

" thank you, can u make sure our things will be placed in limo ? " said luce.

Thirty minutes later they arrived in sicily, they inform the driver and the maids to get their things inside the mansion. They go outside to sight seeing and get fresh air.

" reborn-nii, luce-nee, can I go somewhere alone ? " asked tsuna.

" are you sure you will be alright ? " asked luce worriedly.

" yes, tsuna. What if somethings happen ? " said reborn worriedly.

" don't worry too much. I will be okay. " said tsuna.

" fine, but if you don't back in one hour I will pick you up " said reborn.

" okay reborn-nii. " said tsuna.

After that tsuna looking around sicily and found nearby café. She enter the café, she sat near the window.

" hello, miss. Here the menu, " said the waitress

" ah, I will order bluberry cheese cake and chocolate mint shake " said tsuna

" yes, please a wait a moment " said the waitress and left to prepare the order.

After the waitress go tsuna let out deep sigh and looked out the window. She was thinking about her dear ones .. ( did they alright ? did they still hate me ? will they forgive me?... ) luce-nee said to just tell the truth, but regardless the reason the fact is I still betray them, their trust, their love. Her thought was interrupted by a waitress place her orders.

" here miss " said the waitress.

"thank you " tsuna said.

" your first time here miss ? " asked the waitress.

" ah, no. but I want to meet my friends again here ? " said tsuna.

" ohh.. where did you from then ? " asked the waitress.

" I am from japan, namimori to be exact. I just arrived today, it's already been three years after all. " said tsuna.

" ohhh, then you must visit Palermo. There was very famous restaurant for these past three years, their pasta was delicious and their deer meat (a/n I don't know if this exist in Italy restaurant ) was so tender, ahhh … I can't stop dreaming the first time I tried their foods " said the waitress.

" mmm.. then I must try the foods there, looks like very good and tasty from your telling, thank you " said tsuna.

" yes, ah ! I must go, the vongola will be here shortly and they was our best customer " said the waitress.


" ah , then you must go miss.. umm " said tsuna.

" I am yuki," said yuki.

" call me tsuna- "tsuna suddenly feel dizzy.. ("oh no.. I am forget to bring my medicine… so dizzy… uggg.. " )

" are you alright, tsuna ? " asked yuki.

" yes … I am only tired, I will be rest for while here so don't mind me and continue your job " said tsuna.

" you sure ? well, I will bring you hot herbal tea then " said yuki.

" thanks " said tsuna.

Giotto point of view

" ha… it's been a while we go outside together, don't you guys thinks so ? " I said.

" haha.. I know you just want to run away from paperwork, it's bad habit giotto " said asari and the other began laugh at me.

" tch.. gio, after we go back , don't think about run or… " G said with a smug face. ( I want to punch that face once.

" nufufufu… you guys sure noisy, dear elena where did you want to eat ? "asked daemon, my mist guardian to his lover and my older cousin elena.

" mmm, let's go to the usual café , I want to eat snack " said elena.

" whatever.. yare yare as long as I get my candy " said lampo.

" that's good idea elena. Ah, there was reborn and luce, how rare they here, reborn-nii! Luce-nee! " I said waving on the two people in front of us.

" ara? Giotto? Hello dear, what are you doing here ?" luce asked.

" we want to go to the café over there, how about you, luce-nee? " I asked.

" ah, we also want to go there " said luce.

Hmm … strange… why did luce-nee so nervous ?...

" if so then let's go together then " I said.

" ah, sure. Let's go , right dear ? " said luce.

" yes" said reborn, after that we enter the shop and I see someone that I think I won't see again.. tsuna… now I know why luce-nee was so nervous, even so tsuna betray us, I can't forgive her. But why tsuna here ? did she go here with luce-nee and reborn ? now that I look it.. she looks quite pale.. is she alright ? what am I thinking ? why did I must worry someone who betray my family and almost cause them die ?.

" tsuna! " shouts reborn

What ? I see tsuna look at me and surprise. She look at reborn-nii and walk to him but suddenly she touch her head and fainted. We surprise she was here but more surprise she suddenly fainted like that. Reborn-nii and luce-nee hurry go to her side. Her face looks pale and her breathing not normal… this..


Knuckle hurry go to tsuna side and check her but then his face looks grimm.


What ?..

" G! PREPARE THE CAR! REBORN-NII ! KNUCKLE! HURRY AND BRING HER TO THE CAR! " I shouts and give orders to others to help them. After we all inside, G told the driver to go to the mansion quickly. When we arrive at vongola mansion, we hurry bring to medical section and wait for knuckle to examine tsuna. But after we wait for hours, knuckle still didn't come out. We start to worry ourselves while luce-nee make call and tell the other arcobaleno about tsuna's situation. Hayato and the others start come after what they hear.

" giotto-sama ? what happen ? " hayato asked.

" we meet tsuna but tsuna looks pale and suddenly fainted, her breathing not normal. Knuckle said her asthma relaps " I said.

" tsuna here ? why she here ? did she forget-" hayato was cut off by reborn-nii

" WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! DID YOU KNOW WHY SHE DOING THAT?! DID YOU THINK SHE WANT DO THAT?! YOU ALL FOOLS! " reborn-nii shouts at us, he looks angry so much.

" reborn-nii, did you know something ? " I asked.

" sorry giotto, we can't tell you, only tsuna can. " said luce.

" luce-nee, did you know something ? if so then tell us, tsuna only said she give the information and asked did she do wrong " I said.

" i… I.. I can only tell you she was tricked by the ordeus family boss stephano that he tell her to bring the case and tsuna don't know anything " luce said.

Did it's really true ? ohh god…. What we do… but what stephano tell her so she give our secret file to him…

" alaude.. go to vindice and introgate him, for the permission I will tell Bermuda " I order alaude in boss tone mode.

" hn.. kyoya.. follow " alaude said.

"hn" and kyoya follow alaude to go to vindice.

" hayato .. I know you and the others angry and mad about tsuna but please don't confront her about this, her health is till unstable, you understand ? you too mukuro " I said sternly.

" yes , giotto-sama " hayato said.

" yes, decimo " mukuro said.

Knuckle finish examine tsuna and go outside.

" how her condition ? " reborn asked.

" it's not good, but at least her stable. For now she must bedrest and don't do too much activities to not worsen her condition " knuckle said.

" can we look her ? " I asked.

" not now giotto, tomorrow you can see her but for now you can't. let her rest for today " said knuckle.

" we understand, reborn-nii, luce-nee, you can stay here until tsuna better and you can invite the other arcobaleno " I said.

" thank you, giotto " luce said while reborn only nod polite.

" everyone exept knuckle or ryohei please go back to your room " I said and they go to their own room, and I order to lead reborn-nii and luce-nee to their guest room while stay here, after that I go inside my own room while thinking about tsuna, my heart hurt for her, if what reborn-nii and luce-nee said true then we… I.. I do something I regret… tsuna… tsuna, I hope you got well soon and you can tell us the reason about that matter years ago… my dear sunny sky…