Chapter 5 : thank you for always beside me

Tsunahime condition's worsening day by day, she get paler than before. She often has bad coughcing case to the point she vomits blood. This of course scare her family but tsuna was very tsuborn person, she force herself to smile and say ' I am fine' to her family. Her family especially giotto was very scared and often had to dragged her to rest or take a nap in her room. Shamal, ryohei, knuckle, even verde and reborn have indulged themselves in vongola R&D side room to research the cure of tsuna's illness. But even with nono's ancient note, the result was not good and it's made them fear that they can't save the person who dear to them. They already have enough regret, they don't want to have another regrets within them. Tsuna know her condition getting worse but she doesn't care, her wish was to be able to spend time with her family until the very end.

Day after day and tsuna didn't realise that her time was near to end. She was having so much fun and happy times that she forgots that these happy days must end and she has to leave them. On fine day in vongola mansion, tsuna and giotto was having their walking when suddenly she gasp and couldn't breath.

"*gasp! *cough*cough…ha..ha.."

" tsuna?! Are you alrigth?" asked giotto.

"i*cough*cough*cough…"tsuna couldn't said anything as she get coughcing attcks non-stop, giotto immedietly take tsuna and carry her to her room. He called knuckle, ryohei and shamal to check her condition. He wait and wait, he was anxious that something bad might happen to tsuna. When the three people come out, he almost shouts.

" how tsuna?! " he asked.

" sorry , giotto. Tsuna doesn't have many time, at most only a few hours. We didn't expect her condition will become this bad soon. Giotto, please enter, tsuna wish to speak with you " said shamal.


" tsuna.."said giotto as he caressed tsuna soft hair.

" ugh… gi..giotto? " asked tsuna.

" yes it's me, tsuna. Are you alright? " asked giotto.

" yes… giotto… there is something I wish to speak to you. Something I kept for a long time not even reborn know about this " said tsuna.

" what do you want to talk ? " asked giotto.

" when the incident happen three years ago, I was pregnant and I was give birth to a pair of twins ieyuji and ieyasu, when I know I was pregnant I told reborn-nii I was getting hospitalized and he couldn't meet me as my condition worsen " tsuna said

" what?.. I … we have sons?" asked giotto unsure.

" yes… they with enma, Cozart's brother. I meet them once per week, they really look like you gio " said tsuna.

" tsuna… " said giotto.

" can you pick them up here ? i.. I want to meet them.. *gasp*cough.. " said tsuna.

" tsuna?! Breath slowly… yes like that, I will bring them here okay ? just please be alright..*sobs*sobs" said giotto, he start crying, how he can't ? when it was his fault for her and their child suffering. This news only add his guilt for not trusting tsuna back then.

Giotto slowly make tsuna fall a sleep and get out of them room. He told knuckle to called and inform everyone of tsuna's condition. He also told shamal to at least make sure tsuna hold on her life longer. After that he called Cozart and told him to go to enma vacation house as he is on vacation this month with his family. When they arrive, giotto see a pair of children playing in yard. They look exactly like him when he was younger. Cozart who behind him shocked but when he look giotto's face, he knew giotto regconized this pair of children. The pair of children plays until the one who with brown hair see him and get behind his brother back as he approach them.

He get close to them and stop, he kneel and said " hello, I am giotto. You know me ? "

The one with golden haired answered " hello, daddy"

" you know me then? 'they nod' I am here to pick you to meet mommy, would you like to meet her ? " asked giotto.

" …" the brown haired one answered while behind his brother back as he occasionally stare into giotto's.

"good, I will talk to uncle enma for a while. This is uncle Cozart, you two stay with him for a while " giotto said.

"yes" they said and giotto go to talk with enma leave behind a shocked Cozart with two children.

" umm… hello .. umm I am Cozart Shimon and you can call me uncle Cozart, …. Can I know your two names ? " asked Cozart nervously.

"ieyasu, and this is ieyuji" said ieyasu.

"he-hello" said ieyuji shyly.

"so ummm… you two are giotto's children?" asked Cozart.

" ummm… yes" said ieyuji.

" do you want to play with uncle until your father come ?" asked Cozart.

"sure" said ieyasu.

'this boy ieyasu sure look like giotto when he is in hyper dying will mode' Cozart sweatdrop.

" what do you want to play" asked Cozart.

"ummm … can we play tag? " asked ieyuji.

"if that you want yuji" said ieyasu.

Ieyuji beamed at his brother and smile, Cozart looking at them he also smile such a good brother. They play for minutes before giotto came with enma and his guardian. Giotto smile at his sons and guide them to enter his car with Cozart and the others. While in car giotto explained everything to Cozart and enma what really happened years ago and how tsuna's condition now. Giotto cried, he didn't know what to do, his guilt eat him alive. Enma said to him to focus on tsuna and her children now, even tsuna couldn't live long giotto has to make sure she didn't died with regret. The children without anyone realized listen to the conversation, while ieyuji didn't understand any of it, ieyasu can. He know from his father talking his mother sick and will die, he didn't understand much about dying but he know if someone dying they couldn't meet the person again forever. He tear up and cry silently, he didn't want his mother died, didn't want mother leave them. Ieyuji who see ieyasu crying also start crying loudly startle the others in car. Giotto who surprised with them crying asked what made they cried.

"mom..*sob*sob died, daddy will mommy really died and leave us?*sob" said ieyasu.

"….sorry..sorry.. it's daddy faults…. Don't cry…. If mommy see you two cry she will be sad, you don't want mommy to be sad right? " said giotto.

"*hic.*hic yes" said the two of them.

" good, now let's wipe your tears" said giotto smiling sadly at them.

"unn" said the two of them.

Looking at his sons like this, giotto want for tsuna to survive even if he knows it's futile to hope. After that no one in the car talk, they just stay silent. The journey to vongola mansion seems like eternity. When they arrived giotto immedietly grab his two sons and go to medical section where tsuna staying. Everyone already gathered in front of tsuna's room. Seeing giotto back, the other people relief a little but when they see who in giotto hands they widened their eyes. In right and left giotto was children whose so look a like to giotto. Giotto came in with just his sons while his guardian and the other arcobaleno just peek from door.

"tsuna" said giotto

"…giotto ?" asked tsuna

" I brought our sons here, look" said giotto

"ya-kun? Yuji-kun?" said tsuna

"mommy…" said the two of them

"I miss you two so much, how are you dear? Did you have fun with uncle enma?" said tsuna

"fun but more fun with mommy and also… daddy" said ieyasu

"daddy kind, he held our hands and his hand warm like mommy" said ieyuji

" is it? Did you like your daddy?" said tsuna

"unn, we love him like we love mommy… so mommy… don't go.. don't leave us…" said ieyasu with teary eyes

"did mommy don't love us anymore?" said ieyuji

"mommy love you and will still love you two even if mommy can't stay by your side forever" said tsuna

"*hiks*hiks… but we want mommy always stay by our side…" said ieyuji

"*hiks…*hiksss… we don't mommy to go away…" said ieyasu

"mommy will always by your side…watching you two… giotto… reborn-nii.. luce-nee… please take care of them in my state… I …. I am sorry …. Couldn't ….." tsuna conscious began to fade away

Giotto panicked and held tsuna's hand " tsuna! Hold still! Please… don't …. Don't leave us…"

"… gio..giotto… I …. Am sorry…*gasp*cough*cough*ha.. ha.. ha… I …I … I …. Love you….." tsuna closed her eyes and her hand in giotto hold began to limp.

" tsuna? Tsuna?! NO! WAKE UP! PLEASE WAKE UP! DON'T LEAVE US! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME! TSUNAAA!" said giotto as he began to shake tsuna's body.

Knuckle check tsuna's vital and with a grimace he said " tsuna passed away"

When every one hear that they began to cry, they lost their friend, their sister figure and their family member without them atone what they have done to her. Tsuna's children can only stare at their mother cold body and slowly they began to cry, especially ieyuji, he began to call his mother much like his father. he beg for his mother to open her eyes and smile. When giotto see his two sons condition he hugged them and cry together with them.

Tsuna's funeral was done as simple as it can in considering her two children still grieving over their dead mother. Giotto discussed with timoteo for his two sons announced as legitimate heirs of vongola famiglia, timoteo agreed and issued legimate paper which state tsuna was giotto wife and her two sons was the legimate heirs after giotto. When giotto 25 years old he officially ascend the throne of vongola as vongola decimo. He began to reform vongola to its roots as vigilante group as per primo's will.

Day became months, and months became years without realizing it's already almost ten years tsuna passed away. Today was her birthday so giotto and other came to her grave tomb. They put tsuna's favorite flowers and pray.

"it's been a while right tsu? How are you there? We here alright" said giotto

"yes mom it's been long right? Like dad said everyone stay the same and well these passed years while we still miss you, we move forward in our lives" said ieyasu

"mom, you know I never said anything when you died and I regret it. I want to say thank you mom for give birth to us, for giving us care and love, for giving us families, we can't thank you enough for you" said ieyuji

"thank you mom for everything" said ieyasu and ieyuji

"tsuna-sama, we also fine and you know kyoko and haru also ipin fine and they live with us again together with futa, they miss you like us" said hayato

"we will continue our live tsuna, and when it's end let's meet again in the after life" said giotto

After each of them said some words to tsuna, they began to leave. Giotto kiss tsuna stone grave before he leave. A transparent figure watching them with a smile in her.

'thank you giotto.. everyone… really thankyou… thank you for being my family and please always be happy'