A/N: A story that came to me in a way so naturally. I apologise for my writing, but I wanted to write something a little different. It's EDeN - can be friendship or relationship based on how you interpret it.. but focuses a little more on Natalia as a whole. [N. Boa Vista Centric]

Story Notes: Set around Season 5, or Season 6.

Natalia had just gotten home from another long day at the lab. She flopped onto the couch and put her phone on the glass table. If the DNA expert hadn't worked a double at such an unnecessary time, it probably would've been better suited. A callout right after she got out of court yesterday.

The brunette sighed to herself, rolling on her back and staring up at the blank ceiling. She had been working a case with Eric that day. A hit-and-run that involved a stolen police car, a convicted felon that had violated parole and a well-known stylist. Like a movie cliche that came straight out of Hollywood. It was worrying as much as it was entertaining. Her and Eric were left in hysterics when they interrogated the stylist's husband. Thick as a brick wall. Didn't even know his wife had been getting involved with the ex-con.

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by her phone ringing. Boa Vista picked it up and swiftly answered it. "Boa Vista." "Aunt Nat! It's me, there's this guy chasing me and I'm afraid of what he's gonna do to me!" It was Eric's niece. Natalia had been looking after her since Eric's sister had to go back to Cuba for a case. Her heart stopped at an instant. "Honey, where are you?" Natalia asked, pushing herself off the couch and picking up her purse as she headed out the door.

"Downtown. A beach somewhere?"

"Okay, hold on! I'll be there soon. Stay safe, honey."

The call ended. Natalia started up her car and wasted no time driving to the area that had been roughly given to her. She found a parking lot that fit the description. The DNA expert briskly got out of her car, tying her honey blonde waves into a messy ponytail. She was going to find Catalina alive at all costs. The latina hoped she would use the strategy she taught her for situations like these.

"CARI?" Natalia shouted as she searched around for the twenty year old. As scary as it all was, losing her 'niece' would be worse than anything. "CATALINA?" She couldn't let that man lay a hand on her. The DNA expert ultimately refused to let that happen. Natalia looked everywhere and wouldn't stop until she found Catalina.

That's when she heard a loud scream. Natalia took off her heels, bolting down the sand in direction of where the screaming was coming from. She had never ran faster. Boa Vista, after running about three blocks from the parking lot, found Catalina being held by a man in what looked to be his later twenties.

"That's my niece, so I'd let go if I were you." Natalia said angrily.

The man smirked evilly. "I'm so touched," He grabbed Catalina by the neck and pinned her down on the sand. Natalia immediately ran, tackling him down as she pulled him off Cat. "Call 911 honey!" The older woman exclaimed as she fought the man. The young latina nodded, taking her phone and running up the hill to where patrol would be able to see her.

Natalia kneed him several times, scratching and fighting off the advances he tried on her. She'd been hurt before.. but not this time. It wasn't just for herself. It was for the young girl she was taking care of. The man elbowed her across the face and pulled out a gun from his waistband. Boa Vista managed to wrap her hand around the gun, putting it out of direct aim at her. The attacker fired a shot that had hit a nearby tree. A loud sound like a gunshot had grabbed the attention of bystanders.

"I see that badge of yours. Didn't know you were a police officer."

"Now you do." Boa Vista breathed.

As they were no longer on the ground, he had the slight upper hand because of his physical features. "You shouldn't mess with my family." She kicked him just low enough for him to drop to his knees.

The scene was lit up by red and blue sirens along with the loud sound of those sirens that came only from a radio car. Patrol officers jogged down to where they were, two detaining the man and the others attending to Natalia and Catalina. The brunette huffed, grabbing onto the patrol officer that helped her up. She tightly hugged the younger latina as soon as she got to the top of the hill.

Catalina sobbed into her shoulder. "I'm sorry, Aunt Talia."

"Don't be," Natalia smoothed a hand over her dark hair in comfort. "You're okay, that's all that matters to me."

Eric was being driven home by his friend from some party he'd been to when he saw the scene. His friend parked up his car and Delko dashed over. The Cuban asked one of the officers what happened, in which they explained what had been given to them by eyewitnesses and the victims. He soon saw Natalia. She was comforting his niece. "'Talia! Is everything alright?" The level of concern was evident in his voice.

Boa Vista released Catalina from her embrace, looking up at Eric. "He's getting charged with two counts of assault."

Delko wiped his forehead with a sigh escaping his lips. Natalia knew he cared, she wasn't going to push him away for that. "I have a black eye, some bruises and cuts.. but I'm fine. Couldn't let him lay a hand on Cat." If there was one thing that separated Natalia from anyone else he'd dated, it was her commitment. Treated his family like her own even though they were no longer together.

"She saved me from that monster over there, Uncle Eric. Really. Don't blame her." Catalina pleaded her uncle.

Eric shook his head slowly. "Thank you, Nat."

Natalia reached out carefully and intertwined her hand with his. She squeezed it gently. "You don't have to thank me. Anyone would've done the same." Catalina giggled. She could see better than anyone what Eric and Natalia had was special, friends or more.

"The patrol officer is going to get me checked out at the ER then taking me back to my dorm." Natalia let go and he took his niece into a tight embrace. The brunette watched with an uncontrollable smile. Eric was incredibly devoted to his family, everyone knew that. But Natalia understood why. It wasn't easy to stay close to your family. They enclosed her in a big group hug before she was escorted by the patrol car, waving to them from the window.

When the car disappeared, Delko turned to Boa Vista. Natalia locked eyes with his as patrol cleared out. Eric shared the gaze without being able to say anything coherently.

"Can I drive you home?" Natalia offered with a smile.

Eric smiled back. "I'll drive." The two began the journey along the path to the parking lot, subconsciously holding hands as they remained within close proximity to one another. "..and by the way, nobody else would've done what you did." He whispered, gratefully.