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The world they chose, was known to the Federation as Gerkiad V, but to the Imperium in exile, it was Nova Terra.

The name, incidentally, was chosen after hours of deliberation by Logan Grimnar and a Council he had made from those he deemed as trustworthy and needed to govern the Fleet and it's affairs within the reality they had found themselves in. It consisted of the Great Wolf himself, Ulrik The Slayer, Njal Stormcaller, Arjac Rockfist, Bjorn-The Fell-Handed, Admiral Karyn Ymir, Captain Vizula Korinth, and, recommended by Vizula herself and endorsed by the Admiral, Magos Duran.

While it's geography didn't resemble it's namesake in the slightest, it's weather and it's mass were equivalent enough as to make no difference. It had taken them a long while to properly disinfect the surface, and properly develop a spaceport, but it had been done eventually, and they now had a base of operations, or even, as some of the serfs called it, a capital.

Logan supposed that he knew why they called it so. After all, while their technology may not be on par with that of this time, the sheer brutal strength and power of their weapons more than made up for it, and combined with the fact that they had over a thousand Astartes battle brothers ready and waiting for war, and an entire Fleet to transport them, and had already laid claim to multiple star systems outside of Nova Terra, the Space Wolves had all but forged a new Imperium. One in a different reality entirely.

Currently, he was standing in the Council meeting room, built at the very top of the tallest spire of Nova Terra, currently the central structure of a rapidly expanding Hive City. The fields beyond the City looked so utterly different to the what they should have been. Instead of drab, ashen fields, marred by rivers of sewage and covered in a layer of poisonous chemicals and ash of industry, these fields were as green as Salamander armor, and rolled off into the distance, with clear rivers sometimes flowing through them, and large forests covering parts of them. Yet another discrepancy that he and his compatriots had learned to accept, even like.

The serenity of what he gazed upon, however, clashed with the dark thoughts he was having, after the last meeting.

The foul powers of the Warp are making their moves..

"A daemon?" breathed Ulrik. "Are you sure of this, Admiral?"

Admiral Karyn Ymir nodded, her face sheet white with worry and fear. "Yes My Lord. An Emperor damned abomination. It raged through the city on the world, killing thousands before a starship arrived and bombarded it into dust. "

"Why would the Federation let this thing take root?!" cried Palas Darkfang.

"Why wouldn't they?" retorted Vizula Korinth. "The Federation allows it's members to follow any religion they please, no questions asked! They could have a cult on Terra itself, and the Federation would ignore it!"

"Did we not warn them of this, though?" asked Arjac Rockfist.

"We did. But they refuse to listen." said Vizula, sadly. "They are too entrenched in their belief that all living beings deserve the freedom to follow and practice what they please."

"And they have this stupid idea that they can talk their way out of any situation!" Karyn Ymir added. "I even heard that the starship they dispatched tried to reason with the damn hellspawn!" She laughed wryly at the sheer ridiculousness of the notion, while everyone else looked dumbstruck.

"You'd think seeing a giant beast with multiple arms, screeching wildly while tearing into crowds and munching on flesh would persuade them to realize that diplomacy wouldn't work.." Vizula chuckled. "I guess not."

"It can't be helped." Logan sighed. "They are like children, dealing with a threat they know nothing of. And no matter what we say, they will attempt to deal with the situation themselves, and make a Emperor damned mess of it!"

Everyone around the table nodded their agreement.

The meeting had continued on to other matters, especially including the Romulan Star Empire, which had been among the most hostile nations to their nascent state. Fleet movements were taking place within their borders, and if these movements were what the majority of the Council suspected, then the Imperium In Exile would soon be facing a war.

Fortunately, Logan had not been idle. The Imperium, despite opposing the Federation in almost every respect, did have it's supporters within the larger nation, and these supporters had slowly but surely built up a network of informants. Many rich and powerful closet xenophobes had even brought weapons like phasers and photon torpedoes from illegal sources, and sent these to the Imperium via smugglers. They were politely thanked for their effort, and Magos Duran, who headed the Tech Priests, and the Mechanicum's schools and manufactoria, ecstatically got his hands on these marvelous weapons, and within months, the Imperium had an arsenal of new weapons, developed by the Mechanicum, and designed for use by the Chapter Fleet.

If the Romulans wanted a war, and Logan suspected they did, then the Imperium would give them a nasty surprise.

They were not his main concern, however. The Romulans, for all their bluster about how martially superior they were to the nations around them, wouldn't last more than a day in his own Universe. They'd be fodder for even the weakest nations of his reality, like the T'au.

No, his worry was Chaos. The daemon sighting on that world was the first time it had happened, but it definitely wouldn't be the last. As Duran had put it so succinctly towards the end of the meeting, when they had returned to talking about the main threat,

"The Aeldari failed to notice that their hedonism was leading to the creation of a Chaos God. The Ruinous Powers feed on emotion. And as the bloodshed increases, the paranoia against their neighbors increases, and the Federation's utopian society continues to send their member species into depravity and stagnancy, the Federation and their like, I fear, will fall into the same trap."

Even as Magos Duran had spoken those words, the usually calm Warp that had thus far existed within the Federation's Universe, had begun to roil and change.

Forms that previously would never have been possible began to quietly rear their heads. And the Chaos Gods themselves silently absorbed the emotions of countless trillions across the Alpha Quadrant.

Nurgle was actually the most empowered among the Four, however. Due in no short amount, to the stagnancy of the most major power in the galaxy.

The Q Continuum.

The boorish way of life of the Continuum, combined with their near total control over all space and time, fed Nurgle immensely, and made him without question the most powerful among the Chaos Gods that inhabited the new Universe.

Tzeentch thrived too, due to the duplicitous plays that went on in the shadows beneath veils of diplomacy and peace, between the major powers of the Quadrants. The Chaos God had already begun to make plans upon plans upon plans to achieve his own goals, which were of course, known only to him.

The remaining two Gods, namely Slaanesh and Khorne, were far less active. Slaanesh managed to just barely get by due to the decadence of the Federation's society. A society that had long since abandoned the concepts of money and hard work, instead living a utopian, post scarcity life, with no hardship or work required, allowing citizens to indulge in their desires to the fullest. Even if the more depraved things were forbidden in the Federation, or at the least, taboo, they were still practiced in underground organizations. And that was just enough for Slaanesh to live comfortably,

Khorne on the other hand, was starving. A Universe where all the species were at peace with each other sickened him. But O Ball had warned them that it would be tough in the beginning. They would have to proceed slowly. Khorne hated waiting though, and so had unleashed one of his daemons onto a world in the Federation, and relished briefly in the carnage that had followed. Only for his creation to be smothered by the nation.

And his peers had warned him right after that if he did something like that again, there would be consequences. And weak as he was, Khorne had begrudgingly agreed to not pulling such a stunt again, instead focusing on the Klingon Empire. Their martial way of life interested him immensely, and the rage that they could be pushed to was somewhat satisfying for the (at the moment) weak and convalescent God.

Their biggest worry though, wasn't the races that inhabited this Universe. Only the Continuum could threaten them with any hope of actual victory, and that problem had been dealt with by O Ball, whose appearance, and subsequent reveal of who she truly was terrified the Continuum into silence.

They had unanimously agreed amongst themselves that it would be better to observe the situation and watch how O Ball's sudden action of throwing the inhabitants of one reality into another would affect the latter. This was not just out of fear of what O Ball would do were they to continue to intervene like they had at what was now being called the Relis Incident, but also out of more than a little curiousity and excitement. Feelings the Continuum's citizens hadn't experienced in a long time.

No, their biggest fear was the new Imperium. It's appearance, along with an entire Chapter of Astartes, one of the few forces in existence capable of taking on their forces, had completely changed the equation, and turned an already precarious situation into a dangerous one.

And despite their best attempts, they were still unable to contact O Ball, who was the one who had made their escape from the grim darkness of their Universe possible in the first place, empowering them with the tiniest bits of her own, unending power. Those tiny bits were what had helped them forge the Essence Crystals, and tear open the way to another reality, where they could thrive without fear of the Anathema and his damnable Imperium. And only O Ball possessed the power necessary to connect two separate realities.

Which meant she must have been responsible for the Imperium also arriving in the new reality.

She had betrayed them.

The Federation as well, was also all too aware of what was happening now. Picard's report, the only first hand account of the Relis Incident that had been taken from up close, rather than far away, had already made it's way through most of the Admiralty, as well as through the various Governmental organizations concerned with intelligence and state security, such as the infamous Section 31.

The mere fact that the Multiverse was a real thing had stunned many. But the fact that there were other Multiverses, and that these humans, who had by then declared their own state, the Imperium Of Mankind, just a few hundred light years near Federation space, had come from one of these other Multiverses, simultaneously scared and amazed them. Scared, since they realized what sort of damage it would do were it to become known how insignificant they and their civilization were, amidst a sea that stretched to infinity, and amazed that such a sea had now been proven to exist, and what wonders it would hold.

The revelation that there existed a being above even the tremendous Q unnerved the Federation's government. And the recordings of the Enterprise's computer only exacerbated their worry.


"Meh, multiverses, shmultiverses.."

There was a collective gasp at that, resounding off the shining grey walls that made up the Council Chamber. The way the girl had so casually replied to Q's accusation, as if a Multiverse was nothing!

"I should know..I've seen and held all of them."


There really wasn't much anyone could say to encapsulate the sheer amount and variety of feelings that was raging within the members of the Federation Council.

Some were slack jawed in awe, as they contemplated the sheer power the being known as O Ball possessed.

Other's faces were twisted in fear at what she could do to them. They were already on thin ice knowing that there existed beings like the Q, whom the Federation would never be able to defeat or match. But to know that there existed a power even beyond that, to the point where the Q were naught but ants on a tiny anthill trying to comprehend a galactic civilization,..it was terrifying.

And that was to say nothing of the angry ones. Particularly, the Human Councillor, who was utterly furious at how casual O Ball was with her authority. It seems, she thought bitterly, that absolute power leads to absolute irresponsibility. It was bad enough that they had to deal with the antics of one omnipotent being, and whatever civilisation he came from. To deal with two was unthinkable.

The Vulcan Councillor, Varek, gave voice to the Human councillor's dark thoughts. "She appears to be dangerously childish and arrogant with her power." spoke the nearly two hundred year old Councillor, one eyebrow raised in pretty much the sole way a Vulcan's facial expression would ever change.

"Are we sure she has no greater purpose other than being bored, though?" asked the Andorian Councillor.

"What are you insinuating?"

"She is an omnipotent being, Councillor." The Andorian replied, in a pleading tone. "And despite Q's action, he has on occasion shown that he has greater purpose in his actions. Perhaps she does as well!"

There were sounds of assent from the rest of the Council.

"And pray tell, what sort of purpose would that be?!" snapped the Human councillor in exasperation.

"Perhaps." Councillor Varek closed his eyes, deep in thought. "But if so is the case, then we could never hope to comprehend her motivations. It would be akin to mice attempting to understand why a warp nacelle is being moved over their homes. An impossible task."

"So we should just, to use a human term, go with the flow?" demanded the Tellarite Councillor. "Accept that we can never understand what drove her to do what she did, and just work with the situation as it is?"

"That would be the wisest course." replied Councillor Varek, calmly.

She just sighed, and massaged her temples, while the rest of the Council moved on, talking about other issues.

The Federation hadn't been the only one to take note of the Relis Incident however.

Others had as well.

And these others were meeting right now, in a room hidden far beneath the citadel of the government they served.

"Report." demanded one of the members of this shadowy council.

"Nothing." sighed a subordinate in reply. "Even with genetic modifications, our spies could not get through the Imperium's border stations. They seem to have some form of advanced DNA identification technology. The only thing we know for sure is that, despite the embargo in place against the nation, they are still getting shipments from the Federation. Mostly private starships running under false flags."

"Orion?" asked another member.

"Probably." replied the subordinate. "We managed to intercept one of them. It seems they were carrying schematics for warp engines and dilithium injectors."

"Does this mean the Federation is actively helping them?" asked the very first speaker.

"I highly doubt it." spoke the subordinate. "The reason, I'm sure you all know."

Everyone around the table nodded.

Intelligence operations were invariably highly complex, with many interlocking gears, and wheels within wheels within wheels. Add genetic modification technology and advanced surgical techniques that could easily change a member of one species to resemble any other species, and combine with the fact that most nation states of the time were hundreds of light years across in size, and you had Quadrant spanning operations, with governments often relying on the simple word of their agents, having no choice but to trust them, and hope that they have not betrayed their respective nations.

Luckily for them, their agents had stayed true to their nation, and had managed to pilfer a copy of the Relis Incident and details about it, thus giving the shadowy figures in this dark room miles beneath the central citadel of their government the same knowledge as that of their counterparts.

And they planned to put it into good use.

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So a few things.


The timeline of TNG is going to be screwed to all hell. When you already have a set community of nations, all at a particular technological level, introducing a completely unknown nation with an unknown technological level will completely change everything.


Do not expect all the events of the original timeline to occur in the exact same sequence and narratives, though I will try to keep as close as possible, due to the above reasons.


Major events will still happen, but with their own twists that I'm still working out.


Ok, after some thinking, here's how I think a war between the Imperium and any force in the Alpha Quadrant should go.

Ground-wise, the Imperial forces would CRUSH anything in their way. Unfortunately for the Federation and the other nations, their ground forces aren't very well featured, and even if they were, since they are living in a time of peace, they simply will not have the experience or sheer fighting power that the Imperial Guard can bring. And that's not even mentioning the Astartes. Deploy them, and it would be an easy win for the Imperium. Mechanized forces are also completely skewed in the Imperium's favor. I doubt the Federation even uses tanks, let alone a mechanized army that could compete with a single Imperial Titan.

TL;DR Fanatic zealots with walking cathedrals win every time.

Space-wise, it is somewhat more even. Even with a year, the Imperium is still quite inexperienced with resources like dilithium, and advanced weaponry such as photon torpedoes. And despite the overwhelming size and firepower of a single Imperial cruiser, or even a frigate, they are not invincible, and could be overcome by sheer numbers. Plus Imperial ships aren't known for their maneuverability. They are brute force ships that were built for a never ending war. Alpha Quadrant ships are efficient, sleek, and pretty much superior in almost every way.

TL;DR Swarms of mosquitoes can bring down even an African elephant.

And that is what I will base any conflict between the Imperium and Alpha Quadrant powers off of.

And yeah...that's all, I guess.

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