Darth Xander


Xander dresses as Darth Maul for Halloween; a fully trained Sith; not only does Xander gain his expertise, as well as the skills of the character during Halloween, but the skills remain with him after.


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Halloween on the Hellmouth

Xander, just dropped off the film "Star Wars Episode I" at the video rental shop, when he saw Willow and Buffy coming towards him, 'What's up girls?'

Buffy, now grumpy, was about to start when Willow blurted out about how Principle Synder had hijacked them into Kiddy Patrol; and Buffy started to complain about how unfair it was that on the only night of the year when Vamps weren't out she had to work. Xander looked at her, and went on to give her a speech about how selfish she was being, after all he had grown up with-out anyone to really take him out often tagging along with Willow when she went out on halloween. That was when Buffy got a grin on her face, "well it looks like you won't have to worry Xan, Snyder auto signed you up with us!"; which caused Xander to choke and pull back a couple of highly inappropriate remarks he was going to say….

Chapter 1.

Xander woke up his muscles screaming in pain; the prior night just a blur to him. He remembered becoming Darth Maul and killing Ethan, then smashing the bust of Janus. He remembered killing the Scourges of Europe (Angel, Spike, and Drucilla); as well as Buffy loosing it when she discovered that he had killed her undead paramour; probably why he was so sore after having gone toe to toe with Buffy. He staggered to his bathroom, to take a look at the damages, and after seeing the Bruises he popped into the shower washing off the body paint he had worn, along with the fake horns that he had glued on last night. He was thankful that the stuff came off, as if it didn't he was going to have a lot of explaining to do. He picked up the movie prop that he had gotten from Ethan's shop a very realistic looking double lightsaber pity it wasn't real after all then all he would have to do is push the button and Holy F****K! It works! Oh Sh**, (More expletives and a Full On Scooby Snoopy Dance!). He pressed the button again disengaging the blades, got dressed and headed straight for Giles.

Xander blew into the school library like he just had a dozen Red Bull's and a pot of coffee; OMG, OMG…Giles… as Xander noticed that he wasn't alone, and came face to face with a pissed off slayer, and her 'slayerettes' : Cordy, and Willow.

Buffy, leered at him before starting up with: 'What are you doing here? I thought I made myself clear last knight that I didn't want to see you again.'

Xander came up short before blowing past her calling out to Giles, before replying to Buffy's diatribe.

'Sorry to disappoint you Ms Summers, but the world doesn't revolve around you, I came to see Giles so if you and your other sheep want to bitch go ahead and do it with someone else; I am already done with your sorry ass, so step off,…. Giles!'.

Giles was just coming out of his office, when he saw Buffy grab Xander by the shoulder only to have her fly across the Library as if a Giants hand had swatted her like an annoying bug, only the Giant's hand seemed to come from Xander, as he saw Xander's face more specifically his yellow eyes.

'Oh Dear…'. Giles started to polish his glasses before remembering that they where still on his face.'

Buffy, got up pissed as she charged to nail Xander, only to come up face to face with a very real crimson lightsaber blade, and the face of Xander that let her know in no uncertain terms that if she kept up trying to start a fight, a new slayer was going to be called!. 'Giles…I got to talk to you about something…Giles'. Xander seemed to wave his hand as Buffy was 'pushed' into a chair, with Xander turning to face a utterly stunned Giles..

'I think we need to discuss this..NOW!'

'Yes…Indeed I think we do, but perhaps we should discuss this in my office in private', looking at Buffy and the expression on her face, an expression of fear for perhaps the first time in her life.

Xander disengaged the Lightsaber and followed Giles into his office.

Chapter 2.

In Giles's office, Xander put the lightsaber on his desk, before taking a seat, and with a look of genuine fear and concern on his face started to have a discussion of the prior night with Giles along with who he dressed as for Halloween. This was followed by a few more 'Oh Dear''s as Giles reached for the Lightsaber and pushed the button himself only nothing happened when he did it. Xander looked at Giles before summoning the blade to his hands and igniting it. 'I guess it has some type of magic that prevents anyone other than me from activating it?'

'Not magic, but I believe a bio-security that somehow tied you to it last night and because it is still real, and ..pauses you still have these abilities is still attuned only to you; but we will deal with that later; but first what exactly is your issue with Buffy.. Your conduct towards her and the others was not in line with your character Xander.'

'Got a major wake-up call last night, when blondie decided too attack me for killing Angel, and his childe'…

'Oh I see; well I will speak to her about it after we are done.. Xander I will take that, and put it away for safe keeping given your change in temperament and after what I just saw I don't think it safe to have it with you in a School..' Here is a note, go to class, I will deal with Buffy and the others and we can meet after school to further discuss 'this'.

Xander left the library, blowing past the slayerettes, only pausing before Willow, before turning to her,

'and I thought that we where friends, guess we aren't anymore hope you are happy with your choice, Ms Rosenberg..', which caused Willow to burst into tears as Xander left the library to head to class leaving three faces in different states of disbelief behind him.

Chapter 3.

The reminder of the day went without any incident, as Xander breezed through his classes; the only thing of note, was that in his math classes he found himself thinking of how primitive the math was, and in Gym class how he didn't even break a sweat.

At the end of the day, he returned to the library to find a very contrite Slayer waiting with a very pissed off Librarian who looked like he just finished reading her the riot act. When Buffy came forward and looked at Xander - hate still in her eyes, when she said:

'Xander, I need to apologize I had no right to attack you last night or today, but you had no right to kill Angel..'

Xander looked at her with disgust,

'first apology NOT accepted, when you are sincere I will hear it, but any apology that has the word but in it isn't one. Second I killed Angel, and his Childe because they were Vampires and you never would, so get over it after how many people they have killed, totured, along with what ever other atrocities they committed they deserved nothing less; and lastly understand here and now, so listen up I don't take orders from you, everyone of us here are equals fighting the darkness and if I take orders from anyone it would be from G-Man and not some bottled blonde who is so full of her own self importance, that she can't even see how selfish, ignorant and conceited she is in thinking that she is in charge of anything.'

Xander turned toward Giles, later G-Man I gotta go before I really get pissed off and do something that I might regret later; with that he extended his hand in the air, and his lightsaber flew into it, as he turned leaving, saying to Giles, 'that we will discuss things later once I have had a chance to blow off some steam; please see to it that 'she' isn't here when I get back', as the doors to the library closed behind him.

Cordy, was looking on a bit smuggly that Xander finally grew a spine and stood up for himself, as she looked at Buffy starting to get all huffy, Giles…..! Oz uttered 'cool' softly, as he played back to watch Buffy dig herself into an even deeper hole than the one that she was already in. Willow had hit the web to find out everything she could about the character that Xander dressed as for Halloween, only to EEEEK! As Giles came to look at her laptop screen to see the image of Darth Maul along with some bio information.

Darth Maul - Zabrak from Dathomir

Male 1.75 Meters

Eyes: Two Yellow/Red

Skin Red/w Black Tattoo's

Clan of the Nightbrothers, a race of warriors

As the apprentice of Darth Sidious, Maul was trained to be a living weapon of the Sith, one intended to help Sidious bring about the

destruction of the Jedi and take over the galaxy. One of the deadliest, most efficiently trained Sith in the Order's history. He became an

acrobatic and highly trained warrior, one who could relentlessly pursue his enemies while utilizing his double-bladed lightsaber. Indeed,

Maul had been trained in several forms of lightsaber combat. During his duel on Naboo against Jinn and Kenobi, he demonstrated the

ability to fight both the Jedi Master and his apprentice simultaneously on equal grounds as well as overpower Kenobi after he killed Jinn.

Giles grabbed his glasses and started to polish them, feveriously as he was reading more and more of Xander's current temperament was coming to make sense, as it appears that the character 'Darth Maul' came from a warrior race where weakness was not tolerated, and given some of the treatments alluded to by the web page of his upbringing Xander was for lack of a better term someone you never ever want to meet in a fight. That was when everyone hear the 'Ahem' behind them to see whistler leaning against a table….