Harry Potter x Geek Charming

1: Words Spoken

Harry was happy seeing Ron and Hermione being all...what are the words, Lovey-Dovey?

Either way, he was still happy. "You okay?" Harry turns to see Josh Rosen next to him. "I'm fine. How is Dylan been this summer?" Harry asks.

"She's good. Hates I'm not at the beach with her. But she'll be back soon enough." Josh says with a smile.

"Good news at least. She hasn't fallen for any lifeguards there." Hermione spoke.

"Really? They are like-"

"Victor Krum." Hermione cut Ron off.

Well, it was nice while it lasted. Going from sweet to sour in seconds.

Why can't they ever let things go."

"I can see they still need to work things out." Josh says.

"No kidding." Harry rolled his eyes.

"Hey Josh. Hey Harry." Said a blonde girl walking by.

"Hey Amy." Josh said.

"Hey Ginny." Ron said to his little sister.

"Hi Ron. Please don't make your girlfriend angry." She said.

Harry didn't bother speaking to her. He and Ginny have had more complications then Ron and Hermione did.

Words had been spoken to each other and it was over. Now they just don't speak to each other at all.

Ron hates it, but he does care for both his little sister and best friend.

"Guess I better get going. Air, Steven, and Caitlin are waiting for me. Heading to the art museum." Josh said.

"Have a great time." Hermione said.

"Don't touch, but take pictures and send them so we can see. Ron and I can tell you the oddest things of what it looks like or represents." Harry said jokingly.

Josh laughed. "Good to know. See ya."

As Josh left, Amy sat down. "When are you and Ginny going to make up?"

"Sorry? What?" Harry didn't understand.

"Look. I love the girl, but I can't keep her around me every single day just because you two had a fight and broke up." Amy said. "What if I told you she's pregnant?"

Ron was drinking from a bottle of water at that moment and spit everywhere and began coughing.

Hermione raised a brow at Harry while patting Ron on him back.

Harry glared back. She should no better than to think he'd do something like that. Ron, George, Billy, Percy, and Charlie, as well as both their parents and a zombie Fred would kill him.

"Please. I just need you two to make up already." Amy said.

"She and I are done. Sorry Amy. Even if Ginny was...well, she wouldn't tell me." Harry got up from his seat. "I'll see you guys tomorrow. I'm heading home." And Harry left.

"Nice going Amy." Ron sighed. "But next time, give me a heads up on WHAT THE BLOODY HELL YOU'RE GOING TO SAY!" Ron yelled.

"Calm down Ron." Hermione stroked his red hair.

"It was Ginny's idea. She just wanted to see how he reacted. Sorry Ron." Amy smiled.

Ginny felt tears in her eyes. Harry wouldn't care if she was with child? How mean!

Ginny has had enough of all this. "I'm heading home actually Amy. I'll see you later." And Ginny took off in a dash. Not bothering to hear Amy or her brothers words about her.

She was done. Harry wasn't giving in, she regretted everything, but it was too late to change things back. What's done is done. Her and Harry were really over.

Ginny ran up to her room, ignoring her mother's call and slammed the door shut. She cried as she landed face down on her bed.

If Harry was going to be like this, then so be it. Ginny then washed her face and packed her things. She would spend her summer away from everyone. Amy was tired of hanging out everyday, Ron wasn't helping much with the plan to get Harry to talk to her. She tried asking Hermione and her other brothers, but all they said was that this was between her and Harry.

She was done. With her things packed, the one other person she could go to, would be the one person she'd spend her last days on earth. Dylan Schoenfield.

She headed out the window and hopped in a cab. "The beach please." And gave him the address. Josh had told everyone before in case they all wanted to make a surprise trip up there.

But in this case, Ginny was making an alone trip.

Ginny wasn't the biggest fan of the beach, but if it was to get away from everyone, this would be the one place where no one would look for her.

She made it to the beach in time and gave the driver some money and a big tip.

She walked up to the door and knocked. She only hoped someone was home.

Which, Dylan was. "Ginny Weasley?" She was shocked to see her here.

Ginny couldn't hold back much more. She's tried to be strong in front of people for too long. So she burst into tears. Dylan did a huge nice thing that Ginny will always treasure, Dylan hugged her and comforted her.

"There there. What's wrong? A lovely girl shouldn't be crying. Josh taught me that." Dylan said.

Ginny just cried more.

"Come on in. We can talk in my room. Dad! I think we have a problem, I'll meet you out there later." She called.

"Okay sweetheart. Take your time!" Her dad said back before heading out the door.

Dylan helped Ginny with her things and sat her on the bed. She fixed up some green tea and they talked. Ginny couldn't believe she was talking to Dylan. But then again, she at least had someone listening to her.

"So, I came here. Everyone seems to think I'm just an...annoyance." She said.

"Oh Ginny. You are nothing of the sort! I can call Josh and get this fixed up right away." Dylan said with a smile.

"Please don't. I just want so quiet. And peace from it all." Ginny said.

"Alright. If you need anything, I'm right here."

Ginny smiled. "Thank you."