Harry Potter x Geek Charming

3: Geek Princess

Harry packed a bag and got in Josh's car.

"Please. Harry. Be gentle with her." Hermione said.

"I know. Ron is my best friend. And she is his sister. I know how to be gentle." He said.

And with that, they were off.

"I still can't believe Ginny would go to Dylan of all places. And to the beach? Ginny is just on huge mystery." Josh said.

"Yes she is." Harry said. Looking out the window watching the world move by like you are running like lightning.

"Dylan." Josh called her to make sure they planed this right.

"I'm here."

"Where are you going to be at when we arrive?"

"She's outside. My father is keeping her out there for the time. I can't talk long."

"Got it. Were on the way, should be there in an hour."

"See you then." Was the last thing Dylan said before she hung up.

"Well, at least she's having fun in the sun while being up there." Josh said with a sigh.

"And she and Dylan are having a great time getting along for once." Harry said.

Josh laughed. "True."

It wasn't much longer before they arrived at the beach.

"Text Dylan so she knows were here and we can find them." Harry said.

"Got it." Josh said.

As Harry got out of the car, he looked around and saw many people around happy and smiling.

He has to figure this out with Ginny. Or else he could lose her, and he's lost way too many people in his life.

"Alright. She says they have a pink and white umbrella. If we see a blue towel flying, then it's them also. Her dad keeps losing his." Josh shrugged.

"Got it." And the two went walking down the shore looking for them.

"Do you see them?" Harry asked.

"Not yet. But I know Dylan and she will be standing out no problem." Josh said smiling.

"How do you do it? Care for her, know everything about her?"

"I don't. I just know who she is as a person. Not personally and memorize her like a detailed doll. She's the one I love the most." Josh explains.

Then as they looked around for another look, there Dylan was. Stunning in her blue bikini and Ginny standing next to her in a white and yellow sundress. She was laughing and smiling.

Harry forgot how she laughed. And her smile is like a ray of sunshine bouncing off the water reflection the beauty of the world.

"Josh! You made it." Ginny looked up to see Josh and Harry were standing over the way back to the house.

"Hey girl." Josh picked her up and spun her around as she embraced him. Her giggling and his laughter brought attention to everyone.

"I love how you came for me. Hey Harry. Ginny, look who's here."

"I see. You called them?" She asked.

Dylan sighed. "Ginny. I get that you feel like you've been left out and feel alone, but let me tell you something, not talking to everyone and cutting them off, running away isn't going to help you with your problems." She said.

"She's right." Harry butted in. "I have been doing just that. Running and hiding away what I have been feeling. Trying not to talk about it or feel anything. I was wrong." He said.

"Harry." Ginny was taken aback hearing his words.

"I'm sorry Ginny. I should have reasoned with you from the start. Not tried to cut you out of my life. I'm best friends with your brother. No way would I avoid you for long anyway. I should have talked this out with you, not yell or scream at you. I'm very sorry Ginny." He said.

She felt tears in her eyes. "So, you want us to work this out?" She asked.

Harry smiled and nodded. "Please. I'm sorry for the way I ignored and treated you." He said.

Ginny smiled and ran to him. They hugged for a moment before...

"What were you two fighting about anyway?" Dylan asked.

Harry and Ginny pulled apart quicker than saying "Gotcha!"

"It was..." Ginny didn't know if she should bring it up again.

"We were talking about, Dean and Cho. And Cedric's name came up." Harry said crossing his arms.

"You had to ask." Josh sighed.

"That's what this was about? Ex-lovers?!"

"Trust issues." Ginny said.

"More like fear. I have had a fear of losing everyone in my life since, I've lost my parents, my godfather, and my favorite teacher. And on top, I've lost two other important people I have respected in my life. I might just not want to lose you too." Harry said.

"You will NEVER lose me." Ginny said. "I know you've lost many people in your life. Somewhere in mine too. Cedric included. And Dumbledore. But you will never lose me. I have lost a brother. I am scared to lose you too. But I will never leave you. Dean can go...do whatever he wants, I don't care what he does. I care about you and what you do and feel. I love you Harry Potter." Ginny said.

Harry sighed. "I love you too." He pulled her into a hug again.

"All this love, I'm feeling like I'm in an old romance movie." Dylan said.

"Were not in high school anymore Dylan. But when you get back-"

"There's a Burger King here."

"I'll stay and you come with me." Josh said.

"Can we head home?" Ginny asked. "I'm sick of sand." She added in a whisper.

"Yeah. I'll get us back to your house no problem." Harry winked. "Josh, I think I'll find a way to get home. Why don't you stay?"

"I guess I am. Tell my friends sorry will ya?"

"No problem." And Harry and Ginny were off.

Looks like everyone is happy in the end.

"You are a very charming princess." Harry said to Ginny.

"I learned from the true one." She said looking back at Dylan.

Yup, a happy ending.

The End