The moon was flying high in the sky as everyone in the western tribe went to sleep the perfect time for Cadmean to strike. Cadmean quietly crawled from the bushes he was hiding in and made his way towards Eve and Winston's den.

Cadmean entered the den and saw Eve sleeping soundly Cadmean frowned as he pulled out the dagger from the hilt from his thigh,he kneeled down scowling at her then he quickly covered her mouth and jammed the dagger into her neck. Her muffled groans fortunately didn't wake Winston Eve's body went limp as Cadmean slowly pulled the dagger out of Eve's neck then he carefully carved a message into the wall behind Winston that read.

"Vengeance has been taken so says the one that shall never be caught."

Cadmean then snuck out of the den and like a ghost he disappeared into the night.

The next morning

The sun slowly rised over the horizon as kate got up to use the bathroom she pulled her loincloth down and squatted over the ground behind a bush and began urinating. After she was done she stood up when she was about to pull her loincloth up garth came out of nowhere in a panicked state.

Kate nearly screamed and covered up her private parts then looked at garth annoyed "this had better be an emergency.."

1 minute later

Kate was running at escape velocity after garth told her that Eve had been killed,Kate arrived to see a massive crowd surrounding the den Kate pushed her way through them until she got to the sight that shattered her heart. Winston was cradling eve in his arms with Lily right next to him crying "Oh my fenrir dad what happened?!"Kate exclaimed bursting to tears.

"I don't know i woke up to find her like this." Kate got on her knees and looked at her mother completely distraught then she noticed the carving on the wall "the One that shall never be caught,what the hell is that?"Kate asked in confusion then a voice rang in the air answering kate "not what kate who."

The voice belonged to a gray furred wolf named Harold who was hutch's father and an friend to Winston and Eve he's also well tuned to whats happening in the world"i know who did this,it was a fox named Cadmean." Kate looked at Harlod in interest "Cadmean?" "He's gone by many names he's also the most notorious theif and assassin in the World,he's more cunning than any other fox in existence and more elusive he has never been truly caught for he always escapes seconds later." Kate frowned after hearing harold's info "that's it I've officially had my fill of foxes."

His temporary den is not far from here kate just an hour west of here."Harold finished Kate huffed in rage "perfect." Kate growled about to leave when Harold spoke again "Kate wait there's something you must know something important about Cadmean." "Tell me after i bring back his head."kate said darkly as she stomped away.

Meanwhile an hour later

Cadmean was washing his knife in a nearby river with a satisfied smile on his face as he's vengeance was now complete. Hiding in the bushes was Kate staring at Cadmean although she wasn't exactly sure if this was Cadmean as Harold forgot to tell her what he looked like but she didn't care she was going find Cadmean even if she had to ask around.

Kate stepped out of the bush with a frightening scowl as Cadmean looked at her blankly not at all fazed by her angry demeanor. "Can i help you?" "Are you Cadmean?"kate asked with venom Cadmean looked at kate "yes..who's asking?" Just then Kate charged towards Cadmean tackling him to the ground then she strattled him snarling in his face.

"the daughter of Eve!" Kate then grabbed Cadmean's throat and attempted to strangle him. "You killed her you monster now I'm gonna kill you!"she roared as she pulled out a knife and raised it above her head.

Cadmean then covered his face in fear "wait please don't kill me!" Kate looked at him in disgust "ugh you're pathetic." Then she raised the dagger again only for Cadmean to flinch in fear again "wait please can i just say one thing before you kill me?" Kate groaned in annoyance at Cadmean's cowardice but begrudgingly decided to accept his last request.

"Fine what are your last words?"Kate asked Then out of nowhere Cadmean cuffed Kate's cheeks together and yanked her downwards pulling her into a sloppy kiss. Kate grunted in suprise dropping her dagger and attempted to push herself off Cadmean but he appeared to be more stronger than her despite being 2 years younger than her.

Then Cadmean broke the kiss and managed to get his feet under kate and with a massive kick he launched her 10 feet away. He did a push up kick and glared at kate grinning mockingly "here's a little tip never show mercy."

Kate stood up glaring at Cadmean wiping her mouth then they began circling one another studying Kate never took her eyes off Cadmean she looked deeply into his soul "So eve had a daughter,I'm quite shocked i didn't know monsters could breed."

Kate scoffed "monster?!,you're the monster in fact you remind me of another monstrous fox i know...she still haunts my husband's nightmares." Kate mumbled under her breath. Cadmean frowned knowing exactly who kate is talking about. "If you're referring to Rosalie i had an encounter with her before but i escaped her just like I'm gonna escape this." Cadmean said then he bolted the opposite direction.

"wha..hey get back here!"Kate shouted running after him Cadmean was running like a cheetah Kate could barely keep up with him "shit he's fast." Cadmean did parkour over rocks and did zig zags around trees. Kate was getting frustrated "How the fuck can he move like this?!"she asked herself.

Then suddenly Cadmean did a sharp turn then he was gone Kate stopped in confusion "what the...where did he go?" Then suddenly she felt something knock her down with tremendous force as she tumbled a few times before sliding into a tree. Kate groaned in pain as she looked up to see Cadmean staring down at her with a smile "Catch me if you can."he laughed then he ran away at a short burst of speed.

Kate slapped the ground in anger as she watched Cadmean disappear into the forest.