Kate paced around her den in frustration trying to figure out why Cadmean was so hard to catch. "i mean he moved at such an astonishing speed i couldn't get close to him and worse yet he kissed me he fucking kissed me!"kate exclaimed Garth,Winston,Humphrey,Claws and scar,Princess and flint,and Harold stood there listening to her ranting.

"I told you he could never be caught Kate."Harold stated kate rolled her eyes and went back to pacing. "how do we capture someone we can't catch?"garth asked Harold was about to say something until kate interrupted him "We slow him down,Gather all the alphas we are gonna need a lot of tranq darts." She said with a smile.


Cadmean was preparing to go hunting until he saw Kate he smiled "Well if it isn't the daughter of Eve,gonna try to capture me again?"

Kate grinned "Yep and by the way my name is Kate,Now!" Just then Garth and many other alphas from the United pack rose from their hiding places such as bushes and behind trees. They were carrying blow darts which they quickly put to their mouths and fired tranquilizer darts.

Unfortunately Cadmean was quicker he grabbed Kate and with lightning speed got out of the line of fire and all of the darts struck each and everyone of the alphas causing them to collapse unconscious. Kate could only look in utter disbelief as her troops layed sleeping cad chuckled "Better luck next time...kate." He then slapped Kate's ass causing her to yelp and swing at him in anger only for him to dodge and run away.


It was nearly sundown Kate was sitting at home trying to figure out how to capture Cadmean Harold and Winston walked in "Kate honey Harold has something to tell you." Kate only sighed in frustration "whatever it is dad it can wait,because right now I'm notin a listening mood I'm gonna capture Cadmean no matter how long it takes."

3 months later

Kate sat in the middle of her den completely defeated she tried every trap she could think of but they all ultimately failed and resulted in her humiliation. Her most recent attempt kate tried to physically manhandle Cadmean in a fight which resulted in her getting farted on by a moose.

Harold looked at Kate in utter shame and approached her he sat down next to her as she mumbled under her breath. "Kate you've got to listen to me i know someone who can help capture Cadmean." Kate scoffed "Yeah I'm call bullshit on that Harold Cadmean can't be captured i now realize that after 3 long fucking months in trying to catch him I've fell in the mud,Nearly broken every bone in my body and worse yet i get farted on by a moose,so i highly doubt your friend can catch the uncatchable."

Harold chuckled "he be up to the challenge Kate." Kate sighed not seeing any other option "Ok who is he?"

"Laelaps."Harold said Kate looked at him in utter disbelief she then scoffed "Laelaps the hunter?!" Harold nodded laelaps was a legendary bounty hunter he could hunt and catch any criminal that his client sends him after,no one has ever escaped him. "Yes he could help us capture Cadmean." Kate crossed her arms "Do you know where he lives?" Harold smiled "Why yes i do."

South Dakota

Harold and Kate arrived at South Dakota when the sun was rising over the horizon they arrived to an open field with a den sitting on a hill "ok Kate just let me do the talking."Harold said Kate nodded when they went closer kate noticed yelling and screaming coming from the den Kate looked at Harold concerned "Someone's in trouble." Kate dashed towards the den and ran inside but then immediately froze in suprise when she saw what was happening.

A muscular brown furred male wolf who looked to be in his early 40s was fucking a grey furred female wolf who looked the same age in the ass kate noticed the girl looked a little bit like Princess. Both of them were too focused to notice Kate the male grunted as he thrusted fast and hard "Ahh fuck!"the male groan "Yess fuck me hard i wanna walk funny for a week!"the female shrieked Kate didn't know what to say except "Uhhh."

The male stopped and looked at Kate in confusion "can I help you dear?" "Uhhh.."Kate droned not knowing what to say after catching them fucking. Harold stood in front of Kate "We need your help laelaps." Kate looked between Harold and the brown furred wolf who dismounted from the female and put his loincloth back on.

"Sure who do you need hunted?"laelaps asked as the female gathered her belongings and exited the den covering herself Harold cleared his throat and spoke "We need help of capturing a fox by the name of Cadmean." Laelaps scoffed "oh yeah the so called uncatchable fox."

"He is uncatchable i tried numerous times but he always got away."Kate said causing laelaps to chuckle "that's because you didn't have me." Kate rolled her eyes laelaps ego exceeded garths.

"Sure little Lady I'll help you,but first tell me what he did." Kate frowned clenching her fist "He killed my mother for no reason,when you capture him I'm gonna take this dagger and jam it into his heart."she growled Laelaps nodded has Harold looked at Kate with complete concern "Kate i know you're upset but maybe we should just incarcerate him instead of killing him." "No Harold he'll escaped he must die."kate snapped causing Harold to flinch.

Laelaps cleared his throat "Well i have a fool proof plan to capture Cadmean the first thing we need to do is distract him then tire him out so he won't run." Kate nodded intrigued "how are you gonna distract him?"

"That's easy you're gonna do it."laelaps said simply "Sounds simp..huh?!"Kate exclaimed in confusion "I have total faith in you all you need to do is ask yourself what is the most distracting and tiring thing a girl can do to a guy?" Kate pondered this for a minute then her eyes lit up fully realizing what Laelaps is asking her to do.