It was the middle of the day Cadmean was doing push ups in the middle of the forest but he was about 60 feet away from his home he was close to a hundred untill he saw kate walk up to him. Cadmean quickly stood up in alarm ready to run or fight but kate held her hands up.

"Woah woah hold on I come in peace."Kate said calmly Cadmean was still not convinced as Kate had be trying to capture him for weeks. "Yeah right Kate and I'm fenrir."Cadmean scoffed "No I'm serious i...i'm here to tell you i give up."kate said defeatedly.

This caught Cadmean by suprise but then he laughed "You're finally admitting defeat?!" Kate sighed " can't be caught Cadmean it's taken me this long to figure that out."

Cadmean crossed his arms and smirked "well Kate it's nice of you to finally admit that." Then there was a long pause and Cadmean's expression changed "But i have a feeling that's not the only thing you're here for." Kate closed her eyes then opened them then she turned around and bent over. "To show you I'm not gonna hunt you anymore I want you to fuck me."

Cadmean raised his eyebrow in confusion then in disbelief "You want me to fuck you as a show of trust?!" Kate nodded Cadmean scoffed "Yeah I'm gonna have to pass on that." Kate both frowned and gulped in nervously as the plan was beginning to fail but she had to try something.

"Why not am i not sexy enough for you because hello?!"kate exclaimed offended gesturing at her body Cadmean only scoffed "I've seen sexier."

Kate clenched her fists but then calmed down "Look you've dodged every trap I've thrown at you while mocking me about it you shoved my face up a mooses butt while mocking me about it why won't you fuck me while mocking me about it?" Cadmean looked at her with a blank face "because i know this is a trap also i know there's somebody out here with us right now,Come on out!"Cadmean shouted looking around at the empty environment "There's no one here but us."Kate said calmly but Cadmean knew there was someone else here "Don't lie to me Kate there's someone else here." Then Cadmean pulled out a dagger and held it close to Kate's neck "Come out now and kate won't die!"Cadmean shouted to the heaven's after about a second passed Harold came out of the bushes in front of them Kate sighed in defeat Cadmean chuckled mockingly while shaking his head.

kate looked at Cadmean with an emotionless face "You're clever..." Cadmean smiled then without looking he caught a tranquilizer dart that was fired by laelaps then Kate smiled "but not clever enough." Then out of nowhere onyx jumped down from a tree and Landed silently behind Cadmean and stuck a tranquilizer into his neck.

Cadmean was extremely suprised at how Kate was finally able to out smart him "What!"Cadmean exclaimed holding his neck "I had a feeling you'd might figure out our plan so i had a back up just in case." Cadmean chuckled at Kate's strategy then a thought "Were you really gonna have sex with me?"

Kate shutter a little "Yes...yes i was." Cadmean then grinned "but you hadn't caught me yet Katie." Then he ran away at a burst of speed "Hey!"Laelaps shouted running after him in the same burst of speed shocking Kate,Henry and Onyx.

laelaps chased Cadmean through the forest before exiting out and into a field before stopping laelaps stopped too and the two animals glared at each other studying them. "Who are you?"Cadmean asked "I'm laelaps perhaps you've heard of me...I'm the guy who always catches his prey."

Cadmean gave a mocking chuckle then he began thinking "Heh a wolf who always catches his prey vs a fox who can never be caught...who will best who?" Cadmean asked laelaps only frowned "Let's find out." Then Cadmean ran the opposite direction with laelaps following close behind.

They ran for hours on end day and night the ran through other territories and other packs.


It was mid afternoon Cadmean ran through a forest he looked back to see laelaps still on his tail then he felt himself smash into something as he hit the ground hard he quickly sat up and look to see what he hit and his eyes widened in shock.

Rosalie was rubbing her head as she sat up too "Rosalie?!"he exclaimed in terror Rosalie groaned in both pain and annoyance "Yeah the one and only." Then she looked at Cadmean and then she frowned after realizing who he was "Cadmean."she said with venom.

Cadmean noticed the changes to Rosalie the last time they met the hair and tattoos were all new to him "Did you do something to your hair i remember it being longer and what's with the tattoos?"

Rosalie frowned "never mind those i have a major bone to pick with you." Cadmean chuckled a little "aw Don't tell me you're still mad about our encounter." Rosalie crossed her arms "you got me stuck in a tree and kicked me in the ass." Cadmean shrugged "To be honest you had it coming." Rosalie growled "I'm gonna kill you." then Cadmean heard laelaps call his name and he saw him heading his way "it's gonna have to wait,see ya."

Then he ran away from her with Laelaps following and the chase continued.

1 year later


Cadmean stopped in the middle of a field panting heavily with laelaps doing the same they both ran nonstop for a full year and both were very exhausted. "Ok that's it...i'm done running you wanna peace of me,here's the deal if you can defeat me in hand to hand combat I'll surrender." Cadmean said getting into a fighting stance laelaps only smiled and got into a fighting stance as well.

Western pack

Kate and humphrey were watching the clouds when they heard footsteps Kate lifted her head up and her eyes went wide laelaps was carrying a tied up Cadmean over his shoulders he had a black eye and a few bruises as did Cadmean. "Here he is Kate."

Kate stood up looking at laelaps in complete disbelief "Where they hell where you guys it's been a year,i completely forgot about you guys!"

"He's slippery we practically went on a chase around the world until we decided to do a little duel in which case i won."laelaps said Kate looked at him in utter shock that a chase would take that long but shook her head "Well...thanks for the help I'll take it from here." Then Kate grabbed Cadmean's legs and began dragging him away.

It was only about 2 minutes until she reached an vacant den in which she dragged him into Kate stood over Cadmean who looked up at her her cold angry eyes burning a hole in his soul. "Now...what was i gonna do before?" She asked rhetorically she then pulled out a dagger from the sheath on her thigh and strattled Cadmean holding the knife to his throat.

Cadmean looked kate dead in her eyes as she gripped the knife tightly "I'm gonna cut your heart out and eat it for lunch but before i do that,i wanna know something that's be bothering me:why...why did you kill her i know she can be a bit unhinged but why did she have to die by your hands?"Kate asked Cadmean couldn't answer as his muzzle was tied shut just then a familiar voice spoke.

"I can answer that Kate." Kate turned to see Harold with humphrey and Laelaps "this is what I've been trying to talk to you about since day one Kate do you remember when you were 7 and a fox tried to kidnap you?"

Kate nodded remembering that frightful day vividly "Well your mother took me and a few other alphas to find the fox and teach him a lessen but we couldn't find him anywhere your mother was so enraged that someone got away with harming her daughter she went on a blind rampage punching and kicking trees bushes even screaming profanity into the air but the final straw came when she spotted a family of foxes..Cadmean's family."

Kate looked down at Cadmean who closed his eyes tears rolling down his face "She showed no mercy...she killed a family that nothing to do with your attack she would've killed Cadmean if i hadn't stopped her."

Kate now had a full understanding of why Cadmean killed eve it was because she killed his family first. "I'm not saying what he did was right I'm just telling you why."Harold finished.

Kate looked at Cadmean saddly Cadmean killed eve out of vengeance for what her explosive anger did. Kate sighed then threw her knife away "killing you won't make me fell better...did killing eve make you feel better?" Cadmean nodded Kate only shook her head then stood up off Cadmean and began to walk away however the second she turned her back Cadmean broke free of the vines and quickly stood up and ran out the exit and into the forest.

laelaps was going to chase him again but kate stopped him "No...let him go he won't bother us anymore he's mission is accomplished but I'm a little disappointed i never got the chance to say that i forgive him."kate said looking at the direction Cadmean ran.