They are Rage

Brutal, Without Mercy

But you...You will be Worse

Rip and Tear Until it is DONE.

The Doomslayer, a hero of eternal Vengeance and hatred. He alone stood against the hordes of hell that threatened all that was pure. Once was a mortal marine of the human race, now an eternal warrior bent on destroying and punishing all creatures of hell.

For all the Evil that hell can conjure.

For all the wickedness that mankind can produce.

He will rip and tear until it is done.

After all the ventures across dimensions, now the warrior was drifting in an endless void burning with questions on how the hell he ended up here.

"No, I currently do not understand how we ended up in our current situation," VEGA said, surprising the slayer as he thought he was alone. Well if the AI of the UAC can't figure it out then what about Dr Hayden? Even though the Slayer hated him for what he did years ago. The cyborg did have his uses during recent events dealing with Hell on earth.

"I can't seem to contact anyone. It would appear I am directly running on your suit's system…" Vega pondered.

"Slayer." A deep voice calls out. The marine looked around as he knew this voice as King Novrik's. While he had a disagreement with the king during his quest to save the earth, he still respected him as the warrior king of sentinel prime...

"I do not have much to explain about your current situation. I will do the best I can with the time I have." Doomslayer nods in attention.

"You are being summoned to another world similar to the one you saved. Another earth that is peril."

Another earth needed saving was all the slayer needed to hear but he was wondering what was summoning him or how he was being in the first place He wasn't one to be pushed around by some fool with a god complex that thinks they can control him. The Khan Maykr knows all too well about those that try to stop him on his conquest against the dark lords of hell.

"You are being summoned as a servant to a master. As much as you hate the idea of having a master, this is the only way to enter that world.

"No! Getaway!"

The Slayer heard a voice crying...It sounded female and young...are they in danger? The sound reminds him of the radio chatter he would pick up at his fortress.

Scared, begging for mercy from a God who won't answer and leave them to die without hope.

"To save this new earth, you must work with your master, protecting her at all costs. Without her, you will be sent back to where you came" King Novvik said in a serious tone. The slayer wasn't one to be controlled, If another world needs his help then he will find his way.

"Mashu! Gudao! Director!? ANYBODY! HELP ME PLEASE!" the voice pleaded with sobs of fear.

With those cries of fear, The slayer got a flashback to when he lost daisy...She was alone...No one there to save her from being ripped apart and having her head on a spike.

"She is a pure soul, Great Slayer, are you going to let it burn out?"

With the choice set out in front of him, The Doom-Slayer made his decision, he will not let this person die because no one was there for them. The Slayer shall come to this world and protect this person as long it lets him continue his quest against the demons.

"Will you go to this world as a servant?" Novik asked and Doomslayer nodded in agreement.

"Very well then. I must warn you, Becoming a servant will give your greater strength but there are going to be foes of great power. I know you are ready for such foes, But you must remember to protect your master at all costs" A light shines in the void and approaches the Slayer as he prepares himself on his new journey.

"Rip and Tear, Slayer. Until it is done." King Novik then leaves the marine to start his new chapter in his chronicles. A doorway of light opens up in front of him and he pumps his shotgun ready to begin the slaughter once more.

Insertion Point

"I don't want to die!" The girl screams in fear as monsters encroach on her position in the burning woods. She tried calling for help but no one responded to her cries...She was going to die being ripped apart and alone.

"Please...Someone...Help me…" She whimpers as tears fall from her eyes in fear as it seemed to be the end for her…. But someone did hear her cries for help, and if the heavens won't answer her. He will come to set these injustices right with a steel barreled sword of vengeance.

The first thing he saw was zombies in front of him and a crying girl on his flank.

"That girl is our master, updating the current objective on your hud," Vega speaks and the Slayer smirks as it looks like the AI came along for the ride. The undead charge at him with ravaging anger. His response was his fists as he crushes the head of the first one and rips the arm off another. Like paper, he ripped the zombies apart clearing the first wave. More shrieks of undead come from the forest as a group of skeletons come shambling out of the woods wielding medieval weaponry. Equipping his shotgun he rushed in leading with a grenade from his Fire blech turret and extended his blade of doom. The arm blade takes out most of the horde leaving a small group for him to blast with his trusty pump-action shotgun. Swiftly moving around and shooting so fast that they could never land a hit on him. All that could hit him was a single arrow that just simply bounced off his armour. To him, they were comparable to the possessed zombies he faced. Slow and weak but are still a threat in numbers...To normal people.

Time for some glory kills: he jumps up into the air and lands on one crushing its skill under his foot. The Slayer then swings his foot under the one to his left causing the foe to flung into the air but was obliterated by his fist before hitting the ground. He grabs the last one's skull and crushes it in his hand to dust as the boldly falls to pieces.

'All done, Now to…'

"AHHH!" The girl screams

Doomslayer turns around to find a bulky creature made up of flesh of many dead and as fat as a Mancubus snuck upon them. It was towering over the girl as she was frozen in fear...

'Not so fast tubby!'

He sprints at the beast and shoulder tackles it away from her. It rolls a few feet and stumbles back up only to get a face full of fire from his turret. It screams in agony as it swings its arms frantically.

'Now you are getting special treatment, asshole.' He pulls out his one and only Chainsaw with murderous intent. Pulling on the ignition cord it roars to life as the beast tries to swing its long arms at him.

'You are nothing compared to the real monsters...' He ducks and slashes up, cutting the arm off as it screams in pain but only for a few moments as Doomslayer bisects it and then stomps its tiny head into the ground.

"I am no longer detecting any hostiles in the vicinity. I recommend we tend to our frightened Master" Vega said.

Doomslayer turns around to find the girl sitting there staring at him with fear in her eyes. It was almost like a bunny scared of a predator, and the bloodstained chainsaw wasn't helping at all. He quickly puts it away into his inventory and slowly walks over to her. The girl was a Redhead with amber eyes and was clad in a white uniform. She still looks on in fear of him but calmed down enough to not instantly run away. He sighed at the sight because he had a bad habit of scaring the shit out of civilians during his line of work. It, however, did help keep them out of his way so he can do what was needed to be done.

Now wasn't the time for scaring people, the Slayer kneels and offers a hand to help her up. She hesitantly accepts it and was pulled up on her feet by the armoured soldier.

"I-umm Thanks…" She said, wiping her faces of tears.

"I'm...Ritsuka and as you currently...lost" She looks around worried.

"So who are you?" She asks politely. Oh great...Talking wasn't his strong suit as he just left the talking to VEGA. Luckily the AI decides to speak up to take control of the situation.

"Hello, Master. The being in front of you is known as the Doomslayer and the Voice you hear right now is I, Vega, an AI that assists him." The AI explains and the girl's eyes widened and check her hand. A command seal was marking her as a master.

"Wow! But I? How? No matter! I need your help! My friends could be in danger and...I am too scared to go alone…" She said honestly as she still had no idea what was going on or where she was. Ritsuka then felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked up and found the man looking at her. She couldn't tell from the helmet visor but felt a gentle presence from him. The servant nods agreeing to help her and this seems to cheer her up.

"Alright, Oh before I forget. What class are you?" The Slayer cocks his end confused but again Vega speaks up.

"His class is Berserker, however, I like to note regardless of his class title he is very sane and cooperative. So, as long as you are not a demon or intend on hurting innocent lives, he'll fight for you" Vega said and the girl looked one in awe. A Berserker that seems pretty in control of himself? Was it normal for them to act as such? She shakes her head and refocuses herself on the situation. She now had a servant and a better chance of finding the others.

"May I ask what are you doing in this forest full of monsters?" Vega asked the redhead.

" complicated...I have no idea where I am-" She then remembers the moment before everything went haywire and runs to the tree line to confirm her suspicion. She Freezes right at the edge of the treeline overlooking a frightful.

"I am currently detecting a form of transmission being broadcasted throughout the area. It would appear to be searching for our master. I will investigate if it's friend or foe." Vega said as he was constantly scanning the area

The Slayer catches up to Ristuka and stops at the sight she was looking at and it just reminded him of his purpose as a Slayer.

It was hell on earth all over again...A burning city with monsters roaming the streets He can't begin to imagine how many lives have been lost…

'It never ends...The cycle will never end…as there is one demon...'

"This...Is Fuyuki...We were supposed to ray shift here to prevent this from happening." She then looks to the ground.

"Are we too late? No...No we can't be, that's why we are here." Ritsuka worries more but still hopes that there's still a chance. Ritsuka looks to her side and Berserker...She could feel the rage radiating off of him and guessed he wanted to find out who did this as well.

"No point in standing around now. Let's go. Hopefully, we can-"

"R-Ritsuka? Do you read?! It's Romani." Her wristband lights up and without taking another pause she activates it. A hologram appears of a young man in a doctor's uniform on a terminal.

"Doctor!" She said she was relieved to see a friendly face.

"Oh, thank goodness It connected. I was trying a wide area scan but the whole system is barely working as it is right now. I am just glad the signal bounced off of something and connected." The man was relieved to find another surviving master and they both caught up on the situation as Doomslayer listened.

From what he could summarize while listening in: Chaldea was about to do a "Rayshift" or whatever to fix whatever set the city ablaze but something went wrong and most of the staff got killed. Only her and a few others got transported to this hellhole and now they were trying to pick the pieces up. Ritsuka then fills him in on her current status as a master of a servant.

"You summoned a servant?! Mash is one thing but you summoned a full-fledged one?" Dr Romani said with intrigue.

"Well I didn't summon him, he just appeared and saved me...Wait, what about Mashu?" Ritsuka asked curiously.

"It would make more sense once you see her in person. I'll try to make a rendezvous point with what navigation data I have so…"

"I believe I may be of assistance to Dr Romani," Vega spoke up after accessing this transmission.

"Umm!? Who is this and how did you get access to this channel?" the Doctor said surprised and with a little bit of panic in his voice...

"I am VEGA, A sentient intelligence that aids her servant. So, in turn, I serve her as well."

"A servant with an AI as a tool and it can hack into our comms...The director is not going like this... " Romani said, mulling over what kind of servant she summoned in the first place.

"Doctor. I think he can help us." Ristuka spoke up.

"I mean no harm Doctor, I was only going to request access to navigation data so I can cross-reference with my own to assist in regrouping with the others." The ai suggested and there was a long pause but the doctor agreed to say that right now they can use all the help they can get. After a few seconds, Vega produces a waypoint on the Slayers hud and gives the same data to Chaldea.

"Alright, I'll pass on the message to the others. Good luck you guys." The transmission ends and both servants and master get on their way to the waypoint.

The City of Ashes...

There were some encounters of the undead as they entered the burning city but nothing Doomslayer couldn't handle. His master just watches as he rips and shoots the monsters in awe. Berserker's arsenal was a variety of shotguns, machine guns, Rocket launchers and what she guessed was a plasma rifle. He handled himself well in the burning city-scape of death and fire.

'Just what kind of servant is he? No way he's someone from the past with those guns.'

She then observes him slicing up a zombie into bits with his arm blade while smashing another's head into its chest cavity.

Morbidly she slightly giggled at that last kill but notices energy emanating off his fallen foes and gets absorbed into Berserker. So many questions are raised in her mind on who her servant was...His weapons and armour could never exist in the past.

'Could he be someone from the future?' Ritsuka pondered.

"Doom Slayer…?" She whispered Remembering what Vega said while trying to not trip over the ruined roads of Fuyuki.

Then she bumps right into something which was her servant stopped in his tracks.

"Berserker? What is it?" She said looking around the area but found nothing but rubble.

There was nothing...Not even monsters and it was quiet but for the sounds of the flames and that was unsettling to the Slayer...The area was hell on earth but now the air is dead silent as a graveyard. Then he sees it...The tiniest glint of a knife flying towards his master at blazing speeds.

"Eek!" She yelps as he grabs it mid-air just before it landed in her skull.

"Calculating trajectory..marking on your hud now." Vega in seconds followed the flight path of the blade and marked the building it came from. The Slayer responded with his rocket launcher and barraged the building with argent fueled rockets.

"What's going on?!" Ritsuka yelled over the blasts of Rockets.

"An enemy servant is in the vicinity, Assassin class," Vega answers as a figure dashes out of the building while trying to dodge the oncoming rockets. From building to the building he dances around the blasts frustrating the Slayer.

'Too fast for the lock on to hit…time to swap out-Shit!' Only a lone dagger manages to hit him right in the shoulder. No doubt was meant for his head and it stung like a prowlers claw.

'Ok now you are pissing me off!' he swaps out the Lock-on attachment for the Remote detonator attachment he aims and sends one rocket flying at the masked assailant.

"Kekek...Do you think that will stop me? When will you learn that!" The Rocket then detonates before he can react and the wider explosion sends him crashing down to the ground. Without wasting a second the Slayer closes the distance between them. The assassin snickers..he planned for this and begins to unwrap his right arm.

"Human souls are insubstantial things. Write in agony! Zabaniya!" He cast away the seal on his arm revealing an elongated yellow arm that stretched out to rip the Berserker's heart out.

"Berserker wait!" Ritsuka cried out but it was too late…She closed her eyes in fear.

A loud metallic clang echoed throughout the area.

"W-what?! How?!" The assassin panicked at the result of his attacks. It did force Doomslayer to stop moving but only to look down at the extended arm that was clawing at his praetor suit. Attempting to crush his chest plate but was failing, only making mere dents

"It would appear that his attack was demonic in origin. Your suit has reduced the effectiveness of his attack due to this." Vega said out loud causing him to push harder but the slayer began to fight back against the stupendous force.

"Identity of target confirmed: The old man of the mountain, Hassan of the Cursed arm." The AI confirmed after requesting data from Chaldea to confirm his theory.

"What are you!? You are too calm and controlled to be a Berserker! Your weapons, your armour! What is-" the Hassan was then interrupted by his target grabbing his arm and crushing with one hand. He screamed in agony and threw more daggers at him but it was all in vain...The Slayer has found a demon...And it shall meet his vengeful wrath.

He lets the hand go and sprints right up to his target extending his arm blade. Hassan did not have any time to react as the Slayer was already in his face. First was his arm being cut clean off with the would gushing in blood.

"Gah!" He cries clutching the stump but it was swiftly silenced with a blade through his gullet. The enemy falls and fades away as the Slayer absorbs the demon essence. Healing his body and repairing the small bits of damage to his armour. What's done is done and he returns to Ritsuka who looks on in awe.

The Slayer nods indicating if she was alright and unharmed.

"Yeah, I am okay. Thanks for saving there." She smiles but notices the bloodstain on his shoulder begins to worry.

"Oh, are you ok? I do know a bit of healing magecraft." She offered what little skill she had as a user of the craft.

"That will not be needed for a master. He gains power from his defeated foes to heal his wound and increase his strength." Vega confirmed. Ristukas' comm unit then lights up and she activates it, showing a familiar face. It was Gudao with his black hair and blue eyes.

"Ah, Ritsuka! Finally, I came through! Are you ok? We heard screaming and are rushing to the rendezvous." He said clearing running.

"We're ok now, We ran into a servant but Berserker defeated him. His Class was Assasin." She confirms.

"What? I thought I got rid of him!" A voice from Gudao's end groans, making her confused.

"We ran into a servant ourselves. She was a Lancer but we managed thanks to Mashu and Caster. I'll explain later once we meet up!" The call ends and both run to the waypoint to finally reconnect with the others and finally get some bearings on what was the cause of this mayhem.

A Moment of Rest.

It was an abandoned school that seems to be free of monsters as they run-up to the front gates with the others waiting for them. The Director in her black and yellow attire. Gudao, who was in the male version of the Chaldea uniform. Mashu who was wearing entirely different clothes or it would be better to say armour. It was mainly black with purple outlines and had a big tower shield in her right hand. Ritsuka runs past her servant and hugs her pink-haired Kouhai.

"Oh my god! Mash! You are ok!" She cried seeing the mash was alright well.

"Senpai! It's so good to see you alive too!" She laughed as her face blushed. Gudao laughs at seeing them both so happy. He was relieved to find another survivor out here in the burning city.

"Alright, break it up you two." The Director said with a straight face but on the inside was happy.

"Come on. Let them live a little!" The man with blue hair and robes said. He then turns to the marine curiously.

"You are new? I have seen the Berserker in my war and you look nothing like that monster. " He said but offered a hand.

"Names, Cu Chulainn of Ulster. Caster class. Normally Servants hide their identity but the rest in this hell hole already know, so why bother right now." Doomslayer stares at him for a moment not caring or interested for idle banter. He walks away to make sure the place was secure from monsters.

"Not much for chit chat are you?" Caster retracted his hand as the man walks away.

"Damn that stare reminds me of HER," he said looking to the clouded sky.

As the Slayer walks about the scorched yard he looks to his master and her friends all chatting away...It's like the worries and fear that was built up inside her melted away.

She was happy.

'People like her shouldn't have to deal with this...They should live in peace without worry.' He thought as he looked up to the clouded sky. He will find whatever or whoever is causing all this death and destruction. It shouldn't be too hard for him as he took on the Icon Of Sin three times now, but now he has to look after Ritsuka and her friends along on this new crusade. Can he protect them? No, why was that a question? He will succeed, no matter the cost, he will protect Ritsuka and her friends.

"So here is the servant Romani mentioned. A berserker with modern-day weapons and armour." The pale blonde said to bring the attention to him as she studies him up and down. She then shakes her head mumbling something to herself but then looks at the Slayer with questioning eyes.

"So you are that servant with advanced firearms, armour and even an AI?"

The Slayer nods as she sighed wondering who the heck this servant was and where did he come from in the first place. Chaldea didn't have any servants prepared before this incident and he is not from Fuyuki, so where did this Berserker come from?

"Do you have an inquiry Ms?" Vega spoke from the armour speakers of the praetor suit, startling her.

"I...Um yes. Who are you?"

"I am Vega, A sentient intelligence that assists the Slayer. May I ask your name?" Vega asks in return.

"Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere. You can call me Director Animusphere as I am the head of the Chaldea security force." She said with a sense of authority The Slayer was now getting bored with being the source to talk to the AI. He notices Ritsuka and the others enter the building so he does the same pulling Vega away from the conversation with Olga.

"H-hey!" Olga was insulted but then her comm unit beeped and she answered as it was Vega.

"Apologies, He tends to go about his way," Vega said as Olga entered the school building as well chatting with him.

The Slayer enters the school and walks around looking for where Ritsuka went. He slowly walked about the decaying school building looking at each empty classroom. He could sense the cries of innocent people dying and recognized the smell of burning corpses. All the children used to come here to learn and hang out now burnt to ashes all because of some demon who wanted to end all of humanity. He felt his blood boil...his vision going red as he wanted-No...Needed to get back out there and kill the bastard that caused all of this. Without thinking he punched a hole in the wall out of anger and the crash echoes throughout the building.

"Berserker?" Ristuka called out from around the corner. She then walks out holding something in her arms that caught his attention. It was a small furry creature with white fur with a body that looked like a mix of a rabbit and a squirrel. Small and fluffy...Like Daisy…

"Oh...This is Fou, he's Chaldea's resident pet. He kinda got caught up in the ray-shift with us and now he is in the same situation." Ritsuka said, noticing his gaze at the mentioned creature.

"Are you ok? Punching walls isn't normally a good thing." She asks, snapping him out of his stare while also looking at the hole in the wall. All he did was nod and hoped she didn't press on...his past was the Slayer's own.

"S-sorry," She said, her gaze dropping to the musty floor sad. Berserker looks back and feels regret...Ritsuka has already been through hell on earth and now his lack of social skills wasn't helping. Thinking deep into his memory to a time long forgotten, he tries to find a way to lighten the mood even a little.


He ends up just placing his hand on her head and pats it. Feeling slightly embarrassed that he all he can resort to is treating her like a bunny. Ristuka looks up...her smile returns once more. Good...Smiling suited her better.

"Hey let's go properly introduce you to my friends!" She said, pulling on his arm as the little creature named Fou jumps onto her shoulder. He guessed it must be the young man and the girl with the shield from before. Doomslayer nods and follows her down the hall to where they set up camp.

"Hey Gudao, Mash! This is Berserker." The girl said to her friends as they looked at the new-comer curiously. The Slayer just nods with a small wave to look friendly while both just stare at the armoured warrior.

"Good to meet you, Berserker." The fellow with the black hair then stood up and greeted him with a friendly face regardless of the imposing demeanour of the Slayer.

"I am Gudao and this is Mashu," He said calmly introducing himself and Mashu to the newcomer. The purple one steps forward and bows to greet Berzerker.

"I am Mashu Kryilight, Demi-servant to Senpai here. I like to thank you for saving Ritsuka-senpai, we were so worried after the explosions at Chaldea." She said rising from her bow. The Slayer inspected the duo, they both looked like they just been through one battle after another. Despite this, they are both still smiling and full of determination to stop whatever caused this city to burn. He looked to his master who was smiling with the same, unlike the tears he saw her before.

"Not much of a talker are you?" The boy said snapping him out of his train of thought.

"Senpai, do be rude. He probably can't talk at all." Mashu reacted to Gudaos ignorance.

"Ah, jeez...sorry! I didn't"

The Doomslayer just shakes his head in response, agreeing with that statement and leaving it at that. He looked to Mashu trying to figure out what class she was for such a youngster.

'Saber? Lancer? ….Wait a sec. How do I know that?' He thought as the knowledge he did not know about suddenly came to fruition in his head. Bringing him some concern for what forces caused him to be summoned like this in the first place. He looks back to his master, so far she seemed just a normal girl but if the knowledge he just received is telling him that she is also a mage. He wasn't one for spells and incantation; however, he did use the runes of the sentinels to give him an edge in a fight. Regardless of what magical forces this world runs on, all that was needed to understand was what needed a 12-gauge lobotomy and where to find it. He then notices the conversation shift to the Slayer himself and decides to leave the questioning of this reality to those who cared.

"Wait, he uses modern weaponry? " Mashu said curiously about Berzerker's weapons and armour.

"Yeah, I saw him using all kinds of guns. He even has a grenade launcher over his shoulder and a blade on his arm." Ritsuka said, pointing at the parts of his armour. The Slayer decides to amuse them and activates his launcher along with extending his arm blade.

"Whoa..." Gudao said, looking upon the praetor suit of the Slayer.

He was used to people giving him space whenever he was around civilians, whether it was out of fear or respect he did not care. However, the reactions he was getting from them was more like meeting a superhero or something. It amuses him for a moment as he deactivates his gear and leans back on the wall just out of earshot to let the teens chat up without him looming over them.

It was just some quiet chit chat between the girls until the boy spoke up.

"I'm sorry, Mashu," Gudao said with a defeated look in his face.

"Huh?" Mashu said, confused.

"I keep putting you through hard times, Mash. If your master was a first-class mage instead of some commoner, your burden would be much lighter." He said as he truly just a common magus just to act as a backup for one of the more adept masters. He barely could keep up with the battle with Lancer and felt like dead weight for the group.

Ritsuka herself looked over her shoulder to Berserker, her colleague's words matched her inner feeling about being his master to him. He was a strong and ruthless warrior and now he was paired up with a master who can barely fight on her own.

"You are human, Senpai," She said surprising both of them

"I'm Happy. Happy that I could form a contract with you as a servant." She smiles and turns to Ritsuka.

"I can't speak for Berserker but I'd like to believe that he is fine with you as his master." Mashus kind words cheered up and cleared the doubt they had as masters. Sure they are not the best and we're only selected as a backup, but they are the only one right now. They need to finish the mission for the sake of those who died during the explosion. Mashu then looks out the window at the dark coloured sky wondering if this place had a clear blue sky once.

Meanwhile, VEGA was relaying the information he collected from the director to the Doom Slayer about what happened to this city. From the info he got he learned that there was a ritual held in this town called the "Holy Grail War". An event where seven servants and master pairs battle for the wish-granting holy grail. According to Caster, it was Saber who won this battle and caused all of this destruction. He was also updated on the remaining servants of the war: Saber, Archer and Berserker. Lancer was eliminated by both Caster and Mashu. He just killed Assassin moments ago. Rider was eliminated by Cu-Culiann right before meeting with the others. Doomslayer nods as it seemed that being a servant did not differ to his life slaying demons.

"I like to note that it's not just about fighting the servants," Vega said wanting to update the Slayer on his role as a servant.

"Fighting is only half of the battle, knowing your enemy is just as, if not more important." The slayer rolled his eyes but let the AI continue talking.

"Unlike the Demons, Servants can and will react to your attacks and counter with their own. Your class as a berserker does give you an advantage with the Madness enhancement trait."

Madness enhancement? He didn't feel that much different compared to what he usually feels like a force of vengeance against hell.

"Normally it would cause the servant to go insane and completely incoherent to all but the master's orders. Even with your rank of EX, a parameter has been added that varies from E~A rank." That sounded similar to the power he got from the Seraphim, the more rage he built up, the more destructive his powers become. As he thought about it more hidden information appeared in his head about his being as a servant.

"This is a lot to take in, even for me. I will do my best and prep your codex with this new information. Back to the topic of discussion, All servants carry a crystallization of their legend in the form of a Noble Phantasm." The AI continued talking about the secret power that all servants wield. It can be anything running from a powerful weapon or a mind-bending illusion. Powerful trump cards that can be deployed for devastating results but come with a caveat. Their true name is easier to figure out once it's deployed due to the need of calling out its name.

"A prime example was Assassin, I was able to decipher his name once he deployed his attack."

Vega continues mentioning that servants are not restricted to one Noble Phantasm. Warning him of future combat encounters but already understand that Doomslayer is not a fool in battle. Vega soon logged off after giving this slayer this new information to ponder for himself. Even if these servants are a threat to him, He shall show no fear or relent of battle. As anyone foolish enough to face him shall taste the bite of his sword…

For he was, The DOOM SLAYER

AN: Another day, another Fate Crossover. This time with one of gaming's most famous angry boiz: DOOMGUY! (Cue E1 M1)

This time I am taking a crack at the Grand order storyline and all the craziness that game can involve. So, as a big fan of Both FATE and DOOM.

Just to line out some plot details. I am going to have both Protags in this story and yes I gave the name 'Ritsuka' to the female one. It's just personal preference that all. So expect the good old bond of Mashu and Gudao while Ritsuka is teaming up with Doomguy. No, I am NOT shipping him with Ritsuka, It will be more of a guardian bond. Will there be shipping though? Yes but that's a secret.

Now, about Doomguy in this story.

I am kinda OCing him a bit with him still having VEGA after what happened in Eternal but I just prefer him over Hayden.

He will be a coherent berserker and cooperate with his master...even though there will be some 'Incidents' with some of the demonic origin servants of Chaldea. (Beware Banana Oni...)

Servant wise, He's a VERY strong servant but has to follow the rules of servants and all the loopholes that can have. Maybe in the future, I will post some of his states if I can make it note look OP and crazy lol.

So, I hope to enjoy this first chapter of a new story and as always. Have fun!