Author notes: This is the final chapter for this story. However there is going to be a fourth story in the series called "Recovery, the silent enemy."

The Calling's Revenge

Chapter 21th

Two weeks after being released from the hospital. Doctor Cyril Taft was going to make a decision in regard to his friend Gibbs. All the tests and therapy with Doctor Grace seem to be working for the most part.

Even his own wife had made the suggestion that it would be wise to send him back to his work and team at NCIS after being injured on the island. She had kept a close eye on her husband during the past few weeks, in spite the fact the morning sickness had kicked in. Doctor Taft had given her something to help with the symptoms.

She had left to visit her sister Elizabeth using the truck in the driveway. She saw Phineas across the street talking to his adopted parents having been able to purchase the same house. Phineas was glad in a big way to be closer to his friend Jethro Gibbs in spite the fact he wasn't able to spend all that much time with him.

She waved as she moved out of the drive way carefully. She had noticed a black truck at the end of the corner. She tried to remember the license plate. She stopped for a moment to write it down until later. Afterwards she would speak with a friend of hers at the Evergreen safehouse.

Meanwhile Jethro Gibbs was downstairs in the basement working on a new miniature Chickadee II boat for his baby on the way. He was still in shock over the fact he was going to be a father again after 30 plus years. He was working hard with his design when he heard someone walking down the stairs.

He turned to see Leon Vance coming on down over to him. "Small boat, whose's it for Gibbs?" He asked since it's been awhile since he's been in his basement.

"Before I answer. Would you care for a quick drink Leon?" He moved over to the corner for where he holds all of his liquor for himself and guests.

"Sure, why not before I head on home from NCIS. Kayla is home from college and plans for a late dinner tonight. You're looking better from the last time I seen you in the hospital?" He asked with Gibbs pouring him a generous amount of Bourbon.

"What's going on Leon for you to be here? I know better than the usual excuse." He hands him the glass as he sips his own with the burning going down his throat and stomach.

"I need you to be extremely careful from here on end. Intel says that The Calling and other organizations are not done trying to get at you again and other targets. So when you come back to work, just watch out and your team Gibbs." As he finished up his drink placing it back onto the table behind him.

"Always Leon, as I have been doing for over 30 years." He said with a crooked smile while finishing his drink and watching his friend begin to leave the basement. While he continued on with his work on the Chickadee II...



Naval Yards... Three days later

Special Agent Gibbs pulled his truck into his parking space to be greeted by other employees coming up to shake his hand. He than headed into the building to take the elevator to the third floor level.

When the elevator opened up. He closed his eyes for a moment before noticing the Welcome Back Banner along with balloons.

Timothy Mcgee working at his computer station lifted his head to greet his boss with a warm hug. "It's great Boss to have you back to work. By the way the Director wishes to speak with you. And I have no idea in regard to what it's about."

"I will go see him now Tim." He said softly while looking around for Torres and Bishop.

"The both of them are currently working on a cold case for Ducky, they should be in shortly." Tim said with watching Gibbs head for the elevator to head upstairs instead of the stairs.

Walking into the outer office of his secretary. Madeline told Agent Gibbs to go inside. for where the meeting was going to last awhile with SECNAV, The F.B.I. and the C.I.A. were inside the office to discuss options on how to flush out the remaining members of The Calling and others.

The End