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Omake 1 - I Need A Handle

Erik Rin Tohsaka thought of how this situation came to be. With her (might as well accept this new pronoun) desperately trying to hold in her tears, Tukson frantically trying to calm her down, all while the two ignored the smell of smoke in the air.

Her life was never this bad until she came to Remnant. As a young man named Erik, his luck only started going downhill until after he somehow became Rin Tohsaka. Rin's thoughts started to lead to how this all came to be in the first place, thinking of the event that occurred only a few hours after meeting Tukson...


Finding out he became a girl was a bit disconcerting, especially since Zelretch - the stupid perverted vampire he is - didn't exactly warn him before be became one.

Tukson took - the now changed pronoun - her to his home/bookstore. It wasn't like the one in the show, but a smaller building that looked older but had that old times feel to it.

"Make yourself at home, kid. Ah, and er... don't mind the mess," Tukson sheepishly said.

Don't mind th— how could she not mind the mess! There were more books than there was the floor! With the door closed behind her, Rin could only walk forward or backward without her leg hitting a stack of books.

Rin shuffled her feet gingerly between a narrow point where a single mistake would bury her under a tomb of cookbooks. Tukson could only look away at the expression on Rin's face - that conveyed the message 'really?' - and showed her up the stairs to his apartment. Tukson turned his key in the knob and opened it, allowing Rin to enter first. Stepping inside, Rin checked out what her new home looked like.

It was... small. A bit lived in, but still showing evidence that Tukson really did only move in recently. There was a box or two that were still unopened, but Rin saw the packaging logo and guessed it was probably more books. The apartment wasn't too wide, as shown when Rin could spot the kitchen and the living room within her vision without moving her head. Looking down the hallway, Rin saw that there were only two rooms left, with one being the washroom.

"It's... nice?" Rin commented in a questioning tone. Tukson sheepishly laughed as he moved inside. As the two moved inside, Tukson started to talk as he moved to the kitchen.

"Tomorrow's a Tuesday, and I planned to close the bookstores on Tuesdays." Starting the coffee maker, he continued on as the pot boiled. "Usually, we're open any other day from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. I'll make us some food for tonight, then tomorrow we'll try to buy you some stuff to help you settle. You got any stuff I should know about?" He asked as he broke an egg onto a pan.

"Er, what?" Rin broke out of her trance from staring at a particularly dusty part of the apartment. "Oh, I have a trunk that was next to where I collapsed. I saw it outside earlier when we walked into the bookstore." Mid pour, Tukson quickly turned his head to look at Rin.

"Sheesh, and you're telling me now? Wait here, I'm gonna— shoot, can't leave with the stove on and an egg cooking." Tukson looked at the bright yellow yolk leaking all over the pan and pondered his options. He gently set the mug of coffee he was planning to drink down onto the countertop.

"It's okay! My trunk is next to a bunch of crates and trash. I doubt anyone's gonna steal it or something." Rin tried to convince, not expecting Tukson to go out.

"Nah, kid! I promised to take care of you, so I can't just leave your stuff outside. Can you watch the pan for me while I take a couple of minutes?" he asked.

Rin nodded, and without even thinking why it was bad to leave someone he only met that day alone in his home with a hot stove, he immediately left the apartment - door open and everything. Seeing this, Rin sighed and pulled out a chair so that she could stand on it and watch the egg cook.

...immediately a problem came to Rin's attention. Actually, it came to Erik's attention.

'I need to go to the restroom.'




...fuuuuuuuucckkkk, how is she gonna do this! Erik - for at this moment she was definitely not ready to re-establish her identity as Rin - held where her crotch was hoping to hold it in, only to flinch back at the unexpected shape she felt. Slowly lowering herself from the chair, she waddled to the restroom and closed the door.

"Now, Erik. You are now a girl. A very cute girl named Rin freaking Tohsaka. You're stronger than this, you can handle learning how to pee with a new body." Pulling down her skirt and panties - oh god, Zelretch be damned - she realized one important distinction between boys and girls.

Girls did not have a handle.

"Holy crap! How do girls aim this?" Freaking out at this point, it took a painfully long time to realize that they probably just sat down on the toilet seat. Once she got to that point, Erik relieved herself with a strange bliss she never thought she would expect. It was while she was washing her hands did she finally smell the smoke.

"Shit!" Without drying her hands, Rin - for she was now once again worthy to be Rin again - ran out and saw the burning - and somehow on fire - egg producing a ton of smoke.

"Ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap." Running to the source of disaster and climbing up the chair again, Rin tried to find something to put out the fire with. She then spotted the coffee mug that Tukson poured earlier and remembering that he was just getting some coffee before he left. Without thinking, she immediately lifted the mug and poured the contents all over the flames.

Now, it wasn't until much later that Rin found out about Tukson's habit of mixing fire dust into his coffee powder. He apparently likes the little kick the flakes make when it mixes with the coffee.

Either way, the moment Rin poured the substance into the pan, an explosion occurred and a burst of flames leaped into the air. Surprised, Rin fell off the chair and onto the ground. Wincing in pain, she felt something hot on her face. Opening her eyes, she noticed that her right twin-tail had caught fire.



...HER HAIR IS ON FIRE! Where the fuck is Tukson!

"Rin! You're on fire!" Tukson cried out from the open door where he stood. The trunk had fallen to the ground with a loud sound the moment Tukson saw what was happening.

"Wow, I didn't notice," Rin sarcastically screamed. Oh, and 'THANK GOD!' she thought.

"Hold on! I'll put it out." Running to the kitchen, Tukson grabbed the head of the faucet and pulled it out. The faucet head extended like a hose, and Tukson pointed the tip to Rin's direction. Pulling at the lever, Rin's head was hosed down immediately by a powerful jet of water. Unfortunately, it also had the unfortunate effect of shooting her nose with water as well.

Once the fire was put out and Rin stopped coughing, Tukson sat her down on the table and wiped her head with a towel he got from the restroom.

"So... do you think you need a haircut?"

Rin, now sporting half her right eyelash and the complete loss of the right side of her hair, started to cry.