'Circus Arcanus a wonder, a marvel. See us in Paris today!' Newton Artemis Fido Scamander sighed as he looked at the paper. He has been in Nicholas Flamel's safe house for a week now and that circus was back. Newt hated that place and the people that worked there, they were treating people like him so poorly and he could not stand it. "Little brother?" Theseus Scamander asked looking at his little brother who did not seem to hear him. He was looking at the paper in his hands not meeting his brother's eyes but that is normal for him. "Newt?" Theseus asked again putting his hand on Newt's shoulder. Newt tensed at the touch, but he did not say anything as he showed Theseus the paper. Theseus took it from his hand and read it over. "Ah, I see. Newton, you know that going here is a bad idea. I don't think you want to …." Thesaurus cut off with Newt stands and nodded slowly.

"I'm going to brother. I must save all of those poor creatures. I can't stand here and do nothing Thee," Newt said walking over to the door. Theseus shook his head.

"Newton," Theseus started but Newt was gone with a crack. Theseus sighed and looked at the paper on the table now. "What am I going to do with you little brother?" Theseus asked himself before he sat down. It wasn't long until he got lost in thought about Leta again.

Newt arrived at this so-called wonder of a circus. Newt does not understand these things. Why would someone do this? This crime that he's seeing with his green eyes. Newt shook his head and started to walk into the circus with his wand in his hand. He already hated this place from the look of it. For starters, the creatures looked uncared for and it made Newt angry. Newt clutched his wand and took a deep breath, but this did not help him. Newt sighed and looked around him once again before he saw something that he thought that he never thought he'd see at a circus. There was a child, a child in a cage like an animal. Newt sighed but he did not look away from the boy. He looked about ten or eleven years old. 'Hogwarts age.' Newt thought looking down when he met the boy's amber eyes. 'No boy should be…What are you doing you should be going after the beasts but, this boy.' Newt thought walking over to the boy with his wand pointed out in case someone tries to attack him or something. Newt slowly walked up to the boy and looked at him sadly. A mask covered half of his face. Newt looked at the boy and felt himself inside that cage. Newt sighed and put his wand behind his back and looked at the boy. "Hello," Newt said nervously. The boy looked at him with fear before he reached up to his mask and let out a breath when he felt it there. "My name is Newton, but you can call me Newt," Newt said to the boy looking around him before he unlocked the cage with his wand. The boy looked at him, but he did not say anything as he back up inside the cage. At this moment Newt noticed that he was very small for his age. "It's ok. I won't hurt you. Can you understand me?" The boy nodded slowly and took Newt's hand as Newt reached out to him. "Alright, let's get out of here before….." Newt cut off when he felt a chill. Someone laughing behind him.

"Mr. Scamander, it is nice to see an old face again," Newt turned around to see Gellert Grindelwald smiling at him with his mixed eyes. The boy who was hiding behind Newt started at this man with interest. "What are you doing here in such a place? Saving some beasts I amuse," Newt did not say anything as he pulled his wand out of his coat. He aimed it at the dark wizard who laughed harshly. "Do you remember the last time we dueled Mr. Scamander? I think it went something like this," Newt did not have enough time to block the lighting that flew out of the older wizards wand. The Hufflepuff flew back and crashed into a tank filled with Doxy's. the blue pests scattered around the tent and the remaining guests ran around in fear and annoyance before they all left the tent screaming. It was a mess and Grindelwald took this chaos to grab the little boy's hand who called out in pain. Grindelwald however did not care as he started to drag the child away. However, something happened in that chaos. No one knew what happened but one moment Grindelwald was dragging the child with him, the next minute Grindelwald was shot back, and the child ran over to Newt who was rubbing his head.

"That…that…. you have magic?" Newt asked getting to his feet and looking around him. The boy raised an eyebrow, but he still did not speak. Newt sighed at this and nodded. "Alright, Grindelwald will be back. he has some interest in you. I…I can't let um, let, that happen," Newt asked not meeting the boy's eyes who did not realize that he was not scared of him. The boy looked down and nodded. He knew that he was not going to get out of this place without this man, so he took his hand with a tear falling down his face behind his mask.

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