Erik woke to Theseus's crying? However, Erik did not know why this was weird to him. Maybe it was because he never woke up to anyone crying other than himself. "Monsieur? Are you all right?" Erik asked in a quiet voice in the darkness of the room. Theseus however did not see him but on his mask and stand up behind him. Theseus let out a breath and nodded.

"Yeah, just…..It's been a long few days for me," Theseus told him not looking at the boy for he did not want him to see the tears in his eyes. Erik nodded in understanding, but he did not say anything as he looked at the brown case on the floor. Theseus followed his eyes and nodded. "Ah, yes that is Newt's case. He is inside it," Erik raised his eyebrow.

"Inside monsieur? Why would he be in a case? That's impossible," Erik said with wonder in his voice. This made Theseus smile and laugh a little.

"Magic. Newt is very good and making things bigger than they already are. His house is another thing," Theseus said looking around him. "Do you want anything to eat? We can go to the upper deck if you want," Theseus added standing up. Erik however did not say anything while he fiddled with his hands. Theseus sighed and got down to his knees to meet Erik's eyes. "They will not laugh or fear you. Don't worry," Theseus said unsure what to do here but he was trying now. Erik looked at Theseus and nodded slowly.

"Ok monsieur," Erik said walking over to the door with Theseus following him. However, he stopped at Newt's case and knocked on the lid. After a few moments, the lid opened to show a very tired Newt.

"We are going to get something to eat. Do you want to come with us?" Theseus asked Newt who looked up and nodded slowly.

"Ok Thee. I'm not hungry though. I could use some fresh air. Maybe I might see some muggle animal or something," Newt said getting out of the case and closing the lid and laches. Theseus smiled and the three walked out of the room.

Erik liked the deck of the boat, but he was so nervous about being around all the people who sometimes looks at him. Erik however did not say anything to them as he ate with Theseus at their table. "Are you excited to go to London?" Theseus asked Erik who was playing with his hands again. Theseus noticed that he does that a lot.

"I'm a little scared monsieur Theseus, what if people fear me. I know they will be though," Erik told Theseus who was watching Newt who was looking over the railing of the boat with his eyes closed. Theseus smiled at him with a sigh.

"That's ok. We will be here for you. We will protect you. You would be surprised by the world Newt and I live in. There are only a few things that we judge on, but you are too young to understand that" Erik nodded and started to eat again but in the back of his mind he wondered about that man that hurt Newton. What did he want with him? A boy who has been caged most of his life. A boy who only just found out that he has magic and that magic was real. Erik could not believe that his life has changed so much however he did not know that it will change even more once this boat lands in London for danger is waiting for the newly formed family.

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