No new Chapter, but a final message to end it.

I'm done with Star Wars completely. I lost my passion in the franchise completely in favor of a less toxic ones such as Genshin Impact (At least they listen to their fans and don't enforce/add any woke material in their work and Twitter is the actual toxic cesspool) and Devil May Cry. And people had the fucking audacity to ask for updates on the fics I made for them. Which is insulting.

The franchise basically shot itself mulitple times because of its divided fandom that argue over the most little details and of poor decisions by Disney and the lot as well to the point where it is dead to me.

During conducting research for the supposed new chapter, Kenobi was a little disappointing. Not bad, but it could have been better. Reva rubbed me the wrong way and I despised the character but they kept her alive when Vader should have killed her fully for failure. But it seems that plot armor is always strong for new characters made by Disney. And Filoni's overall writing skills have reached to the limit and he couldn't let go of Ahsoka or of his own characters to the point where they're shoved down our throats in every series we've watched.

And of the Grand Inquisitor's design, I never forget that. Someone called me out for having low standards because of me being okay by its design despite it being so trivial to normal fans. This just proves how much toxic that Fandom had fallen and of and its more fanatical members that I could no longer associate with them any longer.

Don't get me started by the Obi-wan Sexuality issue. That was the final nail in the coffin of my interest in Star Wars that I left related groups online altogether

To prove that I'm done with it. Here were supposed to be my plans. After Chapter 42, the audience would have had watched Cal Kestis escaping his fight with Second Sister before it would focus on Kanan's survival and reveal against Kallus to protect the Wookies, and of the Lost Commanders. Next chapter would show parts of the Kenobi series where Vader meets Obi-Wan again and beats the crap out of him this time.

Final interlude Chapter would have had 3.0 Kenobi vs Vader, Kanan's death, the Kal escaping Vader, the missing portions of Ahsoka vs Vader where Anakin and Co. would believe that Ahsoka had perished by his hand.

ROTJ was what you would have expect, except Rex would have had a minor role in the film proper. Anakin would have been susprised and estatic that Leia had been his daughter but was heartbroken to learn that she didn't believe that there was good in him and of Luke's surrender.

Final part of ROTJ would have shown Rex and Gregor sharing a toast in memory of their fallen brothers after Endor and Ahsoka shedding tears of happiness upon realizing that Anakin had returned to the light.

Epilogue would have had the Anakin and the Jedi had a long discussion and the Council ultimatelty decided to validate the marriage to help the Jedi Knight. Plo and Shaak Ti would have worked in Kamino to interrogate Lama Su and Nala Se about deactivating the Inhibitor Chips, Padme and her colleagues would have worked to gather support from the Senate as soon as they can, Kit Fisto, Mundi, Depa, Luminara and Tiin would work on removing inhibitor chips from their heads as much as they could and Anakin would go to Palpatine as an actual spy, using his connections to report to the Council while controlling his fury against the Chancellor.

Anakin would have quit the Jedi Order entirely in the aftermath and that Luke and Leia would be raised by him and Padme at Naboo, while having Rex and Ahsoka as their guardians.

To those who have supported my fic, I deeply apologized for this but I appreciate the gratitude of the support they've given me. But my time with Star Wars have passed.

As a parting message, this is all I couls say, may the force be with you.