Yes, another new story idea, blame my stupid brain, plus little kid Taylor was kind of adorable to write so...yeah not apologizing. Anywho something I came up with due to insomnia, if it's liked yay, if it's disliked meh, whatever, just hope you all enjoy it. If it takes off awesome, I could really use something to help me with my writers block.

I loved the docks market; sure it was only a shadow of what it used to be before Leviathan had utterly destroyed international shipping but it was still amazing and I loved it when mom took me along to browse. Looking through the various wares being offered I held onto mom's hand tightly as we visited various stalls, and I had to resist the urge to scoff at how easily mom talked the vendors down on their prices.

Both of my parents were amazing negotiators and it made a very firm impression on my ten year old brain on how business worked, well…that's what Aunt Lacy told me anyway.

Thinking on this I then heard a voice in my head, which all things considered could not be considered a good thing.

'Well, hello there.'

Wait? What the heck?

'I apologize for the confusion; I'm over here, by the stall selling some sort of burned meat on a stick.'

Turning about I saw a carnival style stand with steam rising up around it while smiling and thinking out, "Those are kabobs silly, and they're delicious."

The voice replied in a dry tone, 'It would seem that we shall agree to disagree, sustenance does not always equate to palatability….trust me I know.'

I felt my brow scrunch up in confusion at that, "What?"

The voice sighed in resignation and I decided to just ignore it as my gaze wandered to the stand the voice had been guiding me towards.

Despite every reason not to do so simple curiosity caused me to break away from my distracted mom and drift towards the booth beside the kabob stand and soon found myself transfixed by a blue crystal cube.

It was sitting in a pile of trash jewelry and random tourist trap junk, but I could not ignore its presence, its

I plucked it up and smiled as an inner light began to make it glow gently in my palms, then the man standing at the kiosk met my gaze and stepped forward aggressively grabbing my shoulder and pulled me towards him causing me to let out a yelp and take a nervous step back as I broke his grasp while he leered down at me.

"Do you like what you see girly? May be a bit out of your price range yeah?" He smiled in a way that I found utterly disturbing as he stared down at me, "But we might be able to work something out."

Wait, what?

'He's quite likely a pedophile, my suggestion is to either kill him where he stands or to flee, I prefer the former over the latter but I doubt you have the means to accomplish it at the moment. Take heart though there is no dishonor in a tactical retreat.'

What the heck was a pedophile?! And killing him, what?!

Then my hero returned and…mom had a small pistol in her hand held discretely at her side…

Wait, what?

She was glaring at the man who was now very much keeping his hands to himself as Annette stared him down with a gimlet eye, "Taylor…are you ready to go home?"

The creepy man's eyes widened as he took in mom's furious glare as I held the blue cube tightly to my chest, I nodded sharply as she wrapped her free arm around me.

"I want to go home…"

Mom pulled me closer and suddenly the gun in her other hand was gone, "Alright Little Owl, home it is."

I adjusted my grip on the cube in my hands while muttering out, "I still haven't paid for this mom..."

Mom stared at the man at the kiosk a moment, and then smiled a smile that held no warmth as she reached into her purse and placed a crisp five dollar bill on the table before the vendor.

"There you go love, all paid for, this is acceptable yes?" Annette asked this with a sharp glare at the man who nodded quickly in return.

"Pe-perfectly acceptable miss! No problems at all!"

Then mom, wow, she actually sneered at him as she pulled me to her side and walked away while drawling out, "Glad to hear it, have a good day."

I was nearly hyperventilating when mom got me to the car, once we were seated and belted in mom took off her glasses, pinched her brow, and after a few moments turned to meet my gaze evenly while shooting me a wan smile.

"You ok kiddo? That man didn't…say or do anything did he?"

'Just say no, seriously you'll avoid a whole helluva lot of drama if you just pretend this didn't happen. It isn't healthy but there isn't anything your parents can do to fix that in the short term.'

Screw you voice, "He was really creepy, he tried to touch me, it sorta freaked me out."

'Oh Force damn it all.'

Mom smiled at me and ran a hand through my hair, "He'll never scare you again my Little Owl, I promise it."

I huddled in my seat, wanting nothing more than to have Emma here with me to rant to and or cuddle with until we got home. I made my excuses to mom and scuttled off to my room in order to toss the blue crystal cube on my bed and let out a very annoyed sigh.

"Ok mister cube, what the heck are you?"

The air about the cube shifted about until a man in robes appeared above it in white and blue light; he smiled at me and pulled his hood back as he extended his hand towards me.

"First off young lady, I wish to state that both you and your mother are impressively strong willed, and as an aside your mother is exceptionally terrifying in an incredibly efficient manner."

I nodded at this, "Yes she is, mom's amazing."

The man grinned and nodded, "That she is, and as for me well… I'm the imprint of a long dead Jedi Master, and I'm talking to you because you are the first person to find me in the past…let us just say it has been a very long time since I have been able to find someone able to communicate with me."


I really didn't know what to say to the cube man, eventually I just sighed and figured I would do what Uncle Kurt would do, and roll with it.

"Well then I'm Taylor Hebert, pleased to meet you!"

The glowing man hovering above the cube grinned in return as he shook his head slowly, "You remind me so much of my own daughter, it's just… regardless, my name is Revan, and it is a pleasure to meet you, padawan."