I held the abused bo staff before me with a hint of consternation, twirling it between my fingers as my sensei, never master, that was just creepy, spoke to me from my pocket as I began my daily katas.

"You are an extension of the Force, the Force is your guide, your guardian, your ally, and where are you in the grand scheme of the living Force my Padawan? Where do you belong?"

Taking a step forward I swung my staff and slammed it cleanly snapped one of the many drones Revan had me make in the past two years. Twelve I may be, but I was no fool, I know that the gauntlet had been thrown down and I had to prove myself to my mother, father, sensei, and myself, even if my parents miraculously didn't know about my powers yet….

"There is no ignorance; there is knowledge."

Stabbing the staff into the ground I spun on it and kicked a drone while landing in a three point pose.

"There is no fear; there is power."

A pair of drones charged me and I smiled as I kicked one into the ground while smacking the other with my staff mid jump while following up with landing lightly on the balls of me feet clear from Amy's favorite flowers.

"I am the heart of the Force."

More drones charged forwards and I could not help but grin as I jumped into the air and let the wood staff in my hands take the bolts as I charged forward, smoldering smoke wafting about as I smashed the machines into the ground with nary an afterthought.

Revan's avatar hummed as more drones attacked me, I summoned the scree surrounding me and hit the drones with it causing them to explode violently and I avoided most of the damage as I lowered my head as I continued on even as my hood was seared with fiery debris. I wouldn't be telling anyone about that, seriously, it involved ninja reflexes and nothing else… Really… Shut up…

"I am the revealing Light of Fire."

Snapping out I smashed another drone with my staff while allowing arcs of Force Lightning to form in my left hand as I gestured it forward.

"I am the Mystery in Darkness," I muttered along with Revan's whispers as I snatched the remaining drones in my grasp, a grin crawling across my otherwise blank visage as I pulled them closer with a brief gesture of my left hand.

As the drones impotently vibrated before me, my sensei continued on without missing a beat, and I echoed him.

"In balance with Chaos and Harmony, I am Immortal in the Force."

I didn't crush the drones, which was more for expediency than anything else, I'd have to rebuild them myself after all.

Huffing and puffing I was weaving back and forth very nearly falling flat on my face when my sensei smiled and nodded, "Yes…chaos and harmony…that young Taylor seems to define who you are…"

I smashed the last drone into the ground and stood up huffing and puffing, pulling the crystal cube from my pocket I…I basked in my sensei's approval as he rubbed the stubble upon his projected chin, how did that work for holograms?

Blushing brightly I pushed that thought away as I extended my free hand to use the Force to pull the shattered drones remains to me so I could police the still functional parts. One of dad's old sayings slipped into her mind at that moment, 'The most annoying part about skeet shooting is the fact you have to clean up after yourself.'

Dad was so not wrong.

"Am I really that bad, sensei?"

The holocron was quiet for a time before it eventually let out a buzzing noise and replied in a tone of trepidation, "Taylor I am going to be completely honest with you here, and I hope this does not colour our future interactions in a poor light. You are terrifying in the simple regard that you greatly remind me of myself in my younger years, the ends always justified the means…"

I stayed quiet a moment before replying to that, "First time you brought that up in two years…why now sensei?"

Revan ran a hand down his face a moment before sighing, "Because you are not a child anymore. You will be thirteen in less than a month, and have matured from an impulsive chatterbox slip of a girl to what I would proudly declare my apprentice. I was for all intents and purposes the boogeyman and the knight savior to the galaxy at large, the thing that terrifies me, is you have every chance to be the same to your people. You are like I was, the ends most certainly justified the means and if there are more bodies above the ground than below at the end of the day? Well… It was worth the sacrifice."

I was actually confused by that statement and said as much, "Why is that a bad thing sensei?"

"Because little owl, sometimes we have to take the human factor into the equation."

My head snapped up as I turned around to see mom approaching me while she nodded towards Revan's avatar.

"Lady Hebert," he stated with a returning nod, mom smiled as she replied with a warm, "Lord Revan."

I looked between my heroes a moment before asking a rather succinct, "What?"

Revan sighed as he nodded his head to the side, "The human factor, sometimes the ends do not justify the means. Sure you could save a group of people from harm, but the fact that you had to shoot one of their more violent members in the face in order to protect yourself in the process?"

Mom sighed as she sat beside me and pulled me into her lap ignoring the fact that I reeked of sweat and dirt as she ran her fingers through my hair, all while taking the holocron from my hands and shifting it back and forth before replying to me.

"It's like those old sayings your grandmother told you, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. You have a group of ten people, one of their number tries to stop you from fixing their water shortage problem, they add nothing of worth to their cause and are preventing you from fixing the water issue what do you do?"

I felt my brow furrow a bit, then shrugged as I replied, "Disable or kill him, what else can you do?"

Mom placed her chin on my head and remained silent for a time before speaking, "And what happens if his friends find out you killed him in order for them to have water?"

I thought on this for a time, I really did, and eventually I shook my head and muttered out, "They'll have to learn to deal with it, in the end they're still alive, their children would still be alive, and if they didn't try to make me angry it would stay that way."

There was silence for some time, eventually Revan spoke up.

"There was a reason my holocron was drawn to your daughter Annette…I am so sorry."

I was confused, but mom pulled me closer and that was alright…everything was alright.