"Hey, Phineas! How was your day? Did you enjoyed?" Sloane asked.

"Yes, agent Sloane! I enjoy a lot. I told Jethro Gibbs that how much I love his job. And I want to become an agent like him. Jethro Gibbs said I would become an good agent.

He told me about his Undercover assignment with you agent Sloane! Ofcourse he didn't tell all of thing because it's... it's a... what did you said about it Jethro Gibbs? Something like con.."

"Confidential." Tony said

"Yeah, Confidential. Thanks Mr. DiNozzo."

"Hey, kid look don't call me okay. I feel very OLD! Either it's don't suits my personality. So you can call me Tony. Did you get it kid?" DiNozzo said with his funny expression.

"C'mon, Tony... you are getting old look at your tummy. You look like Humpty Dumpty." Gibbs was pulling his leg.

"That hurts Gibbs. Well I'm not fat, I'm just chubby..." Then he leaned towards Gibbs and whispered.

"C'mon Gibbs! Stop embarrassing me. Not in front of Agent Sloane at least. I've my reputa... aww! Hey, what was that for?" Tony asked.

"Don't even think about it, Tony."

"Think about what GIBBS!"

"DON'T TRY TO FLIRT WITH JACK!" Gibbs said in firm voice but quietly.

"Copy that. But honestly I missed these Head-slapes."

They're interrupted by doorbell. Sloane opened the door and gives a big smile to the person who was at the door.

"Who's at the door, Jack?" Gibbs asked.

"It's Phineas's uncle. C'mon in sir. Hey, Phineas your uncle is here.!"

"C'mon uncle George, why did you came so early?" Phineas sounds upset.

"C'mon Phineas... it's almost 22:30 and you have to go to school tomorrow. Your aunt is waiting for you, remember it's movie night!" His uncle said.

"I almost forgot about it! Can we bring some ice cream uncle George please!"

"Yeah, sure but you can have only one scoop, okay?"

"Okay. Hey, Jethro Gibbs would you like to celebrate Christmas with me? Please..." Phineas requested.

"I... I can't promise Phin. But I will try and don't get upset if I can't." Gibbs replied.

Because Fornell already invented him to celebrate Christmas at his place. Because he don't want to spend Christmas all alone because Emily is still at Rehab. And Gibbs also didn't want to leave Fornell in this situation.

Sloane was quiet surprised when Gibbs made excuse. She knows how much Phineas meant to him and Gibbs was making an excuse to him! That was not normal thing. She figured it out that something is running in Gibbs's mind. But she didn't said anything at that time.

"Good night Jethro Gibbs. Good night agent Sloane and Mr. DiNozzo. Its really good to meet you." Phineas said with smile.

"Good night kid. Its good to meet you too." DiNozzo replied

Phineas gives a tight hug to Gibbs and then he leaves with his uncle. Gibbs and Sloane shares a look and smiles. They both seat down on the couch. And suddenly Gibbs asked something to DiNozzo.

"You know everything whole time." Gibbs said.

"What... what are you talking about?" Tony was surprised by his question.

"You know that who Phineas is. You know that he's son of Sahar. Right?" Gibbs asked.

"Your superpowers are upgraded to the next level. You became Professor Charles Xavier..."

"Professor who?"

"C'mon Gibbs, how could you not know who Professor Xavier is! You know he puts his two fingers on his head and strained his face and tries to read others minds... C'mon Gibbs!" Tony makes face like professor Xavier and makes funny faces.

"Okay... never mind. Yes, I know that who he was."

"Then why did you pretend like that you didn't know him? Look Tony, he didn't know about his mother. He didn't know that his mother was a terrorist. So if you are hating him just because he is son of Sahar then stop. He's a good kid. HE'S NOT LIKE HIS MOTHER." Gibbs said.

"I know Gibbs. And I don't hate him. I know he is NOT like his mother and Ziva told me that how much he meant to you. I just want to pretend like I don't know him because it's not easy for me to just start enjoying and playing with the kid whose mother wanted to kill Ziva and what she did to her.

I was stopping myself because if I didn't do that might be I couldn't control my anger and told him the truth of his mother's real identity. But when I saw his innocent face that changed my mind. I was convinced that he is not like that bi*. He is really a good kid. Sorry if I hurt you, Gibbs." DiNozzo explained himself.

"Rule Six DiNozzo. And it's okay..." Gibbs replied.

"Aah... I remember that one. It won't happen again, I promise."

"I Know." Gibbs said.

"You two are done? Because I have something to discuss with Gibbs." Sloane said. She was standing there and none of them didn't noticed her.

"Ofcourse Agent Sloane. He's all yours." DiNozzo said with big smile. And went upstairs.

"So... what do you want to talk about Jack?" Gibbs asked.

"What's going on Gibbs? I thought you would say yes to Phineas about Christmas but you were making excuses. What's going on?" Sloane asked. Gibbs take a deep breath and then he replied.

"It's Fornell. He called me in noon and invited us BEGGED actually to celebrate Christmas with him."

"US! You mean by us its YOU and ME?" Sloane asked...

"Yes. Emily is still at Rehab. So he didn't want to spend Christmas alone. After what happened he's still struggling with his life. That's why I didn't said YES to Phineas." Gibbs said.

"Okay. But what would I do there?" Sloane asked.

"C'mon Jack! It's Christmas and its not tomorrow. That man has lost everything his wife, his job Thanks to me and now he almost lost his daughter too, ALMOST. He needs someone.

As far as I know him, he will start drinking bourbon again and will drown himself. And I can't leave him like this. Emily needs her and Tobias needs me. AND I NEED YOU. So please..." Gibbs said as he stood up and walk toward Sloane.

"Okay. Okay... I will come with you." Sloane said as she ran her hand on his face.

"Okay... I don't want to disturb you guys but it's time for me to leave. I've flight to catch." DiNozzo came downstairs after freshened up and walk toward where Gibbs and Sloane were standing.

"What! I thought you would stay for night." Sloane said.

"I wish I could agent Sloane. But maybe next time. And our coffee is still pending... so don't worry I will be back for our date. And..."

"And Ziva will kill you with bare hands." Gibbs said.

"Haah... can you smell it agent Sloane? Because I can smell that someone is getting jealous here." DiNozzo said and he turned around to see Gibbs face. Gibbs just give him a simple smile.

"Next time don't come alone. Next time bring Ziva and Tali with you or otherwise I'll kick your ass so hard so you don't need flight to reach Paris." Gibbs said with smile.

"Aah... I won't complain because that would saves my lots of money." Sloane laughs on his joke. Gibbs just simply shook his head.

"I will Gibbs." Tony replied and give a hug to Gibbs and Gibbs hugs him back. DiNozzo whispered something in his ear.

"Don't be wuss, Gibbs. Tell her how you feel."

Gibbs laughs and gently ran his hand on his head. Like atta boy...

"I'm glad that you came Tony. Thank you." Gibbs said

"C'mon Gibbs since when you started saying Thank you. And I am glad to see you fine. Take care of yourself and don't do all kind of dangerous things alone.

Agent Sloane I need your help with something."

"I will take care of him don't worry." Sloane replied.

"Well that would be nice of you. But it's not what I am going to ask for." Sloane was smiling..

"Okay. Then with what you need my help?" Sloane asked

"It's McGee. You have to tell him that why was not able to visit him. Bishop told me that how much he's upset with her after knowing that Ziva was alive and she didn't told him.

That was not McGeek thing. So can you please tell him that next time I will visit him for sure."

"I will. And what about Bishop?" Sloane asked.

"Bishop is smart woman she will understand. And say Hi to Ducky and tell autopsy GREMLIN that I am proud of him. He's doing great."

"Who... is autopsy GREMLIN?" Sloane asked.

"PALMER. " Gibbs and Tony said together.

"Okay. I will and like Gibbs said next time don't come alone. It's nice to see you Tony." They both hugged...

"Nice to see you too agent Sloane. And please tack care of him because he's still like stubborn kid. He'll never asks for help and never shows that he need any. And Ziva told me that you can handle him in good way." He whispered.

"I will try my best." Sloane said.

"Okay... so see you again Boss. Agent Sloane." Tony waved his hand in goodbye. And then leave.

Gibbs was happy because DiNozzo from Paris just to visit him. He's really proud of him. He was thinking about time that he spent with DiNozzo. That man didn't change at all. His thoughts were interrupted by his cellphone.

"Yeah Gibbs."

"Hey, it's me Tobias."

"I know. I can read your name on this screen. What do want?"

"Hey! Go easy on me. And I found some information on our drug kingpin."

"You still working on that lead? What do you got?"

"Are you coming on Christmas at my place?"

"C'mon Tobias! What it has to do with it?"

"Just answer my question."

After long pause Gibbs replied.

"Yes. Now what did you got."

"I got list of so many big fishes. This bastard was selling this poison to so many big head of this country."

"So... What's the plan?"

"I didn't have any. I'll try to collect more information on this and then we decide what to do."

"Hey, Tobias! Watch your six. Emily is waiting for you don't forget that. Be careful."

"I am doing this only for her, Gibbs. And you know that too."

"I know... I know."

"Don't forget to bring Jack with you."

"I will."

"And Bourbon please."

"Good night, Tobias."

"Good night, Gibbs."

Gibbs turned around and saw Sloane was standing there. He was not sure that how much she heard about his conversation with Fornell.

"Who's on the phone Gibbs?"

"It was Fornell."

"It's almost 2 AM. What he was saying?"

"Nothing." Gibbs lied. He wants to know if she heard anything or not.

"What! He called you and said nothing? C'mon Gibbs, what's you and Fornell are hiding?" Now Gibbs was sure that she had heard nothing.

"Nothing. He was drunk and keep asking me about Christmas. He's completely lost person Jack. I'm worried about him." Gibbs said and walked toward Sloane.

"I understand Gibbs. That's why we're going to visit him on Christmas."

"Really!" Gibbs asked in surprise

"Yeah, now go and get some sleep. Or we are not going anywhere." Sloane said as she pushed him toward staircase.

"Okay... MOM." Gibbs replied and laughed.

"MOM! REALLY... YOU ARE CRAZY GIBBS." Sloane said with smile.


Everything became normal and Gibbs was clear to get back to his work. After solving a murder case of Navy officer Gibbs gave his team few days off. It's a Christmas eve after all. They wishes each other and then left for their home to celebrate Christmas.

Gibbs was waiting for Sloane because he wants to share something a very important thing to her.

"Hey, what took you so long, Jack?"

"Well I was finishing my paperwork. Why? What happened?"

"Don't tell me that you forgot." Gibbs said as he started walking toward an elevator.

"Oh... no! Sorry I almost forgot about it. But we are not late so don't worry. So anything that we can bring for Fornell? Like ice-cream?" Sloane said as she and Gibbs entered in the elevator.

"C'mon Jack! Its Fornell we are talking about. I bought a bourbon for him. Actually he asked me to get one." Gibbs replied.

"Ofcourse... so what you are going to wear Gibbs?" Sloane turned around to Gibbs.

"Nothing. I... I mean... suit obviously. And you?" Gibbs was trying to cover it. Sloane smiles.

"Well I didn't decide yet. You will see it. Are we going together or... I mean."

"We will leave together from my house. First you pick up your outfit from your house and then we leave for my place and then we went to Fornell place." Gibbs said. They both came out of the elevator and started walking toward Gibbs's truck.

"Sounds like a plan. Let's go!" Sloane said and then after picking up her outfit from her place they were headed for Gibbs home. They reached there in fifteen minutes Thanks to Gibbs driving.

"Okay... it's really cold out there. I'm going to make some coffee you want some?" Gibbs asked her.

"Oh... please. I'm freezing."

"Okay, you go upstairs and get ready I'll make some coffee." Gibbs said and walks into his kitchen.

After few minutes Gibbs was seating on the couch and drinking coffee and then he saw Jack. She was looking very beautiful in those outfits. Gibbs's jaw dropped open. But immediately he controls his feelings and takes another sip from coffee mug. But he didn't realize that his cup was empty.

"How am I looking Cowboy?" Sloane asked. And shows her outfit and turned around.

"Great." Gibbs just simply replied.

"Okay, now it's your turn go and get ready." Sloane said and picked up her coffee from the table.

Gibbs came down about 10 minutes later. He was wearing a black blazer with light blue shirt and black pant.

"So... are you ready Jack?"

"Mmm... not bad Cowboy. Looking handsome in this clothes." Sloane gave him a compliment.

"Well... Thanks. Now C'mon we're getting late." Gibbs opened the door for Sloane and then they both get in the car and start heading towards Fornell's home.

Other side Gibbs's team was celebrating the Christmas eve with their family. McGee and Delilah were celebrating their Christmas with their kids and

Bishop decides to go to the Oklahoma with Nick obviously. Because he didn't have any plans for Christmas celebration.

Ducky and Palmer have their own plans. So everyone's are enjoying their Christmas. Kaise was celebrating her Christmas eve with Palmer and Ducky at jimmy's house.

At Fornell's House

Gibbs and Sloane arrived at Fornell's house. They got out of the car and started walking toward the door. Gibbs rang the doorbell. But Fornell didn't open the door. He tried again but still nothing.

"Hey, Tobias! Are you okay? Open the door." Gibbs started worry about him.

"Hey, Tobias! Open the damn door!" Gibbs slammed his hand on the door. He was about to reach for his gun and Fornell answer the door.

"Hey... what took you so long?"

"What are you doing here Gibbs?" Fornell asked rudely.

"You invited us remember! Or you started drinking again!" Gibbs was angry.

"Hey, easy Gibbs. How about we talk inside? It's really cold." Sloane said she's trying to calm down the situation.


"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU TOBIAS? WHO'S INSIDE?" Gibbs pushed the door and tried to look inside.


"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" Gibbs takes one step closer to him.

"Please Gibbs. PLEASE..." still Gibbs was glaring at Fornell with anger.

"Woah... it's okay. We are leaving okay. C'mon Gibbs. Gibbs! C'mon.." Sloane said. Sloane grabbed Gibbs's arm and tried to take him away from Fornell.

"NOBODY'S GOING ANYWHERE!" Someone said from inside of the house.

Before Gibbs and Sloane could understand what the hell is going on suddenly they hear very familiar sound of a click behind their head.

Gibbs can feel barrel of the gun touch the back of his neck. He sign in frustration.

"MOVE INSIDE. NOW!" He pushed Gibbs forward. Gibbs walked into the living room, hands raised. The gun was still touching his neck. One of the men turned around as they entered. That man close the door behind them. And pushed Gibbs again.

"Aah... you must be Agent Gibbs. And who's this beautiful woman? Must be Agent Sloane, right?" One man who looks like incharge said.

Gibbs took step between him and Sloane to protect her. He looked at Fornell who was looking afraid.

"Sorry Gibbs." He said.









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