Why hello there, Silus here. I just wanted to break down a few things about the story before proceeding so that you may have an idea of what you're getting into. Okay so let's begin.

Okay, so the first thing is obviously the updates. As you may have read in the summary, this story will have late updates. Well, there's a simple explanation to that, the first one is pretty simple, I have a very tight schedule, all the stuff I do has a time table of its own, and things are about to get busy. Usually, I would give myself about 30 minutes of my day to fanfic, then the rest will consist of being busy and all that, but now with the lockdown nearing its end, I will have to shorten it to 15minutes or less per day. So I hope you can see what I'm dealing with here. Fortunately, I'm a very fast typer so I might post sooner than I should, but sooner will still be later.

Now regarding the story's timeline. The story starts 3 weeks after the tournament of power. However, I was planning to "not include Broly" in the story. I was planning to recreate my own version of the aftermath of the Universal Survival arc, whereby Frieza tried to be funny again and got defeated...again, Goku kisses Chichi for the first time..suprisingly and beerus becomes better friends with the two Saiyans.

Now for the story itself, so basically life in all 12 universes is stable again, everything is going smoothly until a strange figure, a young boy named Mattin with strange reality-warping abilities appears out of nowhere, he goes on a rampage, threatening, injuring and even killing numerous kai from across the multiverse. The weird part is that the boy seems to be very intelligent, with an unquestionable philosophical belief about deities. He knows every single deity, destroyer, and kai very well. However, no one knows him, including the grand minister and the child himself. In fact, the stats show that the boy doesn't even exist. But his power seems to be rising even beyond that of the angels.

Now eventually the truth about the child will be revealed and it will be kinda shocking.

Now including Mattin's character design. Since I'm not good at art, I will describe him here, the boy will be tall and thin. He will also be brown in completion, with small, thin cut hair. He will have green emerald pupils, brown feint cornea, and dark circles around his terms of the costume design, he will be wearing an ordinary Black T-shirt with elongated sleeves, topped with a sleeveless jacket, peach black pants(not tight pants), brown sandals and a large hooded coat. I will not list the powersets of the characters cause they'll spoil the sweet origin story I have in mind. I can only mention illusion casting, dream scaping, intelligence, mindbending tactics, and fear casting.

Now I wanted to make this a Male Reader story, where Y/N reader will be this lost and confused anti-villain-antihero character who embarks on a cosmic journey of self-discovery and finally decides to make a choice. But then I realized how many people hate readers, I asked a few people and they said they are usually over the top as the character will only be doing that which is only pleasing to the reader. Also, they were others who said that it doesn't track well with what the reader would do if he was the actual character.

Now, in terms of the story's theme and elements. The story is about decision-making. They will be a lot of science, spiritual and philosophical elements in the story. Also, they will be horror and violent elements, but I can assure you that these elements are age-appropriate, creepy, and terrifying, but in an age-appropriate way. There will also be romantic elements in there as well, Goku and Chichi, along with Kyabe and Caulifla(why not). If there is one thing I can assure you with, it'll be the fact that they will not be any lemon in this story, I will never EVER write a lemon for all eternity.

I haven't finished the first chapter yet, I'm still halfway through like I said, I have been busy with things. But I can assure you that I will let ye know when I post the first chapter. Here is something for now. Unlike most characters in DragonBall, this one has a surname "Harmilan" it's a Hindu name that means "to be merged with God", I think. It has something to do with the origin of the away. That's some homework for you there, if you wanna figure it out.

Anywho, please don't forget to like and comment on what you think of this story idea. I'll see you guys soon.