Mattin: Look at this place, it is beautiful.

Mattin: I have to warn you. This will be quite embarrassing…


In a dark place, a man's silhouette appears to be meditating, them man is suddenly shaken from his concentration by a surge of energy. He grins while rubbing his chin with his left hand." Sir, what happened" asks a strange character. "He has awakened" the silhouette replies "." It's time we summon him" he says. "Well you better do it quickly, cause I'm done waiting" says a feminine voice. "Slow down, Aliyah, I understand your pain, but he's a bit…occupied, right now, we'll have to wait for a bit" it replies. Aliyah grunts.


The celestials charged at Mattin with great speed and might. Mattin on the other hand seemed to be lost in meditation. He smirks before whispering "death".

A wave of energy engulfs all celestials circulating the boy, causing them to freeze and their current position, before falling lifelessly to the ground. Everyone had evacuated at that point as they knew it was dangerous to stay and spectate.

Mattin, with an emotionless gaze, watches as the gods descend. He closes his eyes once again and darkness engulfs the scenery for a mere nanosecond before a brief girlish scream is heard. All the celestials are terrified and sweat drips from their faces as they appear to be back in the former position, levitating while staring at the skyscraper. The only thing that was still the same was the ominous looking sky and Mattin in the air among them.

"Wh…what, just happened" Champa remarked shaking in his toes.

"I'm sorry about that" said Mattin." I think I cheated, though it surprises me that you actually died, my intend was to merely paralyse you, now, let's start over shall we" he says as he mocks them with a sincere yet lifeless smile.

"YOU VERMIN". Gowasu screamed out as he went in for the attack, with his fist ready to punch him to an oblivion and his eyes nearly turning red with fury. Devine energy was emanating from his body as he flew at Mattin with high speeds.

However, an invisible force repelled Gowasu to space as he neared him.

"GOWASU" Rumush yelled out as Gowasu disappeared into a small flicker of light in the upper atmosphere. Without hesitating, he fired an orange blast towards Mattin who just looked at with a narrowed gaze, the body of the body started reshaping around Mattin's body, forming a spheroid shape around Mattin before being redirected into space.

His eyes turn towards Rumush furiously, Rumush is pulled towards Mattin, suddenly he stops mid-air. A force begins to squeeze him tightly, its grip increasing every second to a point wear his bones started making funny sounds. Suddenly fills something coming to his head, a calling of some sort, he sees a shadow of an old man be a brief headache before coming out of his thought bubble. He is cast downwards with great force. Bulma's on the other hand can only watch from the safety of his tower.


It's been a day since Goku, Vegeta and Kale were training. They both wanted to surpass each other and push past their limits, as always. Although Kale was simply passing out steam over Caulifla and Kyabe's relationship. They were all tired and lying on the floor now, out of breath.

"That was…intense" Goku said panting. "Yeah no kidding" Kale replied breathlessly." You dupe, getting tired so quickly…". Vegeta grinned as he felt pain in his left ribs." Look who's talking" Kale brags. Goku and Kale laugh while Vegeta grunts inwardly." Yeah whatever" he remarks.

A few minutes pass and they're all cleaned up and ready to spar again. A certain wave of energy surges through them briefly, they all stutter.

"Did you feel that too?" Goku asks seriously. "Yes, I did" Kale replies. Suddenly a sense of foreboding surrounds the atmosphere, like the calm before the storm, as if something terrible was bound to happen, or maybe it already has. "It came from earth, and it feels similar to that Mattin boy, wait, Bulma's in danger, we have to get out of here" Vegeta yells.

"Okay everybody grab on, I'm gonna try and connect to it". Vegeta and Kale grab on to Goku, who's already positioned himself for instant transmission. He closes his eyes, then after a few minutes, opens them again. "Kakarot? Why are we still here?"." Something's wrong, I can't connect to it"


The celestials are dumbstruck, they don't know how to handle the issue from here. Meanwhile Krillen, Tien and Gohan are heading to the location. Piccolo catches up to them and he nods and they all nod back.

Heles is confused as Mattin won't take his gaze of him.

Heles: Do you think you can stop staring at me like that?

She asks with concern.

Mattin: No.

he replies boldly

Heles: And why is that?

She asks proudly

Mattin: You're…beautiful.

She suddenly blush.

Heles: Well…

Suddenly, the 4 arrive at the scenery. Bewildered by what they are saw, the were ready to bombard the celestials with questions before.

Grand: Warriors, this boy here is a monster, his very existence threatens our, we would be delighted if you can help us stop.

Krillen: Well, that's a quick way to sum things up.

Piccolo: Evil entity, prepare t…

Before he could finish


He says while pointing at each of them respectively.

Mattin: I know you.

He give a little bow before smiling at them sincerely. They all charge towards him. "Huhh? He interjects.

Suddenly all four of the appear to be sleeping inside the dome around Bulma's apartment with Mattin standing.

Mattin: I love earth and everything in it, I wish not to see its destruction.

He then vanishes, leaving them astonished on the ground. As he appears on the outside, Vados attacks him from the back. He dodges it only to appear behind her and strike her in the nape. She falls to the ground with great force. Whiss then tries to attack him as well. He launches a sequences of punches and kick at him that he dodges. He then grabs Whiss's leg and throws him to the ground. Beerus delivers a frontal attack. But phases through Mattin instead of punching him. Mattin grabs him by an ear. Beerus screams in pain. "What are you screaming for, it's not like these have ever listened anyway" Mattin remarks jokingly. He then swings the god around and throws him to the air.

All the destroyers and angels attacked with formulated combo attacks.

Shin: They're loosing.

Anat: I think it's time.

Cae: Everyone join hands!

Cae signals all the Kai. They join hand to conjure what looks like a spirit bomb, the only difference is that it was green and large enough to destroy the entire. Meanwhile, all the destroyers and a few angels seem to be injured. Finally, the orb has finished charging. The Kai are willing to use any means to destroy Mattin, even at the cost of the earth. The grand minister, who wasn't part of the battle decided to give some of his energy to the orb, making it grow ten times bigger. Mattin, now fully aware of this, narrowed his eyes at the orb, and it soon began to weigh down on the Kai. They had lost a lot of energy creating the orb so they couldn't maintain it very well so they plummeted to the ground with the orb on top of them. The orb went off on top of the Kais, but it suddenly disappeared a second after, taking all the Kai with it. Beerus, who was now injured on the floor, peered at the sight with puzzled and fearful eyes. But it wasn't the magnitude of the explosion that startled them, or it's destructive force, no. The orb did detonate, but the sound and the explosion was very brief. As if the bomb had just disappeared to nowhere, the Kais where also missing.

Mattin: Don't worry, your fellow brethren aren't dead yet. However…


The kais wake up from what looks like a huge crater, on a planet on cold planet. There is dust everywhere and the sky is red. Shin wakes up from the ground mildly dizzy. He gets up, rubs his temple while trying to get all of his consciousness back. He walked straight on the dusty plain. Until he saw all the Kai clasped together on spot.

Shin: Everyone?

They all look at him shoked.

Shin: What is it?

They grouped moved away from Shin to give way, he walked forward until he reached a shocking and devastating sight. It was the burned corps of Cae, lying on the ground. The rest of the Kai looked devastated. However, there was another thing to worry about. Shin got up and looked at everyone.

Shin: Where are we?


Belmod: * WHAT*

Champa: *It can't be*

Sidra: *He sent them…*

All destroyers: *To Mars? *

Beerus: *This isn't going to help, we need backup. *

Mattin: *Hmm*

Beerus: *I can't believe I'm about to do this.*

Beerus gets up and goes all out for a minute before launching an atom blast towards Mattin and feinting. Mattin neutralises the blast.

Mattin: Pity. I never thought that a deity could call for backup in such a cheap and desperate way. He looks behind and it appears as if Goku and Vegeta are starring at him with ever-determined eyes, Kale tagged along as well.

Goku: What's up everyone, geez what a mess this is.

Vegeta: What are you talking about Kakarot, there's not a single building demolished.

Mattin: *Hmm, the residence, thank you for reminding me. *

Mattin closes his eyes before slowly pressing his hands downward, causing the earth below them to shift. There were now in an empty wilderness expanse in the middle east.

Mattin: *Now they won't be any damage. Oh right, those idiots*

Mattin snapes his fingers, causing all the injured to fall from the clear desert sky and into the hot dusty sand of the Arabian desert. Vegeta and Goku were shocked to see this.

Mattin: Goku, Vegeta, I have been waiting to talk to you…

The grand minister addresses the two Saiyans before Mattin could finish, causing Mattin to look downwards.

GM: Don't listen to him, the child you see before you is evil.

Mattin: *Shut up*

Quitela: He has no sympathy.

Mattin: *I said shut up*

Beerus: They're right, he threatened to destroy us all, you have to kill him before it is too late.

Mattin: Evil.

Goku and Vegeta turn their gaze towards him.

Mattin: I'm the evil one!

The celestial look at him, puzzled.


A gust of wind blows towards the area surrounding Mattin at a minor radius.

Mattin: Goku, Vegeta, when Beerus first arrived on earth, what was the first thing he did.

Vegeta: Well he threatened to… HEY WAIT, HOW'D YO..

Mattin: Exactly! He the threatened to destroy the planet, right after treating you all like crap, didn't he.

Goku: Wha…

Mattin: Now tell me, after all the time you spent with him, can you be absolutely sure that he will never do such thing. Can you be truly sure that the bonds you've built with him can guarantee the safety of everyone you hold dear.

Vegeta: Well…

Mattin: That's just what I thought. Do you see? To them, you are nothing but puppet, insignificant tools designed for their entertainment. Mortals face hardships and tribulations everyday while the godly stand and watch from greener pastures. You really think that they care for. Just look at them now and reflect on their behaviour. They are nothing but vessels of immense power, designed to serve a singular purpose, a purpose that affects the innocent and weak, keeping them from embracing their full potential. They laugh and scorn at you from the shadows, bragging about how feeble you are while keeping you all from reaching their level. They're the ones who are emotionless, they're the one who lack sympathy!

Kale looks down in deep contemplation.

Beerus: Don't… listen to him Goku. Think about all the times we've been here, how strong we've made you've. Would that have happened if we hadn't met!

Whiss: Every single situation every single event you've undergone has led you to this moment!

Champa: Yes they're right, NOW BLAST THE LITTLE BRAT ALREADY.

Beerus: SHUT UP YOU MORON. Goku, you have to make a choice, but be sure it's a wise one, or you'll regret it.

There's a moment of silence.

Mattin: Goku, think about it, the injustice, the number of lives they've taken over the millions of years they've leaved, do you think they had a spec of mercy as they shredded entire civilisation and wiped clean. Think about it.

Vegeta: You right child, but you forget one thing…

Goku: We don't fight for justice or honour or any of that, screw it all, we fight to push boundaries and get stronger.

Vegeta: And as long as that keeps happening, then we're okay with anything. But if a little responsibility pisses you off then sooory, but we just don't care.

Mattin: Responsibilities? What are you…

Vegeta: Everything in this universe has a purpose, no matter how destructive, you of all people should know that, shouldn't you, knowledgeable one.

Mattin: I do… But reflect at what you said a while ago. You don't care about justice?

Goku startles as he recalls his last words.

Mattin: They've poisoned you with their pitiless philosophy, how can you not see that?

Goku: What're you talking about?

Mattin: Huh?

Goku: We've always been like this.

Mattin: What about the time you fought Frieza, back when you first assumed transformation, you proclaimed yourself a beckon on justice, something along the lines, do you not remember?

Goku: Hmm… Nope, not a clue. But it was awesome wasn't it.

Small tears of helplessness spilled from Mattin's eyes.

Mattin: Goku, I…

Vegeta: KALE NOW.

Just as Mattin was talking, Kale emerged from the ground in his Legendary SS form, her eyes were completely white and lightning caressed her body. She punched Mattin in the chin, causing him to ascend at great speed. The angels had already formed a circle above him that centred the grand minister. With the starves, they shot a blast that combined to form a rainbow coloured shot, which was launched directly at Mattin, completely engulfing him. Mattin now engulfed with black smoke, looked at Goku and Vegeta and reached out his hand. They both shot a powerful combined blast from their hand, creating a big wall on Mattin's chest. Mattin struggling to stay in his current in the air, began to slowly descend into the ground.

Kusu: Hooray we did it!

Goku: Alright!

Vegeta: Hmm (Smiling).

Kale: *YEAH*

She exclaimed

The minister was smiling at what looked like the boy corpse falling down. However…

Grand Minister: GOKU, VEGETA LOOK OUT…

Suddenly, Mattin's astral form appeared out of his body and a new body formed around it, with clothes, obviously. It suddenly appeared between Goku and Vegeta while facing the opposite direction and suddenly began speaking to them in a quiet, sad, emotionless yet disappointed and angry voice.

Mattin: That was more intense than I anticipated. And just in case you were wondering, yes, it was all a pretence.

Vegeta: *What the*

Mattin: I am greatly disappointed in you Saiyans, you've truly become lowly, your desire for strength has made you greedy and hopeless.

Kale: *No way, How's that even possibly*

Mattin then help them on the shoulders, the two Saiyans were now frozen in fear to resist. He turns his gaze towards Vegeta.

Mattin: Vegeta, you have a strong, intelligent, and beautiful wife who is a human being, you have a child who is prodigy, a talented bundle of joy,yet you resent honour, so much for a prince of Saiyans.

He turns towards Goku.

Mattin: Goku, you have a strong, martially skilled, caring, considerate and beautiful wife, yet you forget Justice. Such a disappointment. And to think… I helped you kiss her for the first time in your life. You truly are a destroyer.

Goku: W…what, you helped me kiss her?

Mattin: Do you really you were mature enough to do that on your own. You thirst for power hindered you emotions, but I briefly removed it, and allowed your heart to open for the first time.

Vegeta: Just what are you exactly.

Mattin: I am… not gonna answer that. However, you said you want power right. Well, here you go.

Mattin released a pink energy surge from his hand and it began circling the Saiyans until it entered their bodies.

Mattin: This will help you out, but for now, rest.

Suddenly, a powerful force infiltrated the Saiyans bodies and they fell to the ground. He then reached his hand toward Kale and enclosed it into a fist, causing him to fall to the ground.

He then reached out his hand towards the grand minister. Suddenly his(GM)'s staff began to shake violently, it suddenly left his hand and fell unto Mattin's. He then began to wave it in circular motions above his head, causing a black circle to form above him. Suddenly, black chains flew out of the circle and tied down every angel. The circles seemed to be absorbing their power. This caused the weakened angels to fall to the ground. Suddenly, Belmod, out of fury, attacked Mattin, he managed to grab him and pin him to the ground.

Belmod: How dare you, you, you, you, you… BRAT!

Mattin just watched monotonously.

Belmod: How dare you threaten me, how dare you threaten and hurting my brothers! And mostly, how dare you hurt Marcarita.

He said this while punching him in the face. He was barely to land a powerful punch as he was drained. Marcarita on the other hand, just looked at him and smile with a hint of red on her face before falling to the ground. However just as he was about to punch him again….

Mattin: Careful now, destroyer.

Suddenly, he switched position with Mattin, it him who was now pinned to the ground.

Mattin: You know, for a being who teaches surrender and submission, you're quite persistent. Let me fix that for you.

Mattin then punches Belmod in the face multiple times until all his teeth had come out. Every angel and deity watched as the most powerful destroyer was being disgraced by a child. Marcarita began crying out desperately. Vados who was right beside her, struggled to reach out and comfort her while closing her eyes. Belmod was now weak and barely conscious.

Mattin: It's time to bid farewell Deity.

Mattin then reached out his hand toward the Deity. Suddenly out of nowhere…

Mattin: HAKAI!

Belmod body trampled before turning into green dust and fading away.

Marcarita: BELMOD!

She then burst out and started to scream.

Beerus: No way.

Champa: How'd h…

Suddenly, there was an earthquake. The sky lost its colour and stars began to appear. Mattin, now facing them with his eyes closed began to ascend upwards in a creepy intense manner.

Suddenly, a bluish, purplish and greenish array of colours formed a giant heart shape around him. He finally opened his eyes which astonished the GM.

GM: It can't be. Those eyes.

This eyes looked like space, with a galaxy and a collection of stars rotating.

GM: This is something even I could'nt accomplish. This is…


"The universal eye," said the silhouette of the old man. "What," asked Aliya." The mark has been unlocked, it is time we summon him" the old man replied.


Suddenly, the sky changes as all the stars in the universe appeared to be turning into red giant. The earthquake grew intense under the red darkness and it seemed as if the world was about to end. 4 giant spherical rocks that looked like the moon appeared on top of Mattin, aligned vertically.

Mattin: You know, I doubt if all of this would have happened if you had just stayed away, but don't worry, imma gon end it all. WITH ONE SWIFT BLOW!

Suddenly, stars darkened, everything became dark and the earthquake stopped.

Goku: what just happened.

Strange sounds of vulture and screeching beast began to echo throughout the earth. There were lightning strikes and dark clouds could be seen. Mattin began speaking once more.


The voices grew louder along with roars from Mattin himself when all of a sudden.


"Heed my words or powerful one I summon you, Suzani" The old man whispered.


Mattin looked at his hands, he then looked around only to see himself in a strange location. "We've been expecting you, my lord" said the old man silhouette. "Are you sure this is the one" asked Aliya. "Indubitably".


Everything had returned to normal and the sky was blue again. Vegeta walked up to help Goku and Kale. They all helped the celestials get up. The kai's who were on mars where still shoked. They could here and see the apocalyptic event, everyone on universe 7 could, it was a surprise when everything just went back to normal.

However, it was uncostly as the deities had suffered a terrible failure and had lost a brethren in the process.

GM: Oh my days…

To be continued