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Now is always the time

(We've made it to the last chapter. Aren't you so glad that you stayed around to the end? With all that is happening in the world today let us not waste a moment of this precious time that we have. Be kind and generous to one another. We all share this planet and we must take care of it and ourselves. Our actions do affect others. Stay safe! Thnx for reading and maybe we will meet again on another story.)

Chapter 18

Five years later and things continue to improve in Llanview. Bo Buchanan is now Mayor Buchanan. John is the Police Commissioner and Antonio is Chief of Detectives. Both Evangeline and Nora now are Judges. Todd continues as editor of The Sun newspaper. Also Llanview has a few new citizens:

Alessandra and Colin McBain - both age 4, twins of Evangeline and John McBain. That was some honeymoon!

Phillip Buchanan – age 4, son of Nora and Bo Buchanan. He was a total surprise but of course a joyous one. Now Bo and Nora can experience raising a child from birth together.

Christopher Manning – age 3, son of Simone and Todd Manning. Yes Todd married again and has a beautiful wife and another son. Simone is an attorney and partner in Evangeline's law firm and now manages it since Evangeline became a Judge. Starr and Jack did finally reconcile with Todd and live with him. Their Aunt Dorian takes them to visit their mother in prison.

Wilfredo Vega – age 2, son of Layla and Antonio Vega. They married three years ago, a year after Layla realized that Vincent Jones wanted to be a gangster more than he wanted to be with her and Antonio finally realized that Jessica was not the woman for him.

So there will be McBains, Buchanans, Mannings and Vegas in Llanview for many years to come. "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson