I love Kamen Riders due to my love for them I have come up with some concept ideas for some forms and fanfics. If anyone who has a deviantart account choose to draw them please send me the link for them. Here is some stuff for of my top 5 Kamen Rider Build and a couple of things for Ex-aid, Gaim, and something for Kabuto. Oh, before I forget I have a couple Harry Potter WBWL/Kamen Rider ideas some Ranma and Evagelion ideas as well. If anyone is interest, please message me. One involves Harry being a Fan made Rider I came up with. The reason why I am offering ideas is because I have a lot of ideas and due to me having a lot and me being more of a reader than a writer. (I have updated this for the second time because I came up with some new ideas and Dash master 48 helped me with the form names of the Wolf and Spider Lostbottles so thank you very much Dah master 48. I have a poll up for a Kamen Rider/Harry Potter Crossover with Harry being a fanmade Rider. The poll is for what vehicle he should use, a car or motorcycle. If anyone votes think carefully about your choice. Both of the choices have their pros and cons. The poll will end once I finish Harry's personality for this fic as well as the OCs for it as well.)

Shark Lostbottle: Form name: Killfang

Dragon Lostbottle: Form name: Wild Cross-z

Cobra Sclachjelly: "Cobra in venom": form name: Kamen Rider Venom

Lion Evolbottle: Powers the Evol Cobra (an Evol version of the Machine Builder)

Shark Evolbottle:

Bat Evolbottle:

Rocket Evolbottle:

Gatling Evolbottle:

Ninja Evolbottle:

Pirate Evolbottle:

Wolf Evolbottle:

Bear Evolbottle:

Spider Evolbottle:

Tiger Evolbottle:

Evol Phone (Evol version of the Build Phone):

Spider Lostbottle: Form name: Poison Arachne:

Wolf Lostbottle: Form name: Luna Howl:

Mighty Creator VRX (Genm version):

Mighty Brothers XX (Genm version. The orange is replaced with purple and the blue is replaced with black):

Kamen Rider Fuuma Level 1:

Ichigo (strawberry) energy lockseed:

Peach lockseed:

Praying Mantis Zector: