Hey everyone, here is the Kamen Rider list of some of what I am doing so far. Some of the Riders will have their own world and some will share their worlds. If you see a "X" that means I am not doing that Rider and if you a "?" that means I don't know what I'm doing yet or still trying to figure out what I am doing or if I am doing that show. First up the worlds and before I forget I will do Amazons and maybe some extra worlds like this one Kamen Rider I came up with. All my Kamen Riders will be crossovers and I will do OCs as main Riders, New users of dead or whatever reasons Riders, and OC Riders. I will update this when some new stuff is added. I am looking for someone(s) who want to do a Kamen Rider series.

Kuuga/Agito: X









Double (W)/OOO/Fourze



Drive/Ghost: (I might actually just separate them):

Ex-Aid/Build: (Their worlds merge together at the end of Build:

Zi-o: (I might have him be in the same world as Ex-Aid and Build instead of his own world):

Zero-One: (Might have him be in the Ex-Aid/Build world as well)

Now here is some of what I am doing.

Kamen Rider Ryuki/Seto no Hanayome: OC as Ryuga: Takes place 5 years later after Ryuki ends:

Kamen Rider 555/?: OC is a Phoenix Original Orphnoch. Due to him being a Phoenix he can come back to life and gain a 3% increase to his power and doesn't suffer the side effects of being one and one of his feathers can cure a Orphnoch from the damage they have taken (both from battle and the side effects of their species) but they will still take damage from their break down. But his power is barely above a human and it takes him 24 hours to come back to life (for example if he dies at 12:45:30 he will come back alive at that time the next day). OC will be Orga and this will maybe after the show ends. I have a bike idea for him but need help designing it. The belts get a small upgrade (View Spartan719: RWBY Enter 555 story). I do want to give him some new forms:

Hibiki/Rosario + Vampire: OC Rider. Adding some characters from the Fate series.

Kabuto/?: OC with the Mantis Zector gear. Need help with suit design and Rider Machine:

Den-O/My Hero Academia/Heaven's Lost Property: OC Rider that doesn't have a Imagin partner:

Kiva/?: OC as either OC Rider or Rey. Don't know if he will be a human:

Double(W)/Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes: OC as the new Eternal. Takes place a couple years after the W Movie.

OOO/?: OC as OOO:

Fourze/?: OC with OC gear. OC will be the little brother of Miu. Need help with Suit. He won't have a rider machine, but he has rocket skates like Shadow the Hedgehog:

Wizard/Familiar of Zero: OC Rider: Saito will be Kamen Rider Sorcerer:

Gaim/Akame Ga Kill: OC as 2 OC Riders and Kaito's younger brother. With Sengoku Driver and the Strawberry Lockseed, Kamen Rider Striker. With Genesis Driver and Energy Strawberry lockseed Kamen Rider Striker Shin. OC, Kaito, and Yoko will get a a second chance at life in Akame Ga Kill. Need help with Striker Shin suit. Plan on an OC Rider Machine, calling it the Venus Flyer. It's based on a Venus Flytrap. OC and Kaito will become Human/Overlord Inves. I have a Angel Lockseed so might use a character from the crossover to have it as their main Lockseed.

Drive/Senki Zesshō Symphogear: OC as Drive.

Ghost/Danny Phantom: OC Rider. Created some OC Eyecons and will maybe keep creating more.

EX-aid/?: OC is Kuroto's adopted son. OC as Genm for a while but switches to Cronus and Fuuma. Becomes a Bugster like Kuroto. Will create some OC Gashats.

Build/?: Not sure if OC will be Cross-z, Build, or OC Rider.

Zi-o/?: OC as Zi-o:

Zero-One/?: OC as OC Rider. Not sure if I should a year(s) later thing:

Amazonz/Rising of the Shield Hero: OC Amazon as OC Rider:

OC Rider series. Kamen Rider Gears/My Life as a Teenage Robot/Steel Angel Kurumi: OC Rider that is a machine. OC x Jenny x Steel Angel harem: