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It was a sunny day in the pride lands and most of the lions were hunting, except for Kion, Mufasa and Simba who were attending various duties. Kion had the Lion Guard patrolling the area as Mufasa and Simba were running Pride Rock. Kion and the guard decided to hurry back to meet with his family, once he realized the shadow was now pointing to the bottom. Today was a special day, Kiara and Kion's mysterious Aunt Muujiza was coming to visit. Muujiza was different from the members of Pride Rock in several ways. She wasn't a lion, she was a creature from the stars that could pass for a human, if weren't for her abilities. From what the royal children had been told of their mysterious Aunt was, that she was still a child by human years and she had messy black hair, light brown skin and grey-blue eyes. She used to live with the Pride until she had to go back home and another important thing was that she could only speak a few words.

Once patrol was over, Kion said goodbye to all his friends and headed back towards Pride Rock. Once he arrived, he was greeted by his parents, his grandfather and older sister, Kiara. She happily rubbed her head against him as Mufasa said to Simba "I knew your sister would come back one day."

"I know." Simba stated.

"Too bad your mother isn't here to see this." The wise king added.

"Do you think Aunt Muujiza learned more words since she's been gone?" Kion wondered.

"I would like to think so, but it's unlikely since her kind can't talk." Nala added.

"How did she end up in Pride Rock anyway and how did you guys learn that she was from a different world?" Kiara asked.

"It's a long story…" Mufasa started to say, but Kion interrupted with "Please tell it to us, Grandfather. You always tell the best stories."

Simba and Nala were about to remind their son, not to interrupt, when Mufasa laughed and replied "True. I suppose I can tell you the story as we wait for Muujiza to arrive…"

As Mufasa began to the story, his mind went back to seven years ago.

Not that far from the water hole, there was a small oasis filled with all kinds of beautiful plants and animals. To any of the animals in the kingdom of the pridelands, it seemed to be a normal day. The lionesses were hunting, the lion guard was on patrol and the animals were going about their business. Little did they know that today would be quite different, especially for the lions of Pride Rock. For within the oasis was a spaceship from another world and a group of human-like beings taking plants for samples.

One of the beings had a small floating cradle beside her and inside was a baby girl who shared the looks of her mother. They each had light brown skin, and wavy, messy black hair. The only difference between them was the color of their eyes. The infant had gray blue eyes while the mother had purple ones. As the mother gathered samples, she and the rest of the group stopped what they were doing and hurried back into the ship when they realized that something was coming.

The mother picked up the cradle and rushed to join the ship, but in the chaos, the cradle was knocked out of her hands and she was forced on the ship in the rush of the group and before anyone knew what had happened, the ship had taken off and left the baby girl behind. Not knowing what just occurred, the baby cried and cried for her Mommy, unable to realize or understand that her Mommy wouldn't come back for a long time. The child's cries did attract someone, Sarabi, the Queen of Pride Rock. Unbeknownst to her and the rest of the lionesses, they had startled the research party when they smelled a strange sent and followed it. When they got there, all they found was that smell and an odd looking Rock with the cries of a baby coming out of it.

Sarabi decided to approach the strange Rock first, before she was stopped by Sarafina, who just joined her as she said "Careful Sarabi, we don't know what's in the Rock. What if it's something dangerous?"

The other lionesses who followed them nodded in agreement, Sarabi looked back at her hunting group as she said "Sarafina, come with me."

"Yes, my Queen." Sarafina uttered as she slowly joined her ruler and best friend since childhood. As the two lionesses crept towards the rock, they became aware that it wasn't a box at all, but a container of some kind and lying in that container was a man cub!

As soon as the child saw Sarabi and Sarafina, she smiled the sweetest of smiles at them and held up her arms towards them.

"What do we do?" Sarafina whispered.

"We can't just leave it here. The child will die without care." Sarabi replied before she decided to sniff the girl.

The little girl giggled at the wet noise touching her and hugged Sarabi's face. In that moment, Sarabi made up her mind and gently picked the infant's container with her mouth as the other lionesses gasped.

"We can't just bring it back to us? It's not even a lion cub." One of the members of the hunting party protested.

"Still, we can't leave this child to die. What kind of lions would that make us? Besides, only Mufasa has the power to decide if she can live with us or not." Sarabi stated in a firm manner.

With that, she walked back towards Pride Rock with the container and the child.

Meanwhile, back at Pride Rock, Mufasa and Zazu has just returned from their patrol as Taka approached them said "Mufasa, the guard and I found an odd smell in the oasis today."

"What did it smell like?" Mufasa asked in a concerned tone.

Before Taka could reply, they soon heard the sound of the approaching paw steps. Mufasa started to walk towards his wife, when he noticed something strange in her mouth.

"My love, what's that?" The young king couldn't help but ask.

Sarabi simply placed the metallic container down on the ground. Mufasa, Zazu and Taka looked inside it and to their amazement saw what appeared to be a sleeping man cub inside.

Taka quickly turned on Sarabi and demanded "Why did you bring that thing here? It's not our kind and you know as well as I do what those creatures have done to us in the past."

"She is a man cub and she has nothing to do with the actions of her people." Sarabi defended.

"Still, Taka is right Sarabi. Why did you bring the child here?" Mufasa asked his wife.

"The girl was all alone. I couldn't leave her to die." Sarabi explained. "Also, we could look after her until she's old enough. Besides, it will be good for our future child to have an older sister to play with."

Mufasa thought over his wife's words and the words of his little brother. On one hand, this was a cub and he and Sarabi always wanted a cub of their own. On the other hand, men had been cruel to them and the rest of the cycle of life. Still, if he took in this cub, maybe he could teach her how to interact with the cycle in a respectful way and she could pass it on to her people. With that, he made his choice. He looked up at the whole pride and said "Let the Pride be my witness, I will take in this cub as my own."

The rest of the lioness and Taka gasped in shock, before the leader of the lion guard added "You can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am. One day she could build a bridge between her people and ours." Mufasa stated firmly.

"Oh, she's just a little miracle isn't she." Taka muttered sarcastically.

However, Mufasa clearly missed the sarcasm in his brother's voice as he said "That's an excellent idea, brother. We'll name her Muujiza."

Sometime later, Rafiki had been called and after looking over the young female man cub, he said "The great kings have taken an interest in her."

"Really? What could they want from her? She's just a cub." Mufasa asked, feeling perplexed.

"I'm not sure yet. Rafiki needs to communicate with them some more. Until then, Rafiki can safely say that she's perfectly healthy." Rafiki stated as he placed the child back on the bed of leaves that had been made for her.

"When can the presentation start?" The shaman added.

"After a few days, when Muujiza and the pride get used to each other." Mufasa answered.

With that, Rafiki left Pride Rock to go home for the night. As soon as the Pride got ready to fall asleep, Mufasa couldn't help but stare at the man cub. She looked up at him with innocent and trusting eyes before she broke out into another smile.

Why have the great Kings taken an interest in you? What are you going to do when you get older? The king of Pride Rock thought to himself as he nuzzled the child close to him. A few minutes later, his wife Sarabi joined him and soon the whole pride fell fast asleep.

Muujiza: Swahili for 'Miracle.'

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