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Thursday, August 20th, 2015

"Okay, what have we got, Garcia?" Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner prompted as he sat down at the table.

Penelope Garcia got right to it. "Two girls were reported missing from Garrisonville last night. They are sisters: Jessica Taylor, age eighteen, and Hannah Taylor, age sixteen. Jessica's starting her freshman year at Georgetown this fall, while Hannah will be a junior in high school."

"What do we know?" Derek Morgan asked, glancing over the girls' pictures – Hannah's school picture and Jessica's grad photo – that Garcia had sent to all their tablets.

"When Hannah didn't come home by curfew, her parents called Jessica, who was living in an apartment near campus with a friend, to see if she knew anything. Jessica apparently checked Hannah's social media pages – and I've double-checked, confirming that she Tweeted a photo of herself and some friends at a nightclub, and since Jessica was closer, she volunteered to go and get her. The parents didn't hear anything more from either of them, but nine-one-one got this call at around midnight."

With a click of a button on her handheld remote, Garcia played the recorded call.

"Nine-one-one, what is your-"

"Help me, please!" The sound of a terrified girl's voice filled the room, her words a bit slurred. "Th-There's some guys, they're trying to kidnap us!"

"Miss, please calm down. What is your location?"

"W-we're outside Club Acid, m-m-my sister's holding them off, but I don't know how long she'll be able to-" There was a sound of a scuffle, and then a scream. "HELP ME! HEEEEELLLP! HEL-MMF!" Her scream was cut off suddenly, but could still be heard in part, just muffled.

"Miss? Miss!" The operator tried to call out to the caller a few more times, and then the call ended abruptly.

"Police responding to Club Acid found a crushed cell phone, later confirmed to belong to Hannah. No one's seen or heard from them since."

"Has there been a ransom demand?" David Rossi asked.

"None so far, but the local PD are sitting with the parents in case the kidnappers call."

"In eighty-two percent of reported cases, the culprit is a family member," Dr. Spencer Reid rattled off, "Are we sure that none of the relatives are involved?"

"That's something we'll have to look into," Hotch admitted, "Alright, Garcia, I want you to get on that. Rossi, Morgan, take a look at the abduction site. Reid and I will talk to the parents."

"Are you certain it's her?" Rupert Giles asked worriedly over the phone.

"They showed her picture on the TV," Dawn argued, "It's Jess."

Inwardly, she cursed. Jessica Taylor was a relatively new Slayer who'd been Called last year, and had turned down the advanced training. She'd agreed to basic courses during school holidays, but other than that, she just wanted to live a normal life. And there was nothing wrong with that; after thousands of years of the Slayers not getting a say in whether or not they had to devote their lives to fighting demons and vampires, no one in the new Council would begrudge a girl that choice. And they were glad that she'd agreed to a small amount of training; most of the girls who turned that down usually ended up dead when the monsters noticed an unprotected, untrained Slayer and took advantage of that weakness.

Still, it was strange that Jess had been taken by a group of humans. The little training that she had, coupled by her Slayer strength, speed, and instinct, should have been enough. Maybe they had outnumbered her? Or maybe they had threatened her sister to get her to cooperate? Hannah, from what Dawn had heard, was a stereotypical, airheaded teenage girl, with no defensive skills whatsoever.

"Damn it all," Giles muttered, "Dawn, I know that it is against our policies to interfere with solely human affairs, but-"

"But a Slayer was taken, Giles. She may not be an official member of the New Council, but she is still under our protection, something she agreed to when she decided to take our classes."

She heard Giles sigh over the phone. "Yes, I know, Dawn, that's exactly what I was about to say. Now, the FBI may be getting involved; I'd suggest having Xander contact his cousin to get a better idea of the situation."

"He's already on that, Bossman. And I've got Caridad rallying some of our more level-headed Slayers. You know, the ones that are less likely to lose it and do a problematic level of damage to the bad guys."

She would have no pity for the injured kidnappers, but the last thing they needed was a Slayer getting into legal trouble for using excessive force on a human. She had no doubt that there would be some force used. Slayers tended to get rather testy when someone decided that hurting one of theirs was a good idea.

Those scumbags thought that they had taken two easy targets, two damsels in distress. They were only half right.

'Xander's cousin' is, of course, a reference to Nicholas Brendon playing both Xander Harris and Kevin Lynch.

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