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Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

To think, Jessica Taylor had once thrived in places like this. She'd loved the press of bodies in the crowd, the feeling as they all swayed and danced to the same beat that shook the floor and reverberated through her from head to toe. She'd made sure to look her hottest when she came, in hopes of finding someone who could show her a good time.

Now? Now, the sheer volume of the music gave her a headache, the smell of clubgoers' sweat made her scowl in disgust, and the sheer number of people in such a small space just felt claustrophobic to her Slayer instincts. And any man who looked her way was viewed with suspicion, rather than with anything resembling hope. She couldn't help but wonder: 'what if he's a vampire?'.

Jessica had only taken a summer course from the Council, but she'd been fully informed of how nightclubs were some of the most common vampire hunting grounds. And that human scum tended to prowl the clubs, as well; you didn't need to lack a pulse to be a monster.

So, of course her sister had to be right in the middle of this crappy place. It wasn't even one of the clean clubs. She was going to kill Hannah once she got her home.

She found Hannah at the bar, taking a glass from the bartender and already beginning to take a sip.

By the time Jessica reached her sister, pushing through the mass of inebriated dancers, the glass was already half-empty. Jessica still yanked it out of Hannah's hands before the younger sister had even noticed that the elder was there.

"Hey! What the fuck are y- Jess?!"

Jessica held up the glass, giving Hannah the best 'I am not impressed' look that she could manage. "Seriously? Do you know just how much shit you'll be in just for touching this?"

Hannah, whose face had gone from angry to shocked and right back to angry, tried to snatch her drink back, only for Jessica to move it out of her reach without spilling a drop. "Give it back, Jess! That hottie bought it for me, not you!"

Now, Jessica was even less impressed. "You got a drink from a total stranger at a bar? Do you even know how stupid that is?"

"Oh, my God, you sound like Mom!" Hannah tried to lunge at her sister, but stumbled and had to grab onto a conveniently empty barstool to save herself from falling onto the floor. "Just last year, you were partying out in places like this, too! Now you're too good to have some fun?!"

"Getting drunk and making a fool of myself isn't 'fun'," Jessica shot back, "How many of these have you had, already?" She had to know how much of a pain Hannah would be on the way home. Judging from her current lack of coordination, she might need help just walking to a cab. Jessica glanced over the crowd and spotted Samantha, Sarah, and Ashley, Hannah's three best friends, sitting at a booth and laughing hysterically. "How many have the other girls had?"

"Nothing!" Hannah managed to stand up straight and glared at her. "That's my first drink! I was just waiting on our orders when the bartender gave me one from the cute guy at the bar!" She gestured vaguely towards the other end of the bar, then looked over with a big smile that soon fell from her face. "Wait, where'd he go?" Then she turned back to her sister and smacked her ineffectually on the shoulder. "You scared him off!"

Jessica rolled her eyes and used her free hand to grab Hannah's wrist as she went for another smack. "As someone who used to 'party out in places like this', I can tell you from experience that he's likely not worth it."

This comment earned her another smack, one that was a bit more effective, as it was aimed at the arm that was attached to the hand holding Hannah's drink. Jessica inwardly cursed as the sticky, sugary drink – the kind with way too much sweetness meant to disguise just how much alcohol was also in it – spilled all over her hand.

Hannah clearly didn't care. "Like your opinion means anything; ever since you went to that stupid camp last summer, you've been so stuck up, acting like all the guys at school are beneath you, and everyone else, too! Well, you know what, Miss I'm-So-Mature-Now? You can't tell me what to do, you stuck-up bitch!"

Jessica was seriously considering dumping what was left of Hannah's drink on Hannah's head, but then she noticed something.

The purple nail polish she was wearing had been a gift from one of her Slayer friends. Her friend had said that it was allegedly an invention of some chemist whose sister had been roofied and date raped. The polish was a pretty violet colour, but would turn black if it made contact with any of the most commonly-used date rape drugs.

And now her fingernails were covered with black splotches.

Jessica swore out loud this time, and turned back to her sister. "Hannah, what did that guy look like?"

Hannah scowled at her. "Oh, now you care? Or are you just trying to steal him for yours-"

Jessica waved the drink in her sister's face. "This is drugged, Han! I'm trying to find the scumbag that slipped my baby sister a roofie!"

A scared expression crossed Hannah's face for all of half a second before it twisted back into anger. "Bullshit! I feel fine! You're just trying to scare me and ruin my fun!" The fact that she was swaying and stumbling in her ridiculously high heels did not help her case, nor did the slight slur that was starting to creep into her voice as the roofie started to take effect.

Figuring that Hannah was going to be absolutely no help, Jessica resolved to just get her sister home safely. Ignoring Hannah's protests, she dragged her out the front door of the club (dumping the drugged drink on her way). One bouncer raised an eyebrow at the sight, but Jessica just glared at him. "Two words: underaged drinking. You wanna get shut down, or are you going to let us go home?"

The bouncer was quick to move – which, in hindsight, Jessica would later find concerning, because shouldn't he at least double-check that the person clearly dragging a girl out against her will actually had good intentions?

Hannah was still fussing and bitching as they approached Jessica's car, which she'd parked in the nearest alley (if only for a lack of options). "This is so not cool! You are so paranoid! I'm never going to hear the end of this at school! I can't believe you would humiliate me in front of my friends!"

"Your so-called 'friends' didn't even notice us leave," Jessica shot back, although inwardly, she winced at having forgotten that they were there.

She was trying to figure out a way to contact the other girls' parents when everything went tits-up.

Her Slayer hearing picked up footsteps just before a man strolled into the alley from what appeared to be the back door of the nightclub. He was an admittedly attractive man, with a light stubble of dark brown hair and a decent body wrapped in a tight T-shirt and jeans. He was probably somewhere around thirty. "Need a hand?" he offered in a smooth tone that immediately had Jessica's guard up.

Hannah, who'd been dragging her heels the whole way, abruptly stumbled forward. "Heeey!" she cried, suddenly all smiles, "It's you! Thanks for the drink; I would'a finished it, but my bitch of a sister threw it out!" Her slurring was a bit more pronounced, now.

Oh, this was bad. Jessica immediately shifted into the stance she'd been taught by her fellow Slayers.

"She actually thought it was drugged; can you believe that?!" Hannah tried to walk over to him, but Jessica kept a death grip on her sister's wrist. "Oh, come on, Jess!" she whined, trying to tug herself free, "Get over yourself and let me go!"

Jessica tugged harder and pulled Hannah closer to her. "Get behind me, Han," she warned.

"Ugh, not this again! Stop being such a paranoid bitch!"

"Relax, Miss."

Jessica whipped around at the sound of a second male voice coming from behind her. This man was about the same age as the first, but decidedly less well put-together; his clothes were shabby and his blonde hair looked greasy.

"We just want to make sure you both get safely home. Ain't that right, Mike?"

"Of course, Chris," the first one responded.

"We're fine," Jessica growled, not liking where this was heading at all. She repositioned herself and Hannah so that she could keep an eye on both men and still keep herself between Hannah and them.

'Mike' sauntered forward a few steps. "Wouldn't be right, though," he countered, "to leave a couple of ladies alone at night, in a place like this."

"No, it wouldn't," 'Chris' agreed, also getting closer to the two sisters. Hannah seemed to finally catch on to the fact that something was wrong, and stumbled closer to Jessica. "How about we give you two a lift?"

Jessica finally let go of Hannah's wrist, now that she didn't appear liable to bolt. "Already got one." Slowly, she reached into her jacket pocket, where she carried her ex-boyfriend's old pocket knife that she'd never given back to him. It wasn't a dagger, but it might do to scare off a couple of human creeps.

She pulled the knife out and flicked it open, ignoring Hannah's squeak of surprise at the sudden appearance of the weapon. "Get out of our way. Now."

Mike's smirk disappeared, to be replaced by a cold sneer. "Alright, then. Hard way it is."

Then he lunged at her, half a second before Chris did the same.

"Hannah, RUN!" Jessica ducked a sloppy punch from Mike, using her downward momentum to keep going down and do a leg sweep, kicking both men's legs out from under them. They both went down, not even seeing it coming, and Jessica shot back up, digging her car keys out of her other pocket. "Here!" She shoved the keys into Hannah's hands. Her sister hadn't moved a single step, and was instead gaping at her like a landed fish. "Get to the car! Go!"

It took a shove, but Hannah was finally stumbling down the alley. She banged into a dumpster and fell to her knees, but she picked herself up. Jessica didn't like the way she was running; even in those stupid heels, Hannah's balance was usually better than that.

But she didn't have much more time to worry about it, because Mike and Chris were back on their feet, and they were angry. "You little bitch!" Chris growled, tugging something out of his own ratty jacket. Similarly, Mike produced a shiny switchblade. However, Chris's weapon was no blade. Jessica caught sight of sparks on the end of the small Taser just in time to dodge his swipe.

Since Jessica hadn't had nearly as much training as the other Slayers she'd met, she knew it would be a stupid move to rush in and attack, even against ordinary humans. Mr. Wood had proven it when he'd put her on the mat during one lesson.

So, she stayed on the defensive, dodging Chris's Taser – something that could put even a Slayer down with one hit – and keeping herself between the two men and Hannah's escape. They possibly had some small level of fight training, and were taking her more seriously than they had initially, but Jessica was still able to take out Mike's right knee with a well-placed instep kick, and slice a decent cut into Chris's left arm. With both men reeling from their injuries, Jessica took the opportunity to run for it.

She got maybe five steps before she saw something that had her stumbling to a halt.

Hannah was there, shaking in the arms of a third man, who had one hand over her mouth and the other hand holding a gun to her temple. "Put the knife down!" the man growled, "Put it down, or she dies!"

Jessica had been good at knife-throwing practice last summer. She'd been very good. The one week she'd spent training this summer, she'd been at the top of her class. But there was no way she'd be able to let her one blade – which wasn't even weighted properly – loose before the trigger was pulled. So, slowly, she let the knife drop from her fingers.

Behind her, Mike and Chris were cursing. "What the hell, Matt? What took you so long?!"

"I could say the same of you! How hard is it to snatch a couple of little girls?!"

"Shut up!"

Chris's angry retort was the last thing Jessica heard before a piercing, burning pain erupted from her neck, and the filthy ground rushed up to meet her face.

I don't know if the drug-testing nail polish is a real thing (if it is, I might consider buying some, even though I'm definitely not the clubgoing type). However, I have seen mention of it in a couple of 'Avengers' fanfics, so this is me taking the idea and running with it.

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