Chapter I: The Unknown Call.

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Darkness, Silence, that's all there was, all that he could see, all that was going through his head. Was he dead? Did they escape? Questions like this flew through his head as he regained consciousness. The last thing he remembered before things went black was resting his head on the Pedestal as the Dawn went through the Portal, the wave of the firing Superweapon gaining on them as they flew towards their only means of escape.

"Chief? Chief can you hear me?!" A voice called to him. The voice of what he would call his best friend. Cortana.

Finally waking up to the sound of her voice, he turned on the Flashlights of his Helmet.

"Oh, I thought I lost you too." She said in a relieved tone, glad that her companion was still among the living.

"What happened?" Chief asked, looking around, finding himself floating within the Grey corridors of the Dawn. Turning his head, he saw the vaccum of Space and motioned towards it. Grabbing his floating Assault Rifle that came lose from his grip and Holstering it onto his back.

"I'm not sure...when Halo fired, it shook itself to pieces, did a number on the Ark. The portal couldn't sustain itself, but we made it through just as it collapsed. Well, some of us made it.." Cortana summarized, having a disappointed tone in her voice towards the end of her clarification.

Chief could see why she sounded like she was disappointed. The Dawn was cut clean in half, the Front Bow must have made it to Earth with The Arbiter. While they were stranded, adrift in the empty vaccum of Space in the Aft with nothing able to be seen other than the stars that dotted the spacescape. Knowing they wouldn't last long like this, Chief turned towards the ship and went deeper into the interior, searching for Cryobay. He propelled himself through the empty Hallways, pushing random bits of debris out of the way. There was an eerie feeling as he moved through the dark, empty hallways, there would normally be Marines or crewman walking these corridors, now it was just him and his A.I. Companion, but, it typically always was since Alpha Halo. Soon he arrived in the Cryo Bay, he made his way to the A.I. Port and went to plug Cortana in, pulling her out of the Nueral Interface in his helmet that connected her to his brain.

"But you did it. Truth, The Covenant, The Flood, It's finished." She told him, materializing as he plugged her in.

"It's finished." He confirmed.

With a small hollow smile behind his helmet, while they were defeated, at what cost was it worth it, was Earth and Humanity safe? Would there be more threats like the Covenant? What could he do if they were stranded in Deep Space like this? Pushing these thoughts from his head, he moved to place his trusty MA5C into the rack by the Cryo Chamber.

"I'll drop a beacon, but it could be a while before anyone finds us. Years even." Cortana told him sadly, knowing what would eventually happen to her, leaving him alone once again.

Listening to her, Chief prepped the Cryo Pod and got himself ready for an extended Sleep, something he was all too familiar with.

"I'll miss you." Cortana told him before the pod began to close.

With a final look to his friend, Chief uttered his final conscious request.

"Wake me, when you need me." Chief told her as the Pod pressurized and sealed him in, practically freezing him in time as he entered a deep slumber.

Cortana watched as her friend lost consciousness, leaving her all alone, with nothing but her thoughts to occupy her for who knows how long. The remains of their once proud Charon Frigate now adrift in the Cold, Vast, Dark Vaccum of Space.

~Some amount of time later~


A bright flash of blinding light shined through the Polarized Windows of the First Bridge of the BBY-001 Space Battleship Yamato. Even with Anti Flare and Shock countermeasures enabled, the amount of Light that came through was practically blinding, which was why the Bridge Crew wore a pair of Anti-Flash Goggles. As the brightness diminished, the crew looked upon the Destruction caused by their new weapon, the Wave Motion Gun, and how it devastated the Gamilan floating Continent within Jupiters Atmosphere, and the Gamilan base Stationed upon it.

"This unbelievable." Said The Yamato's Chief of Tactical, Susumu Kodai.

"This weapon is amazing! With it we can fight the Gamilas Toe-To-Toe! Heck, we might even have the Advantage!" Exclaimed the ships Secondary Weapons Officer, Yasao Nanbu.

"There's no denying its power, but don't forget we were only targeting the Gamilan Base, yet the Wave Motion Gun managed to completely obliterate the entire continent." Stated the Yamato's Second in Command, Executive Officer and Chief of Science, Shiro Sanada.

"Duly noted XO. We are not on a mission to exterminate the enemy, the Yamato's weaponry should be used solely for the purposes of Self Defense." Stated the Yamato's Captain, Admiral Juso Okita.

Once the Yamato was in orbit of Jupiter, overlooking the destruction of the Floating Continent with a new perspective after the test of their new Wave Motion Gun. The enormous scorched area that made itself quite visible on Jupiters surface let the crew know of the Destructive Potential that they carry. As the crew left Jupiter Admiral Juzo Okita, looked upon the Destruction from the observation Window from his Personal Quarters.

'A Power that could destroy the Universe itself, have we truly obtained the forbbiden fire of Divinity? Are we sailing towards Armageddon?'Okita thought to himself, before a look of resolve appears on his face. 'No, I can't think about that now. If this is a trial of Human Character, we won't build our case with words. Our actions will speak for themselves. May our course be true.' Okita concluded his thoughts as the ship continued on its journey.

Headed for the edge of the Sol System to their destination of Iscandar in the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy in hopes of obtaining the Cosmo Reverse System and return. The Goal being the restoration of Earth from the Gamilans Relentless attacks of their deadly planet bombs and Introduction of Alien Fauna, poisoning the Atmosphere with Radiation and Poisonous Spores, Evaporating the Earths Water, killing all its Plant Life and Animals, effectively turning the surface of Earth into a Barren Wasteland. This has to be done within a Year, or else the Human Race will go extinct.

Pluto Base

"You expect me to believe that a Terran Ship made a Hyperspace Jump, and destroyed a Resupply Base, are you Mad?!" Proclaimed Gamilan Major General Gremdt Goer.

"Yes, I realize how it sounds, but Major General, there's no other explanation for it." Commander Walke Shultz rationalized.

"Shut your mouth, I'm in charge of this whole Galactic Theater, you think I rose to this rank by relaying such dribble to Imperial High Command?!" The Major General accuses. "Of course not, our leader has no time for nonsense, I'll just have to wait until you have something appropriate to Report. Do you understand stand what I'm telling you?" Goer looked down upon him with a smug smirk.

"Yes, sir." Commander Shultz replied, looking up at the Major General with Disdain.

"Fix this and I may think about speaking to command about promoting you from Second Class to First Class Citizens, despite your Inferior Blood. So go on, come up with a Report that looks good for all of us!" With a final Grin, the Major General disconnected the call.

"He doesn't understand.." Shultz said to no one in particular before looking to the Monitors. "Bring up the Surveillance footage" He commanded and said footage appeared, showing the new scar in Jupiters Atmosphere from the Yamato's Wave Motion Gun. "The first question is what weapon could have caused that. How is Destruction on that scale even possible?" Shultz looked upon the wounded Gas Giant.

Yamato Meeting Room

The Yamato bridge crew was currently overlooking their next course of action, a map of the Sol System drawn before them.

"The UN's Yamato plan was painstakingly drawn, and we have no margin for error on Pluto. That said, we have full operational control, so the decision about the M2 Contingency ultimately lies with us." XO Sanada explained.

"We have to do it, we have the firepower to destroy their base on Pluto and prevent future attacks." Chief of Tactical Kodai declared

"Chief of Navigation, your thoughts." Captain Okita called out.

"From our coordinates, we have determined that this is the fastest way out of the Solar System." Stated Navigation Chief Daisuke Shima, as the route appeared on the imagery.

"As you can see it's-"

"The wrong way!" Kodai points out, interrupting Shima. "You're kidding me, you want to leave their base here just to shave off a little time?" Kodai states.

"I can understand how you feel, but if we're going to succeed, we can't afford any detours." Shima explained.

"Detours?!" Exclaimed Kodai, but was interrupted by a Ship Alert.

"Main Bridge to Captain!" The Chief of Comms Yoshikazu Aihara called through the PA, "We've picked up a Distress Signal, UN Cosmo Force standard Code. It's weak, but no doubt it's real." The ships Chief Communications officer, Yoshikazu Aihara informed.

"What's the ship's name?" Captain Okita replied.

"We can't make it out, all we know it's coming from the Saturn Moon Enceladus from the Southern Pole." The Officer explained

"Saturn huh? That's still the opposite way from Pluto." Kenjiro Ota points out.

"And it would delay your precious schedule." Kodai points out aswell.

"If we goto Enceladus and send a Rescue Team, how many days are lost?" Okita asks.

"I'd estimate about two." Sanada answers.

"Well here's the view from Tactical, if we spend time on a mission, it shouldn't be on that moon."

"How can you say that Kodai?! True Sailors never abandon one of their own!" Shima scolds him

"We don't know if there are any survivors, we can't waste time on Detours, isn't that what you just said to me?!" Kodai scorns back, "We have to look at the big picture here.

"Our mission is to reach Iscandar, not destroy the Pluto Base." Shima stated before looking to the Captain. "But a Distress Call is different, we have to go, even if the chance for Survivors is miniscule." Shima explained. But the thought train and silence was interrupted by another call from the Bridge.

"Main Bridge to Captain, we've detected another Distress call by Enceladus, but this one's...different." Aihara explained.

"Different? Explain Comms Chief." Okita ordered

"It's not using UN Cosmo Force code, but it's not Gamilan either, and is quite clear, playing audio now." Aihara stated and played the Distress call

"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is UNSC FFG-201 'Forward Unto Dawn'. Requesting immediate evac. Survivors aboard, Prioritization Code Victor 05-3-Sierra-0117" The Distress called played in a Feminine voice through the ships PA.

"We have to go now, there's two ships, one with confirmed Survivors." Shima stated, but was caught off guard as the ship began rocking violently.

As everyone gained their bearings, it seemed the only one uneffected was Sanads, as he was already in contact with Engineering.

"Engine Room, I need a Status report." The XO Ordered.

"This is bad. That blast partly melted one of the Condencers and it's caused a Chain Reaction that's threatening the whole Condenser system. If we don't fix this soon, it could paralyze the entire ship." Chief Engineer Hikozaemon Tokugawa explained, watching as the Heat melted the metal of one the condencers into Molten Slag, causing it to drip onto a Catwalk and partially melt it aswell from the Heat.

"How long to repair." Sanada Asked.

"Hard to say sir. First, there's the question of Materials." Tokugawa explained

After explaining the situation, Sanada looked the Bridge Crew.

"What's Cosmonite 90?" Kodai asked.

"It's a Rare Material, they need it to repair that Condenser." Sanada explained. "Lieutenant, did we bring any?" Sanada asked the Engineer beside him.

"Yes, Sir, but not nearly enough for Repairs on that scale." The Engineer explained.

"Bingo, we're in luck, Enceladus actually has a Cosmonite mine that was abandoned before full extraction." Lieutenant Nimi explained, showing the partially complete mine on screen behind her. "It should have all that we need, so we can Resupply there." Nimi stated.

"We're changing course, we'll goto Enceladus and get the required Cosmonite, we'll investigate the signals, but only until the Minings done. Understood?"

"Sir!" Everyone stood at attention as the Yamato changed course.


"The Terran ship has changed course?" Shultz asks as he was informed of the situation.

"Our Recon Vessels report they're heading for Planet 6, Zaddon" Lieutenant Reported

"Jarletora, don't we have a Recon Landing Ship stationed near Zaddon for Rapid Deployment?" Commander Shultz asks

"Sir." Jatletora replies

"Then let's use it. Take Prisoners if possible." Shultz commands.

"There is something else Commander." Letterman reports.

"State it." Commander Shultz orders

"Reports show something entered the orbit of one of the moons that Orbit Zaddon, it's possible that the Terran ship has picked up the Beacon emanating from it just as we have. We have been unable to determine its origin from any of the races we've encountered, and it's certainly not Gamilan" Jarletora states, playing the message. The same one picked up by the Yamato.

"If that's the case, I want it being investigated aswell, dispatch a Recon Fleet, one Kelkapia class Cruiser, and three Kripitera Class Destroyers to investigate the object, maybe we can use it to attempt to put an end to this Terran Vessel." Commander Shultz Instructs.


Forward Unto Dawn

It has been almost a Year since their escape from The Ark. Cortana had laid alone with her thoughts as time seemingly skipped on by. She looked to her sleeping Companion, ensuring to keep him safe during their time of being stranded. She went through the Data she had on the 4 Years of existence that she's had. From the time on Reach before its Destruction, meeting John, Halo, High Charity, and the Dreadful time with the Gravemind. She could only hope they could hold on, hope that someone would find them before her 7 Year lifespan was over. It didn't matter who found them, UNSC, Covenant, as long as it was someone who could get them home, Cortana had spent enough Isolation on High Charity, she wasn't looking forward to more.

Suddenly, The Dawn's Proximity alarms blared to life. She looked at what the cause could be and saw two Vessels on the approach, she attempted to scan, but to no avail, with the Dawn split in half, they had lost their scanning capabilities. Seeing no choice, she began going through The Dawn's Cryo Manifest to its only inhabitant. She could only hope that this wasnt a waste, hesitating before beginning the Thawing process. She looked to the Cryo Pod as the Frost began melting away from the glass revealing her Armored Hero, Clad in Forest Green.

"Wake up Chief... I need you.." She states, waiting for him to begin to stir.