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Chapter IV: Getting Acquainted


After a moment of Silence, Chief called down Cortana's Pelican. Seeing the craft descend, Kodai and Mori looked to him.

"I thought you said there was no one else?" Mori asked.

"Scans detect no life forms aboard that craft." Analyzer informed them, to which the three Yamato crew members look at him in surprise.

Once it landed Chief headed towards the rear of the craft, and the others followed, seeing a door open in the back of it to an empty compartment with abunch of seats lining the sides of it.

"Its smaller than the Seagull, but still has room for alot of people." Kodai pointed out as he climbed in.

"We can wait here until your ship arrives." Chief informs them, too which they nod in agreement. And with that, Chief enters the Cockpit and sits in the Pilot Seat.

"What an odd bunch, but I'm sure they're saying the same about you." Cortana says as she appeared on a small projector on the console.

Chief silently nods in agreement as they wait. Soon Cortana's scan picks up a large incoming object.

"We got something big coming in, looks like their ship Chief." Cortana informed as she looks out the Cockpits viewport, and there they can see as the Yamato appears over the Horizon. "Incredible!" Cortana exclaims. "They've taken the design of an old World War II Era Battleship and given it a serious overhaul, I'm reading extreme amounts of power coming from it Chief." Cortana tells him.

Chief was silent, but he too was surprised at the sight of the Yamato. Even after fighting the Covenant for years, after exploring countless Forerunner constructs, and fighting a deadly parasite, a flying World War II Era Battleship, capable of Space Travel was not something he was expecting to see.

"Lieutenants, your ship has arrived!" Chief called to the back, and Mori and Kodai would come to the cockpit as the Yamato stationed above them.

Chief let them tune the Radio Frequency so they could make contact with the ship. After abit of static a signal came through.

"...ato to Medical Team, please respond!" They heard the end of a Transmission come through. Mori then took to the Radio.

"This is Lieutenant Yuki Mori of the Medical Team to the Yamato, we are here with the survivor of the Forward Unto Dawn, we are ready to come aboard." Mori informed.

"We read you Medical Team, we are waiting for you arrival in Port Docking area" came the reply.

With that, Chief started the Pelicans Engines. Making sure not to leave behind necessary equipment, he recoupled the Scorpion Tank to the Pelican before heading to the Yamato. As the Pelican came to dock, the deck crew were surprised to see it rather than the Seagull and took a good minute to inspect it. They were even more surprised as they watched the Medical Team step out of it was a large, hulking, armored figure. They gave him a wide berth as he followed the Medical Crew out.

"If you wish to debrief with the Captain, you'll want to come with me." Kodai states as he heads to the bridge, to which Chief acknowledged and followed him.

Chief followed Kodai through the Gun Metal Grey halls of the Yamato, being careful not to hit himself in the doorway with his unusually tall figure, all while getting stares from the Yamato's crew, it wasn't something he was unfamiliar to him, he has gotten plenty of stares before on UNSC Ships aswell.

"Now it really seems like old times." Cortana chirped in the back of his head.

It was hard not to agree with her in this situation, there was certainly a sense of familiarity in their current predicament. It may have been a different environment, but all the nostalgic feelings were there.

"So, when are you going to introduce me to your new friends?" Cortana asked.

"Soon, don't worry." Chief replied, making sure the exterior mics to his Helmet were off before replying.

Soon they arrived at the Captain's quarters.

"Wait here, I'll let you know when the Captain is ready." Kodai instructed before knocking.

"Enter." Came a gruff, elderly voice from the other side, and Kodai entered the room.

"Sir, Lieutenant Kodai of the Medical Team here for a debriefing on the mission." Kodai informed.

"Go ahead Lieutenant." Okita instructs.

"Origin of the Cosmo Force Distress call wad the Assault Destroyer Yukikaze of the UN Cosmo Force First Fleet. We conducted a thorough search, but found no survivors on board." Kodai debriefed

"No Survivors. That dreaded phrase. What of the second Distress call?" Okita asked

"We have one survivor of the ship known as the 'Forward Unto Dawn', the class of ship is Unknown, the Survivor helped us fend off an attack by a Gamilan Armored Assault consisting of four Tanks." Kodai informed

"Where is he now?" Okita asked, intrigued that Kodai says this stranger helped drive off several Gamilan Tanks.

"Outside your quarters, waiting to debrief with you, sir." Kodai informed.

"Send him in" Okita instructs. Kodai then goes to the door and nods to Chief, telling him to enter.

Okita didn't know what to expect when he turned away from the observation window, but he wasnt expecting a Seven foot tall armored Behemoth. He took a moment to look upon the thing before him, unable to recognize anything of ot other than its general Humanoid physique.

"I am Admiral Juzo Okita, Captain of the UNCF BBY-01 Yamato." He introduced himself.

The thing before him then managed to give a perfect salute before standing at attention and introducing itself.

"Sir, Master Chief Petty Officer Sierra-117 of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn." He states.

"At ease." Okita instructs, and Chief relaxes his posture. "I'd like to extend my gratitude to you for rescuing my crew." He extends his hand, which Chief takes in his armored one and gives a firm shake. "Now perhaps you'll indulge me to remove your Helmet and tell me how you came to be here?" Okita asks.

"I would prefer to keep it on sir, but Perhaps we could report to a briefing room and debrief the Command Crew, to avoid unnecessary repetition to save time." Chief suggested.

"That would be a good way to save time." Okita agrees as he picked up the PA Microphone, "Bridge Crew of the Yamato, please assemble in the briefing room." Okita stated before looking to Kodai, "That includes you Kodai."

"Yes, Sir." Kodai salutes as Admiral Okita toom the lead as they go to the Briefing Room.

When Chief enters the Briefing Room, the bridge crew of the Yamato looked up at him as he towered over everyone in the room.

"He's huge.." Nanbu commented as he looked at him.

"Where did he come from?" Shima asked to no one in particular.

"Bridge Crew of the Yamato, this is Master Chief Petty Officer Sierra-117, survivor of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn." Admiral Okita introduced their guest.

"What is the UNSC, and where did they come from?" Lieutenant Kaoru Niimi asked.

"That, is where I come in." Cortana announced, surprising the crew as Chief pulled her chip from his Helmet and appeared in his palm.

"Another Artificial Intelligence program?" Commander Sanada asked.

"Indeed, I am UNSC Smart AI CTN 0452-9, call me Cortana." She introduced herself, her appearence getting mixed reactions from the crew, some ogling her, and others bashfully looking away.

"What can you tell us about the UNSC and where you come from." Lieutenant Nimii asked.

"Straight to the point eh? Alright, I'll tell you all I can within UNSC Protocol parameters." Cortana states. "The UNSC stands for the United Nations Space Command. Established in 2163, the UNSC was the Military Command Structure when humanity expanded out of the Sol System and established colonies in other regions of the Orion Arm in the Galaxy." Cortana began, only to be interrupted by Analyzer.

"Illogical. No records of extra-system travel in 2163, the year is only 2199, and UNCF BBY-01 Yamato is the only ship capable of leaving the Sol System." Analyzer informed.

"Wait, did you say 2199?" Cortana asked as she looked to the red robot.

"That is correct." Analyzer confirmed.

"That can't be possible, the year should be 2553!" Cortana stated, too which everyone looked at her like she was crazy.

"Are you trying to say you're from 400 years in the future?" Shima asked.

"I guess, if it's sounding like that." Cortana states as she looks through her Records to see if she's missed anything.

"What do you think could have caused such a circumstance." Lieutenant Niimi asked.

"I-I'm not sure, it could've been a rip during Slipspace transit, or interference from the firing of the Ring, but my analysis cant indicate what the cause was." she sounded distressed as she continued, not remembering that others in the room wouldn't know what she's referring to.

"Slipspace, Ring,?" Lieutenant Niimi and Commander Sanada looked to eachother before back at Cortana, "Perhaps you could elaborate for us?"

"It's a long story." Cortana sighs out as she pinches her brow. She then noticed a port on the Briefing Table that would fit her AI Chip before looking to Captain Okita. "Captain, would you allow me to interface with the Ship and allow me to more properly explain?" She requested.

"Now hold on a second!" Nanbu called out, catching everyone's attention, "We don't know where these people come from, and they're giving us some story that they're supposedly from the future?! How can we believe them, this could be all some sort of Gami trick to disable the Yamato!" Nanbu exclaimed.

Hearing Nanbu's argument, everyone looked to Captain Okita as the decision ultimately rested with him. Okita was deep in thought, while it was the possibility that it was a trick connived by the Gamilan, he also took to consideration that these strangers had rescued the medical team when they were attacked. Everyone waited in suspense, watching as the Captain looked up to speak.

"I will allow it." Okita permitted, much to Nanbu's disapproval, and Chief slid her chip into the port.

Cortana has a Serge of information course through her as she entered the Yamato's systems, she took a second to absorb the Data before returning to the task at hand, finding out how they were displaced here, and projected herself on the Screen on the Table and began to inform them.

"Whew, all this new information, its astounding! Where was I? Oh, right, in 2291, Humanity gained the ability of FTL Travel by way of the Shaw-Fukijawa Translight Engine, or Slipspace Drive, which allowed us to exit our Solar System more easily and keep in better contact with newly established Colonies. A trip that used to takr months, even years, could now be done in a matter of minutes." Cortana explained how Humanity would soon begin their rapid expansion.

"Could you perhaps explain how this... Slipspace Drive works?" Sanada asked, the concept gaining the interest if the two present Science Officers.

"Gladly. Slipspace is a dimensional subdomain of alternate spacetime consisting of eleven non-visible infinitesimal dimensions used for faster-than-light travel. Making a transition from one place to another via slipspace is known as a 'slip', or 'jump'. A device which allows a spacecraft to perform slipspace transitions is generally referred to as a Slipspace Drive. The Shaw-Fukijawa Translight Engine generates a resonance field, which when coupled with the unusual physics of the slipstream, allows for dramatically shorter transit times between stars. UNSC slipspace drives use particle accelerators to rip apart normal space-time by generating micro black holes. These holes are evaporated via Hawking Radiation in nanoseconds. The real quantum mechanical marvel of the drive lies in how it manipulates these holes in space-time, squeezing vessels weighing thousands of tons into slipspace. The Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine itself provides no actual motive power outside slipspace, and ships equipped with such a device still requires conventional engines for sublight travel. Starships and their occupants are not directly exposed to the eleven-dimensional spacetime while moving through slipspace; instead, the ship is enveloped in a quantum field generated by the drive. The field acts as a medium between the ship and the higher dimensions, translating its presence as a normal-space object to the arcane physics of slipspace and enabling it to 'squeeze through' the higher dimensions. This field requires an enormous amount of constant calculations to maintain, with the number of needed calculations increasing with the size of the ship." Cortana explained to them.

"Fascinating, is there a set range on how far one can jump in Slipspace?" Sanada asked, increasingly interested in this form of FTL Travel, it seemed even more effective then the Wave Motion Warp Drive installed on the Yamato.

"Perhaps another time. There is so much to explain I could go on for hours on every fine detail, and I have a feeling we are pressed for time Lieutenant Commander." Cortana stated

"Very well, but how did you know I was a Lieutenant Commander?" He asked, surprised she knew his rank position.

"While in the ships Systems, I have access to Personnel Records of the crew on board, and don't worry, I just look at the essentials, I don't need to everyone's life story." Cortana reassured.

"Very well, then please continue." Sanada requested.

Alright, by the 2500's Humanity had colonized over 800 new worlds, but in 2525, the UNSC lost contact with an Agricultural world in the outskirts of Colony Space known as Harvest. After sending a fleet to investigate, it was there that we had made contact with a religious alien Hegemony known as the Covenant, and that they had attacked Harvest unprovoked in a Declaration of War, Labeling us an affront to their religion, escalating First Contact into a boody 30 year war. The Covenant worshipped artifacts and relics left behind by an ancient, technologically advanced species that disappeared 100,000 years ago known as the Forerunners." Cortana explained the outbreak of the Human Covenant War, showing what images security protocols allowed.

"Even where these guys come from, Humans have trouble with Aliens.." Nanbu whispered harshly to no one in particular, feeling bad now for his earlier outburst.

"At first the war seemed to be in our favor due to our superior tactics and versatility, but soon each battle became more and more costly. The UNSC wasnt prepared for the Covenant's technological superiority and their sheer numbers. More and more worlds fell to the Covenants onslaught in their genocidal crusade against humanity, but in 2552, the turning point began. After the destruction of the UNSC fortress world of Reach. The Master Chief and I escaped to uncharted space in a Halcyon Class Cruiser called the Pillar of Autumn. When we exited slipspace, we came across an object of immense significance to the Covenant's religion, it is called Halo, an array of Superweapons scattered across the galaxy." Cortana stated, showing a picture of the 10,000km Ring world.

"How and what kind of destruction is this object capable of?" Lieutenant Niimi asked, looking upon the surface of the ring and saw that it was capable of supporting an ecosystem similar to Earth once had.

"The Halo array is a series of 7 Rings scattered across the Galaxy that fires a massive pulse of radiation in a radius of 25,000 Lightyears, if all fired at once, the combined pulse of each ring completely destroys the nueronic capabilities of every sentient being in the Galaxy, wiping it clean of all intelligent life. It was designed this way to counter a Parasitic Organism that feeds on the bodies and minds of sentient creatures, feeding on their biomass to expand and taking their minds into it's own hivemind, getting smarter as it absorbs their knowledge and memories, it was called The Flood. After the Firing, ring caretakers known as Monitors researched remaining samples of the Flood to find a more capable way to counter it. The Covenant believed that firing these rings, they themselves will be sent upon a 'Great Journey' and ascend to godhood." Cortana explained.

"Suicidal Bastards..." Kodai couldn't help but clench his fists hearing this.

"After finding out the rings purpose and the release of the Flood on the ring, the Master Chief and I saw to it that the ring couldn't be used by the Covenant and destroyed it. Little did we know that by doing so, we set off a chain of events thst would lead to the downfall of the Covenant. After repelling a Covenant attack on Earth a few months later. The Chief and I followed the retreating forces to another Halo Site, it was there that we assassinated a Covenant Leader known as the Prophet of Regret, and set off a massive influx of infighting among the Covenant's Warrior castes resulting in a Schism. After discovering a Forerunner Installation known as The Ark that was Stationed outside the Galaxy where the entire Halo Array could be fired at once, an alliance consisting of the UNSC and a faction of Covenant Separatists followed the Loyalists there yo put an end to the Covenant once and for all." Cortana told them what information she could without violating security protocols, and avoided talking about her experience on High Charity with the Gravemind, as it was not an experience she'd like to be reminded of.

"After elimating the Covenant threat by killing the High Prophet of Truth, a Flood Outbreak occurred on the Ark, the Flood knew it was a place that it could grow without being in danger of being wiped out by the firing of the Halo Array, but we found out that the Ark was a place where the Halo's were built. Upon the discovery of a ring that was under construction, the Master Chief and I saw to it that setting off a minor pulse would wipe out the local infestation. As we were escaping the Ark and reached the Slipspace Portal back to Earth, the Pulse of the wave caught up with us and destabilized the Portal, our ship was torn in half and ejected randomly into Space. I dropped a distress beacon to call for help as Chief went into Cryo-Sleep, we were adrift for 7 months before encountering you here." Cortana concluded her tale.

"Fascinating." Niimi remarkef as she held onto every word.

"It could be possible that the Radiation Pulse from the ring and the fold in time made by Slipspace, that not only was your ship torn in half, but your half wasnt sent through a tear in the Space-Time Continuum that propelled you not only back in time, but into a different Universe, as per the Multi-verse theory." Sanada concluded.

"Im not sure, but it seems so outlandish, it could potentially be true.." Cortana stated as she looked over her data again. Putting aside her endeavors for the moment, she sighed before looking to the rest of the crew. "Well, you know how we came to be here, perhaps you could share your tale with us and what brings you here."

"Agreed, if you're going to be here with us, you might aswell know what you're in for." Okita nodded to Sanada.

"In 2191, Humanity had made First Contact with an Alien Species known as The Gamilans, without provocation, they opened fire on our ships, devastating our fleets and forcing us to retreat, thus beginning our nearly decade long war. In 2195, The United Nations Cosmo Navy retaliated in a costly, but victorious battle over Mars where we learned the identity of our aggressors, their response to that was bombarding the Earth was a series of deadly planet bombs, turning the surface of Earth into a Barren, Radioactive Wasteland, forcing the remaining survivors of humanity underground, where we bow struggle to survive because of dwindling resources." Sanada explained, showing images of sed battles and the current state of Earth.

"Evil Bastards...it's the Covenant all over again, but even worse circumstances.." Cortana stated as she looked over the images.

"In a sign of peace and goodwill, the people of Earth recieved a message from the planet of Iscandar in the Large Magellanic Cloud that they could have the ability to restore Earth with an object called the 'Cosmo Reverse System' and gave us the plans of a new kind of Engine that will allow us to leave our Solar System and reach their planet, via the Wave Motion Engine. Through the sacrifice of much of our fleet, we recieved the final component, the Wave Motion Core, and we now have less then a year to make it to Iscandar and back before Humanity is driven to extinction." Sanada finished explaining their mission, whilst showing images of the preceding events.

"Very well, it's settled then, we're coming." Cortana concluded.

"Wait, coming?" Kodai asked.

"Our job is to protect humanity, even if you're not of our universe, our mission still stands, so yeah, we're coming. You're gonna need all the help you can get against an enemy like this." Cortana told them

Everyone then proceeded to converse around the table at this proclamation of them joining them, all except Okita, who was deep in thought.

"Captain, you can't seriously be considering letting them join!" Nanbu called out again.

"They've already proven their worth by helping Kodai and his team, and seeing conviction like I see in them, we'd be fools to turn down their assistance." Okita then looked to the Master Chief and extended his hand. "Welcome Aboard." Okita stated, getting mixed reactions.

"Thank you sir, but if I may make a request?" Chief asked.

"What is it?" Okita responded.

"There are plenty of assets still aboard what's left of the Forward Unto Dawn, I wish to take a team aboard to transfer what is left aboard the Yamato as not to let it goto waste before scuttling the ship." Chief replied.

"Scuttle it, for what purpose?" Okita queeried.

"UNSC Cole Protocol dictates no UNSC asset is to fall into enemy hands, if we leave the wreck here for the Gamilans to find, they obtain records of Planet Locations, Weapons Research, Strategic and Technical Data, if the Gamilans were to find their way to our Universe, there's no telling what they could do." Chief explained.

"Very well, I'll allow it, you have two hours before we leave Enceladus." Okita stated before looking to his Bridge crew, "Officers Kodai, Mori, and Sanada, I want you to Oversee the transfer while the Master Chief prepares to scuttle the remains of his vessel." Okita ordered.

"Yes, Sir!" All three saluted before returning to their stations on the Bridge.

"Captain Okita, if I may also make a request?" Cortana asked.

"Go ahead Cortana." Okita responded.

"I wish to remain in the ships system, with my abilities as a UNSC Smart AI, getting acquainted with the ships weapons systems, I can drastically increase this vessels Combat efficiency by 120%." Cortana explained.

"That will not be necessary." Anyzer Proclaimed, "This ship already possess AI assistance." Analyzer stated, referring to himself.

"Oh just take the help won't ya?" Cortana rolled her eyes.

"Enough you two." Okita stopped their bickering before it could escalate further. "Cortana, I'll allow you to remain within the ships Systems, and Analyzer, I expect both of you to get along." Okita stated.

"Aye, Aye Captain." Cortana saluted before cutting off her projection.

"Great, now we have two of them." Okita sighs before he and the crew return to their stations on the bridge.

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