Chapter 1


Tyrali picked up her blade and flung it at a tree. She grabbed it and flung it at the tree again. It was supposed to help her calm down, but it didn't. "Why? Why am I so useless? I can't use magic, so I'm no use to this stupid society! Why am I even here?" she cried.

"Luna?" a voice came. "Are you going to class today?" it asked.

"Not today, Illidan. I'm not feeling too good. I think I'm just sick, though."

"Don't lie to me. You're not sick. You never get sick. What's up?" he asked.

"I can't do magic like you, Malfurion, and Tyrande can. So what use am I?" she asked him.

"Luna! Stop it. There are so many other roles, trust me. Like a soldier, or an archer." he cried defensively.

"I feel so useless. Everyone else thinks I'm useless. They want me to be useless. Better yet, dead. Why don't I just give them what they want?"

Illidan pushed her to the ground. "No, Luna. No way. I won't let you. Here, I'll walk you to class." he said, and without hesitation, their hands intertwined and she was being dragged along to what she could only describe as torture.

After class was even worse. All she could hear was laughing voices, or taunting voices, or whispering voices as she walked away. She wanted to yell at them to stop, but if she did that, Tyrande would just get mad.

So instead, she tried thinking about what could make her happy. She grimly realized that it wasn't that much anymore. Illidan, Malfurion, and sometimes Tyrande were about it.

Maybe if I just tell someone how I feel. But not any of them... maybe Maiev, though. The girl was kind to her, and would listen, and was probably the closest to a friend she had, other than her sister and the Stormrage brothers.

As she walked to Maiev's home, she thought about what she had told Illidan. Was it true? Definitely. But was it helpful to his studies? Did he need to know? Should she be complaining to him? Or anyone? No. She shouldn't complain to Maiev, or Illidan, or Malfurion, or Tyrande. It wasn't their problem nobody cared about her as they did Tyrande or Malfurion. That was her own jealousy, her own problem.

She stopped to turn back when she saw a girl her age behind her. "Hi Tyrali. My name's Asha. I'm in the Magic Spells class, remember? I noticed that you couldn't do the spells, and I was wondering if you wanted to practice with me and Cyana tomorrow morning before class?" she asked.

Tyrali didn't know how to answer. "Y-yes, I'd like that, A-Asha. Th-Thanks." she stuttered.

Chapter 2


Illidan could not help but notice that as Tyrali walked to school that morning, she seemed both happier and tired. Usually, she woke early, but today he had to rouse her from her bed because Tyrande and Malfurion both couldn't.

As they approached the school, Tyrali was quickly greeted by two night elves, whom he remembered as Asha and Cyana. Something seemed so close about their bond already, that he couldn't put a finger on, both because she was glaring at him to stop staring at her, and because she had never even talked to the girls before.

He caught up with Malfurion and Tyrande and glanced back at her. "Tyra, how long has she known Asha and Cyana?" he asked Tyrande.

"I don't keep her in check, Illidan. She doesn't either. Usually you do. You'd be the one to know. Sorry."

"It's okay, but she does seem really tired today." he said. Tyrande raised an eyebrow. "I don't want her to get too little sleep. It's not healthy."

"Well, she stayed up all night reading one of my books, and she went out to dinner herself last night. Weirder yet, it was a magic book." Tyrande shrugged.

"What subject?"

"I don't know, you should ask her." Tyrande said.

He did. He walked to the three girls and tapped her shoulder. "What were you studying last night?" he asked her.

"Uh, well..." she started.

"Just show him, Tyrali!" Cyana put in eagerly.

She pulled him aside, and she muttered something. Beautiful sparks started to fly from her cupped hands. A tiny bluish gray glow come off of her hands, and then it faded as her eyes opened and her lips closed. "I can do magic! Finally, I won't be useless!" she whispered eagerly.

His eyes popped wide. "In one night? That's amazing, Luna! See, I told you you aren't useless! You just needed time!"

Another night elf walked around the corner. "Just learned? But you won't be ready for the test, Tyrali!"

Tyrali's eyes dimmed. "I know Altruis. But with luck, I'll get a good enough grade." she snapped.Chapter 3


As Illidan walked away to get back to the group, Altruis grabbed her hand. "I can teach you." he said.

"No thanks. Cyana and Asha do a perfectly fine job of that." she snapped at him impatiently. "Let me go."

"I just want to give you extra help. I want you to get a good grade Tyrali. Come on. I know you want to learn magic faster." he offered.

"Fine. Midnight every night works for me." she snapped.

That night, she walked to the training grounds in the cold rain in just a green dress, fit of a highmistress were it fancier. When she got there, Altruis was waiting for her with a package behind him. "Hey Tyrali. Are you ready?"

"What's in the bag? Let me guess, some magic rock?" she said humorously.

"I think you'll like this more than a magic rock." he said sweetly. He handed her the box.

"For me?" she asked, and a shy nod was all she got from him, unlike how he normally acted. She wondered why the box made him so shy, but when she opened it she understood. A beautiful emerald gemstone was attached to a string, with two shining rubies attached to either side of it. Below the necklace was a headband, carved with swirls, with a diamond embedded on top. "Altruis..." she started.

She ran to him and gave him a huge hug. "You shouldn't have." she whispered.

Chapter 4


When her sister walked through the door that evening, hair messily spilling over her shoulders, covered in bruises, but in a beautiful minty silk gown, adorned with a necklace and headband, Tyrande's first question was, "What happened?"

Malfurion immediately jumped to his feet, ready to heal the girl, while Illidan had enveloped her in a giant bear hug.

However, when asked where she had been, she immediately frowned. "Isn't it obvious? I, uh, I went on a hike with Asha and Cyana. I just fell, that's all, on, uh, the hike." she had stuttered messily.

She's lying to us. She never lies to me, or Malfurion, or Illidan. She really doesn't want us to know. "Okay, then." Tyrande said. "But when did you leave?" she asked calmly.

"Midnight. All questions over, I'm going to bed. I'm, uh, really, really tired." Tyrali said awkwardly.

"Not going to chat with us?" Malfurion asked her slyly.

"I'm REALLY tired, so, uh, no." Tyrali said.

As soon as she was out of earshot, both Illidan and Tyrande had it figured out. "She's lying to us." they both said. They stared awkwardly at each other for a bit, before Tyrande started speaking.

"She was wearing a dress and jewelry. She wouldn't wear that on a hike. And I don't believe she had that jewelry before." Tyrande said uncomfortably.

Illidan piped up. "Plus, she never stutters like that."

Even Malfurion had something to say. "And she always likes to stay up late and chat with us."

Tyrande nodded. "I know. I'm going to ask her where she's going if she goes tomorrow." she said.

Chapter 5


The next morning she woke early and had herself dressed in a fine blue top with a silverish wave pattern around the bottom. She brushed her hair messily down and strode down to wake Tyrande from the couch. "Wake up, sis. You have a class early today." she said, brushing a strand of Tyrande's hair behind her ear.

"I'm up, Luna." Tyrande said. "You wanna walk me over there?" she offered.

"Sure." she said carefully.

"You seem sad." Tyrande put in. "Why is that?"

"Sad? No. I'm just disappointed you can't walk to school with me and the boys." Tyrali said.

"Well perk up, little piece of the moon. I know you'll have just as much fun without me." Tyrande giggled.

"Okay Tyra. By the way, are you and either one of them a thing?" she asked sheepishly. "J-Just asking."

"I'm not sure. Malfurion wants to be, and I'm just not ready to break Illidan's heart." Tyrande said.

"Break his heart? Why would that happen?" she asked, shocked. "Does he like you?"

"Yes... at least that's what he's said."

Tyrali felt her heart be crushed. "Oh... okay. I-I j-j-just wanted to know..." she stuttered, unable to keep tears from falling. Tyrande gasped.

"Luna, I didn't mean to- please, I'm sorry!" Tyrande cried.

"Whatever... it was childish. Just g-go get ready." she said. "You don't want to be late."

"No. I'm going to skip. I'm staying with you. Come on, we'll walk without them today." she said.

Tyrali couldn't speak. Tears were freely flowing, and a knock rang on the door. As Tyrande opened it, she felt happiness flow into her. It wasn't enough to quench the tears, but she ran to the night elf and wrapped her arms around him. "Altruis. I'm sorry I didn't come to early morning practice, I got distracted." she cried.

"Tyrali! It's okay, but why are you crying?" he asked her desperately.

"Oh, um... I was just upset about something... minor." she said. "Tyrande and I were going to walk to the school, did you want to join us?" she asked him.

"Sure, Luna, why not?" he said.

As they walked, Tyrali lost herself in thought. Illidan won't be there for me, so I'm putting my trust in someone else. Someone I know can carry it.Chapter 6


Illidan and Malfurion had just reached the girls' house, when they met Cyana and Asha. "Cyana, Asha, why are you here?" Malfurion had asked them.

"We know you meet Tyrali here every morning, so we came to get you." Asha had said.

"Why did you need us?" Illidan asked.

"Altruis is not happy with you. He swore Tyrali's vengeance on you, but she had us get you to warn you." Cyana whispered.

"Vengeance?" Illidan asked. "Why does she need vengeance? And on who?"

"You." Asha said. "But it makes sense you wouldn't know. She wouldn't want to tell you. Now she'd probably prefer to tell you in person, but Altruis is keeping her within his sight for the rest of the school days. He's even taking her to his house after school."

Illidan could hardly speak. "He-he'll pay. He'll learn to stay away from her." And Tyrande, he added to himself.

"Are you sure?" Cyana asked him.


"Follow us."

They ran off, and they both ran after them. Soon, they had reached the school, and they turned the corner to where Altruis was standing guard over Tyrali, who stood in animate against the wall. Someone who didn't know her well would think she was fine, but Illidan saw the way her shoulders slumped, her eyes were cast downward, and the way her knees were tilted slightly inward. "I told you to stay away." was her only response to their presence.

Altruis's glare was like pointed daggers. "Let her go." Illidan snapped.

"The wild dog found his prey." Altruis said angrily. "Too bad there's a hunter protecting the rabbit."

"Hunter indeed! Have you not seen she doesn't love you, Altruis?" Asha cried.

"Tyrali?" he asked her, his eyes glowing a hollow blue, which no one else seemed to notice.

"What magic are you casting on her?" Illidan asked.

Tyrali stared accusingly at him. "Says the one who broke my stupid, childish heart! I always knew my sister took most things from me, but I didn't think it would be everything. There was one thing I thought she couldn't take..." she sighed.

"She took nothing from you! Don't insult her!" Illidan snapped to her. Her eyes flashed to his, and a wave of guilt came over here.

"Idiot boy. I have more power than you now, you know. And I don't care how much I used to care! You want to know the one thing I thought she couldn't take from me? It was you. Now I know differently. You're just like everyone else. Every single boy is the same. Care for beauty and looks, but never feel sympathy for the overshadowed. There were two races here. Now, there's three." she snapped.

Illidan was confused. "How would you make your own race?"

"I will not stand by and be useless for you all. I will leave. Anyone who comes with me will have unlimited magical power. We will be Star Elves." she grinned. Asha gasped.

"Stop this madness, sister!" a feminine voice rang out.

"Tyrande... I've missed you. Join me!" Tyrali smiled.

"Why should I?" Tyrande snapped.

"Because you can't beat me." Tyrali smirked.

"But all five of us can. Stand down, Tyrali, or you know what will happen." Illidan threatened.

"Death is better than a world without your love." Tyrali remarked sourly.

Tyrande cast a broken look at Illidan, and he mustered the courage to finally save the girl. He walked up to her and pulled her in close, and she suddenly softened in demeanor. Her eyes dimmed of the softly glowing blue magic.

He felt his lips touch hers, and suddenly they were locked to each other, softly kissing as the world passed without them.Chapter 7


As the kiss broke, all reality came back to her. To the two night elves beside her, to the four in the field, and to what she had been forced to say. "Altruis!" she snapped.


"Why would you do that? Why would you control me? I-I trusted you!" she snapped.

"I wanted to protect you!" Altruis glared.

"From what? That wasn't his fault! If you were protecting me from anything, it was myself!" she snapped.

Asha and Cyana ran up to her. "We suggest you don't practice with him at midnight anymore." Cyana said.

"Then we're all on the same page." Tyrali smirked. "And, Illidan... I'm sorry." she added, facing the dark-haired elf.

"It's me who should be apologizing." he said to her gently. "I should have realized that we were ignoring you. But I do have one question." he said, softly.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Why didn't you tell me? Why did you ignore yourself? If I had known, I would have tried to help!" he said.

"Because... because I had hope. I hoped maybe, just maybe, you cared the same way. And then Tyra told me, and then... you know what happened."

"I- I should have just accepted it and moved on. I shouldn't have been mad. I should have- all these 'should have's and no 'done's. I did everything wrong. Everything. I'm the worst friend ever." she sighed.Chapter 8


Her sister was horrified. Tyrande, however, could actually see her sister saying the things Altruis had made her say.

Apparently Malfurion could, too, because he snapped at her, "Well all he did was put a subtle disguise on it. It's hard to tell that he even used magic on you!"

Tyrali was visibly stung. Tyrande couldn't feel pity, though. Her sister would in fact say that, and no, she wouldn't deny it.

A break in Tyrande's face wouldn't be spotted. She was angered with both Malfurion for insulting her sister, and at Tyrali for pretending that she wouldn't have said that were she herself then. The face was copied on Illidan's face, too.

"Are you not going to defend your own sister? Do you not realize this is all of our fault and not just mine?" Illidan snapped.

"How is this our fault?" Malfurion snapped back.

"The only reason she would ever 'want vengeance' on any of us is because she's so overshadowed by Tyrande! And Malfurion, does it look like you're helping with that?"

"Just don't bother. Let them believe what they want to believe, and when they have the will to see the truth, then I'll be the one to deny that they didn't mean to say this." Tyrali said calmly.

"The truth? We already see it! You don't, Tyrali! You're just jealous! That's not my fault!" she snapped.

"But it's not jealousy. It's just fate. Or perhaps, our precious Elune means this to happen, Tyrande. Ever heard of the dark side of the moon? That's me. I'm the dark side of you, you're the light side of me. But should we combine our power, we could be queens." she said calmly.

"See? All you want is power!" Tyrande snapped.Chapter 9


Tyrali could feel anger building in her, but she pushed it back as far as she could. Which wasn't very far, because Tyrande was provoking it and pulling it out by the second.

"Calm down... I see you tensing." Illidan whispered to her. "If you get mad at her, she can use it against you."

"I'm sorry. You misinterpreted what I meant, sister. I said if. I completely understand that you will never care for my power or yours." she said smartly.

"Now, we have to get to class." Illidan told them, nodding and pulling her away. "I suggest you do, too." Cyana and Asha started to run after Illidan and Tyrali, and soon, Tyrande and Malfurion were specks in the distance as their hippogryphs took them to the main balcony of the school building.