Harry Potter x The Thirteenth Year

Thirteen Years

"Very good Micah. Keep going." Shouted Cody. It has been many years since his time as a young merman.

After that one summer with his real mother, it was thirteen years before he finally asked his long girlfriend, Samantha to marry him.

His best man was Jess, which didn't surprise anyone. He later married a wonderful girl in college. They dated for over a year before he asked her. By then, Cody and Sam were married a month.

And now, thirteen years more, Cody has over five great children. Micah, being the oldest, was at the same age as he once was, thirteen and in merman training.

Everything his mother taught him, he was passing down to his first born son.

Cody's other children are, Macana, The Charlotte "Clark", Nancy, and last is Kai. Cody and Sam made a deal, she'd get to name one boy and girl and so did he. But when a fifth child came on, they chose one name, boy and girl, and ended up having a boy, who Samantha named Kai.

Jess also had a child, her name is Kira, and she's soon to be a proud older sibling. She's closer to Micah and Macana's age, and knows of their family secret.

She loves them either way. Just like her father.

To this day, Micah is learning to control his merman powers and abilities.

"How was that dad?"

"Good Micah. You'll be a master quicker the I was." Cody said to his son. He helped Micah out of the water in time to see a strange old man and child by the edge of the water out on the docks by their house.

"Who is that?" Micah asked.

Cody has never seen these people here before, but if they saw Micah, who knows what they'd do.

Cody headed over to see who they were.

"Well, how am I doing grandpa?" Asked the boy.

"Good job my boy." Said the old man.

"Hello." Cody said.

They both turn to see him. "Ah. Look my boy, it's a merman."

Cody hide Micah behind him.

"Relax sonny. I'm not going to turn you into the government." Said the old man. "I'm Grandpa Newt. And this is my grandson Rolf. We were just coming to do some fishing to keep an eye on one of those little guys." Newt said.

Cody looked where he pointed in the water, and saw this odd looking...seahorse?

"That's an odd seahorse." Micah said.

"That's not a seahorse. Looks like one. But it's called a Hippocampus. Mostly they live in Greece, but sometimes they become close to extinction because there are more merpeople in the world eating them and many other creatures. My grandfather helps to give them homes where they are safe from the muggles." Rolf explained.

"Cool! What other creatures are in the water like that?" Micah asked.

"Micah." Cody called.

"He's fine. Welcome to the world of magic. You know what you are, and so does you're son. Creatures like these are everywhere weather you want to believe it or not."

"What are you then?" Cody asked.

"A wizard. So is my grandson. When he's old enough. He still has one more year." Newt said.

Cody nodded, understanding him. "Alright. So, almost...everything read in books is real."

"You could say that. Some possibly haven't even been found to prove yet." Newt said.

"What is THAT?" Rolf asked.

"That my boy, is a Horned Serpent. They mostly live around here. And can be...dangerous. Back away you two. We don't want to get in it's way of it's path." Newt said.

Both boys stood up and they watched the creature swim under the docks and past them.

"Wow, it's like the lockness monster." Micah said.

"Now that's a beast you don't want to mess with." Newt said.

"My father found her, and lady Nessy hates people. Because us wizards take her children and hide them away so they don't get killed. They are tiny when they are first born." Rolf said.

"So, born or magically given?" Newt asked.

"Born. How do you magically become a merman?" Cody asked.

"In some continents, like Australia or the arctic zones, you find a magic moon pool in a cave, and if you fall in it on a certain night then you can turn into a mermaid or man." Newt said. "It's happened a few years back."

Cody was shocked. "Wish I knew about that before. Maybe..."

"If you were born with it, I don't think there would be a way for you to reverse it." Newt said.

"Cody! Micah! Dinner will be ready soon. And Kira is here." Sam shouted.

"What?! Oh no! Macana will take her from me! I gotta go. I hope we meet again, Rolf." Micah said and took off running.

"He's fast even on land." Newt said.

"He's got his mother's legs. Fast runner. He might join the track and field team when he gets into high school." Cody said.

"Well, it's nice knowing you...Cody. I hope we do meet again, one day." Newt said.

"Bye." Rolf said as Newt took him down the dock and they vanished.

Cody shook his head. He partly hoped this was all a dream, but then again, if this wasn't, he was glad to have met Mr. Newt and his grandson Rolf. He never got their last names.

Cody came inside and found both his girls playing games again which meant, no TV for him.

"Can't you girls play a board game for once?" He asked.

"No! We don't have a TV in our room and who wants to play those lame games!" They both shouted.

"Girls, be nice. Kai is trying to complete his puzzle and your being really loud for his ears." Samantha shouted.

Cody heard the arguing upstairs before it turned to...

"Really?! A Hippocampus?!" Kira asked.

"Yeah. They look super cool. I'll draw one for you." Micah said.

"Remember when you and I were that young once?" Sam asked.

"Never forget it." Cody chuckled.

The End