"I leave the rest to you, Sawada tsunayoshi." The voice echoed and faded away.




Brown doe mixed with half bluish sapphire eyes snapped open, his breath panting extremely with trembling sound as his hands clenches the collar of his shirt. His sweat drips down as fast as a bullet goes, his temperature high giving the warm aura around him and surrounding the brunette. His vision blurred, hazy enough for the brunette to squint his eyes further making up the puzzles around him. Wide room painted in white and gold structure placed at the very corner of the room greeted him, Tsuna tilted his head sideways, unable to think of any places that is close to the room. He's unfamiliar with the details, the smell, the decoration of the wide room. Tsuna tilted his head backwards back, thinking of his recent memories, trying to remind himself of how did he ends up in the room.

Unfortunately, that was a bad move, flashbacks of his famiglia dies in front of himself kept repeating themselves like a broken movie projector. His eyes blank, emotionless from the time being and soften, surpassing the urge to lets out a pained tear. his memory stopped, there, stood a tall man, with familiar features smiling at him, reaching out his hand to Tsuna, the rest was a blur, but Tsuna doesn't need to recollect those missing pieces, he had already known what his grandpa would had say.

'Ah, this is another world.' he sighed, hands threading between his hairs unevenly and massaging them pressing his fingers lightly.

He had remember clearly how he got here, entering the flashy flaming golden portal, blacking out and waking up here, dense against the situation so obviously. His eyes found themselves wondering around the room, admiring the royal details and the work all the artists had put on it. Now that he noticed, his room has a rich feeling, perhaps he might be a noble in his parallel self? No, that won't be a good explanation, no matter how rich a family with the tittle 'noble' could be, they still couldn't afford that many gold and diamonds just to make it a simple poster in their child's room, not to mention, not every monarch country allow such richness to a mere political and wise man even if they own it. Some gave them away to the monarch's kingdom, the royals. That would be the most logical reason, he seemed to be reborn as a royal.

Tsunayoshi felt his throat dry, due to the event, his first action on the unfamiliar world would be grabbing a glass of water. settling down his feet on the cool surface of the ceramic floor, he notice that his figure is quite small, just like his previous. But his skin seems to be too young for a teenager, not to mention an adult. Checking his features, he predicts his body would be around 6-7 years old, but he shrugged it off either way.

His fingers caressed the golden knob, turning them quietly afraid of waking some other that lived in the palace besides him. His small feet brought him to the nearest light source, expecting a kitchen would be there due to the strong smell of food coming from the light. Tsuna uses his fire that thankfully was brought along with him from his previous world to speed up his tiny feet.

Before entering the kitchen, he heard a small sound of a chair being dragged by a figure, the shadows move evenly to the owner's movements. Tsuna hides behind the wall, his eyes focusing on the tall figure grabbing a glass of water, his glasses pushed by the man's middle finger as their royal sapphire eyes looked at the thick paper connected by the bolt. The man's eyes seemed tired and exhausted. Upon first glance, Tsuna knows who that man is. No need for further complicated reasons, the blonde long hair rest on the man's shoulder and his sapphire royal eyes explains everything. Only Royals have that kind of eyes, and he expect he has one too.

"Father?" He called out, afraid might shock the man a little.

The man's eyes sharpen warily and soften after he sees Tsuna, his lips quirked up into a gentle smile that would melt every maiden's heart.

"Edmund? What might bring you here for?" He voiced, such gentle and deep voice continued with a satisfying soothing tone, perfect for narrating.

Tsuna laughs at his name mentally, Edmund, a masculine given name or surname in the English language. The name is derived from the Old English elements ēad, "prosperity" or "riches", and mund, meaning "protector". How odd and fitting, to think that his personality would be transfer into one name in the other world.

"Thirsty." Tsuna replied, feet walking near the man. The man brought the tiny figure to his lap, hands grabbing the glass and giving it to Tsuna, which he accepts gracefully. the sound of gulping chuckles the other man.

"Feeling better?" the man mused.

"Yes, father." He replied.

Tsuna hopped down from his father's lap waving at the man which he waves back, and disappears from sight. Tsuna opens his room, closing them again once he is inside. His back hoping on the bed and enjoying the feeling of the soft mattress against his back, he sighed once more. how long since he could relax like this? the anwer would be a couple of years ago before the war happened, the memory pissed him, making him gritting his teeth and clenching his fists in shame. He was such a wasteful leader, he let his friends died in front of his very eyes and he couldn't do anything.

His world came to black, soul drifting to the world of dreams.

The next day arrives, Tsuna wakes up with a loud yawn came from his lips eagerly, his hands stretching arching his back releasing the cramps from sleeping. A slight knock could be heard,

"Prince Edmund, It's bathing time." the deep voice cooed, opening the door to a maximum privacy space.

The man stood and walk near Tsuna, his gloves touching Tsuna's figure, carrying him in a proper position, walking to the bath.


Tsuna dips his nose in the soaps, his hands playing unevenly and popping the flying bubble, the butler sit right next to him with a proud smile, which Tsuna returns with the same one.

'How can a life e more satisfying than this?' He mused mentally, enjoying his moments, while it still last.

"Tsunayoshi, don't forget, your guardians souls will c- ... "