18th of August 1991, London

It was a cold but sunny morning in London. Nothing strange to notice at first sight. But in some houses, families were out of their mind. Some were happy, some were confused, but almost all were proud, proud to a a witch or wizard as a child. Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, had sent letters all over the country. Usually, only English people are allowed in Hogwarts. After all, there are other schools for other countries, Beauxbatons in France, Ilvermorny in the United States… but sometimes, some very few times, exeptions are made, for very, yes, very special students. And this year, a record of those special students found a letter in their box mails.

Same day, in the Scottish Highlands

« - Have you seen Princess Merida ?

- No, and I've been looking for her all morning ! »

The maids were starting to get bored of always searching for this very odd princess, and having at the same time to foil all of her brother's tricks.

« - Keep looking ! » ordered Queen Elinor. Merida's mother was more than sick of her children. Merida was a big problem. At only age 11, she was already truancying all day, neglecting her princess's duties and standing up to absolutely everything. Of course her husband, King Fergus, thought of all this as qualities, but she sure knew they were only going to cause her daughter problems. Meanwhile, Princess Merida was enjoying a moment of freedom outside the castle, which she knew was going to end the moment she put a foot back in the castle…

« - Yeehaa ! Come on Angus ! I know you can do better than that ! »

Hardly had she spoken when her horse accelerated even more, enlarging the smile on her face. They continued like that for about 20 min, made a stop by a river and, sadly, went back to the castle.

« - She's here ! I found her ! The princess has returned !

« - Alert the Queen ! »

Three seconds later, Queen Elinor was here.

« -Merida ! When you leave to do god knows what outside, at least have the decency to warn !

- Sorry Mother… Guess I forgot ? »

She wasn't sorry at all. In fact, she deliberately sneak out, because she knew she would not have been able to go out if she told anyone.

« - You'd better not forget again. Now, follow me, today you'll be accompanying me on the duties, and may that serves as a lesson.

- WHAT ? » Merida yelled.

Queen's and princess's duties ? Oh please, not that !

« - I-I can't, uh, I have some, uh… stables' cleaning to do ! » she tried

The look on her mother's face made her understand it was an order.

« - Fine ! Just give me a sec. » she groaned

« - A second, Merida, a second. A princess must articulate so her subjects understand her well !

- Yeah, whatever…

- Yes, Merida, YES !

- UGH, OKAY I GOT IT ! » she screamed, slamming her room's door.

She heard her mother giving her another lesson about no screaming, no slamming, what a princess must do, must not do, how she was terrible at it, bla bla bla… She knew. She was about to crash another vase to calm her nerves when she saw a strange letter on her bed. Weird. Usually, every letter, even sent to her, was given on a silver plate to the Queen during the meals. She took the letter.

Miss Merida Walezna

Princess of the Kingdom of DunBroch

Third room at the right, second floor

Okay, this was super strange. She turned the letter. A symbol was on the letter. An eagle, a lion, a badger and a snake was circling the letter H. She opened the letter, and started reading.


Same day, Island of Berk

Hiccup was still asleep when his father burst in the room yelling.


Why, o why couldn't his dad just speak normally instead of destroying his ears each morning ?

« - Okay, okay, I'm coming » he mumbled


Oh no. His father was nice, but he just couldn't cook, not even eggs. Hiccup started getting dressed. He heard screams outside, and opened his window to see what was going on. Ah, a fight, as usual… wait, was it HER fighting ? Hiccup stepped forward, risking to fall, to check. Yes, it was her. Astrid… so beautiful… Hiccup had a crush on her since he was eight. She was so pretty, so fierce, so…

« - AAAAAH ! » Hiccup screamed while falling off his window, in the middle of the fight.

« - Hiccup ? What the-


- Uuh… You're half naked you know that ?

- Oh yes what a nice weather ind- WHAT ? »

Oh shit, he had no shirt on…

« - Aaaah yeaaah ummm I was practising uh yes, better without a shirt you know because my dad…

- Yeah whatever. Can you move now ? We're are practising too.

- Of course of course sorry… »

What an idiot he was. His face had turned all red. He went back home, using the door this time, and ran into his dad.


- Long story.


Hiccup sat and started drinking his juice. While bitting in a huge piece of bread, he asked :

« - Dad, you said I had some mail right ?


- Thanks »

Hiccup grabbed the letter.

Mr. Hiccup Haddock

House on the Hill

Island of Berk

He opened it. Maybe it was from Astrid ? « Oh letter, please be related to Astrid in any way, please please please » he prayed in his head. He started reading the letter.

« - Uhm, Dad ? What's… Hogwarts ? »

Same day, Kingdom of Corona

Rapunzel was a kind, talented, wise and brave little girl. About two years ago, she had been brought back to her true family, the King and Queen of Corona. It had been quite a trauma for such a young girl, but now she was in safe hands, happily growing up. Maybe a little bit overprotected by her father, King Frederick. It was understandable, since the princess had been away for nine years, after she had been captured by evil Mother Gothel. Now, all of this was in the past, and they could be together forever. This month, King Frederick had been very tense. Thirty years ago, he had received a letter from a special school, taking him very far away for 7 years, except for the holidays. Those times were good memories, he had met his lovely queen and learnt amazing stuff, but he wasn't sure he wanted the same for his daughter. It was selfish of him, but would he have bear seeing his only child getting away once again, not being able to protect her ? Plus, she already had magic in her, and even in a magic world, a power such as hers could bring envy… Well, the month was almost over, maybe the letter wouldn't come ? He tried to forget about that.

Meanwhile, Rapunzel was playing hide and seek with her all time friend, Pascal, when she saw an owl in front of her window, holding a letter. She let the owl in, and petted it while looking at the letter.

Princess Rapunzel

Castle on the Island

Kingdom of Corona

She opened the letter. WOW ! It couldn't be ! The stories her mother told her to make her sleep, they were real ? Everything was real ? She could't believe it ! She ran downstairs to her parents.

« - Mom ! Dad ! I made in ! I'm going to Hogwarts ! I'm going to learn magic ! »

Same day, near the town of Burgess

Cold day. As always. Everywhere Jack went, he spread cold and ice. That's the reason the Guardians hated him so much. The strange eggs' rabbit in particular. One trick of Jack and he was « the meanest person ever ». Jack had grown to not care. It was hard at the beginning, very hard. Two hundred years ago, when he was 8, he saved his sister from drowning, at the cost of his life. Well, not really, because he did come back. With white hair, and some strange abilities. And one hundred and ninety seven years later. One hundred and ninety seven years in the ice. For three years now, he was growing up all alone, playing tricks and watching his sister's descendants grow. He was always alone. Of course he was, nobody could even see him… Jack sighed. No need to feel sorry for himself. It was how it was, 'cause the Moon wanted it… Well, what better to cheer up than to play a trick ? The one thing Jack sure knew how to do ! A smile started to appear on his face as an idea took place in his mind. Oh, this was going to be fun. He sprang through the sky as fast as a cheetah, freezing a few branches on his way. As he was about to sting toward the town, something caught his attention. Was this… a letter ? How did it arrive here ? On a tree ? Jack took it.

Mr. Jack Frost

The snowy forest by the frozen lake

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

It was addressed to him ?

« - Another of your weird tricks, eh Moon ?… » Jack mumbled.

He didn't want anything from the Moon. She may had save him, but at what cost ? An eternal lifetime of loneliness. Curiosity was stronger, Jack opened the letter.

« - What the f- »