Cross Marian

"So... you remember now?" neah asked him.

"Well, more or less..." Cross said.

"You know... you gave me a panicked attack when you cried..." Neah said while giving a sheepish smile.

Cross said nothing. After cross breakdown, they found a bench in the nearest park and sit on it.

"So.,... how do you do?" cross asked.

"Seriously, after a thousand years we didn't meet and that's what you asked me?" Neah deadpanned.

"Well, duh! We didn't meet for a damn thousand years! What did you expect?" Cross answered.

Neah eyes lingering on him then speak." Fine,I guess? I just traveling there and there..." He said.

"ok, now I'll straight to the point." cross said

"sure" neah looking at him.

"Why... no, how come you're here?" cross asked with a cold stare.

The atmosphere around them becoming tense.

"I see... you thought that I betrayed him. "

Neah smiled but his eyes betrayed it.

Cross only look at him. Waiting for an answer.

Neah deadpanned. "Here I thought that I could provoke fun." Neah sighed.

"Well..." cross no longer looking at neah but the sky." If I didn't see your look when you said his name, I might thought that" He take out his cigarette and lit it up. Then he started smoking." The old you might have done that but I wonder about you at that time..."

"I saw him died." Neah stop then continue it. " As his mind started to crumble, he kick me out and told me to take over another body." Neah sight. Cross silent, waiting for him to finish.

"Of course, I disagree. But he didn't listen.

Enemies or not, he didn't care. He only care about other people... how selfless someone can be?" Neah asked but it's not something that cross can answer. For someone like him who saw people as a tools, he can't understand what Allen thought about saving others. Even though he should understand people true nature.. no, the world true nature, he still wish to save.

"You know... I always regret it. Before, I want him disappeared. He is not the Allen that I know. But... however, when I saw his end, When I saw his dead body... I can't help but thought... why I didn't help him? Why didn't I realized it sooner, that I care about him...? I regret it... I regret to take Allen hand at that time... his offer at that time... and here I am, living while he's dead. After that, I take over another body and not long after that, I found out that my body still alive at somewhere else, so I searched for it. Turn out that Allen used magic to fix my body. When I return to my original body, I searched for mana." He ended there.

"Oh right, mana... how is he?" Cross asked. Still smoking.

Neah glanced at cross" Broken... but a bit sane. I guess?"

"What with that answer? why did you sound uncertain?" Cross literally felt annoyed with that answer.

"Well... before he make akuma to destroy and kill human but... right now he only make them out of whim." Neah said. " He didn't make any plan to destroy exorcist. He just make akuma then left them do whatever the hell they want." Neah sighed.

"Are you sure?" cross asked.

"Yeah. I stalked him after all." Neah grinned. "If he didn't make it, he would watching others kids playing around with longing eyes..." Neah said with a grim expression.

' Basically, a father making some toys for his dead kid ' cross thought. 'How much effect that brat had on him?'

"What are you gonna do now?" cross asked.

"Me? Who knows...what about you?" neah question him.

Cross went silent for a bit." Wanna grab some booze?" cross stand up form the bench.

Neah looked at him and Grinning." Sure, you paid" Neah started running leaving cross before he can retort.

" Wait! Neah! You son of a b!" cross soon started running, chasing neah.

In somewhere else, in a place where only war and no love. A white hair child was walking around.

Cliffhanger! Don don don! I wonder what happen next,...