The Last Dragonspyrian

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Chapter 1: Regalia of Scions and Champions

Cheyenne laughed as she sat high in her seat, watching a couple of initiates dueling in the dueling circle. A Pyromancer and a Sorcerer, their eyebrows knit in concentration. It was the one day off that the students had this year, and none of the professors were in town for it. Headmaster Ambrose, Professor Wethersfield, and Professor Drake were in Krokotopia, helping set up a school of magic there. Professor Wu was in Empyrea, helping clean up the mess that Cheyenne and Rogan had caused. Professor Greyrose and Professor Falmea were in Avalon, confronting some of the last of Raven's Luphilim. Dworgyn was back at home in Darkmoor, and Halston Balestrom had gone to see Celestia, which he had always wanted to do.

In their stead, they left the Saviors of the Spiral – Cheyenne StormHunter, a girl of seventeen, with a high blonde ponytail falling down her back, dressed in the purple and yellow of her school. Bartleby's Scion and General of Light, she was the one who had dealt the last blows to Morganthe and Malistaire. As well as Rogan FireStaff, a boy of eighteen, handsome with tan skin and a swath of dark hair that fell over his forehead loosely. He was in black and red, sitting beside Cheyenne as they watched. Hero of Avalon and Spiral Cup Champion, Rogan was better known for his talents in the dueling arena rather than defeating foes.

"Alright," Cheyenne clapped her hands when she noticed the duel was stretching on, making both initiates tired. "I proclaim a tie." She smiled when they groaned. "I'm serious!"

Rogan laughed beside her, his eyes sparkling as they looked up at her. Her heart leapt, remembering their night in the Last Wood so long ago. But the moment passed as quick as it came, with Rogan hauling to his feet and going to congratulate the student of his own school.

Cheyenne smiled, folding her arms across her chest. She heard a noise, like a soft rumbling noise. Then it began to get louder, and louder still. Students glanced to each other, left and right.

"Stay here." Cheyenne boomed as she ran, grabbing her wand and following the direction of the noise. She passed into the Ravenwood tunnel and nearly ran straight into about a dozen people, dressed mostly in sand-stained robes.

"A Storm wizard," The one at the head sneered. "Come to try a second time?" He spread his arms.

"Duncan," Cheyenne snarled. "You lost." She flicked her wand and lightning crashed down on them, barely deflected by a shield conjured by one of the other sorcerers.

"I may have lost once," He shrugged, tapping his staff on the rock below and making a hollow noise. "Grandfather Spider may not have won either. But the Cabal continues to thrive and grow. We have someone that won't fail us now."

Cheyenne didn't allow him to continue to speak, muttering a spell under her breath and casting it quickly. A storm owl swooped in from the sky, grabbing two of the Cabalists and throwing them back against the Life School, where they laid in a heap. She saw a mummy coming for her, presumably from Duncan, and she jumped out of the way.

"Oh Duncan," Cheyenne sighed, a tone of disappointment in her voice. "I thought you'd do better this time." She called on her most used spell by that point, and the glowbug's lightning zapped at the ground near the Cabalists, sending another five sprawling back and hitting their heads against the stones.

Grimwater made a sound of indignation, and he flung his robes from himself to free his arms. A monster was coming her way, the big hands reaching out for her neck. No, no, no, Cheyenne thought in despair as she couldn't find a shield anywhere. A jet of magic came from behind her, blasting the monster into oblivion. She glanced back, and saw the students that had been gathered in the arena were now in the tunnel. A magus life wizard's wand was outstretched, jets of green light continuing to pummel the monster until it disappeared.

"No!" Duncan howled in rage, and Cheyenne's next lightning bolt caught him square in the chest. The remaining Cabalists fled towards the Spiral Chamber, and Cheyenne thought of pursuing them.

What would it do? Cheyenne thought. We hunt down those five, then what? We come back and face down another wave coming from another world? But that wasn't even the biggest problem. The Cabal hadn't vanished like she had hoped. They still lingered, hoping for something better than what Grandfather Spider had promised them. They had hope in someone…

Just as she was about to return to the group of students, a spell hit her in the back, and sent her sprawling to the ground. Gasps echoed from behind her, as red-hot pain spread from her back to her head, legs, and arms. "Ow," Cheyenne grunted, hobbling onto her back to look at who had done it.

"I'm sorry it had to go like this," Rogan's smile was nearly feline, and it struck fear into her heart. "But Duncan could never do the job."

"Wh-what?" Cheyenne grunted, her elbows holding her up. "Rogan, this isn't a good joke. Ow…" She groaned, pain throbbing in her thighs as the fire spread in her, burning her from the inside.

"It's not a joke," He said clearly. "The Cabal had it right. We were wrong. They can transport us back to the First World, and make it all better. They're led by someone more powerful than you or I, Cheyenne. They have the Last Dragonspyrian."

She thought she must've bumped her head somewhere. "No Dragonspyrians survived when the Dragon Titan attacked."

"There was one off world," Rogan replied crisply, stalking towards her quietly. "Who knows how to harness that power into himself."

I failed you, Cheyenne thought to herself. I'm sorry, Headmaster. Her wand was out in a flash, and the storm owl was called again, but the teeth and claws of the phoenix caught it in midair, throwing it to the ground and making it disappear. Rogan's wand slashed in the air, and she saw the sun serpent that had devastated so many of their foes out in the field.

Clumsily, she cast a fire shield to avert the danger, still sprawled on the ground. She saw students making their way forward, wands out and pointed at Rogan. "No!" She howled, getting to her feet slowly. Sparks flew in her eyes, and the students halted. "He's mine! Get back!"

Glowbug met a storm shield, sending its blast careening off towards the sky. A spate of fire cats were blasted into oblivion by a few well-timed wild bolts. Fire and Storm swirled in the sky, until finally, a blast of fire caught Cheyenne in the chest, sending her crashing to the floor again.

Students shook behind them, huddled together. The few non-magical faculty members stood in front of them. Mr. Lincoln looked on disapprovingly, his thin arms spread to protect the kids.

Rogan put his hand around Cheyenne's throat and lifted her into the air slowly. She hardly fought, the fire singing her clothes. "Is this what your savior can do?" His voice dripped with incredulity and triumph. He turned to Bartleby. "Your scion?" He tossed her to the floor again, where she crumbled into a heap.

"Rogan," Bartleby's voice echoed in Ravenwood, forcing everyone to stop and listen. "Everything happens for a reason. I chose her for a reason. You have let your power blind you to what is happening right now. Stop now, and we will welcome you in Ravenwood."

Rogan ignored him, and turned around to Cheyenne again, raising his wand. "This isn't a duel, Cheyenne." He mocked her.

It isn't a duel…the words echoed in her. He isn't another student to try and protect during a duel, try not to hurt him He's an enemy, a Cabalist. Cheyenne slowly rose to her feet and turned to him. Her wand slashed and twirled, jets of lightning blasting at him quickly. The quickness and ferocity of the attacks took Rogan off guard, his shields coming up late and hastily.

Students began to cheer as the lightning drove Rogan into the Spiral Chamber. Cheyenne was exhausted, but spells flew out of her wand as quick as she could muster them. The last thing she saw was Rogan's hateful eyes before he took a step into the World Door and disappeared. Then it went black.

. . .

That evening

She awoke on a couch, scrubbing at her eyes. "How long has it been?" She yawned, not looking to see if anyone was even in the room.

Merle Ambrose peered at her from over his desk, a slight smile beginning to form on his face. "I am glad that my student has recovered. Do you need anything, Cheyenne? A glass of water? A pet, perhaps? I could send a student to get one from your villa."

"I'm okay," She sat up, looking at the headmaster. "They'll be coming back."

"I know," Headmaster Ambrose was resigned to the fate of the school, his palms folded on the desk. "By which time, you shall be gone."

"What?" Her jaw dropped.

"Don't act surprised, dear," Headmaster Ambrose tapped his wand on the desk. "I have instructed all of the professors to stay away from Ravenwood. If this man is as powerful as Rogan charges, I will be the one to stand against him here. If I fail, you and the rest of the professors shall mount our resistance from elsewhere in the Spiral."

"What about the students?" She blurted, remembering their shining faces watching her as she had dueled Rogan.

"He won't hurt the students," Ambrose was sure of it, but Cheyenne was worried. "He needs them. They'll be turned on a darker path, towards shadow and away from the light, but they will be safe. Your task is instrumental in deciding whether or not we can meet this challenge. Cheyenne, there are other wizards out there. Performing tasks and duties I set out to them. From Marleybone to Grizzleheim, Mooshu and Mirage, Ravenwood students. Gather them, and teach them what you know. You'll need more help than just yourself, dear."

Cheyenne was wary, picking at some loose threads on her shirt. "Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, I've been in the field for what, five years? We need people that are trained and ready."

"You were like that too, once," Ambrose had a hint of humor in his voice. "Teach them, Cheyenne. It is our last hope. Your things are ready and packed in Ravenwood. All of the keys to the Spiral are yours. Take them, and you decide where you go."

"Thank you," She whispered as she got to her feet. "Headmaster."

Her feet were sluggish as she walked out of the room. She glanced at the Commons, the sun beginning to set there. A few students sat at the water, playing around in it or having fun with their friends. Some were stitching their clothes by Prospector Zeke, and others still were on the carousel. A tear slipped unbidden down her face as she passed into the Ravenwood tunnel.

Her eyes caught Bartleby's, and for a moment she saw sadness in them. As she was about to go into the Spiral Chamber, he spoke. "Years ago, I asked you what you wanted to be."

"Yeah." She swiped tears out of her eyes and looked up at him.

"Rogan said he wanted to join up with the Marleybonians and go all over the Spiral, fighting. You said you wanted to be a professor. Here, Krokotopia, Mooshu, it didn't matter. I could've picked two scions, Cheyenne. I chose you because I could see some hints of darkness inside of him. You were the General of Light, and I knew that you had the strength to be my scion. Do you have the strength to pull Ravenwood through this time? I believe in you. But you must believe in you." Bartleby said.

Cheyenne just smiled and stepped into the chamber. She saw the glittering keys sitting atop a table, leaves dusting them. She began to put them one by one into her pack, and stopped at one. "Our first destination." Cheyenne whispered.

She heard a chirping sound, and she looked under the table. "Joey!" She grinned and hoisted up her kraken. "Ready for another adventure?"

He nodded seriously and she set him back down on the ground. The key in her hand was silver, and had a bit of dust on it from sitting for years. She stepped towards the Spiral Door, and looked to see which world that Rogan had gone to. No key was in there, so Cheyenne knew Ambrose didn't want her to know where he had gone. She placed the key inside and twisted. When she opened the door, the world changed.

It was a gloomy place. Grays, purples, blues, were all around her. But she remembered this place. She stepped inside and removed the key, ushering Joey with her. The massive spheres of red and blue energy were still alight, illuminating Bastion.

As she walked through it, she noticed that no one was there. Curious, she continued on her way through Silent Market. No one still, the vendors gone, but their shops remained. She traveled to Last Wood, the place that she had always thought about in her dreams.

As she saw the bursts of green, pink, and orange, her mind flooded with memories. She closed her eyes and she could nearly see them.

It was a late night, one after a long day of questing throughout Khrysalis. Rogan and her had made a lot of progress with the help of their new friend, Dyvim Whiteheart. She had bathed in the waters near Queen Myrtle Town, and was still shivering a bit from the cold. Rogan's arm had slid around her, and his lips were on hers within seconds. They just laid there and fell asleep later.

It had been the best day of her life. But it wouldn't last. They'd end it after Khrysalis, and he'd hook up with an Ice wizard. She didn't care by then. Some strife had begun to show as they defeated Morganthe. She wondered now if that's when the Cabal sunk their talons into him.

"Came all this way, General?" A voice came from behind a tree.

"Dyvim," Cheyenne couldn't help but grin as she heard the familiar voice.

"I can't help but be surprised," The deermouse stepped out of the way and she saw his characteristic armor and eyes. "It's been a while since you've saved this place."

"Where is everyone?" Cheyenne asked, not having seen a single person, deermouse or otherwise, inside of Khrysalis.

"It is the festival," Dyvim stood up onto a tree stump and pointed off in the distance. Some fireworks were beginning to be set off. "Sardonyx is celebrating its saving from the shadow. There's a statue of you there, now. Maybe you should check it out." He said dryly.

"I'm afraid I don't have time to go to Sardonyx," Cheyenne said. "I need to find wizards, unless there's any here in Khrysalis that you know of?"

"I haven't seen any," Dyvim said, glancing around. "Though, I'm not sure I'd know if they went anywhere but Bastion or Last Wood."

"How has it been?" Cheyenne sat down onto the stump beside him.

"Good," Dyvim said gruffly. "Since Morganthe has been gone, Sardonyx, Bastion, and the Last Wood have been working in harmony. Though I'm sure you don't want to hear stories of what's happened here. Something is obviously troubling you, girl, tell me what it is so we can figure it out, just like we figured out everything here."

"Rogan has fallen to the shadow," Cheyenne whispered. "He serves the Cabal. Someone called the Last Dragonspyrian, he mentioned as their leader. Headmaster Ambrose doesn't believe that we could defend Ravenwood against him."

"I've heard of him," Dyvim said gravely. "We had a meeting about it just a few days ago. We strengthened the defenses around Bastion. The Cabal has its roots deep inside of Polaris and Mirage now, even deeper than before. Rumor has it they plan to strike somewhere closer to home soon. Avalon, Zafaria, or even Grizzleheim or Mooshu, we've heard."

"I can't save them," Cheyenne whispered. "Just as I couldn't save Azteca."

The memory was burned in deep. When they had returned from Azteca, she couldn't stop crying for days. Rogan wouldn't speak to her, not wanting the memories to become fresh again. She remembered all of her friends, the dinosaurs she'd met. Morganthe had wiped them all out.

"Of course you can," Dyvim grunted. "You're the Savior of the Spiral. If you can't, who can?"

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