Fifteen Dresses

Every significant moment where Ally wore a dress, and his thoughts. One-shot.

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The girl from the music store.

She was wearing a yellow top with a denim jacket on top, then she had a floral-patterned skirt that flowed down just above her knees while she wore brown boots.

Austin had wanted to go to Sonic Boom. He wanted to get instruments to create his own unique music, but of course there was one problem. He couldn't write songs if his life depended on it.

But there was that girl from the music store. He thought her voice was amazing. But what song was she singing? He couldn't remember.

She seems cute.

They want to know, know, know your name, name, name

Woah. That was catchy.

He began to write out the music that came to his mind.

Ally Dawson

His partner.

She was wearing a nice floral pattern dress with a green vest on top and her boots that she seemed to wear everywhere.

He knows that they are opposites, but he knows they have one connection. Music.

He thinks that they can make it together. He knew when they accidentally brushed hands at the piano. He never felt that with any of the girls he went out with, it was... something special.

Ally Dawson

His friend.

He wore his swamp monster costume as she wore her swamp bride costume. He was her bride... No! He cannot have those thoughts. Just last week he turned himself orange and sweaty so that she wouldn't have a crush on him.

But then again, it was actually Dallas.

But then why did his stomach turn when he learned the truth.

He didn't care. All that matters is right now is that she was beautiful as the swamp bride. They were trying to get to know each other better so that they could right good songs.

He thought nothing of it.

Ally Dawson

A good friend.

She was wearing a red dress that flowed all the way down to her knees and had a black belt that hugged her waist perfectly.

She may have accidentally made him sprain his ankle, and he may have dropped her when Trish's mother blasted the bullhorn in his ear. But he knew that she was happy.

It scared him that he was blowing his chance with Emilio. But it all worked out, he was actually a country club owner. He got to dance with the most beautiful girl there that night.

He was happy that he got to make Ally happy.

Ally Dawson

His best friend.

Her beautiful silver dress hugged her curves perfectly and made her look like she was the sun.

Her dress that made her stand out like a disco ball made her even more radiant when she confirmed her decision that she wasn't leaving.

He is so happy she isn't leaving.

He could've never made it where he was without her.

And he plans to never let go.

Ally Dawson

His crush.

She wore a beautiful red dress that went all the way down to her knees, just like for Trish's Quinceanera.

He almost kissed her.

The day before, he realized. He realized why his heart almost leaps out his chest every time he was with Ally.

They had briefly touched their hands on the piano. And at that moment, everything in the world seemed to stop. The only thing that he could focus on was how beautiful she was. Her brown doe-like eyes and her pink soft lips. Oh god and then he started to lean in, but she did as well. But then she interrupted.

There's Kira.

But then there's Ally and-

Oh boy, was he whipped.

Ally Dawson

His girlfriend.

She wore a black and green striped dress that made her look even more beautiful than she already was.

He thought it was all going to backfire. He looked through her songbook, and took the song that she wrote about him and instead he serenaded her with it. He thought she was going to ask why he touched her book or why he invaded her privacy yet again. But instead he sucked it up and just hugged her, and buried her sweet and intoxicating scent into his memory.

He could live like this forever.

Ally Dawson

Friends again...

She wore a pink blouse with flowers flowing from her black skirt as her brown curls framed her face.

He had written a song about her. He wrote Steal Your Heart because he still had feelings for her.

He was scared. He should be over Ally by now, they agreed to just be friends but... how could he? He liked her and cared for her and loved- liked how she did everything.

Why was it so hard to move past that?

Ally Dawson

No clue...

She was wearing a beautiful gold dress with a white jacket that made her face, which he hasn't seen in so long look stunning.

It's been about two months since had left for the Full Moon Tour. He missed her, he needed her to be there. And now she was right in front of her, saying that she was going to stay with him for the rest of the tour.

He doesn't know what to feel. They clearly miss the living daylights out of each other. But what does that make them?

Honestly, he doesn't mind. As long as he is with her again.

Ally Dawson

Girlfriend... again!

She wore a beautiful red dress that made her impossible to stop looking at.

He was back together with her, and it was all he could care about. He could never have asked for anything better than this.

When she walked in, he knew. He knew that it was going to be her. He did a double-take, tried to avoid her all leading up to holding her in his arms, swaying to the slow song.

They were going to be great.

Ally Dawson

Love of his life.

She wore a beautiful purple dress that made his heart stop.

He gave up his entire music career, for her. Because she loved her. When he was on the red carpet that night, he was shell-shocked. She was stunning, almost as if she were the sun and she was lighting up everything along the way. He was drawn to her instantly, until Jimmy pulled them apart.

She was about to call their relationship off. He couldn't stand that. He needs her. He loves her. She broke up with him leaving him heartbroken. He only had one choice left.

He was up on the stage; he didn't care anymore. These feelings for Ally, he can't do that to her. He loves her. And that's what he said. And she said it back, and that is all that matters.

Ally Dawson (maybe Moon)

Life-Skills Wife

She was wearing a beautiful wedding cake, yet she was smeared in the white chocolate cake and Austin that she has never looked more beautiful.

He was met with a handful of cake that was kissed off of him. Then they began their presentation.

He could see this happening one day. One day he would marry Ally, he would actually see her in a proper wedding dress and they would recite their vows.

He's counting down until that happens.

And his last name sounds great with her name.

Ally Dawson

His Everything.

She wore a beautiful blue dress that instantly made him fawn over her.

He was reunited with Ally on the Helen show after not seeing her since they broke up. He always carried her songbook around with him because he obviously still loved her. He could never imagine ending up with anyone but her.

He ended up singing a duet that she wrote, and he knew, he knew that it was about him. It was perfect. Then they confessed, and now they were a duo. He had never been happier, and never been more in love with her.

Being reunited on the Helen show wasn't a bad thing after all.

Even after Ally destroyed the set again.

Ally Edgar Dawson

His Fiancée.

She wore a red dress that was so similar to the one that made him fall in love with her back when they were sixteen.

He kissed her hard once he slid the ring on to her finger. He proposed right in front of the Eiffel tower. They were just wrapping up their World Tour, and he knew that he had never been more in love with her. He loved her so much.

He decided it was time that he spent his life with the love of his life.

He worried that she was going to say no, but now that she had said yes, everything felt right in the world.

They were perfect.

Ally Edgar Moon

His wife

She wore a white wedding dress that was just like the one from when they were eighteen.

The moment she stepped down the aisle he went into shock, she looked like everything he ever wanted and needed.

He knew that they were going to make it, back when they were younger.

Even when they weren't together, he knew that they would be timeless and he would always care for her.

Now he knows that they are going to spend the rest of their lives together, happily and so in love.

It was a love so beautiful.

As well as her dresses, he thought.

A/N I don't know what this was but it was a little drabble about the important moments when Ally wore a dress and what went through his head. Honestly the first few weren't dresses I think and some weren't accurate and the last two were completely AU. I just thought it would be cute and fluffy.