Damian insisted that Raven should take a shower first while he cooked for her and so she did. She seemed to recall that he loved cooking her meals whenever he was around. It was one of his many shows of affection towards her. But while she showered, she couldn't help but feel dread.

She loves him. She always has.

And yet, she was crying in the shower.

When she got out of the shower and saw her puffy and pink eyes in the mirror as she stood in front of the sink, she used her magic to heal them. Wrapped around a towel, she walked out to their bedroom to change.

How odd it was that it became theirs whenever he was around, but hers when alone.

Raven dressed absentmindedly, wearing black shorts and a loose tank top. She tossed her towel on the bed, her hair dripping wet as she hurriedly exited the bedroom with her bare feet. The first step she took, her hair was magically dried.

The moment she stepped out of her bedroom; her eyes searched for her boyfriend as if expecting his presence to disappear before her.

"Hey." Damian greeted and seeing him holding a pan before her, made her almost teary eyed. He transferred the pancake on a plate that he was holding on his other hand, it now had three wonderfully made stacks of pancakes. He placed the plate down on the counter and the pan on the stove as Raven continued to walk to him.

With his hands free, she embraced him.

"I'm certain, I want to stay here with you and just spend the time with you here." Her head laid against his chest as she listened to his steady beating heart. It was both calming and reassuring.

"Alright, whatever you want, beloved." He mumbled a reply as he embraced her back. They stayed like that for a few minutes longer, and as if their minds were one, they pulled away from each other at the same time. The two worked side by side without words as if they had a hive mind.

Raven for a split second was reminded of how perfect they were together.

Before she knew it, the food was cooked and the counter set for their meal. And this was where they sat, by the counter and not their dining table. They both knew that they just wanted to save every little second, they could, they didn't need to walk those little extra few steps to eat at the table when the counter served the same purpose.

But when Raven took her spot, she sat facing Damian and not her food, her hands on his hand closest to her.

"I'm not going anywhere, Rae." Damian said and whatever spell Raven was in, broke with a rueful smile on her lips.

"Sorry…" She apologized without thinking and then turned to her meal, pulling her hands off of him. She stared at the food prepared for her, the same thing Damian had, pancakes with some fruits and berries.

She felt strong hands on the side of her shoulders and then she was gently urged to look his way.

"Don't apologize, beloved, it is I who should be apologizing." His tone was serious but after two seconds, she couldn't help but giggle.

"You sound like the leader of Titans–when you had just joined the team." She shook her head and he couldn't help but smile at her.

"Oh, how fair is thy maiden." He picked her hand up and planted a kiss on the back of her hand and she giggled louder.

The laughter dissipated and he looked at her tenderly, "Truly, I am sorry for my absences."

"Don't be, you can't apologize for protecting the world from danger, Damian." Raven placed her free hand over his hand and he rested his free hand over hers. "If you feel bad and end up apologizing for protecting the world and me– then– I feel bad honestly."

He looked at her, "Why?"

"I was a hero too. What we did– What I have done. I know and understand the importance of doing everything and anything to keep the peace. We– What you do– it's for the greater good." She squeezed his hands and he looked at her with love.

"You're right. How could I say that? We've saved millions of lives when we were in the Titans and now…I am continuing it." He sighed heavily. "I suppose apologizing is like saying I wish I didn't save those people huh?" And Raven nodded gently and he cupped her small face with his rough hands. "I just want to be with you. This is the truth. I–"

She kissed him, "By being a hero and protecting everyone, you are giving us another day to be on this planet. You are giving so many people another chance. Let's enjoy our meal, and the time we have to be together."

The truth was, Raven didn't want to hear what he was about to say because then she'd feel worse than she already was. Some things, she wished she didn't have to hear and be aware of, at least for a moment longer it would be something she didn't have to worry about.

"Yeah…" Damian agreed even though he was clearly hesitant.

"We had an exhausting day yesterday; we should eat this wonderful breakfast you made." She urged and he nodded simply.

The couple ate their meal as they discussed the Titans' living situation and things that happened unrelated to missions. But in truth, Raven's mind was divided, she had comforted her boyfriend sincerely and yet, it all felt so very fake.

The words she said to her boyfriend to comfort him were thoughts she would think about quite often. Words she used to comfort herself. Words that help justify her actions.

Raven didn't even notice the time passing but when she did, she was on the couch with her boyfriend watching a movie, she didn't even recall that they picked to watch. He was leaning on the arm of the couch and she was embracing him, her head resting against his shoulder. The movie was romantic and sensual, when the couple in the movie started making out.

The next thing she knew, she was kissing those same lips that she has been kissing since she was a teen.

"Hey, Rae–"

"Shh." She mumbled as she placed her hands on his jaw, her lips kissing him softly and sensually.

He inhaled and pulled her closer and reciprocated her kisses. Eventually it got too hot and too heavy, her top was already off her and his shirt soon followed. Their clothes were removed one by one until they were just completely naked and rocking against each other's body. The movie they were watching was completely forgotten amidst their passion for one another.

When they finished, he kissed the top of Raven's head as they rested for a few minutes from their excursion. Damian was able to grab his shirt and offered it to his girlfriend.

"Thank you." She said as she accepted the cloth and wore it. She watched her boyfriend put on his boxers.

He normally didn't like having sex on their living room due to the fact that they had a glass wall

"Thankfully no one decided to knock at our balcony." He mumbled and she couldn't help but laugh. It was a worry she forgot he had when they were doing it on the couch. He truly didn't like having sex on their couch due to that, and yet, she totally forgot and he had allowed it. She knew he indulged her with everything.

Damian turned to look at Raven and looked surprised. He sat by her side, "Hey, is there something wrong?"

She blinked at him and gave him a small smile, "Yeah, why do you ask?"

His hand caressed her cheek, "You just looked…sad…"

This time it was Raven's turn to be startled, she had to admit though, being with him made her worries disappear. Her mind felt so quiet.

"I am just so glad I can spend some time with you." She leaned onto his shoulder. "But it does upset me that there is an impending doom coming our way, but isn't that a very normal occurrence?"

"Beloved." He pulled away and cupped her face. "You know that I really would choose you over anything."

"I know… you know that I would pick you too over anything."

They stared at one another and shared a kiss. And they spent their day laughing and goofing around. It was a rather unbelievable sight that Damian Wayne would be able to goof around, but this was something she had given him. At least, that was what he confessed to her.

Looking at him laugh so casually made Raven's chest feel heavy.

They were slow dancing in their living room to a sun that had set many minutes ago, dancing to a song that only they could hear.

Their heads against one another, their eyes closed just swaying gently.

Oh, how time passed so quickly, Raven couldn't help but mulled. But she took in a silent but deep breath, and she smelled her boyfriend's signature scent.

She loves him. This she knows.

Damian pulled away and it was clear that she was saddened by the disappearance of his weight against her. "We should prep for dinner."

She forgot about hunger, what an odd concept, Raven couldn't help but think. She just wanted to spend every second with him. Maybe it was because she feared the change in their dynamics if she told him the truth.

Ah, the truth– the truth she has been keeping so close to her heart.

She didn't want things to change, she never wanted that, but it already has. Everything has completely changed.

Raven's pale fingers found his hand and she stared at him. "I probably can't tell you that I don't want to eat…"

He's eyes twinkled at her and he chuckled in a low manner and shook his head. "Of course, not." His strong arms engulfed her in a tender embrace and she sighed.

"Can we order in?" Raven asked in a small voice as if she was afraid to ask. Damian did prefer to have meals cooked as much as possible.

He pulled away and looked at her, and Raven was left to stare back at him. "Of course, beloved."

Raven couldn't help but give a sigh of relief. Had she always been afraid that Damian would deny her anything? She was never like this.

He was always indulgent towards her, she knows this, and yet the memories of this fact were slipping away from her mind.

She pulled away, hiding the evident frown on her lips as she searched for her phone.

It didn't matter what she had become, even when she had just noticed most things just recently. At least for now it didn't matter, because Damian was here, she had to be here.

In this time, in this moment, in this space.


With the love of her life.

Grabbing her phone and turning around to her boyfriend with a smile, she said, "Well, what will we have Mr. Wayne." And she approached him with a little goofy dance and he pulled her into his embrace as if the insecurity had not set in a few seconds ago.

"Hmm, Mr. Wayne…" He rested his head against hers, but she clearly saw the sparkle in his eyes, the words that will come next. "I hope that I get to call you Mrs."

Raven couldn't deny the guilt she felt deep in her heart, but it never showed on her face, because the truth is, even though things are hard, she still wants that.

"Yes, one day, love." She replied and sealed her promise with a kiss. They swayed to a song only they could hear for a few more minutes before ordering a nice fancy meal. And as they waited for the five-star meal, they continued to dance in silence and sheer love for one another for a few more minutes.

"Why don't we dress up a little, Damian?" Raven asked as she pulled her head away from her boyfriend.

"Oh?" He mumbled, then smiled, his eyes crinkling. "That is a wonderful idea, Raven."

Raven pulled Damian by the arm towards their bedroom and he raised a brow at her.

"Let's change together." She urged with a little giggle.

"Oh?" His brow raised again.

"We haven't dressed up together for some time now, right?" She saw the sadness and guilt that passed by Damian's eyes. "Hey, I don't mean anything bad about it."

"Still…I…" He glanced at her and cleared his throat. "You wouldn't like it if I continued." And Raven instantly nodded.

Raven successfully brought them to their bedroom and stood in front of their closet. "Hmm, should we do a little matchy set?" She tilted her head slightly in her boyfriend's direction. She placed her hands on Damian's waist. "I don't want you to wear a tie though. Have the collar pop a little and the first button undone…"

Damian chuckled, "That is oddly specific."

"It's a very hot image, love." She teased him with a little lip bite. "Oh, and a slightly kept but still messy hair and a nice black suit. Oh, and the dress shirt has to be white and crisp."

He took a step towards her and wrapped his arms over her shoulders. "Very, oddly, specific."

She smiled at his soft and loving tone. "And I will match it with a nice black dress."

"I can't wait to see it." He mumbled into her hair and then kissed her jaw.

They gazed into each other's eyes for a few seconds longer and prepared their clothes. She had grabbed a black dress with a low neck and back with thin straps and a white dress shirt and black coat for Damian. While Damian grabbed black trousers and prepared their shoes, a black leather dress shoes for him and black strappy high heels for her.

The couple laid the outfit on the bed and placed the shoes with the corresponding set on the floor. Raven was still amazed by how synced they were, she thought that they had lost this ability a long time ago. Another unpleasant and disastrous thought.

She studied her dress; it had a high slit and she was pleased with the choice of shoes Damian got for her. She was reminded of how perfectly they fit, him and her. They knew each other and some preferences never change.

"Hmm..Lingerie?" Damian mumbled seriously and she glanced at him trying to hide her smile but clearly failing.

Damian turned around and opened a drawer and pulled out a black one-piece lace, the neckline a tube and the bottoms a thong and the front was high rise. He laid it by her dress and he froze.

"I hope I'm not–" He glanced up at Raven and was struck dumbed by her gaze.

"It's perfect." Raven whispered, touching his arm and he was unfrozen.

"Hmm, I wonder if you should go commando." She teased wrapping her arms around his waist and biting her lip at the thought.

Damian looked awkward and she laughed. "Don't worry, I won't make you."

It wasn't that Damian was a prude or anything, but as a hero his goods had to be protected and secured, so going commando wasn't something he preferred over his clothes.

"You do look hot in a thong." Raven mumbled her eyes sparkling in mischief.

"Oh that, I can do." And she laughed at his instant reply. She cupped his face and stared deeply into his eyes.

"I love you." She confessed and his eyes widened for a split second and then crinkled.

"I love you too." He whispered leaning into her.

There was no kiss, they just lovingly stared at one another, their forehead against one another.

"Why don't you take a quick shower." Raven suggested taking a step back but still holding onto his hand. "I will take one after you. We can't have a detour."

"Alright." He agreed and took a step back.

Raven studied him, "Silverware would look good on you." She turned to their closet and grabbed his expensive silver watch.

Damian's lips perked up a little on the corners, "Hmm, then for you a silver bracelet," He grabbed a nice silver bracelet. "I think it is best to leave your neck bare." His thumb brushed her collarbone from over her shirt.

"I think you are right Mr. Wayne." He couldn't help but chuckle at her words.

"I will be very quick." He kissed her forehead before leaving to go to the bathroom and Raven turned to look at their closet, and all their clothes. Her fingertips brushing each piece of cloth, particularly his.

Raven didn't know how long she was staring at his clothes, but it was Damian who broke her reverie.

"Beloved, it's your turn." He said, stepping out of their bathroom. A white towel over his waist, rubbing a smaller white towel against his black hair.

"Oh, okay." She turned her head to him with a smile on her lips.

"Then while you do that, I will change and prepare a nice table set up." Damian added, the couple meeting each other halfway. He cupped her face, the love in his eyes clear.

"Then, you," She patted his strong shoulders. "Do not peek while I change." Raven spoke sternly but her eyes were gentle.

He chuckled, "Alright, anything you want." And he made his way outside their bedroom.

Those words were stuck in her head as she showered.

Anything you want.

This worried Raven, because those words felt rather heavy on her chest. He'd do anything for her. And she would too, for him, bending what they thought they would never bend. Crossing lines, they knew they shouldn't. For one another, they had no limits. For one another, limitations were nothing but a blindfold that could be removed at any time. Or maybe shackles that they placed on themselves that weren't even locked, to which they even held the key of.

False– no illusionary restraints. These limitations they have, were nothing but illusionary restraints.

Raven sighed heavily. She could faintly hear her father's threats.

I will kill everything you love. I will make sure you regret this daughter. That green-eyed man, I will make him suffer.

Raven's eyes darkened as she stood straight under the rain of the shower. Her eyes blankly staring at the wall as if she was steeling herself in front of her father, but that was a thing of the past. She didn't need to harden herself like then, and yet here she was.

I love you.

She heard Damian's voice tell her in such a gentle and loving manner, and her darkened gaze disappeared.

She sighed aloud again and then focused on showering like it was the only thing that mattered. At least in that way she could not hear the voices.

Raven stepped out of the shower in a bathrobe, and made her way to the bed where her clothes were still laid. She sat on the bed and ran her fingers across the cloth of her lingerie and dress.

She bit her lower lip, tempted to step out of the bedroom in her lingerie and heels, but opted not to. Damian will undress her, so she can wait. She can still spend time with him.

Then she recalled him at the counter last night, discussing plans with whichever team he was planning with. She normally doesn't ask who he is in a call with whenever it's hero related because she has to keep her distance with that part of her life. But his absences, the conversation they had when he arrived and his late-night call.

Things were serious, that much she can tell. And she knew that she had to let him go and do his thing.

Raven's pale fingertips brush through the sheer fabric of her lingerie. But for now, for tonight, he was hers. And then after this dinner, only after, she will tell him to go and be the hero he needed to be.

Raven put on the lingerie he picked out for her and she approved of it as she felt the cloth over her skin and the curves of her body. This would make the dress look even more flattering. She totally forgot about having the perfect lingerie underneath a nice dress like the one she picked out. Thankfully Damian remembered such a fine detail.

Details. He was always particular about things like those. It made sense why he can't let his team go, he had to know the details. Everything has to be perfect or at least foolproof till letter Z.

Raven took her time to prepare, at least she did when she put on her lavender scented lotion on virtually every surface of her body. She sprayed her signature perfume on her wrists and then tapped her neck with her wrist, sprayed her wrist again then tapped her inner thighs nearest her vagina with her wrist again. She sprayed a little on her lingerie then put on her dress and sprayed perfume over her skirt and her neckline.

It seemed like it was an overkill, but she wanted this evening to be special.

Raven however, did not have that kind of patience with her hair. She simply used her magic to go through multiple hairstyles before settling with an updo with her hair curled and held by an ornamental hair clip that Damian had gotten her a few years ago. In fact, he had made it himself.

She stared at the item on her hair through the mirror and smiled ruefully. She then checked her outfit and was satisfied with it. She put on some simple makeup and was pleased with her overall appearance.

With a beating heart she approached their bedroom door and opened the door as it creaked, She was surprised to see that Damian had fancily decorated their dining table. It was a beautiful candle lit dinner. They were just waiting on the food to be delivered and knowing him, he would still decorate the meal and serve it like the five-star meal that it is.

"It's beautiful." Raven whispered leaning on the doorsill and Damian raised his head from arranging the silverware.

He exhaled and looked lost, "You-you look beautiful." His face flushed and she smiled faintly in return.

"You look very hot." Raven licked her lips and she noted Damian's ears turning red.

He looked away from her as he cleared his throat, "Don't tease me."

She chuckled at him as she approached him. "You look good." She placed a hand on his strong shoulder and he looked down at her smiling.


Author's Notes:

This was made a month ago, but it does fir for valentine's doesn't it. I like to say thank you for everyone who has supported this work, it truly means a lot to me.