Chapter 34

*Liza Surkova vs Madame Python*

The fourth match of the night was about to begin. First, the Russian MMA star, Liza Surkova, marched in pumping herself up with shadow boxing on the way. When she got through the ropes, she raised a fist up to the crowd. Then, Madame Python made her entrance. She slithered her way down the ramp like an actual snake. When she got to the ring, she climbed up the apron before flipping herself over it slowly. She darted her eyes to her opponent as she crept to the other corner.

Meanwhile, up in the skybox, Sayuri Rogue got up from her seat and stood right behind the window looking down at the match.

"I think we all know that this is going to be an intense match, ladies and gentlemen! There are high stakes on this one! After Liza Surkova kept demanding fights from her boss with zero respect, Sayuri Rogue decided to add a stipulation to this: if Liza loses, she will be temporarily suspended! Madame Python doesn't seem to care, so we know this will be a great match! Let's begin!"


Liza took the offensive completely as she charged to tackle Python. The snake lady sidestepped out of the way and pushed Liza down on the mat. She then held up her arm while wrapping her left leg around her head . Liza grunted as her head was being viced and her arm was being pulled back at the same time. Liza grunted as she looked for a way to escape, but Madame Python held on tightly.

Liza struggled until she got her free hand on the leg that was squeezing her head. She managed to push it off of her giving her the chance to push Madame Python off. She rolled away from her to tend to her arm. She stood back up to face her slithery opponent who was licking her lips at her direction.

After freeing herself, Liza decided to be more cautious, so she raised her fists like a boxer and took a careful step to Madame Python. Suddenly, the snake lady launched a strike finger-forward at Liza's face. Liza grabbed her wrist, but Python reversed the grab to pull her over. Python sent a burning slap to Liza before tripping her onto her face. She then applied an Indian deathlock before transitioning into a muta lock. Both Liza's head and legs were being pulled upward by the slippery snake lady.

Liza was hurt, but she was also so frustrated at how much Madame Python's been dominating the match so far. She saved up her rage to wait for the appropriate time. She went to crawl to the ropes for a few minutes. Python tried to keep her away, but in the end, Liza managed to grip the bottom rope. The ref forced Python to let her go.

Liza caught Python by surprise by getting up quickly, grabbing her, and throwing her to the corner. She ran to charge at her again, but Python shot ler legs up and caught Liza in a headscissor hold. She then went over the ropes hanging the MMA star above it keeping her there. The referee was about to call for the rope break, but Liza beat her to it by grabbing Madame Python's waist and lifting her up. She was about to throw her off, but Python outmaneuvered her by slipping through and applying the dreaded octopus stretch.

After another minute of being stuck in the painful position, Liza was released again falling to the floor. At that point, her neck was incredibly sore and her head felt numb. That didn't stop Python from kneeling to her and grabbing her arm before applying her signature cobra clutch. Liza felt the life draining out of her quickly. In place of the crowd, all she could hear was Python's taunt.

"Poor little Russian. Out like a light, and soon, out of a job. One thing's for sure, with you gone, the locker room will be a lot quieter. Good night, Liza."

She added a certain tough to the hold by slowly licking the side of Liza's face. That straw broke the camel's back. The Russian widened her eyes and all she could see was the color red. She gripped Python's arm much to her surprise and squeezed it. Python yelled when she was forced to let go. Liza capitalized by getting back up and tackling her opponent to the ground. She straddled her waist and raised her fists with a murderous look in her eyes.

Before the snake lady could realize it, she was being barraged by a rain of punches from the MMA star. Liza kept bombarding her face with an endless series of punches. They were so consecutive and rough, blood started falling out of Python's face before her arms fell to the floor. The referee grabbed Liza and pulled her away from Python. Liza was still looking to hurt, but she stayed very still while the referee checked on Madame Python. After a minute of close inspection, the referee stood back up to her feet and signalled for the bell.


"It's over! Despit being dominated for most of the match by Madame Python's endless arsenal of submission holds, Liza Surkova's rage and aggression allowed her to win by what is apparently a knockout! Python would have to be either very brave or very foolish to try and cross the Russian MMA star after that!"

The crowd had a mixed reaction, but Liza didn't care. She laughed maliciously as she raised her fist up in the air.

"I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" she yelled out before leaving.

"Well, that was a bit brutal in the end." Ryuji said. "Does she stay?"

"I suppose so," Sayuri said, "But it doesn't matter now. She wanted a match, and I gave her one. If she lost, she'd be on a break. Now that she won, she'll likely be out of my hair for a while."

"Fingers crossed, ma'am." Ryuji said as he looked at his clipboard. "Looks like Queen Bee's match with Queen Elizabeth is up next. I hear there's some bad blood between the two. Do you think Queen Bee can win?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure." Sayuri said. "I know Bee wants to defeat Elizabeth more than most things, but she's still very emotional about it. Elizabeth knows her well enough to use those emotions against Bee. It's rather 50-50 at this point. Well, there's one way to make sure."

*Queen Bee vs Queen Elizabeth*

This was the match that Queen Bee has been awaiting for years. After Kaito embraced her for encouragement, she marched on out to the ring. She entered ready for her grudge match. Queen Elizabeth came on in afterwards. She had on a bright-blue two-piece with white outlines, even white V's on both sides of her brassiere and both sides of her trunks. She had on a confident smile as she entered the ring.

"This is our visitor's match, everybody! According to pro-wrestling news, these two queens have a personal grudge against each other! And after a brawl that two reporters happened to witness between the two, it's clear that the flames of adversity between them have only grown bigger and hotter! Let's see who wins this battle between queens!"


"That beating I gave the other day was just a warm up, Dull N' Broken." Elizabeth taunted as she and Bee grabbed each other for a collar-and-elbow tie-up hold.

"We'll see about that, Liz!" Bee replied before catching Elizabeth in a headlock.

Bee squeezed her head before the GWM wrestler managed to push her off and throw her to the ropes. She attempted to hit her opponent with a lariat, but Elizabeth countered with a shoulder attack knocking her to the ring floor. Elizabeth wasted no time to lift her up by the hair and quickly throw her to the corner post through the turnbuckle shoulder-first. Elizabeth then grabbed Bee's head and pressed her neck to the ropes. The referee counted to four before she let her go.

After Bee was released, she kicked at Elizabeth's leg making her fall to one knee. She the ngrabbed her head and dropped her for a DDT. After that, she hooked her leg for a pin.


It was clearly broken when Elizabeth kicked out and she rolled out of the ring. Bee followed her and sent a kick at her back. Elizabeth grabbed the steel steps to get back up. Bee attempted another kick, but Elizabeth countered by throwing her to the steps. She then threw her in the ring and followed.

With Queen Bee still clutching her back, Queen Elizabeth hit her with a legdrop and transitioned into a figure-four headscissor hold. Queen Bee struggled trying to shake herself free, but Elizabeth wouldn't let her. Eventually, her struggling allowed her leg to catch the bottom rope. The referee made Elizabeth release Bee's neck.

When Bee got back up, Elizabeth gave her a clothesline that flipped her over the ropes, but she still hanged on. Though, Elizabeth made that save moot by lifting Bee back into the ring and holding her in a torture rack. Bee yelled in pain as her back was being bent.

"Queen Bee, do you give up?" the referee asked.


"You will." Elizabeth taunted.

"Not… to… YOU!" Bee managed to roll out of the hold and land behind Elizabeth. She grabbed her shoulders and dropped her back onto her knees. That's when she rolled her up for the pin.

1… 2…

Elizabeth kicked out of the pin right after the two number was counted. She was getting angry now. She and Bee confronted each other in the center of the ring. Bee sent a kick, but Elizabeth caught it and rolled her over for an ankle lock. Luckily, Bee was right near the rope, so she grabbed it immediately. That was then Elizabeth pulled her back and tossed her across the ring.

Elizabeth ran to attack Bee again, but she flipped her over. With her lying face down, Bee climbed up the top rope in the corner and turned to face her as she was getting back up. Immediately, Bee jumped off and landed a diving elbow strike right to Elizabeth's spine. With her seemingly broken, Bee finally found the time to finish it, so she grabbed her rival's legs and flipped her over for her signature sharpshooter. She wretched back as hard as she could making Elizabeth wince in pain.

"Queen Elizabeth, do yoy give up?"

"NO!" Elizabeth shouted.

Queen Bee put everything she put into the sharpshooter. She recalled everything painful that was done to her in the past (some by Liz and some by others) and used them as fuel for her hold. Even so, Queen Elizabeth kept up her ground and slowly crawled toward the ropes. Queen Bee saw where she was going and pulled onto her legs even harder. Though Elizabeth yelled for a moment, she still didn't tap out. Eventually, she reached out and gripped the bottom rope.

"Rope break!" the referee declared.

"What?" Queen Bee asked in her thoughts as she let go. "But the sharpshooter is my finishing move, and I know I did enough damage to her back, so why didn't she tap out?"

She ran to Queen Elizabeth, but the GWM diva stopped her in her tracks with a very aggressive backfist strike that hit her in her cheekbones. Elizabeth then picked Bee up in a side headlock before dropping her in a bulldog. She flexed for the booing crowd. She wasn't exactly fan-favorite, but she didn't care.

Elizabeth lifted Queen Bee ready to strike her with her elbow, but the Xtrema ace blocked it and kicked her away. She speared her to the ground and punched her until Elizabeth reversed their position. The two of them rolled around the ring together trying to gain control of the match. In the end, Bee grabbed onto Elizabeth's legs.

"This time, for sure." She said before turning around and locking Elizabeth in a sharpshooter.

Like before, Queen Bee put everything she had into the hold. Every emotion, every memory, every motivation into wretching the hold. This time, Queen Elizabeth managed to scream in the hold. But even so, the GWM diva wouldn't tap out. After another long minute, Elizabeth gained the ground she needed to plant her forearms to the ground push herself up. She used her leverage to thrust her legs back launching Queen Bee to the corner. Thankfully, the ace managed to grab the ropes before she could hit the turnbuckle, but that didn't make her even more frustrated.

"How?" she asked herself. She growled as she climbed up the top rope. She was about to jump to her rival, but Elizabeth was fast enough to get to her and punch her in the face. Bee was dizzy and exhausted. Elizabeth made it worse by hitting her with a strong headbutt nearly knocking her unconscious. She was about to fall out of the ring when Elizabeth grasped at the front of her tank top and held her up.

"It's over, Sawyer." Elizabeth whispered climbing up to the top rope.

Bee tried to push her away, but she was too dizzy. Standing on top of the ropes, Elizabeth held Queen Bee in a guillotine hold with one arm and hooked her leg with the other. She then launched herself backward nearly shattering the ring with the fisherman suplex she applied on Queen Bee. Elizabeth didn't let go of her leg as she held her down for the referee.

1… 2… 3!


"It's over! The two competitors gave it their all, but in the end, our visitor from Global Wrestling Monopoly won this match! Still, it was pretty intense between both queens!"

"Both queens?" Elizabeth asked while the crowd was stunned. She scoffed as she looked down at Queen Bee. "You're no queen, and just so everyone knows that, I invited a few friends, one of whom I'm sure you remember."

She motioned her hand to the front row and a team of girls climbed over the barricade and entered the ring. Most of them wore clothes that were completely black, but there were two girls that really stood out. One of them was a woman in a black costume with small, yellow stripes on the side. She also had a mask with the same color pattern. The other one was a woman who was about as big as N-Bomb, but had gothic make-up and had a punk's hairstyle.

"Beatrice Harper." Bee whispered as she recognized the masked woman, who then kicked her in the face.

"That's Hornet to you, worm!" Hornet said.

"This is going to be fun." Hornet's partner, Digger Yamamoto said. "You know the drill, girls!"

The black-clothed girls each put Queen Bee in submission holds. One locked in a figure-four leglock, two more applied different armbars, and Digger locked in a headscissors hold. It was the Nightmare Quint Hold that the League of Evil had locked in. The referee tried to interfere, but Hornet struck her face with her elbow before leaning down on Queen Bee's face. Queen Elizabeth leaned on the corner watching the Xtrema ace get pummeled.

"You thought you'd ever catch up with us?" Hornet mocked. "You're nothing but a jobber and you always will be."

Suddenly, a few wrestlers ran in from the stage and into the ring while Elizabeth ran out. Those people are Kaito Marx, Clementine Cirrus, La Calavera and Team Spirit. The tag team and the luchadora attacked the three nameless League members while Clementine was able to lift Digger in a fireman's carry before throwing her out of the ring. When she was free, Queen Bee was face up on the mat when Kaito stood between her and Hornet.

"You think you scare me any more than Dull N' Broken?" Hornet asked.

"She's Queen Bee!" Kaito argued. "And if you're not scared of me, try being scared of them."

As if on cue, the other wrestlers stood back up and joined him. Hornet scoffed before leaving. Queen Bee struggled to get up on her feet, so Kaito and Clementine helped her up and carried her out.

Up in the skybox, Sayuri Rogue tightened her grip so hard, the drinking glass cracked in her hand.

"That's twice this year the League of Evil decided to interfere in Queen Bee's matches." Ryuji said.

"Yes. Set up a meeting with Inoba of Berserk." Sayuri said. "It's time we had a proper chat about this."

*Thunder Mana vs N-Bomb*

After the post-match intensity they all witnessed, the crowd was all set to get to the main event. Thunder Mana emerged from the stage and charged into the ring pumping her fist to the crowd. After she made her entrance, it was N-Bomb's turn. The super-sized wrestler stomped her feet on the way making the front-row crowd feel the shaking beneath their feet. She merely stepped over the rope and eyed her opponent across the ring.

"Now, we are up for the main event! The first ever contender for the World Championship, Thunder Man, will test her strength against the size of the final contender for the original Xtrema Championship, N-Bomb! Better fasten your seatbelts, everybody! These two powerhouses will not go easy on each other!"


Thunder Mana knew she needed to make a strong start, so she charged to spear N-Bomb, but her opponent didn't budge. She firmly planted her feet staying in that one spot (give or take an inch). N-Bomb responded by grabbing onto Mana's waist, holding her up, and dropping her down onto her knee.

Thunder Mana felt the sting of the impact even after she was off falling on the ground. N-Bomb then sat on Thunder Mana's back before locking in a camel clutch. She wretched back hard making her grunt in pain.

"Thunder Mana, do you give up?" the referee asked.


"Shut up!" N-Bomb shouted as she hooked her index fingers in Mana's mouth and began tugging them apart. The referee made N-Bomb release her mouth a second after that. N-Bomb then released the clutch and stood back up.

The obese wrestler ran to the ropes and bounced off. She jumped to splash on Mana, but the former GWM wrestler rolled out of the way at the last second. She then grabbed N-Bomb's legs and locked her in an Indian deathlock. She fell backwards onto the mat and stood back up a few times to make it more painful. Unfortunately, N-Bomb was close enough to the ropes to reach out and grab them. The referee called for a break and Thunder Mana released her.

When N-Bomb tried to get up, Thunder Mana attempted to kick her, but instead, N-Bomb grabbed her leg, tackled her, and fell right on top of her slamming her to the mat. She stood on her hair and pulled at her arms for a few seconds until the referee made her let go. But she didn't stop there. She wrapped her legs around the grounded Thunder Mana and held onto her tightly. Thankfully, Mana managed to roll herself backwards trying to press her opponent to the mat.

1… 2…

N-Bomb released the scissors and broke the pin. She then picked Thunder Mana up and dropped her in a DDT. She hooked her leg for the pin.

1… 2…

Thunder Mana kicked out. N-Bomb picked her up for a suplex, but Thunder Mana reversed it wit ha crucifix hold, but N-Bomb managed to roll out of it before the referee began to count. Thunder Mana attacked her opponent with an array of strikes and punches. She then struck her stomach with her knee before N-Bomb got angry. She grabbed her by the throat and pushed her into the corner.

With Mana dazed by the push, N-Bomb attempted a shoulder tackle. It connected and Mana fell into a sitting position. N-Bomb pulled her a few inches from the corner and climbed up to the bottom rope. She jumped off and landed right on top of Thunder Mana with a seated senton. She motioned for the referee.

1… 2…

Thunder Mana broke the count by grabbing the nearby bottom rope. N-Bomb was furious, so she pulled her away from the rope and hooked her leg.

1… 2…

Thunder Mana kicked out. Furious, N-Bomb held her up and shouted at her face.


She attempted to Irish whip Thunder Mana to the corner, but Mana reversed it throwing her to the turnbuckles instead. She then grabbed N-Bomb's chest and dropped her over her knees. She then hooked the massive wrestler's leg.

1… 2…

N-Bomb kicked out. Thunder Mana was ready to end the match, but she knew that none of her finishing moves would be very effective against someone N-Bomb's size. So instead, she grabbed her head and locked in a sleeper hold. She held it with all her might.

"N-Bomb, do you give up?"

N-Bomb didn't answer. She struggled to breathe and was getting ready to pass out. Her vision became blurry and her arms began to get heavy. It looked like it was going to be a win by knock out.

Sadly, that wasn't the case. Before the referee could count it, Thunder Mana felt two kicks hitting her head from behind. She was picked up from N-Bomb and forced to turn and face her attackers, which it turned out to be Mewlie and Neko Girl, the Killer Kitties. The referee waved her arms for the bell.


"What are we looking at? All of a sudden, just when victory was within Thunder Mana's grasp, Mewlie and Neko Girl interfered which caused Mana to win by DQ."

"This is for getting in my way before, Thunderhead!" Mewlie shouted before raking her claws over Mana's face. While she was stunned from the scratch, the Killer Kitties attacked different parts of her body. Mewlie kicked her chest and Neko Girl tripped her legs from behind. That in turn made Thunder Mana fall backwards.

The Killer Kitties then ran to the roped together and return to splash on Thunder Mana at once. The two of them turned to the stage to see Carly X running toward them.

"Don't think this is over." Mewlie growled before pouncing out of the ring with her daughter.

Carly X entered the ring to check on Thunder Mana. "Are you all right?"

"I've been through worse." Thunder Mana groaned as she got back up. "Guess you were right to warn be about them."

"And knowing them, they're not going to stop." Carly said.

Backstage, Queen Bee struggled to stay awake. She wanted to lay down, but Kaito and Clementine held her up because she could be concussed.

"Damn it!" Queen Bee grunted. "I was so close!"

"I'm sorry." Kaito said. "I don't know what else to say."

"Don't worry, sugah." Clementine said. "You'll get her next time."

"That's just it." Queen Bee said. "I don't know if there's going to be a next time. She only fought me because she was obligated to. This was probably my only shot and now…"

"You wasted it." A familiar voice mocked from the door. Kaito and Clementine glared at Queen Elizabeth who stood proudly in the door. "Guess we all know who the real queen is now."

"You already won, Liz." Queen Bee said. "Why are you still here?"

"To set the record straight. I don't have any plans to go up against you again. I only fought you this one time because Miss X told me to. I want a real challenge, not one against someone who I am guaranteed to beat. I mean, look at you. Despite all the so-called 'strong' opponents you beat, all the training, all the belts you've gained, you still can't compare to me or Hornet or anyone else who kicked your butt in the past. Give up your pointless grudge against us and forget about it. In the end, even in a fair match, I'm still a hundred leagues ahead of you."

Kaito and Clementine gave her dark looks. They didn't like har attitude one bit, but Elizabeth didn't care. She turned around about to leave, until she heard Queen Bee utter one word…


Elizabeth turned her head back at her. "I beg your pardon."

Queen Bee gave her a serious glare. "One. As in, you're one league ahead of me, not a hundred. Years ago, you were a hundred years ahead, but now, you're just one."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Queen Elizabeth asked.

"In the match we had just now, I had the best of you on more occasions than I can count with both my hands. Back in the day, I wouldn't have bothered to count with one. I even made you scream just now. That shows my improvement."

"That doesn't matter."

"Actually, it does! I've gone from jobber to world champion of one of the top-trending female wrestling leagues in the world. And you… Well, you're still the same cruel bitch who thinks she has to get on the level of her own bully victim. I may not have beaten you today, but at the rate I'm going, I will, if not in the ring, then in the crowd's eyes. It won't be long before the public loves me more than you and I will overshadow you. Knowing you, you won't like that, and you'll want to face me. So until you do, I'll keep being the ace of Xtrema. Oh, and by the way, Liz, when you see Beatrice, tell her I'm going to remember what she just did."

Silence struck in the room. Queen Elizabeth grew upset, which is what Bee wanted. She stormed out leaving the Xtrema wrestlers there.

"That was amazing, girl." Clementine cheered.

"Dawn, you are one cool person." Kaito praised.

"I know." Queen Bee smiled. "Now, take me home."

On her way out, Queen Elizabeth couldn't ignore what her old victim just said to her. She was clearly upset and wanted a way to bring her down. That's when she came across a TV screen in the hallway. It showed Sayuri Rogue in the middle of the ring with a microphone in her hand.

"I think it's safe to say that this was a pretty eventful night, ladies and gentlemen! I look forward to seeing what comes next! And remember, if any strong ladies feel like joining us, they are free to!"

And just like that, an idea flashed in Elizabeth's mind. She smiled as she began to think it through. When she was done, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number. When there was an answer, she grinned a sinister smile and answered.

"Hey, Crawford. It's been a while. I hear you're quite a wrestler these days. Pretty big step up from your reporter days. I also hear you're looking for a new league to join. Well, I think I have a good recommendation for you."

Author's Note: And so ends another night of matches. Now, you won't get any updates from me until December 1, when I will begin my Christmas Special. As usual, I will be doing nine matches. The first will be normal and the rest will have special rules. It will have some of my OCs plus a visitor wrestler. If you have any requests for matches and who you want to participate in them, it would be greatly appreciated.

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