Chapter One: Prologue and Character Info

A.N.: Hi, this is one of my first fanfictions so please be nice. I do not own anything recognizable. This will not be Edward or Alice friendly, sorry. Rated M for language and anything else I can think of. Also this is not beta'd

Name: Cordelia Swan

Nickname: Delia (everyone) Lia (Emmett)

Age: 20

Father: Charlie Swan

Mother: Renee Dwyer nee Higginbotham

Step-Father: Phil Dwyer

Sister: Isabella "Bella" Swan (18)

Mate: Emmett Cullen


For the past couple years, I have been in Ithaca, New York. After high school I decided that I wanted to travel for a bit. I did not put off college mind you. No, I did online classes with UDUB. I've been taking classes to become an elementary school teacher. I love kids so much; I wish I could have some.

When I was 16, I was in an accident that rendered me infertile. It was definitely a very rough time for me. I mean eventually I could probably adopt, but so far, the closest I will get to having a child is teaching them.

Anyways we're not hear to talk about me, at least not completely. Hello, my name is Cordelia Swan and I am the older sister to Isabella Swan. Yes, that Isabella, the one who fell in love with a Cold One named Edward Cullen. I was not very happy about that. I mean I can't judge her for being with a vampire, but I can judge her choice of vampire.

The past few months have been pretty eventful. On Bella's 18th birthday I wasn't able to make it to Forks, and maybe that was a good thing. Now what I am about to tell you is second hand knowledge, since again I was not at the party. Alice Cullen threw Bella a birthday party and everything seemed normal at first. Bella was opening presents and got to Carlisle and Esme's present that's when everything went wrong.

As Bella was opening the present, she ended up getting a paper cut. Now normally that wouldn't have been so bad for the family of vampires but Edward went crazy -at least in my opinion. Edward pushed Bella backwards into a glass table making everything ten times worse. Jasper almost went to attack Bella. Now, I want you to understand that this was in no way his fault. He was feeling the blood lust of five vampires, plus his own. There is also the fact that Bella is Edward's singer, so that would have been ten times worse for Jasper.

After this happened Edward ignored Bella for a few days and during this he forced his family to leave Forks. He took Bella into the forest and left a note for our dad. He dumped Bella in the forest and she almost ended up with hypothermia. Now I already disliked Edward quite a lot but this made me hate him so fucking much.

Anyways when the family left Forks they came to Ithaca, New York. They left Bella in a catatonic depressive state that no one can get her out of. Now that was September, it is now October and that is where our story starts. Buckle up for a wild ride.