Chapter Three: Bella, are you okay?

It took a very long time to get to Washington. We pretty much drove straight through, and since Emmett can't sleep, it wasn't that hard. At some point are phones started blowing up from calls from the family. A good majority of those phone calls and text messages came from Alice, but I didn't care to answer her. Alice may think that we're in trouble for leaving, but she has a lot to answer for.

"Hey Em," I start cautiously, "What happens if Alice decides she's going to come out here?"

"Well, she'll have a lot to answer for. Alice will not be able to 'see' what is going to happen if she shows up here." Emmett says passionately

I nod, and just a few minutes later, we pull into my dad's driveway. I notice Bella's beat-up truck in the driveway along with dad's cruiser and Billy Black's vehicle. I sigh slowly, knowing this was going to be very tiring. Emmett sees that I'm about to get really upset and leans over to kiss me.

"Hey, everything is going to be okay," Emmett says comfortingly.

I nod and take a deep breath before getting out of the car and walking to the front door. I take another breath and knock on the door loudly. I take a step back into Emmett's waiting arms and wait for someone to answer the door.

I hear someone coming to the door. I step out of Emmett's arms as the door opens.

"Hi daddy," I smile weakly.

He smiles until he sees Emmett behind me, "What is he doing here?"

"Dad, he's my boyfriend also, it's not his fault." I say, "We've got a lot to talk about, but first, we're going to go see my sister."

I walk into the house with Emmett behind me. I nod at Billy before I head upstairs to Bella's room with Emmett. I lightly knock on Bella's door before opening the door and walking inside. She looked terrible, just sitting in her chair and staring out the window.

I kneel in front of her, and she slightly acknowledges me, "Hey Bells, I brought someone who wants to see you."

"Hey, Bella-boo. I've missed you so much." Emmett says gently to Bella

"E-Emmett? C-Cordelia?" Bella stutters out shocked

"Yeah, sis, it's us. Emmett came back to see you with me." I tell her

"But Edward told me that I was no good for him and the family and that they all were going to leave, and I wasn't allowed to come with." Bella sobs

"Bella, he lied to you and the rest of the family. He told us that you wanted nothing to do with us after Jasper almost attacked you." Emmet tells her upset

"But it wasn't Jasper's fault," Bella says, getting stronger, "Jasper was feeling the bloodlust of all you, minus maybe Carlisle. Then there is the fact that I'm Edwards singer, so that would have been ten times worse for him."

"Bella, you are an amazing human," Emmett says awed.

"Speaking of humans, there is another one standing right here, ya know," I say

"Delia, why is Emmett with you? I didn't know you knew each other." Bella questions

"Bella had you not been in a depressive state and answered my phone calls you would have known that Emmett and I have been together for a month. "I say, and after I do, I realize that it was a tad harsh. I instantly feel bad for saying it the way that I did. "Sorry Bells I'm tired I shouldn't have lashed out."

Emmett comes up behind me and hugs me, "Calm down, Lia."

"Delia, what do you mean you've been dating Emmett for a month?" Bella asks


It was a typical day, or at least usual for me. I was walking around in the park when I bumped into someone literally. I looked up and saw a very handsome buff guy. I blush when I realize I'd been staring for a really long time.

"I'm so sorry," I say to the stranger.

"It's okay. I wasn't really watching where I was going either." He says

"You look upset, are you okay?" I ask

"A few days ago, something bad happened and forced my family and me to move. I'm I had to leave someone I call my sister. Anyways enough of the sad stuff, my name is Emmett." The guy, Emmett, says

"My name is Cordelia." I say, "It's nice to meet you, Emmett, and I'm so sorry for bumping into you."

"It's fine, but to apologize, how would you feel about letting me take you to dinner tonight?" Emmett asks, bold, very bold I like it.

"Alright, Mr. Smooth, I'll go on a date with you," I say, smiling.

End Flashback

"I would just like to point out that I didn't bump into you on accident. I knew you were my mate the minute I stepped foot in the park." Emmett says

"That was so cute." Bella says happily, and we just stare at her, "What?"

"Bella, are you okay?" I ask her

"You know honestly before the two of you came in here, no, I was not. It's like once I saw the both of you, it was like this fog just lifted off of me." Bella says

"Oh my god," Emmett says

"What?" I ask him.

"Edward was dazzling her. Well, that and we were correct that someone else in the family was her mate. I'm not sure who, but I have an idea." He says, and I'm pretty sure I have an idea who he's talking about.

"That makes so much sense. Edward couldn't have been the only one dazzling her. Who else do we know that let certain things happen." I say

"You don't think…." He trails off

"It's extremely possible, I mean, think about why else would she let Bella get hurt," I say

"Um…hello, what are you guys talking about?" Bella asks

"You are Jasper's mate and-"Emmett starts.

"Alice knew, and she's been hiding it from everyone, so she doesn't have to give up Jasper." I finish

"If that's true, why didn't Jasper try to claim me? Emmett, you said you knew my sister was your mate as soon you smelt her in the park that day." Bella points out

"Well, when Alice said that you would be not only Edward's mate but a singer as well, to keep him from killing you when you guys first met, she stole some clothing with your scent on it for him to get used to," Emmett says

"And because she did that, Jasper would have smelt Bella's scent and not understood what was happening when he finally met Bella. He probably would have just thought he was fighting his bloodlust." I say

Bella seems to be thinking about what we were saying. I see the wheels turning in that brilliant mind of hers, and it helps that the dazzling has been wearing off all afternoon. I'm so happy that we have helped with that, I've been so worried about her for a while now.

"So what you guys are saying is that Alice and Edward have been dazzling me the entire time I have been in Forks? That makes so much sense before they came along I used to be so outspoken. When they came into my life, I was no longer like that. I mean honestly, I acted like Rosalie a lot of times before they made into this submissive little thing." Bella says angrily

"It'll be okay, Bella, we'll fix this, I promise. Emmett and I both will find a way to get you, Jasper; it's what you deserve. You deserve to be with the one you are meant to be with. "I tell her and hug her. Once my arms are around her, she starts to sob into my shoulder, and I rub her back, soothing her.

"Thank you, Delia, you have always been there for me more than anyone else, especially mom and dad," Bella says as she starts to calm down.

"Speaking of dad, we need to figure out what we're going to tell him," I say

"What do you mean?" Emmett asks

"Well, he knows that you're my boyfriend, but he hates your family mainly Edward for leaving Bella," I say

"How about we tell him most of the truth. Like the fact that Edward wanted to leave and convinced the family to do so. It wasn't anyone's fault but Edward's, that the family didn't want to leave." Bella says, and I smile at her.

"You are a genius, Bells," Emmett says, and we all head downstairs together.

"Hey Dad," Bella chirps, and I try not to burst into laughter, seeing the look on dad's face.

"Bella?" Dad asks

"Yeah, dad, it's me. Cordelia and Emmett fixed me." She says

"I should've called you sooner. "Dad says, looking at me.

"Yeah, you should've, but we're here now, and Bella's fine,"

"So, how did this happen?" He says, gesturing to Emmett and me.

We explain everything we decided to tell him. Billy doesn't look convinced at all, but that's his problem. We spend the rest of the evening getting along. Once the night comes to an end, Emmett and I get ready to leave to check on his house, but Bella asks us to stay with her. There was no way we could say no to her, not after everything that's happened.

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