A training session

After the events of Dressrosa, the strawhats and the rest of there allies traveled out to sea to meet the rest of the strawhats. As they were traveling, everyone was celebrating Law and Luffy's victory against DoFlamingo. Drinking sake, eating some delisious food and enjoying each other's company. As they were in the mist of celebrating, Zoro was drinking his sake as he turned and noticed that Law was sitting by himself. Zoro noticed two things, number one: Law didn't have any sake. Number two: He never noticed how hot Law was. He watched Law from a far. The way law sat on the bench, with his right leg crossed over his left leg, with his sword resting on his left shoulder, watching the rest of everyone's fun and relaxing.

Law was sitting so calming and reaxed. His face soft and no scowl on his face, seeming to be himself. Zoro took in all his features as he rested against the railing, sipping his sake. He looked at Law from head to toe. The first thing Zoro noticed, was Law's legs. They could go on for miles. Law's arms were folded across his chest and leaned back. His facial features were sexy to Zoro. His calming grey eyes watching everyone else have fun, and Zoro just had enough of just standing there watching from a far. No, that wasn't enough for Zoro.

Zoro decided to grab the empty cup that was next to the barrel and his bottle of sake. He walked over to him with a big grin.


As Law was sitting on the bench of the thousand sunny, he observed everyone else having fun with Luffy and Usopp. He was enjoying the scene before him, until he felt a presence of someone walking toward him. As he looked to the right of him, he noticed the green haired, tall Zoro approaching him. He noticed Zoro walking towards him with a cup that appered to be empty and a bottle of sake, and with a smirk on his face that Law had never scene before on Zoro. He thought it was rather calming and quite cute on Zoro that he didn't have his usual scowl on his face. Law felt himself get a tad bit hot as Zoro got closer and closer to him.

"Hey Law. Why are you not drinking?" Zoro said as he stopped right in front of him. Law looked up from the ground to Zoro's feet, until he got to his body. He took in Zoro's body as he looked up at him. Zoro's muscler body was hugged perfectly thanks to the white button up shirt he was wearing that he had unbottoned, showing his chest partly. When Law looked up at Zoro's face, he was still smirking at him, making it hard for Law to look away. As he looked in his face , they made eye contact with each other. Law felt like his heart skipped a beat as he looked down.

"Because...I didn't feel like drinking." Law said as he looked down away from Zoro. He looked down because he felt his face get a little hot from the eye contact. Zoro took notice of his LAw fleeting glance and tried his hardest to keep his laughter in. He thought it was rather cute of Law to get all flustered by his presence.

"Oh come on! you know you want to." Zoro said with a deep huskly toned. Zoro had to admit it, he liked seeing Law be all hot and bothered over him just now. He was gonna have fun at Law mercy.

Law was surpirsed by the sudden change in Zoro's voice that was intoxicating to him. " Why don't you losen up Law and have some fun?" Zoro said as he sat down extremely close to him. They were so closse that their legs were rubbing against each other. Law wanted to move his leg, but he enjoyed Zoro's warm leg rubbing up aganist him. Zoro notcied how tense Law got and decided to pour the sake to the top of the cup without Law's answer.

" Ok, fine you win Zoro." Law said as he threw his hands in the air and accepted defeat. Zoro handed Law the cup and he sipped his sake. They sat in silence for a minute boserving everyone else. Law was trying so hard to not look at Zoro but it was hard for him to not look at Zoro. When he looked down, he could feel Zoro looking at him briefly before he looked away at everyone else. Law would give Zoro glances as he looked out past the ship, but his gaze would linger a little too long and Zoro would almost catch him staring at him. Zoro felt Law's energy and he felt the heat radiating off of him. It honestly turned Zoro on to know that he could get Law anytime he wanted because he knew that Law wanted it, just as much as he did.

As much as Zoro was having fun with this little gazing game they were playing, he decided to break the silence.

"Hey so, what are you doing later on?" Zoro asked him as he wass looking at his face trying to look into his eyes. He tried to look into his eyes but Law kept looking away, trying not to look at him in the eye.

"Um, nothing really. Why?" Law said avoiding eye contact with Zoro. He felt like his face was gonna turn red at the rate. Zoro noticed thatLaw was started to sweat as a line of sweat started to roll down his temple.

"If your up late, did you wanna have a training session with me? Some sword play?" Zoro offered with one arm crossing over his chest.

"Um, sure, we can. i don't mind it. But I'm warning you, i might not be able to keep up with a man working with three sword style. I don't think i have a chance." Law said as he finally looked at Zoro in his eyes, keeping his composer together. He tried to make it not so obvious how hot and turn on he was by Zoro.

"Well we will have to see, won't we?" Zoro said with a smirk as he chugged the rest of his sake down and put the cup down. " Alright, i'll see you at midnight. Be ready and prepared. I don't go so easy." Zoro said as he stood up grabbing the empty cup and empty bottle of sake as he was about to head inside.

"Ok. It's a date." Law said on complete accident. Law looked away and cursed himself for letting that slip out of his mouth. He was shocked just as much as Zoro was. Zoro thought it was cute and let out a little chuckle and walked inside to the kitchen.

'Well, this is gonna be a fun night.' Zoro thought to himself as he walked inside to throw the bottle away. As Zoro had went into the kitchen, Law was still embarressed at the comment he had just said to Zoro. He laid his sword down and leaned all the way back and let out a big sigh. He wasn't sureif he could handle this while on the same ship as him.

The day went by and everyone was on seperate parts of the thousand sunny. it was quickly approching midnight. Law decided to take a nice hot shower before he waited for Zoro. As he was in the shower, he imagined the scenario of them training as of other scenarios of Zoro coming on to him. Picturing Zoro holding him kissing him passionatly. Telling him all thosse sweet nothings in his ear, grabbing him in such a way that would make him weak in the knees. Law felt his manhood twitch at the pure thought of having Zoro in such a way. It was almost sinister of him t think such nasty thoughts.

As he got done with his shower, he was dressed and waiting in the back of the ship. It was quit and everyone was inside sleeping. He was pacing back and fourth, waiting for Zoro. Having those thoughts of Zoro, was making him twitch in his special place again.

As he leaned back against the railing of the ship, he heard someone coming. As to his pleasure, it was the green hair man who he just fantasied about in the shower. Zoro changed from the suit he was wearing earlier in the day, to something more comforting. he had on his black boots and his green baggy pants with no shirt. The moonlight glistening off of his musculer body, his face was practically glowing from the moonlight. Law also noticed that he had two kendo sticks with him. Law was slightly confused.

"Hey, why do you only have two of these? I thought you train with three?" Law asked as he scratched his chin, looking at Zoro.

"Well were just doing a little training. I just want to see how your sword play was without us using our full techniqes." Zoro said truthfully but with deeper intention than that. He wanted to see how far he could take it with Law sexually.

"ALright. Show me what you got master swordsman." Law said as he started to blush after thinking about what he said. Zoro manhood twitched from him calling him a master swordsman. "Well then should we get started?" Zoro asked as he got into position with his kendo stick.

"Let's begin." Law said as he got into positon as well. The both of them were battling for fifthteen minutes. Giving each other a good blow for blow battle intraining. Zoro was impressed with Law's sword play. He thought he was really good, Law also thought Zoro was an amazing swordsman and that Mihawk trained him very well. As they got to the end of the battle, Zoro was able to corner Law and clashed kendo sticks. As they clashed, Law looked Zoro in the eye as they pushed each other for dominance. As they were pushing each other, Zoro's face softened and licked his lips at Law, completely taking Law off guard and distracted himself. Losing complete control of his stregnth, Zoro took the opprotunity to knock the kendo stick out of Law's hand. When Law lost his kendo stick in battle, Zoro pushed Law into the wall, putting the kendo stick to Law's neck. They were incredibly close to each other, they could feel each other's breaths blowing in each other's face. Law and Zoro's eyes never left each other. La's mouth became dry and it was hard for him to swallow his spit with Zoro being so close to him in such and intimate way. Zoro thought 'this is the moment' to himself. He leaned in and gave Law a deep passionate kiss up against the wall. Law melted into the kiss and into Zoro's arms.

Zoro dropped his kendo stick and started to rub his hands up and down Law's body. Law encouraged this action to continue as he put his left leg around Zoro's hip as his hands started to rome Zoro's body. There bodies were moving in sync with each other, Law moaning in Zoro's mouth as Zoro stuck his tounge down Law's throat. Zoro thought that Law was so sexy, moaning for him like that. Law grabbed Zoro's Manhood, making him even stiffer in his pants. making them feel incredibly tight on him. Law's heart was beating fast and hard with adrideline and excitment. The man that he had been having dreams and fantasies about, was here on the sunny, kissing him, making his knees weak. Making him feel like they were the only ones in the world at that time and moment. Law felt like he was in heaven with Zoro.

There lungs were in desperate need of air, as they seperated from each other. When they caught there breaths, they let out a chuckle.

"Come with me. I'm not done with you yet Law." Zoro said as he stepped away and held his hand out so that Law could grab his hand. Law took Zoro's hand and followed right behind him. Zoro lead him to his side of the ship where his room was. Law's heartbeat was going incredibly fast, not sure nor prepared for the night he was about to have. He was nervous and excited at the same time, but he was trying to play it cool. Zoro noticed that he was blushing a little bit harder than he was before. When they got to his room, Zoro quickly pulled Law inside and shut the door behind him. He closed the door and quickly pushed Law up against the door and gave him a passionate kiss, within seconds of entering. Law moaned into Zoro's mouth at the aggresivness that was coming off of Zoro in waves. He noticed Zoro's ora had completely changed from calm, cool, and reserved to agressive, passionate, territorial.

Law felt his pants get tight around his crotch area. Zoro decided to rub his thigh against Law's monhood and felt how hard Law was and he pulled back and smiled at him. Law's face started to sweat and he suddenly felt embarresed that Zoro felt how much he had an effect on him.

"You're so cute when you're shy." Zoro said as he took notice of Law's fleeting blush face. As Zoro decided to kiss Law's neck, he grabbed Law's hand and brought it to his pants. Law's eyes grew larger as he felt the length and thickness of Zoro's manhood over his pants and immediatly felt himself get a bit more nervous then before.

"Do you see how much you turn me on Law? Don't be so nervous. I wanna show you how much I want you." Zoro said as he gave Law's neck kisses up and down. Law felt like he was gonna burn. Zoro took off Law's shirt and tossed it aside somewhere in one of the darkness of the room. Zoro began to kiss all over Law'sexposed skin. Law felt his skin burning up everytime Zoro touched him and kssed him. Eventhough Zoro was enjoying the sounds of pleasure coming from Law, he missed kissing those lips of his and went back to give hismouth some attention. The vibrations from both men were intoxicating for the both of them. As Zoro grabbed the back of Law's right thigh, Law on instinct, broght his other leg up and around Zoro's waist. Getting the hint that Zoro wanted to lift Law up to carry him. Zoro groaned in his mouth as his tounge danced with Law's in sync of each other.

Zoro got to his big king size bed, laid Law down closer to the edge of the bed while their mouths were still connected to each other. As badly as Zoro wanted to continue making love to this man's mouth, his lungs wouldn't allow him to breathe. Zoro unfloded Law's legs from behind him and took Law's pants off. As he took off his pants and boxers at once, Law's member sprung out, rock hard and Zoro cold have sworen that he saw some precum about to drip out. Zoro smiled at Law and removed all article of clothing on Law. He leaned down and lifted Law's legs up in the air. Law gasped in surpise by the sudden move by him. Zoro took a second to admire his tight little butthole that looked very nice to Zoro, but he knew he had to really take his time with Law from how tight he looked. He leaned in and his tounge started to lick at the little hole. Swirling his tounge to make it wet and make him less tense.

Law clinched at the sudden feel of a wet tounge in his ass from the green hair swordsman.

"Just relax and enjoy the feeling." Zoro said as he went back in. Law's moans were such a motivation for him to keep going. As he noticed that Law started to relax a bit, Zoro decided to stop and grab Law's member and stroke it. Law let out a groan and sigh as the feeling of Zoro's strong hand grabbed his manhood, making him lust in pure bliss for him. Zoro took in the sight of Law's face as he watched his face in pure lust and bliss of what was happening. He leaned down and put is warm mouth around Law's member. sucking his member nice and slow, making Law grab the sheets. Law felt his body melt as Zoro's wet mouth begun to suck him. The slob dripping down from the gagging that Zoro was doing from deepthroating him. As he did that, Zoro stuck his finger inside of Law.

He was taken aback of the finger going inside of him, as he moaned from the finger started to move in and out at a fast pace. As he was fingering him, Zoro started to suck faster and faster. Law felt himself bagan to break in half. The moans grew louder and louder until he came in Zoro's mouth. As Law came, Zoro swallowed all of his semen down his throat. It was warm and sticky going down and he enjoyed it. He enjoyed Law's moans and groans the way he was pleasing him.

Law laid there on the bed, feeling almost as he got the life sucked out of him. His face flushed, the sweat rolled down on the sides of his face.

"I hope you don't think we are done Law. I still want you." Zoro said as he stood up and startedto remove his clothes. Law sat up and watched Zoro strip out of his clothes. Law saw his manhood and was surprised at his size and how big he really was besides just feeling it. Hebit his lip, enjoying the sight ofsuch a sexy man like Zoro stripping just for him. Zoro finally got everything off and noticed that Law was staring at his body and his manhood. He motioned Law to come closer to him. As soon as Law got closer, he grabbed Zoro's manhood and stroked it. Earning a deep low growl from Zoro, he put his mouth on him this time. Zoro stood straight, not trying to get weak knees from such a sensation that Law had given him.

As Zoro looked down, he looked down at Law who was looking up at him while havin his member in hs mouth. Letting the slob roll down from his mouth and Zoro's manhood. Zoro will never forget the look that Law gave him in his eye. Enjoying the feeling as he closed his eyes. Zoro knew he wasn't going to last a this rate, he decided to make him lean back on his back. Making him get all the way in his bed as he crawled towards him.

Zoro leaned down and gave him another deep kiss before sitting up, getting ready to enter him. As he got in potistion, he licked his hand to rub his manhood and make it wet. When he entered inside, there eyes never left each other. He watched Law's face turn into discomfort and he paused all movements and Law get ajusted to the feeling of his manhood inside him. Law took a couple of breaths and begun to relax. He nodded to Zoro to approve him to keep going. Zoro felt him relax around him as he moved carefully and slowly. When he felt the sensation of hot loose and hot it began to get, he picked up the pace a little bit more. As he did that, he decided to jerk him at the same time. Law was already still hard after already cumming the first time, due to Zoro's amazing sucking skills. Zoro wanted to watch thisman break in half because of him. He wanted him to come back to him over and over again as long as they were on the same ship until he left back with his crew.

Law's moans were getting more and more desperate, feeling as if he can't hold back. He felt his vision get blurry and his body started to tense. Zoro took notice of his body get tighter and knew he was close.

"That's it Law. Cum foe me again. I know you can't hold out much longer." Zoro moaned as he went jerked him harder and faster. Law's moans got louder and louder as Zoro's hand went faster and moaned one last time as he came all over his stomach and chest. Zoro slowed movements down a little and took his finger and scooped some of the cum up. He took his finger and sucked it all off. Law sat laid there in bliss, watching this man taste his cum for the second time that night. He couldn't beileve the the swordsman of the strawhats was so sexual. Zoro watched him lay there, face glowing from the big full moon glowing in his room. That made Zoro lose his mind, the way he looked with his member inside him. Zoro started going faster and faster. He put more power into each thrusting motion, making Law almost breathless. Law's moans were growing louder and louder. Zoro slowed down and lean in to give Law more of his kisses and his tounge. It started to get more romantic then rough. More passion and not just sex to them. As Zoro buried his face into Law's neck, Law begun to scratch and claw at Zoro's back, making him groan in pleasure. Zoro liked that he was grabbing and scratching at him like that. Zoro leaned back and stared at into Law's eyes, enjoying the lust and want in his eyes. He felt himself on the urge of cumming and stated fucking Law harder and faster than before. Making Law moan louder and gasping for air from how hard he was pounding into him.

As everything started to feel tight, he closed his eyes and pulled out. He came all over Law and his face. Breathing almost impossible for him. He sat in bliss with his eyes close, until he heard Law licking his finger clean now. As he opened his eyess, he saw Law licking up his cum now and thought it was incredibly sexy. He leaned down and kissed him passionately again. As Zoro got up, he looked around and grabbed his shirt. Wiping up all the cum from both of them that was left on Law's stomach.

"So? How was that for you?" Zoro asked as he tossed the shrt to the side.

"it was...amazing." Law said trying not to look at him. Zoro thought it was rather cute that Law was still acting shy like he wasn't just inside of him.

"Are you still playing shy? After I just satisfied you? Making you cum twice?" Zoro said with a smirk. Making Law turn red again.

"No it's not that. I just..." He was cut off by Zoro's lips meeting his again.

"Listen. I know that your a shy guy. That is actually sexy how shy you act, but me and you both know how you really like it." Zoro said in that deep voice that Law thought was dead sexy.

Law didn't know what to say behind that statment. What he had said was true, that he was still shy when it came to flirting or anything romantic, but when it came to Zoro, he was too nervous. Hehad always been attracted to Zoro physically. But now he was really attracted to him after there session.

"Come on. Lay down." Zoro said as he pulled the sheets back, motioning him to lay under the covers. Law complied and laid under the cover and Zoro got into the spooning potision behinf Law, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Telling each other goodnight. Law fell asleep before Zoro did. As Zoro laid there, he thought about Law and how much sex they were going to have, as long as he was on there ship. Zoro grinned and drifted into a deep sleep, cuddled up with the surgeon.

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