Trina looked at herself in the mirror. She had to be gorgeous. Sure, she was always gorgeous, but it didn't hurt to go the extra mile. Especially tonight of all nights. After some thought, she had decided on her magenta, strapless dress. The one with the floral pattern. She loved it for two reasons. First, it was super comfortable. Second, and most importantly, it emphasized her natural assets. She wasn't some slut fighting to get the attention of guys. Unlike Tori or Jade, Trina preferred to be classy with how she dressed. However, there were cases where it payed to show off her good looks. Like if one was auditioning for a role. This dress struck the perfect balance for her. It showed some skin, but no too much, so she didn't come off as desperate. There was only enough cleavage visible to be enticing. Only a few inches of her thighs could be seen. Only the top of her back was uncovered.

Trina turned around to see how her back looked. The dress had a small bow over her lower back. She liked this because it drew attention to her rear. Speaking of drawing attention. Trina picked up a necklace that she'd gotten for her birthweek and put it on. She adjusted the pendant so it rested in between her cleavage. Nothing wrong with giving guys an excuse to stare. She shook her shoulders playfully, causing her breasts to bounce. She was going to blow Seth's mind. Trina grabbed her pear phone and checked the time. She should get going. She put the phone in her purse and made her way downstairs. She could see her Mother in the kitchen, cleaning the counter. She didn't look up as Trina made her way down the stairs. Trina cleared her throat. "Hey Mom, I'm about to go."

"Have fun sweetie." Her Mom was still fixated on the kitchen counter.

"So Mom," said Trina. "What do you think?"

"About what?" said her Mom.

"About how I look?" said Trina. "Do you think I look pretty?"

Her mom grumbled and turned to Trina. Her eyes widened and she stared at her daughter. "Wow Trina, you look gorgeous!"

"Thank you," said Trina, doing a mock curtsey.

"And that dress is so cute," said her Mom. "You should save it for prom."

"We already had prom," said Trina. "This is what I wore."

"Really?" said her Mom. "You went to prom?"

"Yes," said Trina. "I was almost prom queen, but Tori's goth friend beat me out."

"I'm sure you were," said her Mom. Trina sighed and went towards the door. "Is he here?"

"No," said Trina. "I'm picking him up."

Her Mom raised an eyebrow. "You're picking him up?"

"Yeah," said Trina.

"Does he have a car?" said her Mom.

"No, he has a car," said Trina.

"But you're still picking him up?" said her Mom. She rushed out of the kitchen and to Trina.

"Yeah," said Trina.

"Well, are you going to bring him over here so we can meet him?" said her Mom.

"I don't know," said Trina. "You know, it's just the first date and I don't want to move too fast."

"I see, I see," said her Mom. "And by the way, what's his name?"

"Seth," said Trina.

"And how did you meet Seth?" said her Mom.

"He goes to Hollywood Arts," said Trina.

"Would Tori know him?" said her Mom.

"What?" said Trina.

"Would Tori know him?" said her Mom.

"Of course," said Trina.

"Well why don't I ask her right now?" said her Mom.

"She's out with her friends," said Trina.

"I can text her," said her Mom.

"No you can't," said Trina. Her hand was reaching for the doorknob. "She's at the movies. She probably turned off her phone."

"Alright," said her Mom. "I guess I'll have to wait until she comes home to ask her."

"You do that," said Trina as she opened the door. "Anyways, I've got to go."

"Wait," said her Mom, putting her hand on Trina's shoulder. "You know it's the last day of your birthweek. Why don't we do something special? We could watch a movie. Just you, me, and Dad."

"I'm already doing something special," said Trina.

"Right, right, right," said her Mom. "Your date with Seth."

"Yes," said Trina.

"Well just remember, if that doesn't work out, we'll be here waiting," said her Mom.

"Don't wait up too long," said Trina. Her Mom's jaw dropped. "I mean, Seth's house is kind of far from here."

"Sure," said her Mom.

"So, I guess bye," said Trina as she slipped out the door

"Wait, before you go, I've got something for you." She ran over to her purse and pulled out some money, which she gave to Trina.

"Wow, thanks Mom," said Trina, putting the money in her purse.

"Don't mention it," said her Mom. "I was just thinking you could use it if you want to see a movie or do something fun."

"Seth's going to be paying for the date," said Trina. "But thanks anyways."

"Have fun," said her Mom. Trina waved bye to her and got in her car. Her Mom watched as she backed out of the driveway and drove down the street. When her daughter was gone, she went to her purse and pulled out her phone.

Tori wobbled as she made her way to her seat, trying to carry three tubs of popcorn and a box of candy for Cat. She almost tripped over a guy and his girlfriend. She managed to get her balance, but spilled some popcorn on the ground. The two gave Tori dirty looks as she continued down the aisle. She finally made it to where her friends were and plopped herself down in the seat. "Anybody hungry?"

"Yay!" Cat plucked the box of candy out of Tori's lap.

"Took you long enough," said Jade.

"You try carrying all this stuff," said Tori.

"The important thing is she got here before the movie starts," said Beck.

"Yeah," said Andre. "It's cool."

Robbie grabbed up a tub of popcorn. "This one doesn't have that much popcorn."

"You expect us to share?" said Rex.

Tori glared at Robbie, whose face turned red. "We'll manage."

"Great," said Tori. Suddenly, her pocket buzzed.

"Tori," said Jade. "You're supposed to turn off your phone at the movies."

"I'm gonna do it." Tori pulled the phone out of her pocket. "It's my Mom."

"What's she want?" said Andre.

"She's asking if I know some guy called Seth," said Tori. She started typing on her phone. "Yeah, he goes to our school."

"Is that the Seth you set up with Trina?" said Andre.

"Yeah," said Tori.

"Why would you do that to someone?" said Jade.

"I had to get Trina a birthweek present." Tori put her phone in her pocket. "She didn't like the song I sang for her, so Seth was plan B."

Andre scooped out some popcorn from his tub. "Well, I'm just wishing that boy the best of luck. He's going to need it."

Seth's house wasn't that far from the Vega home. It was a ten, maybe fifteen, minute drive away. Trina pulled her car into the driveway and parked. She grabbed her purse and high-heels, which she'd put in the passenger seat. It was easier to drive barefoot, than it was to drive in heels. She put her shoes on and got out of the car. She proceeded to inspect his house. It was smaller than her home. It looked like a typical one story ranch-style house. It was painted white, but the paint seemed to be peeling off. Some of the roof shingles had gotten loose, a few of which had fallen off. Trina made her way to the front door. As she got closer, she could see it was covered in a layer of dust. She pressed the doorbell.

"Coming." The door swung open, to reveal Seth standing behind it. He was wearing a while t-shirt and jeans. "Trina."

"Seth," said Trina. "I'm here for our date."

"Right." Seth stepped back and motioned for Trina to come inside the house. "Why don't you make yourself comfortable?"

"Sure." Trina followed Seth into his house. He led her to the living room, where Trina sat herself down on a beat up couch. The couch was grimy, with the fabric being matted in some places. Trina sat in a way so that as little of her had to be on the couch as possible. Above the couch was a weird painting. Trina assumed it was something abstract. It looked like a series of random triangles put together to form a skull.

"I don't want you to think I forgot our date," said Seth. "It's just I thought I had more time to get ready. I just got off work and was going to change into something more...I guess more romantic."

"It's fine," said Trina. "I don't mind."

"You're nice," said Seth. "But this is hardly appropriate for a first date."

"It's fine," said Trina. "So where do you work?"

"At the Kroger," said Seth. "I'm a cashier."

Trina nodded. "I bet that's fun."

"It has it's moments," said Seth.

"So um, are you from around here?" said Trina.

"No," said Seth. "We're from Massachusetts. From a small town called Dunwich. You ever been?"

"To Massachusetts?" said Trina. "No, never."

"It's nice," said Seth. "Anyways, we moved out here because a friend of my Dad's got him a job out here."

"So, where are your parents?" said Trina. "Are they here?"

"No, my Dad's in Nevada," said Seth. "He's building sets for a movie that's being shot there."

"So your dad is in show business?" said Trina.

Seth chuckled. "I guess you could say that."

"What about your Mom?" said Trina.

"She's working," said Seth.

"Oh," said Trina. "So, when does your Mom get off work? It'd be nice to meet her."

"Some time in the morning," said Seth.

"I see," said Trina. She bit her lip. "You know my Mom wanted to meet you."

"Did she?" said Seth, a note of skepticism in his voice.

"Yeah," said Trina. "I told her no, because it was just the first date and I didn't want to move too fast."

"Sure," said Seth.

"Well do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"No," said Seth. "I'm an only child. What about you? I know Tori's your sister."

"Yeah," said Trina. "That's about it."

Seth nodded. "How's she as a sister?"

"She's fine," said Trina. "I mean she can be really selfish, but sometimes she delivers."

"Like when?" said Seth.

"Well, she got me a good present for my birthweek," said Trina.

"Birthweek?" said Seth.

"Yeah, the week of my birth," said Trina. "I mean, why just celebrate one day? That's not enough time."

"So, do people give you presents for each day?" said Seth.

"No," said Trina.

"Good," said Seth. "I guess I'm sorry I didn't get you a present for this birthweek."

"That's okay," said Trina. "You can get me something next year."

"Sure," said Seth. "If we're still together then."

"Oh you're so sweet," said Trina. "Anyways, do you want to get things going?"

"Sure," said Seth. "Let me get changed and we can go somewhere. Where were you thinking of going?"

"Here's fine with me." Trina got off of the couch and wrapped her arms around Seth. She pulled him into her and planted a kiss on him.

He squirmed as she kissed him. After a few seconds, he pulled away. "What are you doing?"

"Kissing you," said Trina. "Isn't this what you wanted?"

"Sure," said Seth.

"So let's keep going," said Trina. "Can we go somewhere more comfortable?"

"I've got somewhere we can go." Seth grabbed Trina's hand and led he out of the living room and down a hallway. At the end of the hallway was a door. Seth opened it to reveal his bedroom. "What do you think?"

"It will have to do." Trina kissed Seth's neck. He put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her back. The two slowly backed up towards his bed. Seth's hands moved down her back, feeling her body. Soon his fingers found the zipper of Trina's dress. Trina gently shoved Seth down to the bed. He was surprised when he hit the bed. Trina took a step back and unzipped her dress, letting it slide off her body. Seth's eyes were glued to her chest. She hadn't worn a bra, something that she considered a good idea. The only thing she was wearing now was a pair of leopard print panties. It always drove the boys crazy. She glanced down at Seth's pants and could see a sizable bulge growing down there. "You like what you see?"

"Oh yes," said Seth.

"You're going to like this a lot more." Trina leaned down and unzipped his pants. She then snaked her fingers under his waistband and removed both his jeans and his boxers in one movement. Seth's erection sprung upward. "Oh my god!"

"What?" said Seth. "Is there something wrong with it?"

"No. Quite the opposite. It looks pretty tasty." Trina lowered her head and stuck out her tongue. She ran it up from the base of Seth's member to the tip. He shuddered as she did this. She did this two more times, moving her tongue faster each time. She lapped up some precum that had started leaking from the tip. She looked up at Seth who was breathing heavily. She grabbed his erection and rubbed it against her mouth. She smiled as she wrapped her lips around the head. She began playfully tickling it with her tongue. Using her hand, she started rubbing his balls. Seth's back arced as she did this.

Trina moved her mouth down Seth's member. She resisted the urge to gag as it entered her throat. She started humming, sending vibrations through Seth's body. Finally, she reached the base. Her throat narrow, tightly clamping down on the erection. Trina bobbed her head up and down. Seth groaned as she did this. His member was hardening. She grabbed it with her free hand, stroking him as she sucked him off. After a while, she decided he was sufficiently hard. She pulled off of him. Seth looked surprised. "What are you doing?"

"You'll see." Trina grabbed her breasts and lifted them. She placed Seth's erection between her cleavage. She pressed the globes together so that they snuggly squeezed the member. Trina spat on her chest, rubbing it on her breasts until they were lubbed up. She raised and dropped her breasts up and down. As she did this, the head would regularly appear at the top of her breasts. When this happened, she would lean down and suck on it. Seth really seemed to enjoy this. He even shot his hips upwards to force his erection through her breasts. Trina's nipples were getting hard.

She pulled away from Seth again. This time she stood up and removed her panties, tossing them to the side. Seth's eyes widened. She leaped on the bed and straddled him. He looked up at her with a nervous look on his face. Trina just smiled back at him and placed her hands on his chest. She lowered her up until his member entered her pussy. She squealed as this happened. Once he was inside her, she began rocking her body. Seth moaned, causing Trina to increase the speed of her movements. She bucked her hips. Her breast jiggled as she did this. The necklace she was wearing bounced around wildly. Seth rested his hands on her thighs. He began working his way up her body. Trina could feel him squeeze her butt cheeks. This caused her to arc backwards. When this happened, Seth grabbed Trina's breasts. He ran his thumbs over her hardened nipples. This sent a tingling sensation through Trina's chest. She picked up speed, grinding her hips back and forth. Her was racing. She screamed as waves of pleasure shot through her body. She clamped down on Seth's member, causing him to come inside her.

Trina collapsed next to Seth. He was breathing heavily and covered in sweat. Trina wrapped her arms around him. "So how was that? Was this a good birthweek present?"

"You were great." Trina kissed Seth's neck.

"You were great too," said Seth.

"I know," said Trina. Seth chuckled and put his arm around Trina.