Scrolling text raised itself through the reflection of Winston's glasses. Eyes that didn't blink nor, rest, tasked itself with the job of setting up the program. Everyone knew of his accomplishments, his mile stones of technological achievement. Tracer was a prime example of that.

Yet despite that everyone condemned or had fallen ignorant enough to believe that his latest idea was either impossible, or catastrophic.

Fingers that he used countless times to invent, create, and imagine were now used to once again prove himself. But even experienced fingers could be pushed too far.

"No one could bring someone back from the past, anyone who thinks so is either crazy or something."

Was what said, it had stuck by his head for the longest since he had started the project. He had no use of proving her wrong out of spite. Rather a sense of an obsessive obligation to make her and those alike believe in science, and what it could do for the world that was host to those of flesh and bone.

A sound pierces his senses, he twists back on his chair assuming it be of someone of intruding purposes.

"Relax you look like you've seen a ghost!" Tracer greeted by the door, her grin brought a warm one of his own onto his face.

His scowl had turned to that of a friendly mug. He shrugged and went straight to revisiting his work where it had once left off a second ago. Tracer saw this, her brow knitting as she moved through the door past the paper lying all around the room. Nothing but scribbles and diagrams/blueprints of his invention. All that, coupled with delivery food scattered about hinting that he hadn't left his room in a horrifying amount of time.

It tugged at Tracer's heart seeing her fellow companion do this to himself.

"… So wanna take a break?" Tracer asked.

"No." His words leaving his mouth towards Tracer, despite the lack of facing her.

Tracer sat there conjuring up several plans on how to ease his work productivity. Just by seeing his devotion to paying a concentrated dose of attention to his work made her unpleased at the least of the situation.

"Winston I'm here to let you know they're pulling the funds for your little operation here. The lack of progress, and failure to keep our superiors updated has used up all your credibility." said entering the room.

"Is that so? I didn't get the memo." Winston responded.

"Winston, I've watched you create things no one would've dreamed possible. But this is too far for the present. Even if it is, the lengths your going isn't healthy, love." Tracer said once her eyes left returning to back of Winston's head.

Only a short and low chuckle could be heard from Winston as he stood to activate his plan. A long ring emerged from the ground, its presence shocking only and Tracer, while leaving Winston proud.

An ominous figure with his hands in his pouch stood at the end of a hall, the light behind him overglaring his stature giving him the appearance of a shadow. The man had done everything in his power to get away. At the moment he staggered forward unable to run any longer, this being couldn't be human. No matter what Dave couldn't out run it.

Despite car-jacking an unsuspecting woman, the look on her face giving base to his many other sacrifices was found on his hesistant face. Yet the thing found itself watching him from a top a building. That was an hour ago, this thing had been chasing him appearing at every final destination, getting closer each time. Despite all his desperate measures he was now limping, his exhaustion catching up with him as quick as this thing was.

"You fucked up." A low whisper that crawled into Dave's ear like a spider waking a sleeping man from his delighted dreams.

Dave had known this being to be Alex Mercer. Months ago he had become a part of a joint organized crime unit that was out doing its competitors with violence and profit. All with the mastermind behind it all being Alex, the legend himself who started it all controlling Manhattan, the guy made major moves with every assassination attempt of his failing. What went wrong here?

"Look I'm sorry!" The voice cried out.

"Don't be. This isn't personal, it's just a code I follow. Kill or be killed. Just to let you know, I dunno what happens to the people I consume, I can sometimes hear their voices in my head screaming to be let free." Alex said removing his arms from his pouch to morph into claws.

Tendrils had linked around Alex's arms, forming claws. Dave could no longer push his body past its limits, the only part of his body moving quick now was his rapidly beating heart. He regretted betraying the organization with an attempt to assassinate Alex.

"Just let me go, you can say you killed me, I'll get outta Manhattan, disappear!" Dave let out through tears.

Alex got closer.

"I needed the money man, I could barely afford my apartment!" The man shouted.

Alex was half way there now, still walking.

"FUCK YOU!" Dave roared.

Alex by then was at inch length from Dave looking down upon him. Before a killing blow could be made, that would lead to tendrils tearing tender flesh apart Alex flew through a tear in the field of view behind him. The killer was gone. Dave's raised head fell to the ground, his eyes rested themselves, and he passed out.

Winston laughed triumphantly at the arrival of this new being. A hooded man who had just been warped here by a blinding flash of a light was a testament to Winston's genius of a mind. Alex had been thrown out of the portal onto his face.

"Wait what? Where the fuck am I? Who are you people?" Alex said with his hand on the side of his head as he got up. His eyes made themselves acquainted with those around him.

Above the hoodie part covering his eyes that were wide, along with his eyebrows joined together to frown. The only sign of aggression open to them was his snarl that didn't bode well with nor Tracer.

"Who the hell is this guy, he looks like he wants to kill us all. You brought an unknown outsider to the base." pointed out.

The others didn't realize it because the hooded man stopped snarling, seeming to ease up…. But he was now in his personal due process of planning on various ways of murdering these three. If only he could, his powers weren't working. His eyes were now wide in a much different fashionable emotion.

"Just think of what we could learn from this man. About the past." Winston cheered, the excitement on his face was immeasurable.

Alex sighed, he now understood what had happened. His level of rage was at a point where he now numb along with his powers. Their weapons were probably significantly more advanced than ones from back home.

"That's great and all but where was his words of agreement to your plan?" Tracer asked.

"Tell me, sir? What year are you from?" Winston said his voice getting closer to Alex's ears.

Winston placed a hand on his shoulder, a gesture that was brushed off both figuratively a literally by Alex's hand.

"2009…" Alex said heading towards the door causing to jump in his way.

"You can't just leave until Winston finds a way to get you back." said sternly.

From this position could see the darkness above his nose that the hoodie laid. Not his eyes, but his pupils glowed bright amongst the shadow. She could tell he wasn't a being she had ever seen, where in return Alex could tell this revelation hit her and made her uneasy. He backed away before any questions could be asked.

"Slow down sir we don't wanna expose you to something that'll make you lose it." Winston stated.

In a way he was right, the world here was of no familiarity to Alex. From 2009 to now, the world had undergone vast changes, where a once common life in his original time line couldn't apply to one here now. Alex threw his finger at Winston's way.

"First off shut the fuck up, whoever created apes who could speak were fucking retards who –" Alex was cut off by Tracer's yell of shock.

"WHOA LOVE! No need to incite prejudices against both humanoid animals and mentally challenged individuals!" Tracer said.

"…Retards who were at every furry convention in their life time." Alex finished.

"2009 he said, a time where such vocabulary and beliefs were normal in some instances. This might pose a problem." Winston realized.

"Ya think?" said rolling her eyes.

Mercy sat at her desk filing a report. McCree on the other hand was waiting for her to finish so he could receive briefing of his next mission. The conundrum here was that McCree was an hour too early. He waited patiently in her tight office, spinning his revolver, then putting it in his holster, to then whip it out again and spin it.

Her typing grew faster


Her eyebrows lowered.


"Can you stop that!" Mercy ordered. "Come back in thirty minutes." Mercy said swaying her fingers forward behind him for him to move.

As McCree left he saw a hooded man with laser cuffs on. He appeared to have a slop sided grin on his face while escorted to Mercy by the 'three amigos' McCree liked to call them. McCree walked past him, then stopped in his tracks. The former outlaw looked back at the sight.

"Get your hands off me." Alex said carelessly stepping into the room.

"God damn't I'm trying to get a file written is that so hard to ask? And why are you bringing a prisoner to my office. Explain yourselves… Now!" Mercy ordered.

Alex was going to have to come up with a plan to consume these people and gain their memories. First this 'Winston' guy so he could learn how to get back to the past. He wasn't going to let these miscreants go unpunished.

"He tried to gauge out my eye when I told him if he didn't calm down he wouldn't be let home." Winston complained. "… We sorta brought him back from the past, 2009, to now." He finished.

"We?" complained.

Mercy face palmed.

"You all realize what this means right?" Alex questioned.

"What?" Mercy asked.

"I'm going to kill you all. Return home on my home. Wait until this year, this day, this exact time, to destroy whatever fucking civilization you people have…" Alex threatened.

"Where do these guys come up with these lame threats as if their gods or something." chuckled to herself.

Everyone there and then laughed at Alex. To which an alarm went off, the room darkening with dim red lights.

"McCree's been missing for days he's …" The voice feed went dead.

"What I'm right here." McCree stated. The lights returned to normal.

"Someone get that man a status report on McCree he's right here." Winston spoke.

McCree pushed aside, earning a heavy glare, all eyes were on him as he faced Winston.

"You sure about that partner?" McCree asked stabbing his hand through Winston's chest ripping out his heart. Sloppy tentacle sounds were made revealing it was Alex. Everyone raised their weapons at him, who launched tentacles all around to fracture their wrists holding guns, and encase them to the ground.

"Guess I can spin the pistol all I want now huh? McCree, a few days ago was the first I consumed. I was just joking with that threat at first. But then you fucks kept me here for decades. Imprisoning me when I fought back. By the time I escaped and got home I knew my immortality had its purpose." Alex said walking up to the imprisoned Alex placing a hand on his shoulder. "You're going home, you know the plan, every time line will follow this pattern." Alex told the Alex in hand cuffs.

The two started laughing to themselves as they walked away leaving the three trapped Overwatch members to contemplate that the once naively thought false threat was true.