I've been watching Psych again and I forgot how much I love this show! The characters just MAKE it! As I watched it and watched the progression of Shawn and Juliet's relationship, I began wondering about what Jules is actually thinking and feeling the whole time. I mean, obviously we know what Shawn is going through as the main character, but Juliet is sort of sidelined. So I decided to write this to fill in some of the gaps.

Sorry, this first chapter is kind of just a rehash of their first meeting without a lot of additions. I'll be trying to get deeper in later chapters.

When Juliet got transferred across the country- from Florida to California- she never expected her life to get so turned upside down like it did.

Yes, she had expected change. Santa Barbara would be different from Miami for sure. Not just in climate and culture which was obvious, but also in the working environment. She was hoping it would be a good different though.

In Miami, she had only just recently made detective. She wasn't quite sure what she expected with the promotion; perhaps a little more respect around the station? As a regular officer, she definitely didn't command a lot of authority with her coworkers. She had always assumed it was because of her rank and hoped once she passed her detective exam, more people would listen to her more often.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Even after making detective, everyone still brushed her off and ignored her opinions. That's when she knew rank wasn't the issue. After a little digging and overhearing a conversation between some sergeants, she realized it was because of her age. This surprised Juliet because while she wasn't exactly the most mature person around the station, she definitely wasn't the youngest either.

So, she left Miami for Santa Barbara with high hopes of being treated differently and being respected despite her young age. She would be junior detective which was more than enough for her. She had heard good things about her new partner, Carlton Lassiter- a long record of arrests, solved plenty of difficult and high profile cases, and he was well respected and fearless. She hoped they would work well together.

Therefore, she was ready for change, she was ready for different, she was ready for new, she was ready for the unexpected, she felt like she was ready for anything.

Boy, was she wrong.

It all began with her first assignment. She and Lassiter got the Chief's approval to stakeout a diner to wait for a perp the department had been tracking for nearly a month. They finally traced him to a certain diner in town, following a tip that he came there for lunch every Friday. The plan was to have several cops waiting for him inside undercover and jump him once he entered.

As it was her first assignment in her new area, Juliet took time to choose her spot in the diner. She wanted a really good vantage point of the door as well as the outside. She decided the counter would be optimal.

She had just sat down and pulled out her newspaper when someone approached her, "Excuse me, you're in my seat."

She looked up, surprised. She had been so caught up in trying to look inconspicuous, she hadn't expected anyone to talk to her.

Juliet raised her eyebrows at the guy who had spoken. "Am I?" she answered him.

He nodded. "Actually, yes you are," he stated matter-a-factly.

Juliet took a moment to take in his appearance. He was young, a little scruffy, and he was probably just a few years older than herself. His appearance spoke of one who cared about how he looked, but didn't want to put a lot of effort into it.

"Are you one of those weirdo compulsives who comes to the same restaurant, sits in the same chair, and eats the same food everyday?" she asked. It wouldn't surprise her.

He paused, looking almost amused at her assertion of the situation. "No, no," he responded, "I was sitting right there three minutes ago, but I went outside to get myself a paper." He held up a newspaper in his hand for emphasis. "I ordered a juice..."

He reached forward and picked up a half-drunk orange juice sitting on the counter in front of her. She had noticed that juice when she first sat down, but she assumed it was from a previous customer and the waiter hadn't taken it away yet. The strange diner guy still continued, picking up a straw wrapper and showing it to her, "Look, I made a crawling snake with the straw wrapper. You can finish it if you feel you're up to the job."

Juliet smirked at the childish exploit. He'd convinced her with the juice that she had, indeed, taken his seat, but had to laugh at his extra addition of the straw wrapper. "I'm sorry. You want me to move?"

He smiled at her and dropped the straw wrapper back on the counter. "Not anymore."

Juliet turned away from him to try to pretend to read her own paper again. However, instead of leaving and letting her have the seat she had unintentionally stolen from him, he instead sat right next to her. "So, what's up?"

First of all, not a great pick up line, which he was obviously going for. Second of all, he really needed to leave before the perp arrived; she couldn't afford to be distracted. She immediately told him so. "I don't have time to talk."

"But you haven't heard what I'm going to say."

"See, now we've already talked more than I wanted to." She picked up her purse where her gun was. The perp would be there any minute now.

The guy next to her sighed heavily. "Well, I did give you my seat, you know," he said, "I think that gets me one question."

He was persistent, she would give him that. She had to somehow get through to him that she not only didn't want to talk to him, but could not talk to him. Perhaps on another day in another location, she might've been more interested. After all, she loved making friends and he wasn't that bad looking. Unfortunately, duty came first and she absolutely had to make a good first impression on this first assignment.

"Listen, diner guy," she said, looking directly at him.

"Shawn," he said, looking pleased.

"Shawn," she addressed him, "I'm flattered, really. Normally, I am happy to meet new people. But today, right here, right now, I can't talk."

The guy- Shawn, apparently- nodded. However, he looked anything but convinced of her statement. "I understand. I do," he replied. He then smiled cheekily. "What if I do the talking for both of us?"

Juliet smirked. What was that about being persistent? "Have at it," she consented, "Do you mind if I read the paper and stare aimlessly out the window while you two talk?"

He grinned. "No. Can I get a name to work with?"

"Juliet." Juliet immediately went back to looking at the paper, attempting to focus on being inconspicuous once again.

However, Shawn began talking to her and it became extremely distracting to concentrate.

"It's very nice to meet you Juliet," he said. He then pitched his voice so that he sounded like a five-year-old girl, "It's nice to meet you too, Shawn. And I'm sorry about your seat so lunch is on me. So, what do you do for a living?"

Juliet had to stop pretending to read the paper to look at him in confused amusement. He was clearly enjoying himself. "I do a little bit of everything," he replied in his normal voice. He went back to the ridiculous falsetto, "Oh that sounds interesting and maybe a little bit dangerous. Oh, I like your jacket, I like it a lot-"

Juliet finally couldn't take it anymore. "OK, can I stop you there? It's just that in your portrayal of me, I sound like I'm in eighth grade."

He looked at her, surprised that she could possibly have anything to criticize about his performance. "Well, in my portrayal of you, you only have an eighth grade education."

"Ha!" Juliet gave a half-laugh, sincerely hoping he was joking and that she really didn't seem like the type who didn't graduate high school.

Shawn nodded. "OK, we'll smarten you up. College, yeah? Top of your class? Graduated early?"

Juliet almost smiled at that. He was most likely trying to flatter her, but he was actually spot on. Her pleasure must have shown in her face because he smiled and nodded again, "Got it."

He then proceeded with a different falsetto. It wasn't as squeaky and goofy as the one he used previously. "I'm new to town and I don't know many people," he said with some sophistication. Juliet smirked again and went back to focusing on the paper. Shawn continued, "But I do know my cats. Two of them. The gray one's very affectionate, but the white one makes me work much, much harder for the attention."

Juliet, once again had to look away from the paper, caught off guard by what he said. Was that all just a guess? First of all, how did he know she had cats and how did he know the temperament of either of them?

He still went on and asked in his normal voice: "What about your family?"

He replied to himself in the falsetto: "My family's amazing. My parents have been together for, what is it? Thirty years now?"

This was too much. How did he know that? There was no way he randomly guessed all that. Had they met before and she just didn't remember. Was this his way of reminding her? Was that why he was being so persistent?

"OK, do we know each other?" she demanded.

"Yes," he stated, "You are the girl who stole my seat!"

She didn't have time to confront him further because at that moment, the perp entered, wearing a raggedy sweatshirt. She immediately looked away from Shawn and reached into her purse to wrap her fingers around her gun, ready for action. Any second now, she would get the signal from Lassiter to jump the guy.

For a moment, she almost completely forgot about Shawn until he whispered to her. "Oh my gosh, you're a cop."

"I'm not a cop," she said with a slight scoff.

"The paper, the vantage point, the layout, of course," Shawn continued, completely disregarding her objection. He was rubbing his forehead as though disappointed. Was he disappointed she was a cop? No... he seemed disappointed in himself for some reason. "You got defensive when that scary guy walked in. You're totally a cop!"

Juliet could spot Lassiter moving in on the diner from outside. Now was her time to act. "OK, Shawn," she said softly, "I'm gonna need you to do something for me."

"Name it," he said eagerly.


He did so just as Juliet drew her gun. At that moment all the undercover cops swarmed the perp and Lassiter stormed in with his guys, guns blazing. "Police! Don't move!"

Within moments, the perp was detained and Lassiter led him out. Juliet drew back her gun and returned to her seat to retrieve her purse. As she zipped it up, she heard Shawn ask, "First time pulling your gun?"

Slightly put out that it was obvious, she merely gave him a, "maybe" before getting up to leave. However, she couldn't help looking back at him curiously before closing the door behind her.