Juliet never expected Shawn, of all people, to assist her in her love life.

It all came about when the time arrived. The time when she got see Scott Seaver again. Scott Seaver was her college boyfriend and first love of her life. They parted on good terms when he graduated, but she still had two years left plus the police academy. They were going to be on opposite sides of the country and they agreed that breaking up was for the best. However, they agreed to meet up in seven years again to see how each other was doing. If they were married, then great, if not... then they'd see where things went.

Juliet looked forward to seeing him again. He was one of the sweetest, most perfect guys she ever met. Plus he was tall and played football- extra bonuses.

She got herself all dolled up and went to the station where they agreed to meet the last time they saw each other. They agreed on 4:00 and she arrived right on time. She sat on a bench close to the entrance and waited patiently for his arrival.

Five minutes passed, then ten, twenty, thirty. Pretty soon an hour was gone and Scott still hadn't arrived. Juliet began to get anxious.

Soon two and then three hours had passed. She ended up waiting until everyone else in the station was gone before she finally gave up.

She was so disappointed over Scott being a no-show, that the only logical conclusion could be that he was physically unable to make it. Maybe he was some big business tycoon now who got tied up with work, maybe he was on a completely different continent, or maybe he just forgot the date! She would have to figure out how to contact him.

She was about to use her own resources at the station to try and track him down when the Chief caught her and put an end to it. That's when she spotted Gus and decided to hire him for the job. She specifically requested that Shawn be left out of it saying, "after everything that's happened, it would be like opening a wound..."

Gus immediately understood and Juliet momentarily wondered what Shawn had been telling him. He quickly assured her that he would handle it himself and that Shawn would never find out.

She should have known that nothing got past Shawn Spencer though. Because not long after, both Shawn and Gus showed up at her desk, Shawn waving a paper in her face.

"Jules, Gus let me in on your missing persons case," he said happily.

"You what!?" she cried, looking outraged at Gus.

Gus looked significantly at her. "Your random missing persons case, the person you've never met before."

Shawn nodded and Juliet realized that Gus did not tell him that Scott was her former boyfriend. Shawn then proceeded to explain, "I've got good news and bad news on this Scott Seaver fellow. The bad news is that he's dead-"

Juliet's heart sank. "What?"

Shawn nodded again, completely non-plussed by his own blunt statement. "Doornail. That's why you had such a hard time finding him."

Juliet suddenly felt the tears forming in her eyes. Scott was dead? She couldn't believe it. How could this have happened?

"Shawn," Gus said softly. He was looking at her, concerned.

"What?" Shawn asked, looking up form the paper in his hands.

He finally noticed the distress on Juliet's face as she gripped the edge of her desk. "Oh my..." she said quietly, still fighting back the emotion in her chest.

Shawn stared at her, confused. Juliet barely noticed either of them anymore. She just had to get away to go process and make sure they didn't see the tears that were definitely coming. She stood and walked away, putting a hand to her mouth.

She found a lone, empty corner in the station to let it all out. She wasn't there for very long before she managed to pull herself together. She was a cop and she dealt with death all the time. Besides, Scott wasn't actually her boyfriend anymore and she had asked to know where he was. Now she knew.

She returned to her desk and resumed work as usual.

The next day, she found Shawn, Gus, and Lassiter standing in front of her desk, looking rather suspicious. It was strange enough that they were all hanging around each other without trying to tear each other's faces off- in fact, they were standing coolly next to one another and smiling- but they were looking directly at her with expectant expressions. They clearly wanted something.

"What?" she asked.

They then proceeded to try and ask her about Scott, but she only got annoyed, telling them she wasn't ready to talk about it. Couldn't they leave her alone? She had only just found out he died one day ago. She just needed some space.

She left them behind to go take a walk. There happened to be a nice park not too far away and she headed there. She was barely coming up on it when she heard her name.


She turned and saw Shawn chasing after her. She stopped as he came up beside her. "I am so sorry," he said sincerely, "I don't usually do horrible things to people that I care about. I don't."

Juliet sighed and continued to walk again. "Shawn, it's OK," she said, "It was actually nice of you to ask about him. He was a wonderful, wonderful guy."

Shawn stuck his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, he sounds like it."

Juliet cracked a smile as she thought about Scott. "I was crazy about him," she said. She proceeded to tell Shawn all about him and he listened quietly only offering a few words of solace every now and then.

After talking it through, she actually felt the weight of it lift a bit. It was good to remember everything she loved about Scott and not just dwell on the tragedy of his death. She thanked him for listening and he even offered her a hug.

That's when Juliet began to have some hope that maybe the two of them could be just friends after all. She knew that he did still care for her and he did his best to look after her.

It turned out that Scott was not dead after all and was actually in witness protection. Shawn was the one who discovered it, of course. Juliet was thrilled to see Scott again, especially after thinking he was dead.

Shawn even ended up clearing up the whole mess Scott had got himself into so that he didn't have to be in witness protection anymore. Juliet told herself it was because it was his job and because he felt bad for exposing Scott in the first place, but she secretly hoped he was doing it for her too.

In the end, Scott did have to leave again. Juliet had been so happy to see him and extremely grateful for the distraction from Shawn. It showed her that she could potentially find love again, even if it wasn't with Scott or Shawn.