Juliet never expected that she would ever date a multi-millionaire, but here she was. Hers and Declan Rand's relationship moved extraordinarily fast. It was all one big crazy whirlwind and Juliet could hardly keep up. Declan was everything she ever wanted in a boyfriend- kind, smart, attentive, handsome, passionate, caring. Plus he was extremely rich which was just a great bonus. She wasn't exactly one who needed all the lavish comforts of life, but when he offered her lobster for dinner or let her wear real silk robes after a shower, she couldn't complain.

After only a week of dating, Juliet ended up staying the weekend at his house and after two, Declan invited her to go with him on a trip to Italy.

He surprised her after dinner one night by giving her first class tickets to Amalfi. "Normally we could take my private jet, but it's currently... indisposed," he explained.

Even though it was a huge step in a relationship to take a vacation with your significant other, Juliet agreed to go with him. She had never been to Europe and was eager to go. Plus, Italy sounded amazing. Two weeks with Declan though. She had to admit that was a pretty significant amount of time. Was she ready for it? She sure hoped so.

Meanwhile, the SBPD got caught up in an international crisis when a rogue spy showed up while on the run. Of course the spy ended up getting involved with Shawn and Gus (because everybody gets involved with them). So the CIA wired Shawn and set him up so that they could spring a trap on her when she came to meet him later.

The plan worked and they were able to capture the woman. Lassiter ordered Juliet to stay and watch the van while everyone else apprehended the prisoner. Disgruntled, Juliet stayed behind all by herself. She could vaguely hear what was happening through Shawn's wire which was still turned on.

"Take her through for processing," someone said, followed by some shuffling.

"I'm sorry, Nadia," Shawn's voice came through clearly, "I love my country too much. My country is America!"

Then there was silence. Juliet leaned against the wall of the van, waiting for Lassiter to return. What else could she do now except wait?

Suddenly Gus's voice came through the wire. "I told you that newspaper thing was a dumb idea," he reprimanded Shawn.

He was obviously talking about the fact that Shawn had been hiding behind a newspaper when the spy arrived. His idea, but he insisted. He thought it made him look casual and inconspicuous. It hadn't worked.

"Are you at all serious?" came Shawn's reply, "We just captured a dangerous international spy and you're hung up on the newspaper bit?"

"No. I'm hung up on the fact that you've been obsessed with this woman this whole time. She makes the ultimate move on you and you shut her down?" Gus asked incredulously, "What's wrong with you? That makes no sense! Are you crazy?"

Juliet just shook her head, hardly listening. They often argued like this. She crossed her arms and shifted into a more comfortable position. She could probably turn off the wire, but didn't feel like searching for the right button.

"I know it doesn't make any sense," Shawn replied. He sighed. "Maybe I am crazy."

There was a long pause before Shawn finally spoke again. "All I can tell you is that, just now, in that moment, all I could think about was Jules."

Juliet suddenly snapped to attention. She looked at the speaker where Shawn's voice emanated. Had she really just heard that right?

He sighed heavily. "I just can't wrap myself around the fact that she's dating Declan. Actually... it's actually killing me."

"Shawn, that is not fair," Gus said sternly.

"I know. I know it's not fair. And you're right. She likes this guy, who am I to stand in the way?"


Juliet moved closer to the speaker. She could not believe she was hearing this. She had never heard Shawn be so sincere before. He wasn't exactly one for expressing emotions.

"You think I don't want her to be happy?" he asked, "I want her to be happy. But..."

He paused again and Juliet couldn't imagine what he was going to say.

"Serious Shawn moment," he said, "I want to be happy too. And for some reason, I can't imagine that happening without Juliet."

Juliet put a hand to her mouth. This was too much to process. She had been vehemently telling herself that Shawn only saw her as a friend for months. She had even convinced herself of the fact and had moved on. She thought that they really were just friends. But now, hearing him say all this, she suddenly got a huge rush of emotion. Everything she had felt for him over the past five years came tumbling back all at once and it was overwhelming. She had to sit down.

She had no idea he felt that way and she certainly had no idea he felt that strongly. Even back when she suspected that he liked her, she didn't realize quite how much. This speech had surprised her with how strong his feelings were.

She didn't know what to do.

She ended up just going home and lying awake all night, consumed in her thoughts.

She still had the trip with Declan coming up. Two weeks in Italy with a handsome billionaire who was mad about her? It was pretty tempting. But then there was Shawn. Shawn who obviously had a lot of problems, who couldn't say "fart" without giggling, who felt the need to don a mask of immaturity to cover his intelligence. This was the man who Juliet had cried over, obsessed over, wanted to punch, wanted to hug, wanted to kiss... and why? Why was there even any competition between Declan and Shawn?

This had been so much easier when she thought they were just friends.

As usual when she didn't know what to do, Juliet just moved on, business as usual. She helped wrap up the whole international spy ordeal and continued to get ready for her trip with Declan. It was all she knew to do.

Just a couple days before she was supposed to leave with Declan for Amalfi, he approached her, telling her that the hotel on the coast was all booked up and that they wouldn't be able to stay there. Juliet expressed her disappointment, but said she understood. There were some things they couldn't control. Declan thought for a moment and then suddenly got an idea.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it," he said.

And with that, he disappeared up the stairs. Puzzled, Juliet tried to busy herself around the mansion. She discovered early on in their relationship there actually wasn't a whole lot to do by herself which was surprising. One would think in a giant mansion, the possibilities were endless. However, she usually just ended up wandering aimlessly from room to room.

Eventually, she decided she would head out again to do some last minute shopping before leaving for Italy. She made her way back to the foyer, hoping to maybe see Declan before leaving. What she didn't expect to find was Shawn Spencer standing right in the center completely alone.

"Shawn," she said.

He turned around, surprised. "Hey."

"Hi," she greeted him, "Why are you standing in Declan's foyer all by yourself?"

He nodded, realizing how strange that must seem. "Creepy?" he asked.

She shrugged. "Sort of," she replied with a small smile.

"Yeah," he agreed.

Before things got awkward, Juliet decided to begin talking first. She brought up the first thing that popped into her head, "Shawn, you have solved a lot of cases for the SBPD, but this one was particularly impressive. I mean, Bolivian embassies and international espionage. How did you and Gus do it all by yourselves?"

"I'm not gonna lie to you, Jules. It was difficult," he replied, "But, now that it's over, I'm ready to put 'freelance spy' on my list of special skills."

"Well, here's a mystery you can solve for me," Juliet said, "Yesterday, I came here after work and I found three crème brûlée dishes by Declan's computer."

Shawn stared at her. She could tell he knew what she was getting at, but he was putting on a face of confusion and innocence. She still pressed him. "Any idea who could have eaten all of those?"

Shawn shook his head. "I would say that Declan has an enormous sweet tooth," he said, "And that shouldn't be ignored, Jules. Sugar is a gateway drug."

Juliet resisted giggling at that and just nodded. "Hmm. Well then I guess it will remain an open case."

He also nodded. "I guess so."

Then they fell silent. This was exactly what Juliet wanted to avoid. She quickly spoke up, "Well, I was just about to head out to do some shopping for the trip."

"Right, the trip. Of course," he said, "Yeah, have a great four days off."

"It's two weeks, Shawn," Juliet pointed out.

"Wow," he said a little too loudly, catching her off guard, "That's lengthy. That's significant. That's..." his voice suddenly dropped and he said almost thoughtfully, "...a real amount of vacation time."

Juliet nodded in agreement, not really knowing what to say to that. It was suddenly occurring to her that he had probably been thinking about this trip just as much as she had. If he really did like her as much as he said he did, this must have been seriously killing him. Her heart suddenly ached as she watched him fighting with his emotions.

"Have an amazing trip, OK?" he said softly, "Promise me."

Juliet nodded, unable to speak. He continued, "Because, you know they say that these kind of trips are once in a lifetime experiences and that they're even better when you have someone you care about to share them with and..."

He paused, giving her a forlorn expression that broke her heart. "...you do," he finished.

Juliet didn't know what to say. She wanted to somehow tell him that she still wasn't sure about Declan, to somehow convey that he might still have a chance. She wanted to apologize to him for not realizing how he felt sooner.

He spoke up again. "Take lots of pictures," he said, "Not of sights. Don't take pictures of buildings. Take pictures of moments. Because that's what matters."

He held up a hand to head. "Capture them here..." Then he pointed to his chest. "...and hold onto them here."

Juliet smiled at that. She could hardly believe how incredibly sweet and sentimental he was being despite the circumstances. Yet, he had always been sweet towards her. She thought of all the late night check ups, his little "unofficial" dates, how he was always there for her when she needed him.

He suddenly looked a bit awkward. "At least that's what I would do," he said with a chuckle. She could see him shifting back under his mask of jokes and immaturity. She had to stop him before he ruined the moment and chickened out like in the hospital room.

"I don't know, you might take blurry photos of your espresso at some random cafe-"

Then, Juliet did the only thing that made sense: she jumped forward and kissed him.

She could tell she completely caught him by surprise. He was frozen in place, barely kissing her back.

She caught herself by surprise too, but it had just seemed right; so much so that her hands automatically slipped up around his neck. She was so swept up in kissing him, that she forgot about everything else for a moment.

But then they pulled away and reality hit them once again. They just gaped at each other, completely stunned and unsure of what to do next.

Juliet was the first to react. She quickly removed her hands from his chest and stepped back, suddenly horrified at what she had done. She had a boyfriend! A boyfriend she was supposed to go to Italy with in a few days!

Speak of the devil, his voice sounded from the stairwell. "Hey, bunny!" he called to her.

Shawn whipped around, looking like a deer in the headlights. Declan and Gus came down the stairs and approached the pair of them. Declan went straight to Juliet while Gus lingered behind Shawn.

"We're not gonna have to worry anymore about that hotel in Amalfi being all booked up," Declan said.

"Oh yeah?" Juliet said, trying her best to sound as casual as possible, ignoring the extraordinary pounding in her chest, "Why's that?"

"Because I just bought it," Declan replied with a smirk.

He then laughed and hugged her. Juliet hugged him back, but could only focus on looking at Shawn over his shoulder. Shawn was staring at the floor and breathing heavily. She also noticed Gus looking curiously between them.

Shawn finally spoke. "Well, good luck with that, man," he said, still avoiding Juliet's gaze, "If Gus and I ever make it out that way, we'll look forward to stealing some towels."

He then quickly turned towards the door with Gus following. "I'm gonna have them monogrammed!" Declan called after them in good nature, oblivious to any tension in the air. Juliet, meanwhile, was practically choking on it.

Declan kissed Juliet on the cheek, grinning, and then left her standing in the foyer. She sighed heavily and looked towards the doorway where she saw Shawn was still standing. He looked at her for a moment before closing the door behind him.

Now Juliet really didn't know what to do.