Juliet never expected to see this strange and yet slightly intriguing young man called Shawn again. However, she was dead wrong. They crossed paths once more shortly after their encounter in the diner while at a crime scene.

She first spotted him across the room and thought, "what are the odds that he would be here at the spelling bee?" He didn't strike her as the type who enjoyed academic events.

She almost wanted to talk to him again and to apologize for being to hostile towards him earlier. She decided that after talking to the press about the recent death of the spell master, she would seek him out.

However, unexpectedly, he found her first. Actually, he found Lassiter first. She noticed her partner's immediately hostility towards him and realized that they knew each other.

"Spencer, I don't have time for your antics right now," Lassiter said, glaring at him.

"When will you have time for them?" Shawn asked, "Because I've got an open schedule for the rest of the week... except Friday at 5:00. That's when a rerun of Thundercats is on."

"There's no case here," Lassiter said flatly, "The guy had a heart attack. That's it. So leave. Now. Or I'll have you forcibly removed."

With that, Lassiter turned and marched away. Once he was gone, Shawn looked at Juliet, smirking. "He says that all the time, but I think he's really just covering his true feelings."

Juliet raised an eyebrow. Shawn tweaked a smile and said, "He's scared of how much he needs me."

Juliet shook her head, fighting back a smile. Once she recovered herself, she looked at him closely. "OK, so explain," she said firmly, "Why are you here? How do you two know each other?"

"You're the detective," he said, gesturing to her outfit, "Right? Shouldn't you be able to figure that out?"

"I only just got transferred here," Juliet stated, "I'm sorry I haven't figured everything out yet."

Then, she saw him smirking and realized that he had been teasing her. She rolled her eyes. "I can't come to a positive conclusion without some hard facts."

"Of course," Shawn replied with a nod, "So what have you heard about your new partner?"

"He's got a great record, he's very efficient in his work-"

Shawn held up his hand. "I'm going to stop you right there," he said. Then he leaned closer, "I meant, what have you heard? What are his passions? What's his favorite food? What are his skeletons in the closet? What does Detective Lassiter get up to that he might possibly get angry over if someone found out?"

Juliet bit her lip. She had heard something. "I mean, I try not to listen to rumors and gossip, but I heard the last junior detective was transferred because she and Lassiter were..." She trailed off, not quite sure how to put it.

"Getting freaky?" Shawn finished for her, grinning.

Juliet rolled her eyes. "Sure. And I guess someone ratted them out."

"Yeah. I heard it was someone roguishly handsome, who likes to live dangerously," he said, puffing out his chest a bit, "Someone with amazing hair and who looks good in green."

Juliet peered closely at him. "It was you?"

"Oh? You think I fit that description?" he asked cheekily.

Juliet rolled her eyes and he grinned. She moved on from his attempt to embarrass her and asked, "Is that why he doesn't like you?"

Shawn just shrugged in response.

"How did you find out?"

"Oh, excuse me, detective. I guess I never really did properly introduce myself. I'm Shawn Spencer, psychic detective."

"Psychic?" Juliet repeated skeptically. She wasn't sure if he was joking or not.

"Yes. I am gifted and I can't explain it. But I only use my gifts for good of course," he said, "I'm like Superman except I don't wear a cape. I tried to wear a cape once, but it kept getting stuck in doors, so I unfortunately had to give it up."

Juliet chuckled slightly, but she was still mulling over the idea of him being psychic. She was not one who generally believed in the supernatural or fantasy. She was hardly even religious. However, she did recall how in the diner he did seem to know a lot of personal information about her even though they had just met. Perhaps there was something to his claim. Could he really be psychic?

"You're a psychic and a detective?" Juliet asked.

"Yes I am," Shawn replied proudly.

"Well, I guess I'll have to see you in action sometime."

"Oh, I hope so," he said with a flirtatious smile.

And Juliet just happened to see him in action sooner than she thought. Despite Lassiter believing the death at the Spelling Bee to be natural, Shawn had a "vision" of murder instead. Soon, Shawn had put all the pieces together and solved the thing using hard evidence as well as his supposedly supernatural powers. Juliet had to admit, she was rather impressed.

After that, she saw Shawn and his partner Gus around the station more and more often. Apparently, they were regularly called upon as consultants for difficult cases much to Lassiter's chagrin. Juliet found she did not mind their presence so much even if they were a bit disruptive and unprofessional at times. She could see why they irritated Lassiter so much as they went against everything he stood for.

Juliet found that she liked Shawn, at least, she didn't mind having him around. He brought some life into the otherwise monotonous police station. He always swaggered in, cracking jokes, encouraging bizarre and childish contests (like arm wrestling or rolling chair races), flattering every person he saw, and of course, forcing his way into any interesting case he could get his hands on.

He intrigued her. He was different than most people she knew. He had such a carefree attitude and charisma. He could definitely talk your ear off too. It seemed like he always had something to say even if it was completely pointless. Juliet noticed he tended to ramble on a lot. However, he never showed any discomfort or awkwardness. His confidence in himself was off the charts.

He said and did the most ridiculous things sometimes. Often, it was because of his psychic visions that he claimed he had no control over. Other times, he was just being disruptive. Sometimes she wondered if he seriously lacked common sense or if he was just trying to be annoying. It might've been a combination of both.

His psychic abilities were the most intriguing part about him. If she had just heard someone say that they were a psychic detective, she would have thought they were a big fat phony. In fact, for the first month or two of knowing Shawn, she was convinced there must have been some sort of scam behind his ability.

However, he continually pulled through and always somehow figured out the unexplained. He always just... knew things.

His episodes were usually quite theatric involving a lot of flailing, yelling, and touching things (most often Lassiter's face). He would grip his chest and cry out that someone had been shot through the heart; or else he would begin running forward with his eyes closed, shouting that he didn't know where he was going, only to lead them right to a dead body; and Juliet would never forget the time he spent an entire case speaking to a cat, claiming it witnessed a murder.

Shawn Spencer was one eccentric guy. But he always got the job done and Juliet respected that.