The day was normal all was good until he came to his sisters house because the rent anywhere else was a nightmare and he kept being thrown out for being too loud. (If you have a better way of collapsing an artificial star, be my guest!)

10 years... good, this was the good life and one step into the house aaaaaaand the guns were out bath pointing at the two men in the house. "Hey dad!" He said in a joyfull tone that hid his actual Frustration and hate.

Rick didn't Show any Emotion. "burt" That wasn't a burp that is his name.

Jerry just looked confused the gun the two Holding, were too advanced for his peanut brain. "Why are you two pointing toy guns at each other? Are you going to have a water gun fight or-" They both fire a Inch away from jerries face both different side.

Beth spoke in. "Stop! Both of you!" They were about to argue but was stopped by the matriarchs fierce glare.

They handed her the gun and burt sat at the table. "So what is this dead beat doing here?" He said glaring at the elderly man.

Beth breathed in. "His moving in with us!" she said excited, while burt just stared at his dad with distane. "You should talk things out and reconnect."

"Soooo" Rick said before burt answered.

"No, I haven't been able to create a Multi dimensional Transportation Device, because I can't haven't found any Isotope-322 because some one collected all of it. Douche." Rick rolled his eyes. "Ok, some ground rules, no viruses, no inside out rays and no killing Jerry, after which you clone him then the "accidentally" gains intelligance at which he will start cloning dump clones for clone army which end with me just shoting him from the behind." Rick raised a brow.

"It's not yoUOOOOOUUGHur house!" Rick said Standing up.

"Technacially, I payed half the mortgage, so suck it!" Rick slow clapped which just made burt groan knowing what came next.

"oohh, you feel like a bBUUUUURPig Boy now?" He asked and burt, held the Bridge of his nose, the same bullcrap whenever his Report came in and everything being A's didn't mean shit to his dad, this was the same.

"Fine, dad you can stay I don't care much just stay the hell away from my Cookies!" He left the kitchen to the attic.

Beth looked and smiled at rick. "He will get over." Jerry tried to talk but nobody cared what he had to say.

authors note: Basic Description

green fussy eyes, dark brunette, wears a red T-shirt with a triangle (Yes his part of the illuminati and the squirles) ,green Jeans, 40 years old (still Looks younger then Jerry, I mean Jerry Looks like his in his fourties.) Messy hair but keeps it down.

Oldest and only son of rick.

older brother of beth.

only uncle of morty and summer.

brother-in-law of (even though he will never say it or react if Jerry calls him brother.) Jerry Smith.

Two Inches Shorter then rick.