His name...,Edward,... kept echoing through her head as she stumbled through the forest looking for him. Somewhere inside her the logical part of her brain knew she wouldn't be able to find him unless he wanted to be found, she wasn't anything. Isabella Swan was a pathetic fragile human she had no way of catching up with a vampire. She was tired she had been wandering for at least an hour now she couldn't tell if it was the rain or her tears rolling down her chin at this point.

The rain began to fall harder and faster it was a cold soaking rain the kind you felt deep inside your bones. Even if she wanted to get out she was well and truly lost at this point. She collapsed at the base of a tree shivering. Time had no meaning anymore she had no idea how long she had been out in the woods but it was dark now, she knew Charlie would be worried and were she in a better state of mind she might feel guilty. Bella clutched her knees closer to her chest shivering trying to find some warmth. A darker part of her mind wandered if she would die out here in the mud, would she just shiver to death.

Bella heard a branch crack under the weight of something large, she knew bear and mountain lions were not uncommon. She peered out into the darkness her vision blurred from a lack of light and the pressure of the rain but she was it it was large and black...a bear? She squeezed her eyes shut bracing herself for the attack that never came.

"Bella, Bella Swan" the voice was low and deep a man stepped out coming closer...not a bear. He was tall and native... of course Charlie being chief of police wouldn't waste anytime putting together a search party for his daughter.

"It's okay Bella your safe my name is Sam I'm gonna pick you up and get you out of here" the man scooped her up he felt hot to the touch but it helped warm her bones she needed heat she was so cold. Bella shut her eyes relaxing into Sam it didn't take Sam long to find their way out of the woods and back to her home.

"Chief Swan I've got her" Sam shouted and Bella opened her eyes to see Char... no her dad running over he looked panicked and relieved. Sam deposited her into her dad's arms and Bella took in the scent of her dad he had always smelt of aqua velva after shave. She had never been particularly close to Charlie but looking at him now she couldn't deny that he cared he had looked ... scared and I'm a messed up kind of way that comforted her. She would be strong if not for herself or Edward she would be strong for Charlie.

"Bella are you okay? Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?" Charlie asked as he carried her into the small two bedroom house the two of them shared.

"I'm fine dad... the only thing he hurt was my pride" she said her voice hoarse from screaming for him. Charlie hugged her closer before depositing her on the couch.

"I'm gonna kill that kid, what the hell was he thinking leaving you out in the woods" Bella could tell that his fear for her safety was eroding into rage over a boy hurting his only child.

"Dad I'm okay" she tried still shivering in her wet clothes.

"He's damn lucky nothing happened to you Bella" he began to rant again before he noticed her shivering "I'm sorry Bells you nearly caught hypothermia let's get you into some warm clothes we can talk more in the morning I'm sure you're exhausted" Charlie said brushing a wet wave from her face. Charlie followed her up the stairs making sure she made it safely to the bathroom for a hot bath grabbing her an oversized pair of sweats.

"I love you Bella holler if you need anything, I've got to call your mom" Charlie let out a deep sigh and she could tell he wasn't looking forward to talking to Renée.

Bella slowly trudged you the stair the walk felt endless like she would never reach the top. She was listless as she went to the CD player, her lullaby gone. Then the photo album her mother had given her his picture...gone.

"It will be as if I never existed" his melodic voice echoed through her head. Bella collapsed on her bed and time seemed to melt away.