Bella woke up her stomach roiling, she barely made it the 20 feet to the bathroom she shared with Charlie. She had caught the stomach bug that Mike had. Any plans that Bella had thought she had to take Jake soup and play doctor were out the window now, she felt like she was dying.

"Bells are you alright?" Charlie inquires sticking his head through The open door frame.

"Sick" was all she managed before her stomach churned again and she was emptying what little was left in her stomach into the toilet bowl. Charlie cringed at her gagging.

"You need anything Bells" Charlie asked.

"Can you call the Newton's and let them know I have what Mike had last night" She groaned laying her head on the toilet seat.

"I can do that; I'm also going to run to the store and get you some Pepto, Sprite, and crackers" He said trying to think of everything Renee had done when they had still been together.

The rest of the morning was spent on the bathroom floor using a crumpled towel as a pillow. Charlie had to leave for work once he brought back her supplies. Bella was fine with that she hated being sick around other people. After the pepto kicked in she made it back to her room falling into unconsciousness.

Bella awoke the next day feeling better the twelve hours of sleep she had gotten had done her body good. She had a mission today she was worried about Jacob. He hadn't been acting like himself that night and Bella was nothing if not a mother hen. Bella ran to the phone and Charlie was glad to see she felt better. The phone rang twice before someone picked up.

"Hello" Jake's voice was deep and raspy like he'd been screaming into the wind for two days.

"Hey Jake how are you feeling, your dad told me you were very sick" Bella asked. " you sound horrible"

"I feel horrible" Jake rasped.

"Oh Jake...I'm sorry the Movie was a bad idea" Bella lamented.

"Ah Bells don't blame yourself it's not your fault. I had fun actually ragging on Mike the marshmallow " Jake croaked sounding more like his normal self.

"You should get better soon I woke up this morning feeling fine it's only a 24 hour bug" Bella reassured him.

"You were sick?" He asked his voice lifeless as if everything good in the world had slipped away.

"Yeah you should be better in a couple of hours" Bella said encouragingly. She could hear how dull and lifeless he sounded; almost like she did before Jake had pulled her out of her funk.

"I don't have the same thing you did Bells"

"Don't you have the stomach flu" Bella could tell something else was wrong.

"What's wrong Jake" She begged.

"Everything is wrong, my whole life is wrong" Jake said his voice craggy like he was crying.

"I'll be over in 30 minutes Jake" She was determined to help him like he had her.


"Jake what's wrong? I've already been exposed if that's what you're worried about." Bella was fearful she'd never heard her friend sound like this.

"No Bells that's not it. I'll call you later I'll let you know when you can come down again. Now isn't a good time." Bella felt defeated.

"Jake call me if you need anything" she begged.

"I will; bye Bella" Bella felt like her chest was opening up again.

"Bye Jake" she said but he had already hung up. She stumbled back up the stairs clutching her middle. Bella tried telling herself she was fine that Jake would call tomorrow when he felt like himself. She didn't do well alone but if Jake needed space she would give it to him.

Only Jake didn't call, he didn't send so much as a text. The first time she called Billy answered and said he was still in bed. She had gotten nosy bugging him about taking Jake to a doctor. Billy had said they'd been to a doctor and that Jake had Mono, but something about his tone of voice told her he was lying. Bella was concerned Jake was her best friend, her brother.

A week passed at a snails pace and all of her calls and texts went unanswered. She was mad now, how dare he abandon her like that. He had promised not to be like HIM. She would be damned if she would go out without a fight.

Bella grabbed her keys slipping on her nearest pair of shoes and was out the door. She got in her truck putting it in drive not even bothering to wear a seatbelt. His voice echoed in her head warning her to put it on but she ignored it. The sound of Edwards voice in her head only made her angrier as she pushed her old red truck over the speed limit.

She pulled into Jake's driveway and saw that both Billy's truck and Jake's rabbit were there. She would find out what was going on she would not be abandoned again without a fight. She marched through the wet gravel and dirt to Jake's front door knocking politely.

Billy answered the door, his eyes were cold not like they usually were.

"Bella" he acknowledged her, obviously questioning why she was there. Jake had made it clear he didn't want to speak to her.

"Hi Billy I'd like to speak to Jake" She said giving him a false smile. If something was wrong with Jake she was going to find out.

"He's out right now" Billy said "you had better get on home to Charlie"

"Do you know when he will be home?" She asked.

"No. Goodbye Bella." Billy answered curtly as thundered rolled in the background, reminiscent of the night he had left her. Billy shut the door and Bella was mad she wanted to kick something. She marched out to her truck as rain began to fall, she would be waiting for him to get home he couldn't stay gone forever.

She settled in grabbing a notebook to doodle in to fill the time. She was halfway through a row of triangles when she heard a knock on her window.


She almost jumped out of her skin, it was hitting her just how much she had missed her best friend. She jumped out of the car and when she finally really got a good look at Jake her heart sank.

"What are you doing here Bella" Jake snapped frustration in his voice.

"Jake...your hair" he had cropped his hair close to his head, this wasn't something her Jake would do he loved his hair it was a part of him.

"Bella what are you doing here" he demanded again ignoring her.

"Jake I was worried" She stuttered Jake had never been this cold towards her before. The rain was soaking her and she could feel the hole in her chest inching wider.

"Now you see I'm fine. You need to go" he ordered but he wasn't looking at her. Jake's eyes were fixed to a point beyond her head. Bella spun on her heel and narrowed her eyes when she saw Sam Uley's gang waiting at the forest edge.

"What did he do Jake! What did Sam Uley do to you! You need to talk to me, we can get you to Charlie's station he can protect you. I should have known it was Sam's fault" Bella said angrily as she stood in the soaking rain.

"This isn't Sam's fault Bella, if you want someone to blame, blame your precious little bloodsuckers" Jake snapped angrily and Bella froze. How did Jake know about the Cullens. The hole in her chest ripped wide open. She stumbled back towards her truck sadness overtaking her. She didn't know what she would do without Jacob. She needed a plan.

"Go home Bella" his voice was harsh.

The drive home was a blur of green. Her heart was breaking again and it wasn't fair. Her mental health wasn't the greatest being alone so much this week. She knew she should have called Angela, that Jacob wasn't her only friend. Angela didn't understand the way Jake did. Jake always knew just what to say to cheer her up; he was her person. She had never had a sibling before but she imagined what she felt for Jake was what an older sister would feel.

When she walked into the house Charlie was home. He looked at her in shock.

"Bells where have you been you're soaked to the bone" Charlie's worried dad voice was on.

"I went to see Jake" She could feel the tears start down her face mixing with the drops of rain from her soaking hair.

"Bella honey what happened" Charlie said taking her hand and leading her to the couch draping the quilt Grandma Swan had made over her shoulders.

"Jake doesn't want to be my friend anymore" She cried and Charlie awkwardly patted her shoulder.

"Now Bells I'm sure that's not true" Charlie sighed.

"No he made it pretty clear. He's joined Sam Uley's gang" She said wiping at her eyes.

"Gang? Does Billy know?" Charlie's cop sense coming on when he heard the word gang.

"Oh yeah he thinks they're great. He wants a group of teenage thugs to run LaPush" Bella spat bitterly "and now he says Jake can't be friends with me"

"Bella are you sure?" Charlie questioned.

"Yes Dad! Jake was scared of them a week ago. He hated them and he was worried that they would make him join like they did Embry." She said and Charlie looked pissed.

"Why don't you change clothes, we'll order pizza tonight don't worry about cooking" Charlie said and strode towards the landline. As Bella trudged up the stairs she could hear Charlie cussing Billy and threatening him that if those boys stepped one toe outta line he would have them at the station.